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    Outdoor Garage Nightmare

    Well guys I thought you knew me better than that, haven't you seen any of my previous posts, lol ! Of course I can get these scratches out ! No gauges needed here knowing how hard the clear coat is on Mercedes. I did the worst part of the scratches with Adams Heavy Correcting Polish, then did two more steps with Adams Correcting Polish and Finish Polish and then a coat of Adams Machine Sealant was applied and then topped off with a coat of Adams Americana Wax. Flex 3401 machine was used and Adams correcting pads as well. Coat of machine sealant used on wheels and VRT applied on tires. Great products and techniques were used to bring the perfection back to this totally trashed paint, so don't let anyone tell you that you cant get scratches out of your paint if you have a mishap here and there. Here are some pics for you.
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    Jeremy H.

    Here I Am.

    Greetings all. Just got my ‘19 Civic Si in Tonic Yellow. I’ve picked up 3 Adam’s products so far. Put the Guard and Gloss on a couple weeks ago and it pops. I look forward to learning & sharing. I haven’t had a new car in 12 years so I’m just beside myself. Peace. 🌞
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    Daniel, you inadvertently answered your own question. You don’t need a different light source you need a darker background to contrast the light reflected off of silver paint. When I work on my wife’s silver Beast I will turn off all the lights in the garage and use a hand held LED flashlight to check my work. My previous ( and next!) vehicle was pearl white and I learned quickly to do what we do in our optical lab when we’re inspecting lenses for cosmetic defects. This lens looks pretty good, right? Guess again. Same lens, same old man hand but with a black background providing contrast just like your security light at night. Perhaps a pop up shade or parking under a tree if you have no garage. You may also need to get down closer to the paint and change the angle of reflection to help see imperfections.
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    shiny ride

    Going Racing with Adams Polishes

    You may have seen my testimonial for using Adams with the 1969 Firebird my son and I built. We still have the car and to this day maintain it to show car level. Today I want to also tell you about using Adams polishes in racing. Here in Northern California we participate in NASA, Trackmasters and Checkered Flag Racing events primarily at Sonoma Raceway, Laguna Seca and Thunderhill. The track is a very tough environment. Because of that we paint our cars at Maaco, and use their single stage paint. Cheap...yes. As far as quality, we have been very pleased. We get tons of compliments about how good the car looks. But I do have a secret.....Adams polishes and paint sealant. This 1987 BMW was painted Seafoam green October 2018 at Maaco. Last weekend we took it out for the first time at Thunderhill in Willows CA. After 10 sessions, 3.5 hours track time it passed the shakedown test. And boy, it needed a bath, polish and wax. Just finished that today, check out the results. Next up.....Laguna Seca
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    So confused

    AA County. Here are some other pics of the car.
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    Captain Slow

    Happy Easter

    Last night I had the talk with my ten, soon to be eleven year old twin daughters regarding the easter bunny. They both admitted the idea of a rabbit bringing eggs full of candy was somewhat sketchy. We then discussed the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and what it means to us and our Christian faith. This morning when they came downstairs, separately, I greeted them with “Hallelujah, He is risen! “ They responded with “ He is risen, indeed.” A Happy Easter to all.
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    '89 Camaro

    My grandfather recently let me borrow his Camaro to use for the trip to and from prom. It hadn't really been driven in a few months and as a result it had accumulated a layer of dust and grime that needed to be removed before my OCD would allow me to take it out in public. I began by attempting to remove as much of the tire browning that I could by spraying an ungodly amount of TRC on them and then scrubbing the faces with the tire brush and the white lettering with a nylon brush, which left them presentable but not perfect. I followed by washing the car and subsequently claying some areas that had noticeable contamination. I brought the Camaro inside and prepped and went around most of the car doing a one step polish with a DA and topped with LPS and Americana Wax. Next it was time for the interior which was vacuumed and cleaned with the interior scrubbing mitt and a leather and interior cleaner followed with leather conditioner. (I apologize in advance for the lack of photo documentation)
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    Fixed the problem in a round about way. Purchased a Rain Soft whole home water conditioner for the house (not a water softener as most think). Water had 11 grains of hardness and a lot of sediment. Test after install showed Zero with sediment removed. Had an independent water test done and it is actually 2 grains (still really really good) with no sediment. Bottom line...soap works really well and foams up ten times better. Car rinses clean with zero spots...in direct sun light. ...and no I didn't spend the money just to wash cars, I have family members with some skin issues and this helped clear it up.
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    Out of stock

    I sent this feedback to the Marketing Team. Thank you.
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    I must say, lots of good inspiration on this thread! A bit of an update on my garage setup.
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    Ceramic liquid wax...

