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  2. I’m talking about more of the “limited edition” stuff is saturating the brand. Let’s get products that actually benefit the professional/weekend warrior and not more fancy labels, with different colored detail spray. If Adam’s can pump out those items, why can’t they put out some more useful items? Yes I agree that all serve their own purpose and what not, but all 50+ limited sprays that they have put out all do the same exact thing. It’s just a fancy label and color/scent blend. Limiteds drive revenue which I understand, but it seems like they rely on it too heavily. I’m not knocking them, I’m just saying how about they put out more useful items instead of the same detail spray with a different label every month. That’s understandable, but don’t advertise a retail price of $18.99 when that isn’t true. Someone who is new to Adam’s won’t know and think it’s a super deal, when it’s really not. It’s all marketing though, I get it.
  3. @RayS i have not seen this issue myself. In fact, my Trunk stays saved on my mobile browser whether I am logged in or not. I had 10 items in my Trunk from last week, and was not logged in. Closed the browser window and then reopened the web store and they were still there. Logged in, still saved, logged out, still there, then logged back in again, and the Trunk was still saved. I have not tested it from a PC browser though. However, I will still add my vote for the Wishlist feature.
  4. Adam has also posted the "vote with your dollar" advice on this forum, but it was specifically in regards to the expansion into some of the branded merchandise, like shirts, hats, socks, etc. His comment meant that if these other products do not interest you, then vote with your dollar and not buy them. This comment was not meant to be applied to the company as a whole, only specific products. Again, all these other products, including the swag products and the expansion into different equipment lines, have not in any way come at the cost of the constant development and refinement of the core chemical products. Other than the "Made in USA" issue on some of the equipment, I just don't understand why offering any of these other products means that the company is no longer meeting its goal of providing the best quality detailing products, with unmatched support in this industry, to make it easier for customers to get the results they want, and to ENJOY the process! Another general discussion topic not specifically directed to @ramflava: The entire "re-branded" argument, when it comes to equipment, does not make any sense. Adam's Polishes, just like the vast majority of detailing product companies, do not manufacture equipment. Equipment is manufactured by...EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS. These manufacturers design and build equipment, either as a standard item, or in many cases, to the specifications of the buyer or client. For example, Adam's tells the manufacturing company what they want for specifications in a particular product, and then prototypes are built and tested, and then the final product is tested, then released. In other cases, the main component of the product is already part of that manufactures product line, so Adam's might just make a few minor changes. And since I know it will be brought up, there is also one major and well known EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER that also sells some detailing chemicals. Simply put, Adam's Polishes manufactures detailing chemicals, and uses equipment manufacturers to build the equipment. Just like they have textile manufactures make the towels to their specifications, the brush manufacturers make the brushes, etc. Yes, some products are off-the-shelf (buckets, some brushes, spray bottles), and some have only maybe color or other cosmetic changes, but they do not manufacture any of it, so why would people expect them to be manufacturing something as complicated as a piece of power equipment. Contrary to what the uninformed masses (that spend too much time trolling FB and IG) might think, just because a specific piece of equipment might appear similar to another, it does not mean that company made it, and Adam's just slapped a sticker on it. What is more accurate is that the same equipment manufacturer made variations of the different products, so some appearances are the same. A good example is when the pressure washer was released. People on IG and this forum were so quick to proclaim that it is just a re-branded Sun Joe, and some said Arksen, and yet more said Realm, and so on. And none of those were the correct manufacturer. Kyle stated that Apex makes the Adam's version. So that likely means that Apex also makes some or all of those other "re-branded" pressure washers that look similar.
  5. Please also realize that Amazon gets to take a cut of each sale, so it is not really in the company's best interest to undercut its own website pricing.
  6. Perhaps I am not reading your comments correctly, but it does seem that the two comments above are contradictory. You state that the product lineup is saturated, yet are asking for additional products? Yes, there was a time more than a few years ago where the product line-up was much simpler, which made it easier for beginners to figure out what products to use, but the majority of customers were repeatedly asking for additional products, so that was the direction the company took. It does take some investigation into the various products now offered, but for the most part, each has its place and function, without much overlap.
  7. Thanks Milo! And thanks everyone. I'm happy with how it turned out.
  8. I agree they have detail spray as a regular price of $18,99 for $10.99
  9. I really do like the new site, but ran into a challenge building my next order. The first two orders I did on the new site where simple and before the accounts where online and they worked like a charm. As I previously commented, the loss of Wishlist - hopefully only temporarily - makes it a bit more difficult to track what is needed. I started putting the items I planned on ordering today, starting with the 15 mm Swirl Killer and some new pads into the Trunk. I wasn't done and the wife wanted to go to dinner, so I signed out and when I signed back in to add more items to the order, the Trunk was Empty. @Kyle@Adams My ask is to either get the Wishlist back online or can we keep from clearing the Trunk when a member signs out. The old site would let me start an order, sign out and then go back in and the data was still there. I do systems for a living, so I know it takes time to get everything setup, so don't take this as a complaint, it is a request. I can go with the pencil & paper method for now.
  10. That looks awesome Rich! 😎
  11. Welcome to the site John.
  12. How aggressive to be is difficult to say without seeing the damage. I don’t know if it’s through the clear or not. You can go back over it, you just have to repeat the steps. So if you go back to correcting compound, polish over it. As for pads, we tend to go through a bunch for each vehicle. We change them out when they get loaded up and lose effectiveness. Pads can be cleaned and reused without issue. Just let them dry first. With pads and towels I always recommend you buy way more than you think you will need. Because you will need them.
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  14. X1x1x1

