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  2. If I may...😉🙂 Don't apply Ceramic Boost in the wind. Or be prepared to use some elbow grease.
  3. The website form doesn't work (they've been meaning to remove it). It's not a reflection on their customer service, so please don't hold it against them. Instead, send an email to orders@adamspolishes.com with pics and your order number. They'll take care of you.
  4. Have some extra products from mystery boxes I’m looking to trade. Everything in photo is for trade. I also have 4 ultra plush drying towels available and many single and double soft towels. Open to any offers - looking for: ceramic boost/coating prep/ceramic line, Limited Editions, stickers, air fresheners, anything not in the photo.
  5. Sorry, I don't understand your question...
  6. These applicators work great for Brilliant Glaze and the Glass Sealant/Boost:https://adamspolishes.com/shop/accessories/buffing-pads-applicators/adam-s-microfiber-applicator-pads-2-pack.html. For the actual Glass Cleaner, I use: https://adamspolishes.com/shop/accessories/microfiber-towels/adam-s-microfiber-glass-cleaning-towel.html
  7. The handles spinning off is certainly annoying. I tried gluing the handles on with Shoe Goo, but it did not work. I just cleaned out all the Shoe Goo and glued the handles on with a two-part plastics epoxy. Hopefully the epoxy works. I do like the bendable head for getting behind wheel spokes, but with the spinning handle it was about worthless.
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  9. The F150 sits outside in northern Wyoming/Southern Montana and the occasional trip to Colorado for the most part......and one of our offspring is is in the process of purchasing it & want to get her started with the right products. What about cloths, what towels work best for cleaning the windshield inside and out & then wiping BG off???
  10. Hi Nick, I stopped spraying the CB on the wheels when I realized how much was getting onto various parts, including the fabric wheel wells. In addition, I found that my coverage was as complete as I'd like, so I have some Borderless Grey towels dedicated to CB and I spray the product on the towel and then wipe down down the wheels. It eliminated any high spots and ensured that everything was coated without having extra items coated.
  11. I'm in South Carolina and have vehicles that sit outside 24/7 and deal with a lot of heat and cool temps, although we don't get to the negative numbers. For the inside of the windshield, nothing beats Brilliant Glaze, here is a video on doing the inside: This method helps keep the inside of fogging up and truly does leave the windshield much clearer overall. For the outside, if the windshield is heavily soiled, then I use the green glass cleaner which is equal to the aerosol in my opinion in quality, but has a lower price point. Once the windshield is clean the first time, then I use the Glass Sealant followed by monthly touch ups with Glass Boost and then about every 3 months I go over it again with Glass Sealant . If you use the cleaners as the gas stations you'll probably have to use the boost a bit more often. For the outside the mirrors, you can just use Glass Boost and the morning dew tends to come off the much quicker. The rest of the windows just get washed with the regular Glass Cleaner and of course the correct Glass Towel.
  12. Both of our Glass Cleaner do a great job, I think it comes down to a personal choice if you want liquid or aerosol/Foam. My new favorite glass protection is our New Ceramic Spray Coating, great easy to use product. My favorite inside glass product is our BG. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/ceramics/ceramic-spray-coating.html
  13. I cleaned the Tahoe up real nice like the other day. Ultra foam bath, wash, wheels, tires, and all. It was nasty after all this stupid rain...fast forward to today, I go to do a waxing of the new Ceramic Liquid Wax, and the surface feels very rough and not smooth. Under further investigation i see spotting. Long story short, the over spray of ceramic boost while hitting my wheels the other day under windy conditions, blew the boost all over the paint and windows. It took over an hour just to clean off 3 panels so far today. Clay did very little, while scrubbing it with Brilliant Glaze has been helpful. So for anyone who ever doubted CB, that **** is serious! Going to try to remove it using itself... Ceramic Boost....and will report back.
  14. What's the difference between Aerosol Glass Cleaner and the bottled green glass cleaner? Is either good to go to clay bar a windshield & is one product better than the other & why...... I've got a 2017 F150 that sites outside 24/7 & runs from 100 degree summers to -35 winters & looking for the best products to clean the inside and outside with & then seal the windshield as it's subject to some nasty summer rain storms and ugly winter sleet/snow storms and ice buildup.
  15. I recently ordered the small wheel wooly. I had exactly the same problem. I used the website to contact Adams over a week ago. I still haven't got a response. Very disappointed in the product and the lack of response. Not what I expected from them. Every other experience with customer service has been superior. Hopefully they will make it right. Robert.
  16. I just figured out that I need to earn more money to invest in a good surface for the countertop, probably granite or marble. Can I have some of your attention to agree or disagree with this source https://marble.com/articles/marble-countertop-cost. I've been canvassing on some of countertops provider stores in which I can save without sacrificing of having a good design and durable. Hope you'll notice this. Have a good day guys!
  17. do they have shipping through your house?
  18. found these suggestions really helpful. i just came across this thread lol
  19. what surface are you gonna use for your countertop?
  20. Brilliant Glaze on Mirrors and Stainless Steel Appliances Interior Detail spray for the blades on your ceiling fans Ceramic Boost for your porcelain sink basins
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