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    Does Adam still post here?

    I heard he evaporated in a crazy car crash...... Racing through the Swiss Alps in a LaFerrari, and launched off a cliff, doing well over 200 mph. He was racing a Bugatti Veyron, and winning, when he swerved to avoid a mud puddle, he didn't want to dirty the freshly detailed supercar.....the beautiful car took flight, and exploded into smithereens.....big insurance claim! Hahahahaha! Well, hello friends! Seems as our little business grows, the days are long, the travel frequent, and the downtime is fleeting. As our little family grows, my 'off time,' when I used to hang on the Forum, is now filled with soccer or basketball, homework, etc. ( The Forum is where I went to chill out, not so much to work.) Crazy to think, when we started Adam's Forums in 2008, we had 0 kids, 3 employees, and plenty of free time! Now, a decade later, were are blessed with 41 employees, 3 kids, and a pretty dang busy business. We now attend over 40 shows each year, and I see many of you around the country! It's good to be here on AF, and I feel our guys, Dan Tyger, Chris Toth, and Dan Wolf, are handling this forum responsibility well. I'm humbled to have you reading my words, and using our goods. ADD has the best of me, so I try to keep communication to a few mediums, emails, in person, and phone calls. If you want to connect with me on any matters that cannot be resolved here on AF: Adam@AdamsPolishes.com Office: 720-473-7100 Or, find me at the most of the shows scheduled on our Event Calendar! Thanks friends, and here is a snapshot of who I am hanging with at every possible second:
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    As we’ve been talking about hosting our first clinic, it got me thinking about all aspects of detailing and business ownership. I frequently see people here who are thinking of opening their own business and it inspired me to share some thoughts and lessons from our first official year in business. First though, a little back history. I believe to understand where you’re going, you need to understand where you’ve been. So to understand Detailed Reflections and our story, the history becomes important. I have a successful career as a firefighter/paramedic. Detailing for me has never been the way to “pay the bills.” What my career provided for me though was a means to explore something that I’d always wanted to do with minimal risk...owning a business. Like many, I started detailing my own cars. Once friends found out that I did that, and could do it well they started asking for “help” detailing their cars. In other words, they asked me to detail their cars. As I went along, I learned all the time. Suddenly I found myself finally feeling confident I could do this and charge money for it. Not to mention, I got tired of giving away time frequently. Like many, I have a family and activities I enjoy. Next thing I knew, I was collecting cash for detailing cars here and there. I realized how much time and money I kept reinvesting. New product, tools, etc. At that point the idea was hatched that I would go out on a limb and open my own business. I’ve use the “I” a lot so far, and there’s a reason for that. When I talked to my wife about opening a business, she suggested I partner with the husband of someone she works with. He was working as a detailer at a small shop that did production detailing. Think more car wash than true detailing. I was a little apprehensive about bringing someone else into the mix. Little did I know it would be one of the best things I could do and the strength of a friendship born through a common interest and business venture. After some conversation over dinner, “I” became “we.” He didn’t have the financial means to invest in everything needed to take on business ownership, but he brought an incredible work ethic with him and has grown tremendously in our time working together. I still hold ownership (for now) but he’s every bit of a partner a business owner could ask for. This was lesson one. