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    I wouldn’t call it a dream garage, but it’s roomy (~26x36), well lit, clean, and laid out for year round detailing. I have plans for spring though which includes paint, new flooring, large tv, fridge, etc.
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    I won!

    I’m not sure if all of you saw the raffle that was posted on Instagram. But it was for a limited bottle for a couple who is getting married. Looks like 3 bottles were made and they raffled one of them off. I woke up this morning to find out I was chosen ? pretty excited because I never win anything lol
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    1981 Mercedes 380SL Roadster

    I picked this car up, Friday afternoon, two weeks ago. Perfect time to work on it, as my garage is currently empty. I knew this was going to be a long job. It's a 37 year old, rust free, Mercedes that spent the first 20 years of its life in the south; North Carolina, then into Florida before residing in Pennsylvania becoming a weekend fun car. The car is all original, single stage, paint except for the center section of the driver's side door, between the pin stripes and door belt line trim, that's base coat/clear coat. She's a decent 20 footer The main reason I got my hands on her was that the owner's husband had let something he was washing the car with dry on the paint, in the direct sun. Most of the damage was to the flat surfaces, but some was down the sides too, especially under the belt line trim. These marks ended up being more than water spots, whatever had dried on the paint had actually removed pigment. It left the obvious spots, but also left a haze on the surface. Some of the haze was oxidation of the single stage red paint, and some was from the cleaner. Here's a before and after of some of the paint damage: Before After Got started Saturday morning Rinsed, foamed, washed, and clayed. Clay mitt to the entire car, then back over the glass and flat surfaces with Visco Clay. Rinsed again and dried with my Master Blaster Revolution. No change to the paint damage A thorough inspection showed paint missing on most sharp edges and thin spots on the tops of the front fenders, the top of the passenger's side door, and a spot on the hood I left the engine bay alone on this one, other than cleaning up the radiator core support and cowl. 21 hours were spent just polishing. I cut in most panels with my Rupes iBrid Longneck Nano after taping off the edges of the surrounding panels (I went through 2 full rolls, 55'/roll, of low tack Detailing Tape). After cutting in with the Nano I'd move to the Swirl Killer Mini, and follow that with the 15mm Swirl Killer on the larger panels. Most areas were worked with Paint Correction Polish on an Orange Pad, and then followed up with Paint Finishing Polish on a White Foam Pad. The Trunk lid seemed to have the most paint, and was in the worst shape. There I started with a Blue Foam Pad using Heavy Correction Compound before moving on to the PCP. The scratches seen in the video were deep. It appeared the car had been parked for some time with the sun baking the passenger side of the trunk lid. The driver's side of the deck lid corrected pretty well, and didn't have the same amount of damage. I got most of the spots out of the paint: The above pic was taken from the same location as the other two above showing the spotting. Once done with the hood I realized there was no possibility of perfection, I was going for a decent 5 footer. The single stage paint didn't take long to clog up pads. I went through three sets They cleaned up well with Eco All Purpose Cleaner for a while, but eventually were too full of pigment to use again. The interior was fully detailed too Black Trim Restore was applied to the faded pieces of trim before all the trim was covered with Ceramic Trim Coating. All chrome and stainless trim was worked with Adam's Metal Polishes #'s 1 & 2 and topped with Brilliant Glaze. The paint received Liquid Paint Sealant, wiped down with Detail Spray and then a coat of Patriot 24 hours later. I believe I accomplished the car as a decent 5 footer. Follow me on Instagram to see more pics of the progress @ brzndave.
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    Captain Slow

    Official Beading Photo Thread

    Looking up through the sunroof, H2O G&G.
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    SEMA 2018 Detail

