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    Finally Got Myself A Tool Chest

    Been trying to talk myself into one for a while now, and I found this at a Sears that was closing. Regular price was $2,000, it's available online for $1,460 and I paid $1,000 😎 I got this 300-piece Kobalt tool set back in February for $150, it's just been sitting in the box in the box in my garage since then 🙄
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    What did you do today?

    My daughter made me this watercolor for Father's Day. 😊
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    My grandson was dressed to help out in his Adam's shirt.
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    Help Us Help You

    Hi Kyle, from a woman's perspective, would love to have seen a t-shirt with the detail girl image, as well think there were not enough of the detail girl stickers made, as was not even able to get one, as they sold out that quickly. As you can tell by the forum chats, a lot of those pink Adams Polishes hats were snagged up by the wives/girlfriends of members soon as picked up. While I like the T-shirts, they are all in Men's cut and they just do not flatter nor fit right on a woman (even the fuller sized group). Know ordering in advance the different sizes and guessing what every woman would want is difficult, yet what we do a version of JIT ordering for one of our car groups. We get our design set up with the printer, find out what our minimum order will be, then we go out to the members with a time frame to respond by (say a week), we take the orders and payments, then we place the order. We get the sizes each person wants and we do not have waste/inventory sitting around. Logistically only issue then is delivery...however with Adam's polishes you could make it part of a special mystery trunk organizer purchase that will ship only when the shirts are in, so that you only have that one time shipping of all items. You might just be surprised by the response.... On the video note, I would like to see some videos that are geared directly toward teaching women detailing. I don't mean that we do not understand the videos, what I mean is that women actually do see things differently and need a different way of explaining. For instance, have seen many women who prefer a revolver over a slide action pistol, as they cannot "pull" the slide. When I have met them, have showed them differently than what they were told or shown....which is that you do not actually "pull" the slide. You hold the slide and push the pistol forward, they are always amazed at the difference that it makes. I then tell them to watch now how a guy does it, and now they can see that the guy is not pulling the slide (I have seen guys who do just pull the slide, but really they all push the pistol forward at the same time). Anywho, you may have a bigger following than you may realize with a female customer base....so marketing a little more to them would not be a bad idea. Including videos that are of women detailers showing how women detail cars (yes we detail the same as guys in the long run, but we may be shorter, have less arm reach, our grip may not be as tight, we may not put as much pressure down, etc)….so videos showing a women overcoming those things will show them that they can as well & can make their car just as shiny or even better than other "guys" at car shows. I for one know that even to get to the top of the roof on some cars or to the center of the windshield will need a step platform....heck I have even been known to go through a sunroof to get to the roof of pickup trucks & make sure done correctly... Picture is of my grandmother (and who I was named after) holding a beam during assembly of a Boeing B29 Superfortress while another women secures it. She is the one who always told me that I can do anything in the world, so long as I want to do it (and of course not doing harm to others). That is why I like to say, WE CAN DETAIL CARS TOO!
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    Spent yesterday in on and off rain working on this Fusion for my bro in law. Definitely looks better, and smells better! Used all Adams on the interior. First time using the iron remover and the clay mitt which was awesome. It saved me tons of time. The paint has some scratches but didn’t look too bad. I didn’t have time to correct. This was a scramble to do what I could in a day. I used another company’s polish (for shine) and sealant.
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    I organize mines like this..
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    Multi Foam Cleaner is Amazing

    This Adam's product probably impressed me the most. These seats are in a 2007 honda civic that was neglected pretty badly. Worked on the drivers seat last night and the results were outstanding. Probably needs a steamer to get those last darker stains out but this is great for me for the time, price and effort invested. Left is before. Right is after.
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    Help Us Help You