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. It might not work, but it just might lead to the best decision you’ve ever made. To watch Marquis grow in his craft has made it worthwhile. His knowledge of the business side is growing and his worth ethic is among the best I’ve seen. Now that we had a legal LLC, it became a game of constantly navigating new tasks. Paying sales tax, tracking EVERY expense, scheduling, acquiring clients, ordering product, shopping for price. The list goes on. Which brings us to lesson two. Track EVERYTHING. Literally, save every receipt. Track mileage. Be diligent in recording expenses. You want to know where every dollar is going. You’re not spending, you’re investing. Most of the money we take in goes back to the business. Advertising, product, etc. You also want to know if you’re profitable. Lesson three...it takes time to be profitable. You’re going to make ordering mistakes. You’re going to need to grow your equipment to set yourself apart. You’ll need to try different products to see what you like and what you don’t like. You need to set yourself apart from the competition. Lesson four...don’t sell on price. You can easily get sucked into a low cost bidding war. Some people will walk because they can “get it cheaper elsewhere.” Let them go. The price customer isn’t likely to become a client, and they usually expect the most for the least. If you don’t value your time, product and knowledge who else will? That being said, don’t gouge people because you can. It’s poor practice and will bite you. Lesson five...clients and customers are different people. A customer is a one time transaction. A client is multiple times. They come back. They talk to people. They engage with you. These are who you want to be your clients. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Customers are still good revenue, but don’t provide the continued returns that a client does. Lesson six...know your costs. This is a cost of operating. And it’s how you establish an hourly rate to estimate pricing. How much is your time worth? How much do you pay your employees/partners? How much is your product? How much does your business need to make to grow? How much are your expenses (rent/insurance/phone/etc)? Once that’s done, work it backwards. You should have an hourly rate you try to achieve on every job. Lesson seven...sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. In the end, make the client happy. There’s jobs we’ve misquoted and done for little to nothing at the end of the day. There’s jobs we’ve made more than we thought. Keep the client happy. It’s how they return. Don’t sweat the small things. A job that doesn’t make money is simply a mistake. Learn from it. Lesson eight...be honest with customers and clients. Under promise and over deliver. It’s better to wow a client with more than they expected than to disappoint them by promising something you couldn’t deliver. An unhappy client will tell everyone. Lesson nine...don’t give clients what they didn’t pay for. Does this mean never throw someone a bone? Not at all. If someone pays for a one step polish, that’s what you need to give them. You can’t do a two step for the price of one. You’re not doing your business any favors. That being said, if a small spot needs more attention, just do it. The customer will thank you and it’s a few minutes. Lesson ten...buy smart. Research products. Reach out to vendors to see what they can offer you. Reducing costs is a good way to improve profit margin without increasing costs to clients and customers. You owe it to yourself, your business and your clients. It’s how you offer a fair product at a fair price. Lesson eleven...you’ll make mistakes. Own them. Fix them. Learn from them. Move past them. That’s all there is about that. Lesson twelve...growth takes time. Experiment. It’s not easy to acquire clients as the new guy around. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Incentivize people to send business your way. Try new things. Network. You never know what great connections you’ll make. Talking to people is the best way. And thirteen...have fun. If you’re not enjoying it, it’s not for you. The friendships you’ll make are invaluable and don’t have a price on them. And on trying new things, we are working on a clinic! All of the topics here will be in play. Well, except price. The clinic is free. But the networking, sharing knowledge, etc. All will be on display. If you’re thinking about owning a business...do it. There’s enough work to go around and it’s rewarding. Even if you weren’t successful, you will have done something few people dare to do! Anyway, just some rambling thoughts from a first year business owner. Hopefully you guys will be putting up with me for a while!
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    Adam Pitale to be in Bellevue, WA?!

