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  2. Unfortunately, lots of old threads had photos hosted on Photobucket, and when they started charging people for an account, many photos were lost. Website links have also changed over the years, and since Adam's no longer sells masking tape, the link cannot be updated. Other than that, the info is still good!
  3. Yeah. That will happen sometimes with an 8 year old thread.
  4. I recommend the E-go cordless leaf blower. Its Real light and easy to maneuver while drying. I can dry one car along with wheels and tires per charge.
  5. Careful, Rich. I now have permissions to ban members... πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ ***** And a very special thanks to all for the kind words above! This is such a great community to be a part of. πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸΌ
  6. @falcaineer congrats friend! It’s well earned.
  7. They've had them off and on a couple times. Not sure if they'll be offered again or not, but as big of a hit as they were, I wouldn't be surprised to see them again. 🀞🏼
  8. Are the MF Blankets coming back? Would love to get my hands on a couple.
  9. Just curious, I don't see "Adam's Daily Special", has it gone away? Has something else replaced it?
  10. Now we're talking. That is beauty to my eyes.
  11. Yesterday
  12. No I don't my problem is I only weigh 102 pounds lol and I can't seem to find one that is light enough! I know that is a good method as well and that is what my brother in law uses to blow most of the water off
  13. Oh and I use deionized spotless water for my finish I never physically dry it!
  14. lol I am definately OCD my brother in law thinks I am absolutely insane when it comes to washing my car and yes its gets sprayed twice before I actually wash it!! Thank you for all the feed back I appreciate it, my car has never been to a car wash nor will it
  15. I'm in agreement with Juan, Nick and Brandon with the exception that I rarely get out the Foam Cannon and just use the Foam Gun with Ultra Shampoo. My vehicles are well maintained and don't know what dirt is, so they area easy to wash up with the Foam Gun and a two bucket hand wash. To apply the Tire Shine, I also use a soft a bristle brush so it gets into all the little spaces.
  16. This is a sunset shot from when we were 'down the shore' in July.
  17. The Ultra Foam and Foam Cannon is to be used as a pre-treatment to loosen dirt and debris. It's not a spray-on rinse-off product. You still have agitate to remove the dirt.
  18. Im on board with Juan’s process. If I have the time I will actually foam it down, rinse that off, then foam again, this time leaving the foam on as a cushion while I hand wash utilizing the 2 bucket method. Its an extra step, but one I take very OCD seriously πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚
  19. Hey Cheryl, Ultra Foam is a really cool product. I'm not sure what the process is that you use, but I'll share my process with you. I load up the foam cannon with 4ish ounces of Ultra Foam and water (warm if possible). and just have it ready for when its time to use it. I also have my buckets and wash mitts prepared with ultra foam shampoo or the regular car shampoo. I start by rinsing the paint with my pressure washer. Then I immediately plug in the foam cannon to my pressure washer and foam the car (the time sensitivity is to prevent water spots which occur by allowing water to sit on the paint until it dries). like you said let it sit for a few minutes. THis is supposed to help lift some of that dirt off of the paint. Some of it will need to be gently agitated with a wash mitt. Normally, I follow up the foam with a 2 bucket wash or another safe bucket wash method and with my wash mitt to lift the dirt off the surface. Then finish with a rinse and dry with a microfiber towel and H20 Guard and Gloss or Detail Spray (Depends on what my goal is for the wash) Ultra Foam has a bit of protection built into it, so that's a nice perk. For the Tires, I'll start off by saying its a good idea to do your wheel and tire cleaning prior to the rest of the car. This way you don't have to get water on the paint (for the same reason of preventing water spots). I absolutely love the Tire and Rubber Cleaner. Use it with the Tire Brush to agitate it. It turns orangey-brown as it cleans. I normally get the tires wet, then spray the Tire and Rubber cleaner onto the tire and onto the brush. Then agitate all around the tire. Then rinse. I normally repeat until the suds no longer orangey-brown, but turn white. That means the tire is clean! For an extra pop, after I've dried the vehicle, I'll apply Tire Shine or Tire Armor. These products will add some protection to the tire as well as make it look like it's new!
  20. Man, that's stunning. We drive the back way to Carlisle through Amish farm country and one year (around 15 years or more ago) we were deep in the country and came up on a sunrise like that. It seriously took my breath away. Only time it ever happened, but it was memorable.
  21. I had a gallon of this and used a foam canon but honestly it seems to work better when I just apply it with a mitt, I spray a thick coat on my RDX and leave it sit for about 5 minutes but honestly the car is still filthy? Wondering if I am missing something? Or if there is a better option for the "soap". Also what is a good tire cleaner to enhance the rubber? Thank you, Cheryl
  22. Gotcha. That is sort of the problem as to why I'm having to do this. The vinyl wrap was installed poorly and was literally falling off the car in spots and was cut all up and coming loose all over. The roof was wrapped in gloss black but after the ceramic coating was applied it was streaked really bad and looked like crap. So I removed the wrap from roof and spoiler, finished what hadn't already come off of the mirrors and door handles. The front bumper was put on wrong and had to be replaced. Like I said the wrap and ceramic coatings were done in May this year and there isn't much hydrophobic action on them at all. Good to know if there is in fact a ceramic coating on there it's still there and maybe by applying the maintenance step will help. Appreciate the help.
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