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  2. Adam's changed to a 2-Step system about a year ago for a variety of reasons. One reason to simplify the process, and to take advantage of changing technology. Still, CP was and is a great polish, many customers miss it. But I've had some great success with the Polish and Compound, as well. The Compound basically takes the place of the HCC and CP, while Polish is similar to the FP. I can also say Adam's does listen to our customers, and we've received lots of feedback on it being discontinued. No promises, but we'll see what the future holds. For now, give the 2-step or even Sprayab
  3. Hi All - I just ran out of Orange Correcting Polish, I went to reorder and have found out that Adams no longer has it. They also no longer have orange DA pads. This polish and pad has proven to be my favorite combination....and it always produces great results. I wrote to Adams and they now recommend a combination of compound and polish to get the same results as the correcting polish. My concern is that the compound will be too aggressive on my clear coat...and using just finishing polish may not be aggressive enough to get out some scratches. Do any of you h
  4. The Foam Gun works with just your garden hose, you can't use a pressure washer with it. The Foam Cannon requires a pressure washer for it to be used.
  5. Wow! Thank you so much for your reply. I will be using a pressure washer. Are you using the foam gun with a pressure washer (I'm assuming not)? I appreciate your help!
  6. I have a foam cannon and foam gun and have found that I use the Foam Gun much more than the foam cannon. The foam gun is quicker to get set up and to clean and both put out plenty of foam. For very dirty vehicles, then the foam cannon comes out along with the pressure washer and extra stuff required. The same goes if I am doing multiple vehicles in the day, the foam cannon becomes worth the extra setup and clean up time. The one thing that I have done for all my hoses and nozzles is to add quick connects and a shutoff valve on the end of the hose. This makes it real easy to swi
  7. Yesterday
  8. @ADG we started a Cyber Monday sale at midnight last night that still has a very nice discount (20% off) on most products on the website.* We added a few new items as well - some limited items, Drawstring Bag, Mouse Pad, restock on a few hats, and so on - that you can check out all of the new items here: https://adamspolishes.com/collections/new-just-in * Mystery items are not eligible for discounts.
  9. Check out this article for more on using foam during your wash. https://adamspolishes.com/blogs/news/why-foam I'll add some kit or product recommendations later today.
  10. I missed this Black Friday sale, and I am so sad. I should have went ahead and placed my order.
  11. Please tell me a few top products (as little as possible for now) starting out? I will be using a pressure washer, so I am wanting to know if a foam cannon would even be necessary? My vehicle gets moderately dirty. Please tell me the best products for a newbie: 1. Wash 2. Mitten/brush 3. Tire Cleaner 4. Bug remover 5. Foam cannon or not? Thank you so much for any helpful suggestions and feedback. I can't wait to hear your suggestions. ADG
  12. I'm hoping for the same thing. Going to hang out on my computer at midnight (Mountain Time) and see what happens...
  13. Beach Boys "She's real fine my 409 --My four ohh nine!"
  14. I rinseless washed the SS today. Note to self: go wipe the exhaust tips and order LED bulbs for the license plate.
  15. Down in the basement I thinned the herd in the detailing arsenal. Giving a friend some competitor’s sealants, waxes and interior products. I tossed 8 or 9 bottles of Meguiars odds and ends, most were nearly empty and had been forgotten. Thought I had more car shampoo than I have, but discovered I have a plethora of rinseless wash. Went out in the garage and tossed old worn out wheel woolies, assorted tire and wheel brushes. I retired some old MF towels that were beyond redemption and replaced them with some MF towels I demoted from use on the paint. Back in the basement I dug into my stash of
  16. Can't help but think we're gonna get something different for Cyber Monday =D Fingers crossed!
  17. Last week
  18. I didn't attend, but I was able to scoop up a shirt and (signed by Adam, random) DS bottle. Anyone attend or also get a bottle?
  19. Every time I wash my cars I do a waterless wash or CS3 on the engine bay including everything I can reach including shock towers, around the battery, all hoses, and basically everything I can reach. Doing that only takes about 15mins and keeps the engine bay looking great so there is really no "detailing" needed as it is always clean. The biggest thing for me is how often I take off all the wheels and do a complete detail. That always feels like too much work so it maybe happens once a year at the most. I do have a power washer and foam cannon so they are generally clean but not completely det
  20. Looks beautiful!! I'm also obsessed with the door jams as well as detailing my engine bay every time I wash my SUV.
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