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  2. Take this with a gram of salt. My 07 Jeep GC has a plastic bumper topper that is pretty grey. I wanted to coat it, but not until I used trim restore on it. I put multiple thin coats on and it turned out great. To me coating it after the restore dried for a day or two seemed too soon. The restore looked too wet, so two weeks and two car washes later I coated the plastic. My point is, this may take multiple visits to get it back. I would let the customer know you will make it right, but it will take multiple visits.
  3. Looks great, Ray. Something tells me she also brought you some yummy food in return, too... 😃
  4. Yesterday, the daughter brought me a July 4th gift of a dirty Jaguar. In return she got a nice clean shiny one at the end of the day. For as much as I dislike doing black vehicles, this one does look good and with CSC on it, it cleans up easily.
  5. Resistall's website doesn't do a thorough enough job explaining what their product is. Adam's Bug Remover will most likely remove it if it's a Sealant. Part of the explanation of one of the products makes it sound like a Sealant: exterior protection takes advantage of positively-charged particles to combine with the negatively charged surface of a vehicle. A wet exterior facilitates the movement of the positive charge, enabling it to attach to and spread over the negatively-charged painted surfaces through electrostatic attraction. Static attachment, how waxes and sealants stay on a surface. It goes on further to state: The protectant also includes nanoparticles, which create a hydrophobic high gloss finish But there's no explaination of what the nanoparticles are; SiO2? Graphene? Metal Oxide? These nano particles bond to the paint, not attach statically. There's just not enough information to safely make a recommendation. I'd suggest contacting who installed the product.
  6. They got around the no more than 250 people partly due to a few reasons: the size of the Fairgrounds is 80+ acres fenced in - 250 people would be roughly 3/acre, Motorsports activities have been reopened, Amusement Venues have been reopened and Carlisle Events pays an Amusement Tax to the State making them an Amusement Venue. Not one of my Team has become infected since Spring Carlisle. I was at the Chevy Nationals with my own car last weekend, I'm still fine. We'll continue as safely as possible with the remaining Carlisle Events we've scheduled. We're going to have two detailers onsite (Billy & Erin) doing detailing this year at Chrysler's, Ford's and Corvette's. If you'd like to schedule contact @Dan@Adams for services and pricing.
  7. Happy Independence Day everyone! Be safe and enjoy yourselves!
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  9. No, sorry, we were closed yesterday and today. Enjoy your 4th, and be safe!
  10. The way PA is blowing up with cases again, I have a feeling that by the time Corvettes rolls around it will be cancelled. Still can't figure out how they got around the "no more than 250 people" regulation though. Stay safe guys. Don't want to see any of you get sick. And post PICS!
  11. Beautiful car! I was just looking at Buicks, and they only make the Regal now as far as cars go. You got a nice one.
  12. Fun video! Looks like you're drinking Detail Spray! 😆 Great vid for the 4th. Well done!
  13. Hi Chris, any chance Denver ops is open for a few hours today? I went around 3 yesterday and the gate was closed. I need to pick up a paint coating. Thanks!!
  14. Get some Langka blob eliminator and it will remove the touch up paint. www.langka.com
  15. It’s all good, no harm no foul. They spent all kinds of time explaining stuff and answering a million questions for me. Got more than I went in for and still spent less than I expected😁
  16. Well.... My delivery just went from "out for delivery" to "no delivery scheduled". I'm guessing the FedEx truck smells really good.
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