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    Ceramic spray is A-amazing. I’m scared to put ceramics wax or even boost on top of it. Scared it’ll take away.
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    Decided I was going to spend my day off reassembling the interior of my truck, but having to move two dirty vehicles around so I could get my truck in the garage didn’t go well with my ADD. Ended up cleaning a couple of the Fiancé’s rides, while he was at work, instead.
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    Maybe he will let you add this one to the set.
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    Instead of washing each panel I would use WW, much easier.
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    Adam's Polishes x Mountain Standard

    Technically, Adams. Plural. Maybe Rich has multiple personalities...
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    Last weekend, I washed the engine bay. Yesterday, I decided to try out In and Out Spray. That stuff is awesome!
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    Hi here is my collection so far! Trying to collect all Detail Spray bottles. Here is what I’m missing: 1. Slammedenuff Detail 2. GM Red Corvette red/blue logo Detail 3. GM Yellow Corvette Detail 4. GM Red Corvette white/chrome Detail 5. GM Old Logo w/old Corvette Detail 6. Old logo with “premium car care products” 2003 7. 100k 8. Cadillac Detail Comment below or post a photo of your collection. Would love to see what you all have! Hope you all have a wonderful day! cheers, Sean Insta @adams_polishes_obsession
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    My son-in-law picked up a 1990 Nissan 300ZX and while he does the mechanical side, I'll be taking care of the exterior and interior. Before anyone asks, I already told him that it is the wrong color, but with the deal he got on it, I can't blame him for the minor defect. Overall, the car is in pretty good condition, although it does need a new engine which the son-in-law already has and will be ready to drop in soon. The interior is in good shape and just needs a thorough cleaning and rehab on the leather. Surprisingly the leather is not cracked, but is dry so I expect it to take multiple coats of Adam's Leather Conditioner. The dash is also in good shape which should come back to life nicely with Leather Conditioner. Everything else on the inside just needs a good cleaning. The exterior is also in good shape, it has been garage kept or covered which really helped, but I'm not sure when or if it ever saw a real wash and correction. I know my way around Red vehicles and can do fine on Black and Blue and a few other other colored vehicles, but this will be my first White car - Ever. I know I've lead a privileged life with limited exposure to non-red vehicles, but I'm not too old to learn something new or try something different. However, I am going to be looking for some guidance and Chris I'm talking to you and anyone else that can provide input on a white vehicle. My gut tells me to get it corrected and then go over it with Ceramic Paste Wax and she'll look fantastic, but I need input from others. Any gotcha's or things to look for on a white vehicle when doing a decontamination and correction would be appreciated. As for the wheels, I really think they need to be coated. We are pretty sure they are not original, although we have found lots of 5 spoke wheels for the 1990 and 1991 300ZX that look similar. The are in great shape, no pitting or marks so it is a matter or cleaning and coating. As always, I appreciate and welcome the feedback and recommendations from the Adam's Forum members.
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    Out of stock

    Here's a suggestion... Take the sold out items off the website. Why is the winter hat still there like it's on sale or something? You're welcome. 😁
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    New Ceramic Line Bottles & Sprayers

    I agree, the products themselves are awesome, I'd just love to see the 16 oz. bottles back.
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    New member in ND

    Thanks guys. Definitely a challenge in the winter, but really all year round since my truck doesn't fit in my garage 🤦🏼‍♂️. Ceramic coating is on the list for this fall probably, it's got the ceramic liquid wax on for now. I have some paint chips that need fixing and maybe some ppf prior to coating. Here's a pic of the rig.
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    You guys have some great garages! I'm really new to detailing and just started to figure out what I need in March. So far this is what I have chosen for a set up. All I have been detailing is my truck, my wife's car, and my motorcycle. Between Youtube and this forum I've been learning lots. I use my garage as my workshop for various projects and it also has my gym in it so everything competes for space haha.
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    Food Thread

    Cinco de Nachos!
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    Double Soft Different?

    I would agree, feel is subjective, but... heres a single beside a well used double (meaning the double is probably even lost some of its loftiness). I have no idea how you would be hard pressed to identify the difference between these two towels, even in the package. Not trying to be a jerk, but that’s a huge difference to me. Shucks, I could fold and separate every towel in my inventory blind folded, LOL 😂
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    Finally took some pictures after my latest wash yesterday. Snowing again this morning hahaha.
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    Ceramic Spray

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    Inspector Gadget

    So confused

    I have no idea what this discussion is about all I know is I want more pictures of this car
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    Polished up my exhaust tips on the Vette and then Ceramic Sprayed them. Then I took our our stainless bathroom scale, used the metal polish and the machine to clean it up and remove the few rust spots. shined it up...............and then Ceramic Sprayed it. So then my wife was cleaning the kitchen and she comes outside with a stainless utensil holder and says "honey, can you do that stuff to this?" So I did. It was raining and I was bored.
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    Ceramic coatings not for me.

