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  2. Happy birthday, Adam!!!
  3. The Ceramic Waterless isn't really meant to be diluted. Rinseless Wash, on the other hand, can be. Maybe that caused the issue?
  4. Happy Birthday Adam! Continued success!
  5. The boost should bring it back. Let us know.
  6. Rich


    Happy birthday my friend. Hope you got to enjoy it relaxing with your beautiful family. Here's to 100 more. Rich
  7. Just Finishing Polish with a white pad. It's brand new, didn't need heavy correcting, and black besides, and turned out great.
  8. On my ceramic coated Dodge Challenger I used ceramic waterless wash diluted with water to clean off some sap and surface dirt. I mixed about 4oz with 2 gal of water and used a detailing sponge and microfiber drying towel. To my surprise it dulled the finish some and lost some of it's slickness. Tomorrow I am going to spray it down with some Ceramic Boost and hopefully it will bring the shine back
  9. Yesterday
  10. Welcome to the addiction, John! We're happy to have you!!
  11. Back packing on revive. I love it, I think it’s great. i have been wondering, has anybody used it on a white pad for machine polishing? I’ve been wanting to test that out for a while.
  12. Revive can be used with a Blue or if you need a bit more cleaning power Orange hand pad. I especially like what it does to the tail and marker lights in getting them clean and shiny, but tend to use it on many vehicles.
  13. Hi John, I'm with you on that. I'm 57 and a knowing mystery box is on the way, feels like waiting for your bonus check to arrive from work.
  14. Hmm, I have some revive but stopped using it because I didn't really notice a justifiable difference for the elbow grease it was taking. I figured that even finishing polish with the swirl killer would be less work and better results than Revive while not being too aggressive? Could be way off base though.
  15. The least aggressive would be Revive Hand Polish and I wouldn't rule that out according to the condition of the vehicle. I had one vehicle come in that was pristine and was absolutely beautiful after using Revive so I didn't touch it with anything else.
  16. Just to prove to everyone that it is possible to have a winter in South Carolina, this is one of my favorite pictures from February 2014 and the white stuff is sleet. No, we do not need to winterize the pool. We just change stop the chemicals in November and start them again in March and reduce the filter time to 4 hours a day.
  17. I detailed a neighbor’s camaro and applied Patriot wax as the protection. I noticed that I got through about half of the car and the color and texture changed in the middle of the wax. Do you guys think it separated? I’m not sure if it’s normal.
  18. I'm trying to get a little more serious about my car care and this forum plus Adam's Polishes products have been a big help. Thanks to all you Master Detailer's for the tips and tricks, and, everyone so far on the forum that has contributed to making this place a great resource. I have to admit, though, 56 years old and still can't wait for the mystery packages to hit my doorstep. Makes me feel like a kid again. Thanks all! John
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