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    Copied from the announcement on our Facebook Community: Friends and Customers of Adam’s Polishes- We recently learned of posts on social media raising concerns about potential credit card issues in connection with transactions on the Adam’s Polishes web site. We place huge value on our relationship with our customers, and we are writing this post in an effort to respond to those concerns. First let me clarify, Adam’s never stores or holds credit card information. When our customer types in a credit card number during the online purchasing process, the information is first encrypted in the browser before it is sent directly to our credit card company. Adam’s employees do not have access to credit card information at any point of the process. We take security and privacy very seriously and we have been working proactively and diligently to address any potential issue. When we learned of these concerns, we engaged expert security professionals to review the concerns raised by our customers, our security and our website. All of the scans have come up clean, and thus far we have not been able to identify any issues with our website or service providers. Adam’s is not trying to minimize or avoid the fact that people have and are experiencing credit card fraud. We are just trying to understand it and react to what is a very complex issue. At the end of the day if customers have an issue, we have an issue – we fully understand that. As part of our ongoing effort to improve service and security and in addition to our ongoing software upgrades, we are changing our server hosting provider this week as part of commitment to improving the customer experience and security. We appreciate your loyalty and hope you will be patient with us as we go through this difficult and time consuming process. Of course, if you have concerns about the Adam’s site, you can use Amazon, PayPal or contact your local dealer. If you do feel like you have had a security issue as a result of ordering through the Adam’s site, please contact us directly at IT@adamspolishes.com. We will update this post on Friday, March 15th with any new information. Thank you.
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    I'll pass it along to product development! I would love to see a new plate with our updated logo, but I can't promise anything.
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    Let’s follow up with a whole bunch more information about what paint correction is, and when it should (and shouldn’t be applied). Paint correction is not a magic bullet. It’s not something that can be done unlimited times. Paint correction works by removing clear coat in order to remove defects in your paint. Most of the UV protection of your paint comes in the first 1/3 of the clearcoat. Knowing that, we don’t want to remove more than that over the LIFETIME of the vehicle. Once you reduce the UV protection you accelerate clearcoat failure requiring a repaint. Paint correction also serves to level the clearcoat on a vehicle increasing the glossy look of the finish. This is why even brand new vehicles benefit from polishing. Modern paint systems are a three part system. They consist of a primer, base coat (color) and clear coat. Older paints may be single stage in nature mixing the clear and paint layers. On top of your paint sits a variety of contamination and defects typically. Contamination on the paint is generally tackled with washing, iron remover and clay. When we talk about defects, there’s spider webs which are microscratches, deep scratches which may or not be able to be taken care of without repainting and other forms of defects as illustrated below. When paint correcting we are only working with the clear coat. So as you can see, the deep scratches can’t be fixed. And some that are just in the clear coat shouldn’t be fixed for fear of striking through or removing too much clear accelerating failure. So you get a car, and you paint correct it. You’ve removed a little clear coat. You use good technique in washing and over time you develop damage (it happens no matter what we do). You polish again. But because you’ve used good technique along the way, you only need a finish polish to take a little clear coat off. Using this methodology you can get a long time with out of your paint and great looks. The other scenario is you perform a paint correction and you take it through the automatic car wash. You damage your finish over time. You then need a full correction to repair the damage which takes off more of the clear coat. When approached this way, you’re going to burn through more clear coat or get less corrections. So the ultimate answer to your question is to correct as infrequently as possible to preserve the clear coat. We use a paint thickness gauge to know what we are doing to a clients paint (or what they’ve done to it already). We are not opposed to using a fine polish a couple times a year. It leaves a satisfactory finish for most clients without significantly shortening the life of the paint. We will sometimes use a compound in isolated spots to handle concentrated damage as opposed to going all in everywhere. Hope this is helpful.
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    I know some people here are interested in some PPF and have asked questions about it so while working on a gorgeous 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 with a Z07 package (silver with a red interior), I figured I'd make a quick time lapse of installing a piece of film. We still have more film to install on this car, but this was just one piece to kind of show the process for how PPF is laid down after it's been cut. And yes, at one point I completely removed the film and put it back down. I wasn't happy with an edge alignment and that it would let me work all of the water out of the edge to get a good adhesion without it lifting back up immediately creating fingers, or later in life when it would come back to me. Once this car is done, it'll be coated in ceramic. The wheels are already done, the windshield is already done as well and it's all been polished out. Hopefully you enjoy and don't hesitate to ask questions. PPF Fender Time Lapse.mp4
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    I enjoy scuba diving, traveling, flying (have an Instrument Rating), photography (mainly of the critters that I see while diving), and most recently, working out. From Indonesia in October 2018 From Philippines in March 2018.
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    Did all but the tires and wheels tonight. All I can say about this is WOW!!! So much so, it deserved a cameo in each pic 😆. It's hard to get white to shine, but this is an incredible product, and it's already quickly moving up the ranks of my Adam's favorites...
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    You asked and Falcaineer answered!! Numerous great options.!!..so how would u like to pay for your case of products??😜
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    I'm sure by now you've noticed that over the weekend we did a relaunch of our Premium Ceramic Line to better differentiate the products and make them easier for our customers to understand which products will work best on ceramic coated vehicles. Our team has been hard at work on this launch to offer the best solutions, kits, and different size options at competitive prices. We've added a few new SiO2 Infused products to the line, an update to our previous Coating Prep, now called Surface Prep, and some new accessories to make the ceramic coating process easier as well. We have a whole new CERAMICS tab to the website now under SHOP. From this tab, there are multiple subsections - Prep, Ceramics, SiO2 Infused, Accessories, and Kits - for each specific category. For individual bottles, you can now pick individual bottle sizes that work best for you, ranging from 4oz to 64oz for some of the products from their respective drop-down boxes on their product page. Ceramic Paint, Wheel, and Trim Coating are still sold in 50ml bottles, but with the new labeling for the Premium Ceramic Line. I've been testing the Ceramic Waterless for quite a while now and I've been very impressed with its results! For St. Patrick's Day, we also launched a Mystery Box yesterday that ends tonight at midnight, which you can pick up HERE! This sale ends March 19th at Midnight, and you can use the code MARCH for 15% off.* Please note that Mystery Boxes and Ceramics are not eligible for discount. Free shipping is set to $75 for continental U.S. orders only. CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE PREMIUM CERAMIC LINE NOW!
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    First wash with Adams WOW!!!