    I found Adam & Bianca today! Great meeting them! Brought some goodies too to share.
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    So a client brought a car in for service today. Interior and exterior, one step polish, etc. She says “some mice and got in the car and there’s been a bit of an odor. We got them out, but the odor is still there sometimes.” “No problem. We will see what we can do. There might be some residual odor causing things left behind. Some hot water extraction and steam should take care of most, if not all of the odor. If it doesn’t, we can ozone the car and that’ll do it for sure.” So my partner Marquis starts doing what he does inside the car while I start outside when he says “uh, you need to see this.” He lifted the spare tire compartment to clean like he always does...and he found this... Yes, that’s a dead mouse that got stuck in the wheel trying to go wherever he was going. Think we found the potential cause of the odor. He was stuck pretty good and took some work to extricate him. Just when you think you’ve seen most things to come across. Wondering if I charge extra when the client picks up her car for rodent removal...
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    Finally got a nice day to wash yesterday. Went from snow/rain most of the week to sunny and 55F yesterday. It was very nice to be out washing in a t-shirt. Washed a couple months of winter crud off of the Explorer, and gave it an application of H2O Guard & Gloss. Also washed the Raptor while the wife did the interior of her Explorer. Today I applied Ceramic Boost to the Raptor and did the interior. Vacuum, windows, wipe-down with damp cloth, then a generous application of Leather Conditioner to all the interior plastic and leather surfaces. Finished with Tire Shine. You know its been a good weekend when the detailing area looks like this:
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    Bye-bye Kwazar... I have been using a Kwazar sprayer with foaming tip for the last 3 or so years. I mainly use it as a pre-soak for bugs. It makes runny foam, somewhat similar to what a Foam Gun would make. When I tried using it for All Purpose Cleaner or Tire & Rubber Cleaner, it went through too much product way too fast. Hello iK Foam Sprayer... This little foaming sprayer makes nice, dry foam, very similar to a Foam Cannon. I used the purple tip for this first test, and the foam seem just right, not too dry, not too wet. To compare the two, I did a side-by-side test on the grill. I put 4oz of the regular blue Car Wash Shampoo in each, with the rest of the bottle filled with cold water. Shook them real good, them pumped them up. The iK takes more pumps to get it to full pressure (about 25 pumps compared to 15 pumps on the Kwazar). I sprayed the two sides at the same time. What a difference in the foam! You can see that the iK makes thicker foam that clings longer. The Kwazar foam is wetter and runs off fast. The iK does not go through product as fast as the Kwazar. After testing it a few times on both the Raptor and the Explorer, the Kwazar was almost empty, and the iK was still half full. I plan to pick up another iK Foam Sprayer to use with Tire & Rubber Cleaner, and maybe another for All Purpose Cleaner.
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    So instead of making some different threads every time we post work, I figured I'd make one thread that will be a living thread (at least as far as we are concerned) where our latest work will be posted. I saw a thread similar to this a long time ago here and it was a great idea and seemed popular. I don't recall who's it was, so if you're still here...thanks for the idea and hope you don't mind me stealing it! Audi S5 - This thing was pretty hammered when it came in. So it didn't come back to perfect to keep within the budget for the client. But from where we started to where we ended up was a huge improvement and the client was happy. Car was finished in another LSP. This thread will be very photo intensive. You guys are all welcome to ask questions based on anything you see here and I'll be happy to help out. So to kick this off I'm going to post some of our previous work and what we did for LSP on each (to the best of my recollection off the top of my head). Anything finished in other products other than Adam's will be referred to as "other brands" out of respect for who hosts this fine forum for us. If you want to inquire more, please do so privately. We do have some upcoming work scheduled and some fun projects...so this thread should grow nicely. We are wrapping that Indian MC this week, we have a few coatings coming up next month so I'll finally be able to do the write up on how to airbrush wheel coating...and some other fun stuff going on!!! Anyway, hopefully y'all enjoy this thread. Audi S5 - This thing was pretty hammered when it came in. So it didn't come back to perfect to keep within the budget for the client. But from where we started to where we ended up was a huge improvement and the client was happy. Car was finished in another LSP. Dodge Ram MegaCab finished in full ceramic from another manufacturer. This was a huge truck and took quite a few hours despite being brand new when it came to us. Dodge Charge SCAT Pack coated in another ceramic coating. Ford F-150 finished in another ceramic coating while brand new for a client. Ford F-250 finished in ceramic from another manufacturer (I promise I have some Adam's ones in here)... Honda Accord that we aren't sure was ever washed...but turned around. Finally a before and after. Honda HR-V finished with some Adam's Paint Sealant and topped with another brand of spray. Jeep Wrangler Sahara that we removed some graphics from and ceramic coated with Adam's...finally! Subaru Forester finished in Adam's Sealant and Americana Subaru WRX finished in ceramic from another company. Volvo S60 R-Design that's coated in Adam's and maintained by us. That's what we have for now. We have some old, old work I could post. But that's current stuff going on. We are redoing a Lotus Evora we stripped the ceramic off of to guinea-pig a new product...so that will be done and up soon. And we have some other cool stuff going on! Hopefully you guys enjoy this thread!
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    Easter detail spray??