    Honestly, it used to be really cool to be on the forums and hear of developmental stuff, and see photos of it. Lately on the forums it seems that aside from Dan and Chris and some moderators (Who are not official Adams employees) there is little to no interaction from the Adams staff. It seems that the forums have become a place for the members which is great, but has been neglected and almost forgotten about by Adams, with Instagram or other social media outlets getting first crack at anything, or even first knowledge of it. I understand Adam is a busy man and I have heard he sees what goes on here, which is evident recently when he made a rare appearance. But lets take a look at the post counts for a moment... Adam 4,607 posts, 1 in 2018, and 9 total in 2017. Chris 22,625 Dan 2,671 Matt 305 Joined Sept 2011 Has not Posted since Jan of 2017, has not even logged into the forums since Aug of 2017. Kourtney 42 Joined August 2015 last Visit May 2018 Joe 47 (Yes I am aware he is the Photo/Videographer he is awesome at it.) Not posted since 2016 Kyle 61 Joined Nov 2017 Last visit, Today. Kyle I wont draw comparisons to your predecesor, that will happen alot no matter what is said, you need to make that role yours. What I will say is that the following and such that he had was due not only to a passion for what he did, but also his interaction with the group. Posting on here, dropping tips and tricks, even doing a Q&A type vid series at one point, which shared some GREAT knowledge and some simple stuff that can be overlooked. I would love to see some forum driven stuff, maybe its just a photo of someone with a non descript bottle or something like that. I understand that trying to beat your competition to stuff is key, first on the market with the best product wins...but if social media sees it and that has to be cross posted by members to the community....where is the secret? Maybe it could work something of what it used to where the forums would see an update of the sale coming before all the email subscriptions went out. I have seen that there are listings for giveaways that happen, usually not a word hits the forums for them anymore, releases are almost prelaunched on social media platforms, sneak peaks on these and nothing to the forums...maybe that is the simple answer to how things are going to move forward....
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    Over the last month or so I have learned a lot about the Adam's products and it has been an adjustment from the previous products I used, but the results are worth the learning. I have also added to the collection which has also helped. I'm posting two pictures, the first picture is from the very first time I used the Adam's products on my truck and the second is how it came out today. First I want to thank @pirahnah3 for reading my original post and letting me know to not worry about the Ultra Shampoo drying on the truck. Hitting the entire truck with the Foam Gun and then washing it from end to end made it easier and cleaner. Second, I want to thank all the other members who have posted tips and their methods for getting the vehicles right. I know I still have a lot to learn about the Adam's products and some 40 year old habits to break. My very first detailing was on a '67 Nova when I was 16, sure wish I still had that one, and it was 40 years ago. Having plenty of Adam's MicroFiber towels also helped, they are significantly better than the others I had been using. I also added some additional products, including the new family favorite with the Glass Cleaner. The original picture had used a very popular off the shelf blue glass cleaner, today's wash included Adam's Glass Cleaner - I think the differences are pretty obvious. For anyone who is not noticing the differences, I'll point them out. There is no reflection is the side windows in the original You can see the pine needles and individual leaves in today's picture Through the windshield + drivers side window the bush looks distorted in the original Today, you can see the individual leaves looking the same same two windows I also have a tip. Tree Sap comes off rather easy when the vehicle is soaped with Ultra Shampoo and you can carefully slide a plastic razor blade under it. The soapy lubrication allowed it to lift and come right off without any effort or marks left behind. In another month+, I'll give her the full treatment and post
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    I am Brandon Burrell and from the Asheville, NC area and feel there needs to be some sort of AA meetings we can have. This stuff is addicting!! Since discovering the Adams brand last year, it’s become something I’m truly passionate about. I’ve dealt with just about every major detail supply company over the years, some even on a sponsorship level, and have yet to find a company that is truly in touch with the car community the way Adams is. From the products they offer, to the insanely awesome customer service, to the information they give for all of their products on their website, to even interactions with the marketing team, everyone there seems to give 110% to everyone they deal with. Even meeting Adam at an event and seeing how personable he is sealed the deal for me. The online fan community is also awesome! I’ve never seen a company have such a cult following (not sure how else to say that). Since connecting with them, I have completely gotten rid of all non Adams detail products I owned and don’t regret any of it. I’ve even developed a slight problem with collecting their limited detail spray bottles and have started an @adamspolishescollection page on Instagram to showcase mine and other fans collections. Which I’ve learned there are tons of people with this same passion. I’ve never “detailed” vehicles either until switching over to Adams, but their products make it super easy! I’ve been OCD about clean vehicles and had many show vehicles over the years, but recently started doing full details from time to time. Wish I would have found them sooner. I’m not a big forum person but am on social media a lot. Here are a couple of my recent SEMA builds (both kept clean with only Adams) as well as my current Adams specialty spray collection (which is always growing) and my dedicated Adams cabinet in my garage. Feel free to follow me @burrellimages on all social media.
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    This one goes out to the forum