    I wanted to show you and tell you a quick story about this detail I did for a friend of mine that's in the SEMA show out in Vegas this week. A good friend of mine had a lifelong dream to purchase his dream car, and so the story begins. My friend Chuck has been looking for the ultimate 1978 Trans Am, and after many years of looking, has found it, and had it built by the Wormak brothers in Florida. The story of this build was shown on the Discovery Channel called "Trans Am", the story of two brothers out to bring back the modern muscle car. It can be seen on the Discovery Channel last month, don't know if anyone had a chance to see it but it has aired many times and can be recalled on that channel pretty easily. The build on the car and the time it took to get it to this level is amazing, over two years. The car is straight as an arrow, has all the modern amenities of a 2018 car, but the nostalgia of the 70's ! How could you not love a black T Top Trans Am ! Long story short, car gets built, shipped up here, and needless to say the car is over the top beautiful, BUT, not all is perfect. Chuck is very picky and was thrilled with the build but the paint needed a little love, here's where me and Adams come in. Not exactly sure what products were used previously but I can tell you it wasn't Adams ! The car didn't have the desired "POP" in the paint Chuck was looking for and some minor touch ups were needed to make this car everything Chuck was looking for. So after some careful time on the car with the machine and a boot load of Adams products at my disposal, the end results are amazing. Chuck is over the top happy now with the results, drives the car when its nice out, and gets the call from the Discovery Channel that they want it to go to Las Vegas for the SEMA Show, and then "IT" happened ! Chuck brings the car down to a dyno shop up here to have it fine tuned, and yes they were told to not leave or drive the car in the rain, and Yes they did both, and to make it worse, they wiped it down to get the rain off with some type of nasty towels and scratched the entire car ! He was beside himself, called me, and brought it back to have it perfected again. I ended up perfecting it again and off on the trailer it went to Vegas. There is a lot more to this story than I can write for you and will respect all parties involved in this build, but the end result is perfection in his life long dream car. Not in the story, is Chucks recent diagnosis with ALS. He is also a retired veteran and one of the greatest guys you will meet. Enjoy the pics and if your in Vegas at the SEMA show ( no I'm not there) check out the car in the booth and just know it was all ADAMS PRODUCTS that made this baby shine !!
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    We've been at it pretty good this week on the Bentley. The inside is done. It received a two step paint correction (three in some spots) and it has one of three layers of ceramic down on it. So no finished shots yet, just teasers. You guys can check out the interior of this car though. Definitely the highest end car we've had the privilege of working on. The thing is, the process doesn't change regardless of what we are working on. We treat them all the same.
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    And the last big project was a Cadillac Escalade Platinum in for new car prep and a ceramic coating. Some light polishing and we were back at it. Not a big turnaround, but a great protected finish for years to come inside and out with ceramic coating and leather/fabric protection. And then here’s a hint about what’s in the work bay currently...
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    I won!

    Does the value go up if they get divorced? If they call off the engagement do you have to return the gift? Don't forget to tip your waitress...
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    VW Stage 2 MK5 on bags...

    I purposely bought my son a manual transmission for his first car, and my younger son will drive the same when he starts driving. I want them to know how, and I feel like it forces them to be more engaged in driving, therefore less likely to text, etc... and/or become complacent.
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    Hey guys and girls! Earlier this year we hosted a detail clinic at my home/shop. It was well received and I’ve been talking to my guys about having another one. We decided that rather than cramming one in this year when we have a bunch of work lined up, we would do it next spring. We wanted to pick a date early for two reasons. First is so everyone has ample time to plan and manipulate their schedules for a good turnout. Second was so that we could do the planning portion and make it even better than last years. So right now it looks like April 27, 2019 is the date of the clinic. We may shift gears a little bit and instead of traditional last step products, we may focus on one of our entry level coatings for a lucky attendee. For the interior portion, we will go through how we handle interiors. Well, Marquis will go over how he handles them. But this year we will add some interior protection as well. We will also install a full car glass package on an attendees car! As the date gets closer, I’ll reach out to our vendors and see if we can get some sample product for people to go home with. We will have new shirts available and sweatshirts can be ordered before or after. Just like this year, we will make this a hands on clinic. So our tools become yours for the day. Our products are all available to sample and ask questions about. And most of the work we do will be performed by the attendees. We welcome and encourage questions and try to make this a very friendly event where everyone leaves with some bit of knowledge. We had members from this forum attend this year so they can share their experiences. The clinic is held in Colchester, CT! Since I forgot to add that! We are open to suggestions and questions!
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    Triple Soft Towels

    Interesting. My experience has been the exact opposite.
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    It’s been a little bit and we’ve been busy. But here’s some latest work! This truck was a truck with 265k on it that the owner was building flipping. He decided to have us rehab and protect the paint work with some ceramic coating. This truck was hammered with water spots he didn’t think we’d get out. A few days of work, but I’d say we delivered. After that, it was on to a car that was inherited by a client from his late mother. It’s a 2001 Cadillac that had just 29k original miles. But as some people tend to do as they age, the paint wasn’t well cared for. Luckily we were able to preserve moms car and he can enjoy it for years to come. This finish was compliments of polishing, sealants and wax.
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    Bought a four foot log rack and a log splitter today. After assembly I gave both a coating of Quick Sealant. We split several logs and brought in a few for the first fire in the fireplace in 10 years. Last month we had the chimney cleaned and inspected. Our ten year old twins are now enjoying their first indoor fire. Before they were born we’d have a fire nearly every night.
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    might be slightly edited lol
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    I won!

    hehe.. good thing there was no bashing here.. we would have had to come down and beat you with our hockey sticks and maple syrup.
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    Spray Wax ???

    Here are some photos I found off of one of my facebook pages. I cant wait to try this stuff when it does finally show up on the website.
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    SEMA 2018 Detail

    Here are some pics Chuck sent me from the show floor. Someone from the Adams booth needs to give it a detail spray wipe down in the morning !
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    SEMA 2018

    Yup. And it looks like they’re trying it again. It’s been a year and zero information on it. Can’t believe they’re trying to get two years of SEMA out of one line of products that hasn’t been released. I’ve inquired many times on the phone and over email about the Pro-Line and have consistently been told “I don’t know” or “it’s coming.” This debut and lack of follow through is actually a big driving force to us trying other products and discovering other lines. In my opinion Adam’s really dropped the ball miserably with this product line. And putting it out at SEMA for the second year...I just don’t know.
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    Rinseless convert!