    Peeps detail spray!
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    Got to turn our gray dirty cars black today. I avoid posting pics of my Astra because.....it’s an Astra. But considering this car needs a lot of correction—the shine is pretty outstanding. Just a wash with throwback shampoo and dry with detail spray, plus and a quick wheel wash with TRC and VRT on each. Didn’t get a before of the Astra but it was awful, just like the Impala. Time to watch a little basketball.
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    Installed a couple of reflections today. Regular client brought their Volvo S60 R design in for coating maintenance. And another client brought his wife’s Honda HR-V in for a one step polish and some protection. Not complete yet, but the reflection is being installed. I’ll post some completed pics when we get it done and in the sun!
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    Hi all, Clearing up some confusion regarding this topic. When we talk Silica and SiO2, we think of immediate curing and hydrophobic intensity. Wash and Wax does contain a small amount of silica in it (why it plays well with coatings) but don't think of it as a soap packed full with ceramic properties. The silica is a small polymer-like addition that helps with beading over repeated washes. So in conclusion: YES, Wash & Wax does contain silica. Keep your eyes peeled for a much more robust soap that may or may not contain an increased amount of SiO2 -Kyle
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    Adam's HQ Relocation

    Official grand opening/open house detail clinic at the new facility is tentatively scheduled for April 7th. That is all the information I have for now, but we will make a full announcement as we get closer to the event!
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    What did you do today?

