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  2. Here's a great thread and video on cleaning accessories, and he specifically talks about the wash pad at the 7-minute point, using the method @rrmccabe mentioned.
  3. davered00ss

    Limited Edition Products

    I want the one with the Corvette on it.
  4. Today
  5. I would say coat your truck with ceramic, then buy some of the ceramic wax and boost to maintain your coating plus add some depth and shine.
  6. davered00ss

    Craigslist score- Adams kit

    thanks, There are some things in there I probably will never use.
  7. I have 4 extra buckets I'm looking to trade. 2 - 5 gallon black buckets 2 - 3.5 gallon wash buckets accepting any offers
  8. bjoeaull

    Family Trip to Denver

    I don't recall his name, a younger guy.
  9. Hookem06

    Cars and Coffee DS

    I have an untamed DS
  10. Boom! Did I hear a mic drop? Nice new truck drifter, may she give you many years of dependable service. I'm in the same boat with a brand new Silverado. Still trying to decide between coating or "therapy"
  11. On my 2016 Silverado which I bought new that now has 45k miles on the ODO I have done the following: I didn't polish it at all the first year or so of ownership, I was just super busy and honestly it barely needed it because I washed it properly and it's not like I'm trying to win car shows with it. I just kept up a proper wash routine to avoid marring the paint too much and did H20 Guard & Gloss / kept up on the clay baring.. In hindsight I wish I had polished it up front, really made the dark gray paint pop.... After about 18 months of ownership I did do a full two step polish (mainly used the finishing polish because I didn't need a ton of correction, just a few spots) At that point I put a good coat of Liquid Paint Sealant on the truck and since then I've been slacking off and haven't done anything but claybar and H20 GnG. My truck still looks better than 90% of the vehicles I see on the road but, it's due for some polishing again now that it's been a year since the last time I did it... If it's your first time around I'd suggest doing each step on one panel start to finish, detailing that big ole truck can be a bear.... Also be careful not to drop your tool box or polisher in the bed, I hear ford uses that Aluminum foil in the beds these days πŸ™‚ sorry just busting your chops πŸ™‚
  12. Just bought a couple of plastic totes and when it's time to detail I bring out one or two totes as needed... I bet it get's up to 100+ degrees in my garage here in NE Ohio about 1/2 of the days during the summer...
  13. imcrazy

    2013 Tahoe

    Looks good, I tried Meguiars consumer grade stuff initially and it was a big waste of time... Adams stuff is the way to go when it comes to polishes and sealants...
  14. falcaineer

    Cold weather storage

    Yes, it could get very well cause issues. Temps below 40' or above 85-90' should be avoided, and therefore products brought inside. Here's an article with more info.
  15. My garage gets pretty cold during the winter. Cold enough to freeze my water valve at least 3 times a winter. I keep all my Adams products in the garage and am curious if any of it will freeze, mess up or the cold cause it to not work right. Thanks guys.
  16. As stated clay on the glass is great, if the spots don’t come off take the next step of the #0000 steel wool that should really help. β€˜β€™For the wheels, the h2o will do a decent job but a ceramic coating will obviously last much longer. As far as cloying the wheels...not sure, I might just hit them with the polisher and call it a day.
  17. pirahnah3

    Longevity of the different waxes

    Those questions are all almost impossible to give a difinitive answer on because it is going to vary depending on where you park at home, at work, while just out and about. Is it a daily driver or a show car, is it a garage queen or sits outside. What is around where you work drive and live for industry how much driving do you do with it. This is just scratching the surface of the things that can effect its longevity. In general buttery is the shortest life span, and then the others can all vary slightly but it’s a fair jump to them from the buttery. That said the buttery is a nice product that can be regularly applied and goes on quick and easy and comes off just as easy. The others are all paste waxes and I can certainly say for patriot it easily comes right off. The Americana is usually quite easy but not as easy as the other two. Ceramic I have not used yet myself however I have heard it can require a bit more effort to remove, but certainly not impossible.
  18. Isnt that the same logic the wives use when they buy clothes or shoes or something? So it should be easy to use.
  19. pirahnah3

    Coffee review

    Man can’t wait to get one! Hope it’s that good.
  20. Awesome car, welcome to the addiction support group.
  21. pirahnah3

    Waterless Wash

    Very true that waterless is a great product and wow the smell. Rinseless is not the same as stated and does offer some other additives which may or may not be desired at that time.
  22. pirahnah3

    eBay: Adams collection 😳😳😳

    Hmmmm......nope I’ll just move along lol.
  23. MikeSoFlo

    eBay: Adams collection 😳😳😳

    I was just trying to figure out how I would explain this purchase to my wife πŸ˜‚
  24. JoeyD0831

    Cars and Coffee DS

    Darn detail spray is the only one I don't have a duplicate of
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