    Finally got to wash my ride after a long long winter. It hasent been properly been washed since last fall so I was excited to get er clean. This was my first time using Adams products and a pressure washer and I am just amazed to say the least. Thanks for all the info on here and thank you Adam for the great products. For the interior I used ID,Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner,waterless wash for the door jams. The exterior I used the blue shampoo,Detail spray,tire/rubber cleaner,wheel cleaner and tire shine and VRT for all the exterior plastic and door seals. I also sealed the windshield with Adams Glass sealant and cleaned all the windows with his glass cleaner. For towels I used every Adams towel to see what I liked best and for what. All worked really great. My neighbors saw me out there cleaning my ride so they started cleaning theirs. Anyways I saw them out there with new cars but using cheap towels,paper towels,dish soap ect. I offered one to try my Adams products but he refused, the rag and dish soap and his one bucket was all he needed on his brand new truck. I snickered,okay then. He cleaned the interior,tires,wheels,exterior and engine bay....but all with the same one rag and a bath towel to dry. Yikes. Needless to say Im the new wash king on the block,thanks Adams! Anyways here are some pics.. Before After MONEY SHOT
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    I know that this is a little bit late, but yesterday, I found myself with some extra time, so I did a quick wash, as well as an interior detail.
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    Preped the car and used adams new spray on ceramic paint coating coated windows with glass sealer and used tire armor
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    I made my own. I'm looking to see if I can do one in black plastic Instead of aluminum.
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    Buttery Wax

    Hey Chris, you asked for some pictures so here they are. I just completed my truck with H2O and that is what I used on my HD as well.
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    Paint Correction Frequency

    Very helpful. Thank you!
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    I polished a 260k+ mile Corrola.
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    Travel-sized Microfiber Towels

