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    Expanded workspace

    Since my business is run out of my home, and with the recent family additions we outgrew our garage which doubled as a family garage and workspace. The way our land is laid out, we can’t have a poured foundation due to the zoning setbacks. So we had to go with a premanufactured garage. We ended up settling on a 14’ x 32’ garage style “shed.” We have used the back half for storage for equipment and I’ve started making the front half a film and coating studio. The front and back half will be separated by a canvas curtain enabling me to easily get in and out of for the storage component. Up front, I’ve installed eighteen 4,800 lumen LED shop lights on the wall and ceiling. That’s 86,400 lumens of light for coating and film to catch everything. We started hanging banners and have power partially run. The rest will be done soon. Eventually I’d like to RaceDeck the flooring. But all in good time. And I’ll insulate it before winter. In the meantime here’s some progress photos.
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    AFTER Corvettes at Carlisle

    2018 Corvettes at Carlisle is in the books. Couldn't have had better weather. Warm sunny days and cool nights and mornings. Never got above 83 and in 16 years of going, it had to be the best weather we ever had, hands down. Here's a few pics from the event, people, and Adam's party Friday night. Good times, good friends, great memories. And I FOUND WALDO in the second pic!! See him! Post up your forum names if you're in the pics!
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    Every few months the wife and I venture to Bath and Body works and pick up a dozen or two of their wallflower scents. Today was no different, until we had to find the last few to equal 21pieces(for the sale, of course). I came across the scent “Sun Washed Citrus” I took a wif...thought about it, and said to myself immediately, I know this scent, then I was like this is an Adam’s scent. I thought some more and realized it was very close to WATERLESS WASH! My wife enjoyed the scent, so we grabbed 4. When we got home I pulled out my bottle and the wallflower and asked her opinion, and she agreed, they are very similar. She also mentioned it was one of her favorites! (I wonder if I just talked her into washing her car 🤔). Either way, I know many of us love the WW scent, so if smelly stuff inside your home is your thing, go grab some, could even throw one in the garage! 😬👍 ENJOY!
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    Customer Service Unresponsive

    Hello all! Terribly sorry that we have been hard to contact, as stated above we are extremely short staffed at the moment and we are really trying our best! However it is very difficult for our three reps to service half a million customers. In the future if ya'll continue to have issue contacting us feel free to shoot me an email at emery@adamspolishes and I will get to you as quickly as possible. Or even feel free to send me a message within here! We are committed to giving our customers the best service we can, and we are working on bulking up customer service! Please continue to be patient with us and we will continue to do our best! Thanks for the consistent support from all of you, and again feel free to contact me! Thanks, Emery Cannon
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    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    Hi gang. I am Rich's wife and will be with him at Corvettes. I need a favor from the Adam's community. I know someone posted this on the Adam's FB page too. This little boy is dying from Leukemia and he's only 11 years old. He's asking for stickers (racing, car related) to cover his casket. If you can, could any of you who will be at Carlisle this weekend, look through your stash of stickers (I have plenty of Adam's stickers, looking for things like Summit, Jegs, etc) and drop them off at our car ..... Row IE space 50 , or give them to me at the Adam's party Friday night. The whole story breaks my heart, and I'd love to send him a nice big envelope filled with stickers to brighten his day. If you aren't going to be there, but would like to send him some yourself, the address is below. Thanks to all of you. Darlene Stickers and cards can be sent to Caleb Hammond’s family at 314 North J Street, Oskaloosa, IA 52577.
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    would like to trade

