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  2. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    Should I do that now or wait until the dealer tries to make me pay for it?
  3. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    You dont meed a warranty, write the corporate office and push for the issue to be rectified and they will take care of it.
  4. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    The 3/36,000 is expired, but it was CPO so I'm hoping they cover it under that. I guess I'll find out for sure next week.
  5. Microfiber blanket

    They're available again for those of you who want one or more. http://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1/adam-s-microfiber-blanket.html
  6. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    That's exactly what happened to my Caddy. Cold day, sitting at the grocery store in the car waiting for my wife, and POW! Is yours covered under warranty?
  7. 69 Camaro 1/24 scale

    Thanks Mark, that is the kind of things that happen when you cant afford a real hotrod and have to make replicas and its cold as heck out being winter lol. My dream truck is a 68 Chevrolet C10, 2 wheel drive, short wheel base with an 6.0 LS motor. I am making the below truck with a 12 valve Cummins motor. I have way too many hobbies
  8. Yesterday
  9. 69 Camaro 1/24 scale

    Nice attention to detail!
  10. Hi

    Welcome to the forum!! Let your addiction begin!! You will love this forum.. Many great members or should I say Adams fanatics!
  11. Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the forum Chris! Very nice fastback you got there!
  12. New from NJ

    Welcome to the forum and welcome to the addiction!
  13. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    Talked to a local Ford dealership today. I said I was having some problems with my rear window defroster, and when they asked what the problem was I said I turned it on and a few minutes later it shattered my rear window. Unfortunately the earliest I can get it in is next Wednesday, I need a service-loaner and they didn't have any available until then.
  14. What Pressure Washer?

    I have the below pressure washer: 3200 PSI. Simpson Pressure Washer I was given the below info on pressure for using the Foam Cannon: "max rating of 3190psi for our Red Foam Cannon " I use my pressure washer for pressure washing my house as well as under my vehicles as needed. I would suggest getting a smaller one that is in line with the pressure rating of the foam gun. In this case a larger pressure washer with max PSI is not the best.
  15. Car seat detailing

    Thanks Rich!
  16. Random Items for Trade

    Just Paint Sealant is left.
  17. They even may have sent it off somewhere else to have it done. I don't know. now I regret giving away/trading the ceramic boost that I had received with a mystery box.
  18. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    Safelite fixed my rear window in an hour. Found out that my warranty on my Caddy didn't cover windshields, and the deductable was only $100 less on the insurance, so I paid out of pocket. Sucks.
  19. 2 Things

    I don't think it hurt anything. Let's face it, They ship in the winter knowing things freeze and they're not worried about it. So maybe you shouldn't either. I wouldn't be afraid to use it.
  20. Car seat detailing

    Have to say, that's one subject I don't think anyone has posted before! Good job on the seat. Those things can get pretty gross.
  21. Chemical Guys or Adam’s

    I think this topic has been covered. Locking it down before it turns into a CG bashing thread. They're a good company, but this is an Adam's forum and that's why we're here.
  22. Car seat detailing

    I usually just take the straps completely off and the fabric as well (if possible), and throw them in the washing machine. Otherwise, the carpet and upholstery cleaner is the way to go. Looks good! I’m down to just 2 booster seats now, and I couldn’t be happier.
  23. What Pressure Washer?

    Your first decision should be electric or gas. Frankly, for creating foam it seems to be a junk-measuring contest. I have a dinky electric ryobi that foams just fine. Or, if you want a high end electric, check out Kranzle. Some will chime in that gas is the only way--but you mention garage space. The small electrics can actually be stored on a shelf, not taking up floor space. If you don't need a power washer for cleaning other things (driveways, fences, decks) the electric should work fine for your application.
  24. You guys should see Minnesota! If you have a red truck, it will be white! On warmer days we still can’t use the hose around here so I found this awesome machine that sprays enough water to get rid of the salt but not make a mess. It’s called the Worx Hydroshot. It’s like a battery operated pressure washer wand, it has a hose that you put into a bucket to draw water. I was able to wash (including foam) a full size pickup with one battery and 2, 5 gallon buckets of hot water! Best truck in town, until it snows again...
  25. I just got a foam cannon. Yay! I'm looking for the best pressure washer to use now. Ideally it would be something that doesn't take up much garage space. Any advice on the best small form factor pressure washers that will work good with the cannon? Thanks! CorndogJoe
  26. How to take care of a Ceramic Coated car

    If the dealer installed the coating, it's probably not one of the high end coatings that are available. Simoniz is commonly in dealerships here, which isn't known as a strong product in the detailing world. Couple that with "dealer installed," and the results could be anything. There's so many variables in that scenario, who knows what was left for coating to begin with? My guess is the coating itself may be having issues. And yes, I personally would have used the Ceramic Boost as it's designed for use on a Ceramic coating where GG is designed for use on paint surfaces. The two products have similar effect, but different makeup. I'd always do a little test spot, but that's just out of an abundance of caution and done with nearly any product on an unknown surface.
  27. I've been avoiding purchasing a gallon of Megs D170 for some time because it would last me, my sons, and their children's lifetimes. I'd think there's got to be a market for a spray and walk dressing (namely for engines...) but also for wheel wells that doesn't stain like Undercarriage Spray?
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