    I get most of my ideas while holding a beer!! Haven't had a bad one yet! Except maybe picking the wrong beer!
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    It's time to celebrate another successful year - time sure does fly when you're having fun! It's hard to believe this all started 19 years ago. We’re thankful for the friends we’ve met, the places we’ve seen & the memories we’ve made over the years. While premium car care products are fundamental to our growth, we know the key to our growth is you. Our team is humbled by your support, and thankful for your business. We're celebrating by offering 19% off storewide* with the code 19YEARS at checkout. Free shipping to the continental U.S. can be had on orders over $115, and this anniversary sale will be running until Tuesday March 12, 2019 at Midnight MST. Please note that the Throwback Brilliant Spray Glaze and Throwback Tire Dressing are extremely limited at 400 bottles each, so 1 person customer while supplies last - they will sell out quickly! CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW!
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    Here is some spray wax beading 😍
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    Microfiber revitalizer

    So after seeing how good this worked on my microfibers I used it on a sweatshirt with a stain and after a wash the sweatshirt was like new. Great product!
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    All I can say is THANK YOU ADAM for the great products, for ALL your hard work and commitment, and most of all for allowing me to be a tiny dot in the Adam's universe. It has been my honor and my pleasure to know you. Rich
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    Check my setup out. I’m at the 4:11 mark. This video was submitted last year and my setup has already changed so much since then, but it’s still neat to see 😁
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    Neutralizer Gallon

    It's here!!! And right on time, @Dan@Adams, as predicted! https://adamspolishes.com/adam-s-odor-neutralizer-fresh-scent-gallon.html
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    Finally after the past few weeks or snow and freezing temps, I raced home yesterday after work to wash the truck! It was really bugging me... I used strip wash because I'm going to hopefully correct it here in the next week or so.
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    The maximum time is forever 😁 minimum time depends on what you want to accomplish.
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    If you are talking about Pitting it might not help but Adams metal polish works great for stuff like that. My running boards are chrome and after winter I had a film on them from winter chemical. I use the polish on the wheels and running boards. Just did this a couple hours ago.
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    I got one!!!! Gotta say i love the Adams community, between this and a few people on the Facebook groups I would have probably missed them cuz I'm at work. So thank you @Parad0x and @GolfRfor your help. Great deal on them too!
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    For me it doesnt last too long....its gone after i drop it which is usually halfway thru one car!!!!
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    Issues with Customer Service

    I have not had any issues, I had to call once for a mystery box purchased from Amazon but sold by Adams because it only came with 1 sprayer with 3 spray products. ( I am just starting my collection so dont have a ton of extra sprayers around) they shipped out 3 with no issues and I got them in a few days. The 2nd time I called I was looking for some suggestions on a product for my convertible top and they were very knowledgable and gave me some great options. Im very satisfied with my interactions with them and their products, customer service is always a big reason I become loyal to a brand and I have to say that in less than a month I have become so loyal that I got rid of a lot of my other detail products because they do not even touch the performance of Adams.
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    The "Road" to Ceramic Coating

    Hi All, After seeing a need for some flowcharts and more "processes" for overall detailing, especially Ceramic Coating and maintenance, I've developed the roadmap to Ceramic Paint Coating! Let me know what you think and how this can help you-- Also, If there are any processes you are confused by, list them here and I'll consider them for future flow charts!
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    New Guy

    I don't have a lot of good pics yet.
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    Food for thought... Longevity as it applies to detailing products is purely subjective. The variables in environments are numerous and make it really difficult to quantify how long a product will last. Hot environments are hard on waxes. Chemically harsh environments (think those with snow) are also harsh, but in a different way. Try different products and see what works for you. What works for someone else may not be the best for you. And what’s best for you may not be good for someone else. You will also learn a ton about detailing and products through actually trying them and forming your own opinions. Part of what we do as a business is test products and processes to see what ultimately works for us and our clients. We never fail to learn something in the process.
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    With the decent weather we had this weekend, I was able to finally apply Tire Armor to my tires and I couldn't be more impressed with it. This is 2 coats which looks perfect.
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    Issues with Customer Service

