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  3. Detailing Service

    In my area I get $40.00 to start and it goes up from there. I select my clients and I also have a rule, if you never have taken good care of your care, neither will I. Most of my clients have been with me for over thirteen years and I also get many referrals from them. I also fly over to Idaho a couple times a year and have clients there too.
  4. What did you do today?

    Started dressing up the engine bay on my corvette stingray and changing the stock air filter with a high performance air filter
  5. Food Thread

    I guess this time it really happened, now I want dessert lol
  6. What did you do today?

    Oh yeah! Extreme green!
  7. One Step polish review.

    My inquiry was around exactly that- detailing other people's cars. I'm just concerned the protection isn't going to be enough for a car that only gets protected twice/year. As a result, I think the paint sealant will remain my go to for other people's DDs.
  8. One Step polish review.

    Yeah it’s up to the client, and sometimes they’re ok with just an AIO. Most people aren’t going to maintain the finish anyway. I also use another companies AOI that has lasted 2 months and was still going before I waxed over it. I like Adams AOI a lot though. Was hoping for a video on it to hear him explain it a bit more.
  9. One Step polish review.

    I agree with the above on one step products or all in ones. It’s a good way to produce a great visual effect without the time of polishing and laying down glaze followed by sealant. Those products have a place in our offerings, but with more time is more money. It’s really up to the client. We have been using another companies all in one product topped with a spray sealant for added longevity. Now that Adams has one out, we will give it a go and see how it compares. Use that and for a little extra protection, maybe top with a quick ceramic boost. Just thinking out loud.
  10. Detailing seat

    i dont think its padded. looks like the seat and sides are the same plastic material
  11. Food Thread

    Is it me, or does the frosting look like a couple kissing?! It's probably me. All this yumminess is messing with my head!
  12. Food Thread

    Pumpkin cream cheese filled cupcakes with brown sugar marshmallow frosting, fall leaves spri kles, toffee sprinkles, and edible copper colored glitter.
  13. Glad you got it resolved, and Lukas is a great guy.
  14. Project Vega

    Well, it won't be this Christmas, but we (he) are making progress, when the car lets us. The play in the rear end wasn't adjusting correctly. He took it apart and we found out some teeth on the posi unit were stripped. Not the ring or pinion. So, a new Auburn LSD unit is going in. I know, I need to get pictures off my phone, and over to photobucket. Will update here when I get a chance, but thanks for following and keeping tabs on it. I'm still happy with the shop and workmanship, so all good. Bruce
  15. New member from MO

  16. One Step polish review.

    Good answers from Mc2hill. I totally agree. This stuff will help me as I detail on the side. So far water is beading up nicely in the areas I polished. However freshly corrected paint will be somewhat hydrophobic. In my “tests” I have found this is slightly less aggressive that the Correction polish as stated above. However when I paired it with the Microfiber cutting pad it removed some significant haze and scratches. I’m impressed with this product and I think it’s worth a buy. Even for a DIY person who wants to remove light haze and scratches from their personal vehicle. I think you can’t go wrong here. Pairing this product with a white or orange pad will give you great results, on any color.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Detailing seat

    I have the Tail Bone seat from when Adam's sold them and it is fantastic! But it is bulky (I can get it rear seat of my Frontier though). This new padded seat looks nice, especially with the drawer and bottle holders. I have seen reviews of this seat from other vendors and they are positive.
  19. One Step polish review.

    It may. It would not hurt to try this first at part of the 'least aggressive first' approach. But it will not correct as well as Correcting Polish, and not protect as long as Paint Sealant.
  20. One Step polish review.

    I am guessing a few months protection (probably last as long as Buttery Wax). These products are usually for folks that detail for dollars as a way to add shine (remove light swirls)and some protection fairly quickly. But if you are doing you own cars and time is not a factor, you are better served polishing, then applying Paint Sealant.
  21. Anybody else considering purchasing the new detailing seat? Currently have the tail bone rough rider creeper seat, which I love, but it is so big and bulky that I rarely use it anymore. Really thinking about the new Adams seat
  22. What did you do today?

    Hoping those were green to begin with, Eric!
  23. Hoping this is a concentrate...hate to pay shipping on a gallon of water!
  24. Polished for the first time

    You could also use Adam's Coating Prep to remove any polishing oils. The plus is it contains lubricants that diluted IPA does not have. I have used a similar product from another company with excellent results.
  25. What did you do today?

    changed fuel filter in an 01 silverado, Adams Polishes is making the Victory Red paint really pop!
  26. New member from MO

    Thanks everyone!
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