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    Power Tool Warranty Update:

    That sounds crazy Tony! Not how we roll, typically....but...it sounds like we gave you some poor customer service. I apologize, and we typically offer a higher level of customer care. I've sent you an email. We can certainly make this right. Looks like your Flex backing plate disintegrated. In fact, we haven't carried that tool in years, and we don't carry backing plates. As for the leaky gallon of TID, and broken cap on the Ceramic Boost, certainly, we can make that right. However, the gallon is likely expired, judging by the label. I believe it's a 2012-2013 blend date? If it works for you, order this Flex backing plate from Amazon, and we will get you a $100 store credit to shop as you wish! https://www.amazon.com/Flex-452-661-FLEX/dp/B01N2IX434/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1546576118&sr=8-5&keywords=flex+xc+3401+vrg+5.5+inch+backing+plate Sending you an email now....thanks Tony,
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    First maintenance wash on my new 2017 Focus ST! Just gave it a 2 step paint correction, ceramic coating on the paint, wheels, trim, glass and leather! Super fun little car with 252hp and a 6 speed manual! Now time for some upgrades 👀
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    A friend of ours got a new car with his wife, and wanted us to do what we do to it. They settled on a five year coating. We installed the coating, interior protection and a glass treatment. This was a wheels off job, so even the barrels got coated. No interior shots since it was new, so nothing exciting to show there. And we had a C7 Corvette Grand Sport come in for paint protection film on the front end and a nine year ceramic coating. We also installed a glass coating on the windshield and full interior protection. Currently in the shop we are installing a nine year coating on a brand new Jeep JL. Here’s some teasers of that. It’ll be finished up tomorrow and delivered on Monday when the final two layers of ceramic are cured up.
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    4 year Adam's veteran

    I bought my Silverado almost 4 years to the date and found out about Adams via gm-trucks.com. I finally bought a swirl killer in early 2018 and this is the second time using it. My skills are definitely improving on the correction process. My paint hasnt looked this good since I drove it off the lot. I also applied the tire armor a week ago and its still going strong after 3 days of rain and a car wash. Looking forward to trying the ceramic coating once I use up the rest of my buttery wax and americana. I still havent found an Adams product I dont like but all these new longer lasting trim coatings are by far my favorite. I loath faded trim but even more so I hate the tediousness of cleaning and recoating it.
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    From a few days ago; I finished up a dining table I've been working on for a while as my first piece of real furniture. Pretty basic design, but I wanted a perfectly smooth top after the poly. After a few wipe-on coats, and two, thicker, brushed on coats, I wet sanded with 1000/1500/2000 grit. Hit it with PCP on the 21mm SK. Applied H20 GG and a coat of Americana. If you sit a glass down at the wrong angle, it's going to hit the wall, which is just what I was aiming for. To caveat, I didn't follow-up with PCP because, honestly, I was just ready to have the thing done and it's supposed to look flawed; at least, that's what I keep telling myself.
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    Food Thread

    While the Roast above looks great, we went in a different direction for Christmas dinner. We all like Salmon and since the son-in-law, who is married to my Chef Daughter, got a new Weber grill for Christmas, we knew we were going to try it out. The first picture is the Salmon being prepped, the second picture is the Salmon on the grill on the Maple planks, yes they are Maple instead of the normal Cedar plank and the last picture is the meal on the plate with the Maple-Honey sauce on the Salmon. Around the plate is the Yellow Crookneck squash, Mac & Cheese, Broccoli & Cauliflower with a lemon-dill cheese sauce and in the center are dutch oven potatoes with bacon, multiple seasonings and I'm not sure what else. Not pictured are the fresh rolls and the Strawberry Mousse we had for dessert. At least her 6 years of school are keeping me well fed when she isn't at the restaurant working.
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    Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating

    The term 9h is a marketing/hype word that is practically meaningless in real world car detailing applications. A coating’s effectiveness is measured by its ability to self clean, protect against contamination, and its aesthetic properties. No coating is actually providing any resistance to scratching based on its hardness. Helping to reduce swirl marks is a function of the self cleaning properties and preventing contamination from sticking therefore making the wash process safer/easier.
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    This sounds similar to Can Coat by Gyeon. It fills a need for a client who wants more than wax, but less than a coating. Although with different sealants and waxes our there it’s hard to say just where it fits. See above about Gyeon Can Coat. It’s most likely a stand-alone or last step. True ceramic coatings and a product like this are vastly different in terms of application. The chemicals (vehicle) to deliver a spray will naturally require more product. For example when we airbrush wheels, we use way more product than simple hand application. That will account for the volume of the bottle on some level. You also have to plan for the excess that ends up in your towel. Sprays leave much more surplus chemical than a wipe on product. And another thought, just because a product is released doesn’t mean it fits into your lifestyle. It’s okay to not use everything. We don’t use everything from everyone. In fact, there isn’t a manufacturer we use everything from. Sometimes it’s okay to say no. It just doesn’t fit for me. It’s not a reflection on a product, but your process and how things fit in. There’s a million ways to do the same thing in detailing. Our process works for us. It may not work for everyone. It doesn’t make one better than the other.
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    1 Step VS. 2 Step