    Hi there, I'm terribly sorry about the issues you're having. Our Saturday work hours are from 9AM - 2PM Mountain Time, and we are closed on Sundays, so I do apologize if you were unable to get through to us today. I will be available on the phones starting at 9AM Monday morning if you could please give me a call at our 866-965-0400 number. We have a very small customer team of around 2-3 people on weekdays and one on Saturday, so we can and do get overwhelmed at times. I usually handle technical calls and emails, but I would be happy to help resolve issues with your foam gun and hex grip, and I can help to place the new order by phone as well. Please have an order number or your email address ready when you call so I can look up your account and help as quickly as possible. Respectfully, Dan@Adams
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    Regarding the comment above, I would never wash between the clay and polish steps. I’m not sure what that would accomplish. Gently washing or wiping down with an IPA solution after polishing is good practice. If you dry with HGG there’s no need for Buttery wax. Buttery wax is an entry level product with almost no durability. It also won’t increase any shine you get with the HGG and BG combo. I would skip it all together personally.
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    And you get to smell Pina Colada all day 😁
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    Thank you all for the advice! Yesterday, I had time to properly wash my car, to get off the residue left from 2 days of rain, and I used a 7 step process to clean the tire and wheels. Steps 1-3 and 6-7 where done on one tire/wheel at a time. Step 1: Wheel Cleaning I sprayed on some Eco Wheel Cleaner and used the Wheel Woolie, Lug Nut Brush, and the Mitt to throughly get off all of the brake dust, and it did a really great job. Step 2: Tire Cleaning After rinsing the wheel, I then used the Tire and Rubber Cleaner, making sure to not get any on the wheel itself. After agitating with the coarse brush, I quickly rinsed the tire and wheel off. Step 3: Spot Cleaning After allowing a few moments for the wheel to dry, I would go back and hit areas that I missed with the Eco Wheel Cleaner again. Step 4: During the Normal Car Wash Since I use the foam gun, I liberally applied the Car Shampoo to the wheels and tires when I was applying to the rest of the car. I would then use the Mitt to, once again, scrub the wheel. Step 5: Drying the Wheel After washing, I used a Microfiber Utility Towel to dry off any standing water on the wheel. Step 6: Tire Shine Once the rest of the car was dry--using the Spray Wax, I moved the car inside my garage and moved on to applying the Tire Shine. Because I have low profile tires, I sprayed onto the applicator first, and then applied it to the tires. Step 7: Quick Detail Finally, I used the Quick Detail Spray on the wheels and used a Microfiber Utility Towel to apply it evenly.
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    You guys should total bring these back!! I would love these for car shows as well and rep the Adams life!
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    Too cool, Andrew! Anyone else notice Adam's was featured in 3 of the 5 videos? Coincidence?! 🤔😁
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    First, welcome! Go post an intro on the New Member forum.. Honestly, another coat of HGG. Its recommended to apply every 3-4 washes.
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    The two word game.

    citizen science @falcaineer, lol, a quark can be more than just a character from Star Trek DS9 😁Down quark really is a thing.
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    What Do You Look Like???

    I keep a photographer on standby for such occasions lol.
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    Official Beading Photo Thread

    Applied CTC to my textured plastic bed cover about 2 or so weeks ago. It's been on and off raining since and haven't washed the truck. CTC is doing it thing, definitely worth the extra effort needed to apply it.
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    The two word game.

    model citizen @Parad0x...quark. Really?!?! 🤯🤪🤣
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    Bought my first house last May at the age of 26, and I realized quickly how much I enjoy taking care of my yard lol. I also enjoy woodworking, and wrenching on my vehicles. I'm kind of a jack of all trades and enjoy them all.
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    Captain Slow

    Dash reflection on windshield

    Polarized sunglasses are the solution to dash reflections. The above certainly will help with better driver visibility.
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    Although the pollen count was at 10.5 today, I had to knock to get the vehicles back to being Red instead of Pollen Yellow. The pollen is already accumulating again, but I know they were clean earlier. The truck was so bad it required a 3 bucket wash - I had to change the rinse bucket during the wash. The Range Rover and Malibu were not that bad.
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    That's an interesting idea. I've spent vacations at the beach for years, and my one main complaint, even when the weather is great, is the film that gets all over the glass and paint. It's different from pollen, or other stuff we all get living inland. It's almost a greasy feel. I just give the car a good bath when I get home to get it off, but then again, I don't live there or have to deal with it year round. I can definitely see where a product or several devoted just to this kind of issue would be helpful to a lot of people. Thanks for bringing that up Dispatch.
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    Doesn't look a mile over 26K! Nice work.
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    First wash with Adams WOW!!!

    Thnaks! Youre right,it feels great,grime be gone!.I almost look forward to it getting dirty as much as I like it clean as washing it is so fullfilling.
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    What Do You Look Like???

    From last weekend, accidentally catching a giant catfish.
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