    Cheers to the forum again! I missed number 1, but am still happy I placed. I was in a different class this year with much more extensively modified cars, but still managed to eke out a nod. I also unfortunately scraped my splitter right after judging 😭, so I’ll have to see what I can do to minimize the scrape. Rinseless diluted 16:1 and VRT in the engine bay. Interior Detailer in the cabin, Brilliant Glaze on those windows, and Cinco De Mayo detail spray on the paint for the pre- judging touch ups.
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    Hi I'm Ray and I have the addiction and a co-dependent wife. Identification of a co-dependent: When placing a order they remark how good it will be for their vehicle When a order arrives they act as if you are doing their car the next day When their requests interfere with your planned activities Can you make my car: Have a cleaner windshield Smell better Outshine the neighbors ...And anything else you can think of You know the co-dependency is really bad when they state: How can you possibly go play golf when it rained yesterday and my car got dirty. No worries, I'll get started on her car about 7:00 AM and I can go play golf on Monday.
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    Per ounce, you’re correct. For those of us who consume product in volume it’s a different story. If we can’t buy in bulk sizes to keep our inventory costs and number of products down (space isn’t unlimited) I will search for an alternative elsewhere. It has happened before (unfortunately even to Adams as one of our suppliers). We no longer use certain products due to the inability to buy larger quantities. Polishes are the best example. Adams went from 16 ounces at $29.99 to 8 ounces at $19.99. So half the product at two-thirds the price. That was the catalyst to starting a search for new product. We settled on one as can buy in 32 ounce quantities (or even a gallon) at a time. So Adams may make more per ounce with the smaller size, but sometimes they lose the entire sale. Sizes matter. For most an 8 ounce bottle of polish is fine. It doesn’t fit into our model where we are detailing for dollars. Less frequent orders, less risk of running out of product and better pricing are all benefits of the larger sizes.
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    Cleaned up my wife's Lexus IS. Nothing too crazy, cleaned the wheel, tires and fenders and then ultra foam shampoo and h20 guard and gloss for the paint.
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    Hello from Northern Maryland

    I have a few more photos that I will download soon. I like all types of various vehicles trucks etc. I also enjoy looking at the photos. I have to say my basic Adams detail polish gets the most use. The ZO6 has been paint corrected, ceramic coated and the front end Xpel paint protected (All not by me). I do spend many hours going over the vette looking for paint imperfection orange peel etc. When I find imperfections I use my Porter Cable and Adams Swirl or Correction polish with the appropriate pad and work that area until I'm satisfied. With all the rain we've been having in the northeast that gives me a lot of time. My vette is not my everyday driver so its rather easy to keep clean. Enjoy!!
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    Adam's 4th of July Sale Starts Now!

