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  2. Definitely not acceptable but better. I'll probably get it repainted next month.
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  4. Its ultimately up to you - What process you like best. I encourage you to try them out and see wehat you like. When I was doing research, I found it very popular for the people in other countries, they like to do things in different orders than I've typically seen from people here in the US. (ie, foam first then rinse then bucket wash... another example is I saw in the UK somebody likes to do the body of the vehicle before the wheels and tires. That's opposite to how I like to do it and how the majority of detailers do it here in the US). I have been using a foam cannon for many months now, and I do it consistently the way you're saying all in one step. I foam the vehicle wait like 2-3 minutes, then I use my mitt which is in a bucket with car shampoo, and I hand wash.
  5. That is looking really good Jeff. On the sunroofs, I have been using Ceramic Boost and it seems to be holding up well and keeping them clear, so if you are using Ceramic Spray Coating on yours, I'll be interested to hear how it turns out.
  6. Good to hear from you, Joe! I'll PM you...
  7. Yeah, that definitely looks like clear coat failure to me. But glad you like how it looks now, just be prepared to repaint later (or sooner).
  8. Hey, all. Anyone have a Cali sticker or two to trade? I have some to offer in return, including the exclusive-to-the-HQ CO Adam's Polishes one (pic above from @TXRickC, bottom row, third from right). Let me know!
  9. I do it all the time works amazing on Coated and non Coated finishes.
  10. Not to mention the bonus of campfire style crackling sounds as it burns. #holidaytime
  11. Out of curiosity, can you use regular waterless wash on a ceramic coated vehicle?
  12. Good to know appreciate it. Liked especially the “good” posts call out.
  13. Yes. You have to have a MINIMUM of 50 good posts first. And you can sell anything EXCEPT Adam's chemical products including waxes, polishes, sealants, etc. Those you can only trade. Also, you're on your own. If you make a trade or sale Adam's is not responsible if anything goes wrong.
  14. Got the PS candle (wife wanted it) in my latest order. She's all impressed because it's a wood wick, not string. Apparently that means no soot in the air. Who knew? I'll never understand women. 🤪
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