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  3. You pinned me -it's for my Ram Rebel pickup which is big and tall. I don't know why I didn't think about the canopy, I have a friend who has a couple so he said I can borrow. Thanks Ray!
  4. Speakers bureau (thanks google 😁)
  5. Thanks for the welcome Cap'n! It's a RPG and I love it!
  6. Michael, you are correct. I’m immensely enjoying the role of being a father to my girls. While it’s fun to sneak off to the garage for an hour or two here and there to keep the rides shiny, I’d rather the girls remember me when I’m gone as being Papa who did things with them and not Papa hiding out in the garage. Bragging now: They made the cover of their school student/parent manual. I’m so proud of my twins!
  7. How in the world did I miss your introductory post? Welcome fellow Impalibu SS owner. 😁 BTW: Is you Holden RPG or PBM? I can’t tell with all the green reflecting off the trees.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Dan - Thank you! That is very helpful. I met you a couple of years ago at the Adams tent while at the NCM BASH. You were helpful then and you’re helpful again. Hope to see you guys there next year. Tell Adam to make it! 😄
  10. Welcome to the Forum. One of the best things that I have found for large vehicles and for those instances when I have to work outside is to use a portable canopy. For something decent and in the 12 foot wide by 16 foot long will run a couple hundred dollars. These are generally sturdy enough to live up to plenty of use over the years and mine has a nice case that it gets stored in. If you need it to be easily movable, you can add wheels to the feet, just remember to get locking wheel's so it won't roll away. The sizes are allow over the place and I use the 10x12 more than any
  11. @Captain Slow I would call you out on swearing off black cars, but knowing you have 3 lovelies at home to spend time with I understand!
  12. Yes, the Paint Sealant will work fine on the vinyl graphics. Make sure to remove any extra product from the edge of the stripes.
  13. To add to what Chris said, you could certainly put a layer of Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating on top of your existing coating to sort of refresh and re-up the coating; however, you will want to do a very thorough wash and Surface Prep at a minimum before applying the Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating. It's also important to note that it will not last as long on the surface since it is trying to bond to an already cured layer of ceramic coating, rather than bare clear coat. You could then maintain with Graphene Detail Spray. To reduce some of the confusion, here are some general combinations fo
  14. Looks great! I followed pretty much the same steps and alternate Detail Spray and CS3 as a drying aid. Excellent color choice!!
  15. Brewder - I was a long time user of Zaino as well. I find Adams products to be as good, if not better than Zaino. Check out the YouTube videos that Adams have for some great advice. Welcome to the world of ceramics, too!
  16. Unfortunately my truck is too tall to fit in my garage where I normally store my cars so I can't work with the product inside. Can I apply the Graphene Coating in sunlight? Also, our daytime temperatures are in the 60-70 degree range and in the morning we typically have dew on the cars, can I still apply it with this in mind?
  17. The SS got a bath last night. Adam’s Wash and Wax plus many MF wash pads in the bucket. CS3 was used as a drying aid. 😍❤️😘 Let me announce it here for the world: I will never ever have a black vehicle again...NEVER! Also discovered my cheap electric power washer is a complete POS. 1 year of use and it’s dying. TIme to do a few side details to get some $$ for a legitimate power washer, foam cannon, etc.
  18. Great job on getting up all that hair! I'll go throw up now
  19. Not really adding anything here... but wanted to say. My ceramic project isn't for a few more weeks, so in the meantime I wanted a detail spray to give my car an extra pop between washes so I gave the "pink" stuff a try. wow. Do I LOVE the Adams Detail Spray!! I'm coming from years of Zanio products like Z6 and Grand finale sprays... I can only assume that the Ceramic Detail Spray is just as good if not better... I just ordered myself a gallon before even trying it. //Brew
  20. Adam's now sells a 2-step system comprised of Compound and Polish. Compound replaced both the Heavy Correcting Compound and Correcting Polish, while Polish basically replaced the Finishing Polish. The pads are still color coordinated. Hope that helps!
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