    So my wife just pick me up a couple bottles of detail spray and I got to be honest the American Detail spray to me anyways does not smell like apple pie. it smells good but to me it kind of smells like a minty version of Bengay back rub. Not complaining but my nostrils don't smell apple pie at all. And it smells exactly like the Canada spray too. But I also got a bottle of pumpkin spice and yeah that stuff smells delicious
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    Woo hoo, I made the 'big boy' list - number 8 on the post count Leaderboard! No chance of catching Chris T. or Rich, but I am the only other active member on that list.
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    Please take the suggestions I’m about to make with nothing but respect. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into it a bit. In one post you mention looking for tips on using your swirl killer and also adding paint correction in addition to your detailing services. This is a big red flag to me. Before you even think of offering paint correction to your clients, you need to build some experience with that new polisher of yours. Having one polisher is great...to really offer it as a service on a variety of vehicles you should plan on investing in more polishers and lads. We have a total of five polishers (one has carpet brushes on it). So four of them that we use quite frequently. You could eliminate maybe one and be okay, but you really need the three to offer a complete service. We don’t use them on every vehicle. But you need the option when you need it. You need some experience to know what you can and can’t accomplish (setting client expectations is an important part of business relationships). Not everything needs three steps, or even two steps. Some do. Some require wetsanding. You can find yourself in over your head quickly. I’ve made this sentiment before...for us to touch your vehicle with a polisher for anything more than a light polish, you’ll find our paint thickness gauge in use. We want to know how aggressive we can (or more importantly can’t) be. The gauge is the way. Strike through someone’s clear coat using a polish too aggressive or bad technique...and all of a sudden you owe someone a paint job on your dime. True paint correction is an hourly charge. Polishing is a variable fixed charge. Know the difference between the two, but also understand the risks of both. My suggestion is to read the forums. Ask questions. Practice with that polisher. Invest in more equipment that you feel you need. Then, and only then do you offer the service to clients. You will make mistakes. Some minor. Some maybe a bit more major. If you’re interested in the adventures in starting and growing a business, feel free to read my posts. I’m pretty open and have chronicled the adventure with posts here. I’ve been fortunate to do some work for forum members here, even putting on a clinic. There’s more that goes on than owning a polisher. Please don’t take anything I said as other than respectful feedback. I’ve been lucky to get feedback from members here that’s been rather candid and it’s helped shape our business and the way we do things. Hopefully you take advantage of the same opportunity. If you have questions, ask. Myself and others are happy to answer.
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    Why Do I Even Bother!

    You should charge for that service. Go to drought stricken areas and wash your truck. California would pay you millions
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    This is the my daughter's Range Rover that still needs some additional time spent on it, but it took a major step forward today. The front rims where nearly black with brake dust and grime, my son-in-law and I are pleased with the way that they came out. The information on the site, the video's and all the hints from the members have helped with the learning process, but there is nothing better that knowledge to use by getting your hands on the vehicle with the products - plus it helps with the addiction... I have nearly ran out of Red motorized items to do, so I may have to resort to doing the riding mower after I mow on Sunday, yes it is Red, so it qualifies. The other item I did today was use the left over Ultra Shampoo in the Foam Gun on the garage door along with an old microfiber sponge. The door really cleaned up nice and I even cleaned the windows with the Glass Cleaner.
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    Hi from North Jersey

    Heres my baby. Detailed top and bottom...
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    YouTube Interest

    We are scheduling videos to be done on a weekly basis! Keep your eyes peeled for more!
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    Inside and out on this truck Sunday.
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    Amazing customer service!

    I placed a decent size order during the last mystery bucket sale which included the Detail Boy shirts and a few detail boy/girl stickers. One shirt was for me and one was for my son. While the package was inbound, the day of the delivery, FedEx marked the package as damaged, not deliverable. I called Adam's and spoke to one of their sales reps, Chandler. He said typically they wait until the damaged package is returned, see what product(s) are damaged, replaced those, re-box and then ship back out. He saw that I had some of the Detail Boy shirts in there which sparked the conversation of hoping they were ok because he knew inventory was running low on them. I said to him, I'd hate for you all to get the box back and see that the shirts were messed up and then not have inventory to replace it. He said you're right, I'll deal with FedEx and getting the damaged package back but in the meantime I'll make sure a new box is sent out to you ASAP so that you don't miss out on the Detail Boy shirts! 24 hours later I had a new order in my account and a tracking number in my email! Thanks Chandler and Adam's!
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    New VRT applicator

    This CC sponge may be my new favorite VRT applicator. So much easier to apply to trim and not the things that surround it. The fabric does a nice job too.