    He asks all the right questions. You can do a lot with a one step polish provided the right combination of tools. Pads have a huge impact on the cutting power. Your question does need some clarification though. When you say one step, are you talking about a single step of polish? Or a 1-Step that’s an all in one polish? The all in one polishes are aimed at those detailing for dollars. Acceptable improvement and some protection all in one nice neat step. In order to do that, sacrifices are all around. It will never polish as well as a true polish. And never protect like a true sealant. It’s a land of compromises to get a bit of each in one bottle. I’m not going to blindly agree with this way of thinking. Two steps isn’t better than one when a finer polish is all that’s needed. At that point you’re taking clear coat off for no good reason. Ideally you don’t want to lose more than 1/3 of the clearcoat over the life of the vehicle in order to keep UV protection at it’s best. On dark cars, if we compound or even use a more aggressive polish, we always follow with finishing polish. On lighter cars it becomes less essential overall. The best way to begin is to find a spot that represents the most damage or the average damage to the paint and do a test spot. Just a 2’x2’ spot will do. Try the least aggressive and see if you’re happy. If not, move to the next step until you find the right combination of pad/polish or compound and then go to town on the entire vehicle. You ALWAYS want to go least to most aggressive. With time and experience with different damages and paints, you can look at vehicles and have an idea what they need.
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    The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    The biggest "don't". DON'T let your wife see the bill!
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    Power Tool Warranty Update:

    Hi Tony, I just followed up to your email, and I have an order placed as I type this, to cover the damaged gallon and sprayer as well. Again we're terribly sorry for the frustrations. Let us know if you have any other questions. Respectfully, Dan@Adams
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    Hawaiian punch to be exact. Def smells drinkable. 😜
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    Worked on the interior of my latest addition. have a long way to go, but I,m gaining on it. Needs carpet kit, front seats redone, package tray replaced. Eventually a repaint. All original including the paint. I am the third owner. The paint looks better in pictures than it really is.
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    Chevy Equinox

    My cousins from Nebraska came to Denver and their car was FILTHY! So I decided to hit it with the adams treatment!! Here it is!
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    This sale is a great time to stock up for the new year! Take 20% off Chemicals and Microfiber, plus 15% off everything else! CLICK HERE TO SHOP 20% OFF ITEMS
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    When switching out your foam cannon to the spray nozzle on your pressure washer, make sure the spray nozzle is secure in the gun. A 3200 psi sprayer sends a loose spray nozzle flying at about 8000 MPH. Luckily it didnt hit my window or damage my truck.......errrrr my friends window/truck. I would never make such a stupid mistake.
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    Detailing Memes

    I thought I would come back and up the quality of the "Rich" moderators. 😁
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    Received my order today. They threw in an extra 2-pk of green glass towels. Pretty cool! got one of these two of these Also received my 2pk of waterless wash towels, 2pk of green glass towels and a Adam's red plastic storage crate.
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    I’m curious how it works and how long the open time is when spraying it. Part of the slow tedious nature of coatings is working small to eliminate high spots. Hopefully it is a new segment. I’ll be watching to see more about this product (and it’s competitors which will naturally come out). I’m familiar with the hardness scale, it’s just an advertising gimmick as it relates to auto detailing. It’s not something tangible and only something to be talked about without being proven.
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    All of our latest work

    Great work man, thanks for posting.
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    Scated mirror

    Part of being a good detailer is knowing when to do nothing to something. Wave the white flag on this one!
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    Food Thread

    So what does one do with a half a left over 22 lb rib roast? Make other meals of course...beef yakisoba for one. Next will be beef stroganoff.
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    I haven’t posted up my many pics of our work lately since we’ve been cranking out some routine work and I’ve been super busy with the family for the holidays. I’m getting back at it though and will have some photos after this weekend. We are installing a five year coating on a Honda CR-V today. This week we are finishing up that Corvette Grand Sport and picking up his Jeep to do! And in other exciting news, here’s the latest bit of photo gear to enhance our images. A Benro Carbon Gimbal head. The camera has my Sigma 150-600 on it now, but the gimbal head will provide easy movement and nice stability for images! The next imaging tool for us I think is going to be a drone for video purposes. Hopefully soon...
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    The two word game.

    country road (West Virginia....Mountain Momma...Take me home...!!!!!! 😀)
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    Food Thread

    Merry Christmas! 22lb Rib Roast seasoned with my own cowboy rub mix & smoked/cooked on my Traeger for 5 hours (excuse the crime scene...like itvon thecrare side..lol), homemade dinner rolls, sweet potatoe/yam/marshmallow casserole, scalloped potatoes, & broccoli cheese casserole (stouffers or something...goid & easy). For dessert individual pumpkin irish cream cheesecakes with biscoff cookie crust & marscarpone cream frosting.