    Daughters Ride

    Red car fast!
  15. RayS

    Daughters Ride

    It isn't a dislike for any color, it is more of a preference for Red vehicles.
  16. I got a chance to wash and wax my GF's Outback, which was no small feat as it was 97 outside and with a little bit of a breeze made for an interesting time. In my mind, once I started washing the car, I could not be distracted as my plan was to wash the entire car within the shortest amount of time as possible so then I could bring it back inside for the actual detailing work. ETA: I went though so much VRT, as literally the entire bottom of the car was black plastic.
  17. X1x1x1

    Daughters Ride

    I didn’t realize we dislike blue! Car looks great.
  18. Don't scratch it...now you need to re-polish 😵 🤣 And for the record 24 hrs is all you need for it to cure...
  19. I have used BG under and over paint sealant and various other products with no loss in longevity. BG is good at hiding minor flaws and swirls, the keyword is minor and it does add depth and clarity. When I want the vehicle looking especially sharp for the weekend or a show, I go over with BG using a red pad, this includes going over Paint Sealant, Butter, Americana, Patriots and Ceramic Paste Wax. It is amazing how much extra Pop it gives to the vehicle, but as @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin said, it only last a couple of days. Waterless Wash followed by BG makes for a quick cleanup and is a staple in my travel kit. From the Ceramics side, I won't put BG underneath since the last thing you want to do is use Surface Prep and then coat the vehicle. Then there is the inside of windshield, which I couldn't believe how well it works on a windshield. As @falcaineer noted on the use of Wheel Cleaner for a decom, it does work, but smells pretty bad. However, I can tell you Eco Wheel Cleaner is great for sensitive wheels, it doesn't do much for a decom on the body, so check to see which version you have and don't let it sit or drop on the vehicle, it really is painful to get off - I speak from experience...
  20. The Ceramic Paste Wax is easily in my top 5 products from Adam's that have amazed me. My oldest daughter bought a blue car and while I thought about disowning her, I didn't and I was even nice enough to polish it and put CPW on it. Here's a link to the Blue thing:
  21. To answer your question, yes it would have been good!
  22. Now I’m even more excited to get the wax on. Haha making me not want to do another ceramic layer so I can apply the wax. I’ll see how the week goes. So my car is outside for another couple of hours and it’s about to rain. It’s been 48 hours since I coated. Will it be ok?
  23. I LOVE the ceramic wax. And on that blue you're gonna be in love with it, as well. I really can't wait to see how that turns out. I've put it on black, white and silver cars and it's been incredible every time. No, you shouldn't notice any difference. We're talking microns of thickness, so should be just fine.
  24. Good question. That's another debated topic. lol. I tend to rinse after a decontamination. I normally do the decon right after I have finished washing (without drying). So to put it chronologically: Wash Iron Remover Clay (with DS) Rinse Dry Revive Hand Polish I don't know if there's a "right" answer. This is just a process that I'm comfortable with and works for me. You may find that you prefer a different process.
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