    Adam's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner would work wonders on that carpet! 😋
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    Fixed some headlights. Got the interior to do tomorrow.
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    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    The sticker wall is alive and well! Promised above I'd take some pics, so here's the wall as of yesterday, 31 Aug 18. Also found this hidden link. https://adamspolishes.com/stickerwall. I saw quite a few from out of state, so if you're mailing them in, they're likley making it onto the wall...keep it up!
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    A combination of posts here and having just attended accreditation training for another coating have once again gotten my writing mind working. It’s also an effort to go back to some detailing related discussion as opposed to this weeks special edition detail spray. It seems there are a million questions about ceramic coatings. What’s worse is that there are two million opinions on ceramic coatings, what they can and can’t do and when they should and shouldn’t be applied. So let’s get into it a bit... What can a ceramic coating do? Ceramic coatings are simply a different last step product that can change the maintenance regiment for your vehicle. They are not maintenance free by any means. A ceramic coating can lock in a deep gloss look that’s easily maintained and restored while offering some better scratch resistance (which we will get into shortly). What can’t a ceramic coating do? A ceramic coating won’t stop rock chips. It’s not impossible to scratch (meaning proper care and technique when washing is still required). Also, a ceramic coating can’t last forever despite anyone’s claims that they will do so. Setting your hood on fire because it’s ceramic coated isn’t a good idea either. So why would you want to ceramic coat your car? Well, it’s typically lower maintenance than having to reapply the finish every so often and provides an amazingly slick surface that’s a bit easier to clean or keep clean. Maintenance? Yup. The biggest complaint from “failed” coatings isn’t that they’ve failed, it’s that they haven’t been decontaminated properly to allow them to function normally. They still require periodic maintenance by claying and iron decontamination. To go the extra mile, some coatings require reapplication of a top layer. This is sometimes a spray or an actual top coating layer. This is widely variable based on the coating used. Can I do this myself? It is in the wheelhouse of most serious weekend warrior detailers. It can seem overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be. Understand that the prep phase is literally everything. Poor prep will result in a poor coating. Great prep will help to get that great result. How do I do it? Well, the prep is similar to most other details. Decontaminate the vehicle with wash, clay and iron remover. Polish the paint until you’re satisfied with the results (once you apply the coating, what’s there is there). Give it a good wipedown to prep for coating. And install. We do wheels, trim and then paint last typically. You can change it in any order you like. In fact, we actually spray wheels when we have them pulled for an easier application. This comes at the expense of using more product. Rules of thumb? Textured plastic gets trim coating. Painted plastic get paint coating. Textured plastic doesn’t usually require leveling, where painted trim does. Work in small bites. Know you’ll go through a bunch of towels and a bunch of applicators. It’s a slow process, especially when you’re not familiar. What kind of tricks are there? Start working small. Make a “puddle line” down the middle of your working area. Then spread the coating across it (think like an H). The puddle line across spreads the heaviest product. When crossing it you’re spreading it and thinning it for a very even coverage. We use three towels when we buff off a coating. We use a low pile suede for the initial buff, then we go wider with a microfiber to pick up the push and then we use a third microfiber to get any remaining spots. If it’s hot and/or humid, rapidly flashing coatings can be frustrating. We can stretch the open time of the coating by storing the bottle in a cup with ice in it prior to and during application. This will give you some more time to let the coating flash and then buff off. I won’t get into flash times since they’re widely variable based upon environment and what coating you’re using. Always keep the cap on when you’re not applying to the applicator. And a little really does go a long way. If you get some coating where it shouldn’t be, wipe it immediately before it cures. If you have high spots, you can try brilliant glaze before it’s cured. You can also try a little polish on a rag and your finger. Or worst case you’re polishing it out and reapplying to that section. Adams coatings usually come off with glaze/polish. We do work with a coating that has to be wet sanded down once it fully cures. High spots are a nightmare. Which brings us to lighting. And a bunch of different types. Light from different angles and sources will reveal everything. Have multiple eyes look at it and see what they see. Things blend together after a while. Take your time. Plan appropriately for the time to prep, install and cure. Don’t rush it or you’ll pay the price. And lastly, what coating is for me? That’s a very open ended question based on what you expect out of your coating for performance and durability. Only have the car a couple of years? Use a lower end coating. Keeping it for a while and daily driving it? Maybe a higher end coating is for you for longevity. Not all coatings are available to everyone. We have two coatings that are accredited or authorized installers only. We can’t even sell you a bottle if you wanted one. That’s because they’re a bit harder to work with and less forgiving. The flip side is the results from them are amazing. I think that’s all my brain has kicked out off the top of my head. If you have quesrions, ask. Between myself and others here there’s a thinktank of answers available. Take advantage of it.
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    A movement in the force

