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  2. Is it the new ceramic coating or the old?
  3. The paint on this car is nearly immaculate. It’s never spent a nite outdoors nor been driven in the rain. Garage kept and covered for 28 years. It’s due for a detail but we’re talking dust. When i test drove it a week ago was probably the first time it ever hit a wet spot on pavement. I can’t wait to get it spruced up. Thx for the advice.
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  5. Yup....I just bought this baby and there’s a few little things. That is one of them.
  6. And welcome from a fellow Vette owner named Tom, dont forget VRT and In and out Spray under the hood
  7. One of Your Wheels is on the wrong side. They are unidirectional
  8. Yes, the WC clings better, it's way thicker. Especially the new low odor one. Of the two, the IR smells better, but the gap closed with the release of the new low odor WC yesterday. The new WC smells way better now, but there are still some remnants of the iron reactive agent. Both are similar overall in end result. Both the IR and new WC are too new to know shelf life, but a year or more is almost certainly a given. Just be sure to store in climate controlled area, or at least between 40' and 85'-90'. Read this for more of shelf life. It's possible you got little to no reaction because you didn't have much brake dust. Do you have "normal," every day brakes or high performance? How much dust do you get? Some brakes create way more dust than others. I drive a Kia Optima, and the WC gives me some small purple specks but nothing major. Others with Brembos have significant dust. In the end, if you do get significant dust, I'd recommend you get the (new low odor) WC. It can be used on both wheels and paint, and clings better to both, too. Eco WC is another option to consider for light cleaning, and it smells decent.
  9. I'm looking to buy a gallon of either Iron Remover or New Wheel Cleaner to use it on both paint and wheels. I saw a youtube video that says the wheel cleaner clings better is that true? Which one smells better and do both have similar performance in iron decontamination? What is the shelf life of these since I will be using on 2 cars and maybe use the remainder next year. I've bought CarPro IronX before and when I came to use it a year later I think it expired cus it did nothing no purple reaction. If shelf life is not that great then I will buy 2 smaller bottles instead. Thanks for any info.
  10. The wheel woolies look awesome. How hard would it be to make the drencher compatible with the spray nozzle that comes with the foam gun? I think it would be great to pop that on to really soak it down. I have trouble getting a consistent stream out of that sprayer but I love the quick connect to the foam gun.
  11. Being a hero is fun, but I almost cried when we were standing in BestBuy looking at TV's and she said "are you sure this one is big enough?"
  12. @thomasfxlt first let me welcome you to the forum. As @Rich indicated, the top should be cleaned and conditioned and whether you go with the Ragg Topp kit or 303 Convertible kit, they will both do an excellent job. From the picture your top looks to be in pretty good shape, so I think you'll like the results of either. With both products medium humidity and the sun are your friend to get it smooth. My preference is to put the product on in the garage and then move the car into the sun for a few hours. I try not to let the top get wet, even from dew, for 24 hours after I condition it and I don't put them down for a couple of days. As for the wax, I have used Americana, Patriot and Ceramic and after working with Ceramic a couple of times, I'm sold. I wax entirely by hand and the Ceramic takes a little more work, although not much more, but the results are fantastic. No matter which wax you go with, when you are taking the car out for a Sunday drive or to a show, knock the dust off with Detail Spay and then go over it with Brilliant Glaze and it will really pop. To the see the results of a top clean and condition and Ceramic wax, there are plenty of picture in this thread on a Mustang restoration I recently completed. The Mustang took 3 coats to get from Grey to Black and a paint job to actually make it Red again.
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  14. Thanks, @Dan@Adams! Been asking for a while about new wheel woolie handles. Even if my input wasn't taken into consideration, I still claim a little credit 😁...
  15. Chris, here are the pics. Trust me this really did happen, my shoulder and knees will tell you that 😁
  16. Have to wait until the weekend
  17. Warm weather is right around the corner, so that means time to start getting in gear with making your rides look the best they can! Each Spring sale, we try to introduce a few updates, new formulas, or new products to help make the detailing process easier and more effective - and this year is no different! On the chemical side, we've updated the Wheel Cleaner formula to have a less potent smell while also improving the thickness 25% to cling to the wheel surface even more. We have updated Barrel Brushes, similar to our old Wheel Woolies, but now with improved hand grips, longer length, and bendable brush portion. We've got an all-new All Purpose Cleaner with a heavy duty formula that is much stronger than our old APC formula. No worries, Eco Wheel Cleaner and Eco All Purpose Cleaner aren't going anywhere, as they still have specific purposes too. On the accessories side, we have quite a few new releases too - a new 4hp Air Cannon dryer, the MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon, a Fine Grade Clay Bar Refill, and a few new hose washing options like the Shut Off Valve, Drencher Hose Nozzle, and a new Fire Hose Nozzle. This sale is ending Saturday March 30th at Midnight, and you can use the code SPRING19 to take 15% off of your order total.* CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW and check out all of the new items!
  18. Rich


    Short and sweet! Hi Mike! Welcome to the forum. Care to share what toys you're playing with in the garage?
  19. First thing, buy some Ragg Topp cleaner and sealer and do the top. That will take two or three days because you have to clean it, allow it to dry, then apply the sealant, let it set for a day (in the sun if possible) and then repeat the sealer if needed. My vert Vette is stored in the winter too.Do the plastic baggie test first. If you don't know what that is, take a plastic baggie and put it over your hand, then gently rub it over the paint. If you feel grit under your fingers, then you'll want to clay bar the paint. I do two bucket wash after then I use Revive (if I'm doing it by hand) or the machine polish if you have a polisher. Then I use Patriot or Ceramic Wax for protection, and just take dust off in the following days with Detail Spray. And I keep a microfiber sheet over top of her in the garage to keep dust off between drives. Mine's a bit newer than yours, so the paint may be in a little better shape and you may need to do more, but you'll figure out what works best for your car. LOTS of advice and info here That's a beautiful C4!! Welcome to the forum Tom!
  20. Welcome to the forum!
  21. Voids are spots where the paint is missing like chips, failure or deep scratches. Polishing is a clear coat process. Once the clear coat is gone, polishing can’t happen.
  22. She doesn't know about the Pumpkin Spice. Not yet anyway. But, I will be a freakin' hero if I remember to get the odor neutralizer to use in the boys' shoes. And maybe the oldest's room.
  23. @mc2hillWhat’s “voids” in the paint mean?
  24. I got a SK last spring. Never used a machine before..just watch a bunch of videos and give it a shot. U will love it. Welcome!!
  25. @thomasfxltYou should be fine with Car Shampoo, but you may want to look at Rinseless Wash. That is all I use on cars older than 1999 - no hose, so no water pooling to make rust! The Eco Wheel Cleaner may be all you need for the wheels, and you can get by with using leftovers (Shampoo or Rinseless) in the Wash bucket to clean the wheels, if they are not too dirty). And APC can be used for Tires, but Tire & Rubber Cleaner is a fantastic product. Adam's Interior Detailer is a fine place to start with all the interior cleaning and dressing. I usually recommend RaggTopp for convertible top cleaning and protection - Adam even recommends it. You want to pick up a few 5 gallon buckets and at least one Grit Guard or Dirt Lock for the Rinse bucket to get you started properly.
  26. @Mike FSome of that will be removed with a clay bar (it can help with the marks under the door handle), but I do see voids in the paint. You can still correct the car, just know you "can't polish what is not there!". Give the test spot a try, but I would guess you will need the Correcting Polish. The plus is with today's polishes you may be able to work the CP so that the FP is not needed.
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