    Drove to Orlando last weekend from windsor,on for a 2 week vacation. Headed to clear water today. Brought most of my Adams arsenal to clean the truck of all the salt and dirt from back home
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    Recently while helping a client select a polisher for their needs, it got me thinking that it's not an uncommon question of "what size polisher do I need or want?" I figured since I have some time today, I'd try to write a little bit about the different polishers and their pros and cons since we are fortunate enough to have some experience with various sizes. We've worked through what we thought versus what it really is...sometimes these were the same. Other times...we were way off the mark. So without more intro and babbling, let's get into it. Hopefully the folks at Adam's and the admins don't mind a post like this...If you do, feel free to take it down! There's quite a few options out there for polishers. Rotary, dual action (DA), 12mm, 15mm, 21mm, micro...the list goes on and on. As you're considering making the leap into polishing it can be a bit overwhelming. Everyone who's picked up a polisher for the first time has had multiple thoughts of "can I do this?" or "am I going to ruin my paint?" The good news is that the DA polishers are safer for paint than the rotary polishers. Rotary polishers have unparalleled power, but getting them to finish without noticeable trails is difficult or next to impossible without vast experience. Add in the sizes, and you can't help but question if you're giving yourself a recipe for disaster. We use Rupes polishers in our business with the exception of a single Cyclo we have set up as a powered carpet brush. Actually, Cyclo is now part of Rupes, so you could say we are Rupes exclusive seemingly. The Adam's Polishers are great and VERY similar to the Rupes. For most users, they're a great way to save a few dollars or to even get a second polisher to really round out your abilities. Let's take our polishers (sizes) in the order we use them from most to least... So which polisher do we actually use the most? Our absolute "go-to" polisher when we start a project. It's actually not out biggest and most powerful polisher. Both of us will grab the Rupes 15mkII as our initial tool. The 15mm throw has the absolute best blend of correcting power and maneuverability. The 5.5" pads cover good surface area while not having such a large rigid spot due to the backing plate that we can still work curves and edges with them. The 15 is generally more then enough polisher in terms of power and is very versatile with the types of pads and polishes/compounds. Use a compound on a wool pad and you have some serious cutting horsepower at your fingertips. We constantly play with pad/polish/speed combos based on our goals and what's going to work in terms of time/effort/budget for our clients. If we could have only one single polisher, without a doubt we would pick the 15 every single time. It really is that good. We aren't going to get into speed recommendations as it's largely variable based on the polish/compound/pad/polisher. The variables are endless and an entirely different conversation. Does the next polisher we grab go up or down in size? Surprisingly, it goes down. We grab our Rupes Mini with a 4" pad. This little guy has considerable power for a little machine. You can work the polisher with one hand if you need to, and the small size makes it the great bumper getter. Swirly A-post? No problem. The mini will tackle it with it's correcting power without having a pad that's significantly oversize for the work area. Mirrors are another great spot for the mini, and even inside door sills for those who need to get everything perfect! The smaller machine is more maneuverable and has far better than pushing a bigger polisher with a longer throw and a larger backing plate around where it can find body parts to bang off of potentially causing damage to the vehicle. We have a Rupes Nano in our selection, which brings us to number three. We LOVE our nano since it can be configured a million ways. Soft boars hair brush as a rotary to clean embroidery? Got ya covered. Small DA to a quick spot correction? Say no more. It supports a 1-2" pad. When configured on the 3mm throw with a 1" pad, it's VERY easy to stall the action of the polisher. It's almost not powerful enough to correct in that situation. We do use it for light spot corrections on a scratch removal or similar though with the longer throw and it has adequate power. It won't correct like a full size machine, but we've managed to take out wet sanding marks with ours. Which is another useful component, We will configure it with the 3mm throw and have little 2000/3000 grit sanding disks that stick to a backing plate and we will use to spot wet sand. The DA pattern makes the marks easy to remove, but it's easy to take significant clear coat off. I wouldn't suggest this without a paint thickness gauge. Actually, I'd be hesitant to take sandpaper to any vehicle without it. The Rupes Nano also has a stiff bristle brush for the quick stubborn spot you're trying to scrub. Couple the brush with some cleaners and/or steam, and you'll be surprised at what you can pull out. So how does our Rupes 21mkII end up at the bottom of the list? Well, it's powerful which is great. But it's large. So large it doesn't work curves that well. It's fantastic for larger doors without body lines, hoods, roofs. But bumpers? Might as well put it down and swap your equipment out. It has it's place for correcting large flatter surfaces quickly...but after using it, it's not an ideal polisher by itself. The 21mm throw with a 6.5" pad means you're generating some real power in the correcting area of the polisher. It also means you have a huge backing plate to bump off of body panels and lines and the way it rolls over edges isn't ideal. It's a great tool, but we'd consider this an additional tool rather than primary. We will commonly use it when we are correcting together. One of us on the 21 doing the big flat areas, the other on the 15/Mini hitting the details. It has a place though. So the last polisher...the Cyclo. The Cyclo was actually where I got my start right here through Adam's. I still have that polisher and it's since been converted to a powered carpet brush for floor mats and such. It works great as a correcting tool. You can change the orientation to change the covered surface area and make it versatile. Unfortunately, the body of the tool is still large and you have two pads to maintain and keep up with. It's a great tool, but in favor of some other offerings available now...it's become used less and less as a correcting tool. So what's the ideal setup? A pick two? It really is the 15/mini combo. Between those two polishers you can really do a lot and achieve fantastic results. I'm a firm believer that the weekend detailer can achieve the same results as the pro. The biggest difference between the two is that the pro is usually trying to meet a time deadline (for a client and/or profitability), so the pro generally has more tools at their disposal that would be less likely for a weekend detailer to invest in. Our garage is setup with multiple polishers, a car lift, MBR, sidekick, air compressor, shop-vac, hot water extractor, steamer, etc. The other difference is that a pro does enough work generally to have a pretty set process and order of events for how things go. I'm consistently blown away by the work represented on this forum. Hopefully this thread will help someone make some decisions and take the leap into polishing themselves. If this thread is well received, I'll consider continuing to write about different topics as they strike me or people ask. Enjoy and happy detailing!
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    Easter detail spray??