    After a few months of nagging about my purchases my wife asked me last night what product and towel she should use to get bird bombs off the car. I was so happy I almost shed a tear.
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    Weekend fun

    This weekend i Paint corrected My moms friends SQ5 and it turned out great. I really like this car. I also did my buddies Toyota Tacoma. Took some sweet shots with my Sony a7 III.
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    Dropped my son off at the University of Delaware on Wednesday. Gave his 2010 Rubicon some Adam's love today. Tire & Rubber Cleaner Ultra Foam Shampoo H2O Guard & Gloss Ceramic Boost (Wheels) Odor Neutralizer
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    Just cleaned up the old truck today...😁
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    I spent some time on a 1994 Lexus SC400 today. The car has 285,000 miles and the paint is the original paint. We found a couple of places where the clear coat needs repair and it is a known item for the car and there is a repair kit available. We'll look at doing the repair in late September or early October and a redo of the shine in November. Overall, we're rather pleased with the way it came out given the age and miles. We are out of Red vehicles and are actively looking for some to buy and correct mechanically and/or visually. We do this as a hobby and while we never turn down a profit on a vehicle, it is not our objective, we just don't want to end up at a loss. If anyone knows of a Red vehicle available for purchase in the South East (South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina) that would be a challenge and viable or has a Red Make/Model that they'd like us to try and find and do, let me know. Most of the vehicles end up going to high school students, college students or young couples starting out so we make sure they are mechanically sound and safe. Adam's: Colorado (mine), Malibu (wife's), Range Rover, CX-5, Lexus sc400, Suzuki Intruder VS800, Sears Riding Mower, Mustang (pending repaint) Pre-Adams: Monte Carlo SS, CX-7, MR2 (2 of them), Mustang, Cruze, S-10, Impala
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    First Time with Ceramic Coating

    On Saturday, I did a full wash part 1 of the Ceramic Coating, and then I left it for the requisite overnight period. Then on Sunday, I came back to it to complete the Ceramic Boost step. And today, while I was out doing errands, I actually received 2 compliments from random strangers. And just for comparison, this is the same car when I picked it up form the dealer with 7 miles on it.
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    new sticker pack

    so with the awesome success of sticker Mystery buckets, what do you think about bringing out a new sticker pack or bundle. If anyone's like me I have a grade school love for putting stickers on all my stuff from home tool boxes to work lockers to my hardhats. What do you guys think?
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    AFTER Corvettes at Carlisle

    Thanks again Rich for letting us hang out with you & your wife! It was great meeting you guys and yes, definitely cool to meet Ken! I had a blast all day & really couldn't have had better weather for it, that's for sure! I haven't gone through the photos I did take, but I will share the links here when I get them done! It was an incredible experience to go to my first Corvettes at Carlisle after being in love with the cars pretty much my whole life. Hopefully someday I'll be there with my own!
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    Washed the corvette this morning. Added some BG... I’m impressed!
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    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    Back in 04 maybe, Adam used to rent a house across from Carlisle fairgrounds . He had the majority of the upstairs filled with Adam's products, but the basement was packed wall to wall with bicycles and parts. He should get together with Mike from American Pickers!
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    Here’s a van we did in a five year coating. Waiting a shipment of our newest coating to get rocking and rolling on my own subaru’s Although, now I need a break in the schedule to film them and get them done! Here it is!
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    The man himself... And I!
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    Adam's Spotted!

    Took my car in for a quick service on Monday and saw this beauty in the showroom. Was even more pleased to see a bottle of Adam's Detail spray inside!
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    Charger washed and H2O GnG this morning.
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    Blow up the Yeti!! They went weak and stopped being a sponsor to the NRA. I have gotten rid of all my Yeti products. 😊😊
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    Limited Edition Products

    Here is my collection