    I just did my first rinseless wash ever with Adams’s Rinseless, and really loved the process and the results. I used two gallons of distilled water, a little over an ounce of rinseless, 5 or 6 microfiber towels, and I used waterless wash on each panel before starting. It feels weird washing a car like this for the first time, but now that I have done it, I think this is my new favorite product. I have hard water where I live and it is almost impossible to avoid water spots with regular washing, and I did not get a single spot with rinseless. Also, the shine it gives is the same as using using a regular wash and drying using detail spray. Love this stuff.
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    I finally had a chance to pull all my limited edition bottles off the garage wall and take some photos. It’s crazy to think that I never planned to go this far, but here we are. So many awesome people in the Adams community helped me find all of these. They make for some awesome garage artwork and are a big conversation piece for anyone that comes over.
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    What did you do today?

    I started a hand crank car! My client who has several brass-era cars recently re-purchased a 1913 White Motor Company truck - he has sold the truck about 15 years ago to someone in New Mexico with a large collection/museum, but this truck lived outside under a shelter. It was not started during that time, and when the owner passed away, he bought the truck back. He has been working on it, and went through the motor to prepare it to run again. Well yesterday was the day to try! I was on the hand crank, the owners wife was on the decompression pedal, and the owner was on working the carburetor. He filled the oil tank and the two oiling tubes on the dashboard, filled the priming cups over the middle two cylinders, and filled the carburetor, and was not ready for me to turn the crank handle. It took about 10 tries to get it to turn over the first time, and only ran for a minute, but it sounded good and he was ecstatic. He checked the carb again and realized the choke was not engaged, so we reset everything to start it again. It still took about 10 cranks to get it running again, but this time it purred for about 3 minutes. Success!! I now know a few things about what we see from that era - the chauffeurs had to be fairly strong, and they needed to wear gloves (I have a raw spot on the side of my thumb from the cranking - you don't grab the handle with a fist, but tuck your thumb into your hand in case it kicks back, and ended up with a nice gash on back of my hand from hitting something). What a fun afternoon for me!!
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    I think my shop had an accident lol.
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    Road/Traffic Film & Your Clear Coat!

    This is a discussion/statement rather than a question. Just yesterday I detailed a 2010 Camaro SS that was actually relatively clean. The owner neglected the wheels but he touches the body up with a detail spray whenever he gets a bird bomb, piece of dirt etc. After I washed the paint (I will go over my process in a bit) I ran my hand across the paint to feel for embedded contaminants and surprisingly the paint was smooth! No need to clay bar for most of the vehicle. The areas I did have to touch are the higher traffic areas for contamination such as behind the tires, rear bumper and some spots on the roof. Now, for my washing process I did a rinseless wash. 2.5 gallons of water with 1.25 ounces of my favorite rinseless wash concentrate and 6-8 microfiber towels soaking in the bucket. Before I wipe the panel down, I will spray it with a degreaser that is diluted 4:1 to give myself the best chance of removing traffic/road film off the paint. I let it dwell for approximately 30 seconds, wipe, dry and move onto the next panel. For this experiment I did the driver side door with the rinseless solution ONLY, no degreaser treatment before hand. After the vehicle was washed I showed the customer how there were very few spots that needed to be clayed and I also showed him what traffic film looks like. I clayed a section of the vehicle that I did with the degreaser and the clay came up clean. I then went over to his driver side door, clayed and there was black/brown residue that came off the clear coat. Road/Traffic film is the contamination on the road after it rains. There are a lot of vehicles on the road that leak engine oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid etc ALL over the road. Those fluids will then seep into the asphalt/concrete and reappear when it rains. It then "mixes" with the rain and sprays onto your vehicle, coating it with a nasty residue. Being that most of the fluid that got sprayed onto your car is not water soluble (nor will a PH neutral soap break it down) you should give your car a thorough wash with a strong soap once in a while to truly "clean" it. What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? It means that traffic film can and will build up on your paint if you don't strip it once in a while. There are many methods to removing it and my favorite one is the one I mentioned previously (degreaser/rinseless wash) and a close second would be to use a soap that has a PH of 10 to help strip it. Simply re-apply your wax/sealant afterwards and you're ready to go. What you should also take note of is that after it rains & you wash your car with a PH neutral soap and then follow that up with your favorite protection, you are not allowing the product to truly bond with your paint to the best of it's abilities. I want to add that removing road film is a great way to keep up on your ceramic coatings too. Just because they are "self cleaning" in a way doesn't mean they are impervious to this. You still need to decontaminate your paint once in a while to keep the coating doing it's best. I am fully aware this is a controversial topic to some people out there on other forums but I wanted to bring it to light here because this is where I frequent and I just had this scenario come up yesterday. I am also aware my writing is pretty terrible as I was horrible in English class in School, lol. It is hard for me to translate my thoughts into a well written post for some reason so bare with me.
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    coral farmer

    Food Thread

    Sunday was pineapple cider can chicken.