    Would it be ham-scented
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    The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    Well people subscribe to this thread so I stopped posted here because it’s the same people claiming stuff every time.
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    IDA Certification

    So who just spent the last couple of hours taking the IDA certification exams? This guy did! I wouldn’t say they’re difficult. Some questions are thought provoking, even requiring some research. Some of them I was able to whip right through. I don’t think there was anything in there that stood out to me as a moment of enlightenment even. At the very least it was a comprehensive review of our detailing and it’s processes. Will it change anything for us with our clients? I doubt it. It is a talking point about “why someone should come to us” though and it shows we’ve made an investment in our industry. So I guess I now get to add “CD” to my signature and IDA member...for whatever two cents that’ll get us.
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    What did you do today?

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    Hi Matt, Our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is specifically designed not to foam up, and we do state on the bottle that it will not create suds, so I'm sorry if you ended up wasting some product there. It will work with the following products that we offer. I will add to the list as needed: Adam's Car Shampoo Adam's Eco All Purpose Cleaner Adam's Leather & Interior Cleaner Adam's Strip Wash Adam's Tire & Rubber Cleaner Adam's Wash & Wax Adam's Wheel Cleaner Adam's Ultra Foam Shampoo
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    New Member check in!! :)

    16’ Summit White 2ss/ Adrenaline Red interior👍
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    What did you do today?

    I worked today but my wife got bored and redid my Adams supply and hung my polisher holders and foam gun for me!
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    Unless the SS is optioned with the brake upgrade or 1LE track pack then the ZL1’s brakes are quite larger. I think the only thing you’re getting between a ZL1’s caliper and wheel is some pipe cleaner, lol.
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    Everyone I just wanted to say hi to everyone and thank Adams for making such wonderful products and how to video’s for us garage detailers out there. I started using Adams metal polishes on my “bare” aluminum wheels on my Z06 years ago. It performed well beyond anything I could buy in any store. That was the beginning of my adiction to Adams products. After some convincing from my friends that I should get my paint corrected/ceramic coating on my new to me 2011 manual 6 speed CTS-V. I decided to do some research on what it all was about. I went to various web sites and watched tons of videos. I quickly learned that this was easily a $1000 venture to have done professionally. Having a complete paint correction performed and a full Ceramic coating applied was not a small job. The Adams how to videos helped me feel confidant that I can learn to do this myself. I greatly enjoyed learning something new as well. I managed to get a Porter Cable polisher, Adams 3 step pads, Adams 3 step polish, Adams backing plate and Adams Ceramic coating kit. I later learned that I should have gotton the Adams Swirl Killer polisher. Its on my Christmas wish list for my wife right now. 8-). The PC worked ok though but now I know better. The higher quality Adams polisher with a longer throw would have made my job easier. I also learned that the smaller Adams Swirl Killer MINI would have been great to have. All of the tight spots on the front grill, mirrors, pillars, etc would have been much easier to correct with the right tool for the job. I ordered one today with all the 4” pads. I can also use it on my daily driver and wifes SUV to clean up some scratches and headlight polishing. I’m still learning what works best but it seems Adams has me covered on what works best. I must say it was a lot of detailed work paint correcting and ceramic coating, but the results turned out to be amazing. I think I did well for my first time. I have some info on what I did on my web site if anyone wants to see. http://www.toquez06.com/ctsvpaint.html Keep up the good job of providing us great products to keep our cars looking new !!! Thanks Adams ! Mark
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    Cleaning spray bottles

    Just be sure to CLEARLY label the re-used bottle!
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    Easter detail spray??

    Getting carried away now. Rotten egg smell maybe?
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    Easter detail spray??

    Good idea! Haven't seen a special Easter release but you never know. They could also ship Mystery Bucket items separately. Then they can collude with USPS or FedEx to hide them all around your property.
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    I know you’ve made up your mind, but figured this was a good thread for this example. This is a daily driver. I used PS on these wheels in Oct/Nov and have performed 3 or 4 washes since. I’ve used only Throwback shampoo in a bucket to wash the wheels. The barrels were cleaned with a wheel woolie once (in Feb) and faces got HGG then too. While I’m not dealing with performance brakes or pads with these, the PS significantly reduces the amount of crap that sticks to the wheels. Pic is today after a spray with water, and cleaning with the wheel brush and Throwback shampoo. They obviously need additional detailing, but that won’t happen until most of the road patch is done being put down—sometime in late April.
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    Does Adam still post here?

    I found Adam & Bianca!
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    Food Thread

    At the Adams Polishes detail clinic....here are the cupcakes I brought...Bianca loved them!
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    Second wash after coating the wife’s Camaro. Dang, doesn’t that blue pop!
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    H20 Guard & Gloss - How Much?

    After you do 2 or 3 panels you can start slacking off on product since your MF will starting to load up. If you apply too much H20G&G you may get streaking.
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    Matte Black Wheels Cleaning.

    Hey gang, it's funny this topic just came up, because I'll be posting up a write-up in the next few days on cleaning matte black wheels. I just finished taking about 100 pictures of cleaning the wheels on my car...stay tuned!
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    You can coat a matte wheel, but it will bring out a slight sheen to the wheel. We have coated a few matte wheels. There are companies that make matte specific coatings as well. If you’re really anti sheen on your matte wheels, they may be worth exploring. Top wheel done with Adams and the bottom with another coating. The difference in gloss is more the wheel itself. The top was very matte versus more satin of the bottom.
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    Anyone used yet?

    If somebody sends me a sample here in Florida, I'll let y'all know
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    I thought if the mouse was able to get their whiskers through, their whole body would fit!? Maybe mouse up front, and J-Lo out back!!
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    Seems to be some confusion on this topic: I will get more clarification on this and report back.
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    Thanks for all the ideas and photos. I was finally able to mount my shelving unit after several Nor’easters!!! Please excuse the “non-Adam’s” products (just started using Adam’s last week!!). I have a cabinet next to it for additinal storage.
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    I like using the Wheel Woolie too to get way back in there on the wheels and around the rotors.
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    LSX Maestro


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    I found these stainless steel bottle racks which I just tape on printed Adams labels and then mounted them on the wall.
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    Cars & Coffee Detail spray

    I think you'll find a FEW more people agree with the idea of coffee DS than a WC air freshener.
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    Different racks

    So my wife loves to look at houses online and found this on one of them I think it would be a lot better to store my Adam's bottles there than wine.
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    Foam cannon how to

    Hi Keagan, Depending on how dirty your vehicle is, you can do either. If you have a lot of dirt or salt on the surface, you should pre-rinse, foam, rinse again and then proceed with your two bucket wash. If the vehicle is fairly clean and you are performing a regular maintenance wash, you can pre-rinse, foam, then go right into your normal two bucket wash. There really is no "supposed to". It's more a matter of preference. The foam cannon allows you to add lots of foam that will loosen and carry away surface contaminants prior to washing to help reduce the risk of scratches.
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    What did you do today?

    Installed a newer and updated Delta kitchen faucet set. The old one was original so it required a sawzall and a drill to remove, but I’m a big fan of work smart and not hard 😊
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    Dan with Adams insisted that I clean with Ceramic Boost in between applications and this did wonders. The black trim restorer is sticky until it fully cures. Once fully cured, clean with Ceramic Boost as this will pull off any excess Trim Restorer if you applied it too heavy. From there proceed with doing the Trim Coating install. Mine is still beading water very well as it rained last night and I did notice the hydrophobic properties still working. Ceramic Boost makes the trim a breeze to clean and shine up with the trim coating.
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    Neutralizer Gallon

    While there have been requests for this, apparently the demand has not been high enough. You could always give HQ a call during normal business hours to make a phone order for a gallon refill. They will fill it, it just won't have a standard gallon label like the rest of the gallon refills.
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    W&W has my vote. I use the FG, too, which it works really well together with. While the Ultra Foam Shampoo will work in the FG or just normal bucket wash and produce good suds, it's optimal performance will be gained with the Foam Canon. And for the record, W&W isnt really wax. It's actually silica-based, providing up to 4 months of protection.
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    I agree with ^^^^^^^. The ultra foam is geared more towards a foam cannon. The blue shampoo is your best friend for maintenance washes. The blue shampoo works well as you know with the foam gun, and has excellent lubrication.
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