    You sure did, I witnessed it! Make sure we get the pics as proof😂🤣😬 Besides, you know you want to!!
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    Ceramic coatings not for me.

    I'm on the fence. I love maintaining my car with more traditional products...and PS and HGG are my favorite for white cars like mine. But as others said above, you still need to maintain coatings. With the new ceramic line, you can get the same feel for washing and waxing, just with more advanced, better protection, and longer lasting products. Ceramic Boost is like a Spray Wax and can be used once a month; the Ceramic Waterless is like DS but silica based and gives awesome shine and hydrophobic properties; the Ceramic Past Wax is like Patriot or Americana for application but lasts longer and still gives incredible shine; Wash & Coat is like Wash & Wax (another favorite of mine) but on steroids; and don't forget the new ceramic liquid wax, which is similar to buttery in consistency but works with coatings The more I think about it, it's almost as though Adam's realized making the switch is harder for some old schoolers, myself included, and designed their ceramic line to make the transition feel more comfortable yet more advanced. Wait, did I just talk myself into a coating??!! 🤔
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    Let’s follow up with a whole bunch more information about what paint correction is, and when it should (and shouldn’t be applied). Paint correction is not a magic bullet. It’s not something that can be done unlimited times. Paint correction works by removing clear coat in order to remove defects in your paint. Most of the UV protection of your paint comes in the first 1/3 of the clearcoat. Knowing that, we don’t want to remove more than that over the LIFETIME of the vehicle. Once you reduce the UV protection you accelerate clearcoat failure requiring a repaint. Paint correction also serves to level the clearcoat on a vehicle increasing the glossy look of the finish. This is why even brand new vehicles benefit from polishing. Modern paint systems are a three part system. They consist of a primer, base coat (color) and clear coat. Older paints may be single stage in nature mixing the clear and paint layers. On top of your paint sits a variety of contamination and defects typically. Contamination on the paint is generally tackled with washing, iron remover and clay. When we talk about defects, there’s spider webs which are microscratches, deep scratches which may or not be able to be taken care of without repainting and other forms of defects as illustrated below. When paint correcting we are only working with the clear coat. So as you can see, the deep scratches can’t be fixed. And some that are just in the clear coat shouldn’t be fixed for fear of striking through or removing too much clear accelerating failure. So you get a car, and you paint correct it. You’ve removed a little clear coat. You use good technique in washing and over time you develop damage (it happens no matter what we do). You polish again. But because you’ve used good technique along the way, you only need a finish polish to take a little clear coat off. Using this methodology you can get a long time with out of your paint and great looks. The other scenario is you perform a paint correction and you take it through the automatic car wash. You damage your finish over time. You then need a full correction to repair the damage which takes off more of the clear coat. When approached this way, you’re going to burn through more clear coat or get less corrections. So the ultimate answer to your question is to correct as infrequently as possible to preserve the clear coat. We use a paint thickness gauge to know what we are doing to a clients paint (or what they’ve done to it already). We are not opposed to using a fine polish a couple times a year. It leaves a satisfactory finish for most clients without significantly shortening the life of the paint. We will sometimes use a compound in isolated spots to handle concentrated damage as opposed to going all in everywhere. Hope this is helpful.
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    Product scents and fragrances

    Mystery DS was definitely Hawaiian punch....and I definitely wanted to take a sip.
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    Adam's Polishes x Mountain Standard

    Your name is Adam too? 🤣
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    Looks great! Agreed In & Out is awesome. If you ever find yourself short, try VRT diluted 80/20 (water/VRT). First wash the bay with TRC and rinse. Then spray the VRT solution over all hoses, belts, plastics, etc, and simply close the engine bay. No need to dry, and as the engine dries either by air or warmth after driving, it will look awesome! Try it...
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    Captain Slow

    Out of stock

    Almost everything on the “Specials” and “Flash Sale” is out of stock and has been that way for quite some time. Somebody at HQ has to monitor the forum. Pass this on to the correct person in Sales or Marketing. Thank you SIM CAMARO for posting this.
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    Ceramic boost over wax?

    I put Ceramic Boost over Ceramic Paste Wax and it lasts between 4 and 8 weeks according to the weather. I don't know the longevity of the Ceramic Paste Wax yet, since it has only been on for 4 months and still looks great. I'm thinking it will be in the 6+ month range with using the CB monthly on it. If you really want it to pop for a weekend, you can apply Brilliant Glaze over the Ceramic Wax or Ceramic Boost. I have also used CB over Paint Sealant and it worked fine, but did not give the depth and shine like I'm able to get with Ceramic Wax. For the lawn mowers, I use CB 1.0 without anything under it on both the exterior shells and under the mowing deck. I tried this with CB 1.0 and found it help keep them cleaner and the moist grass would not stick as much. The CB 1.0 lasts about 1/2 a season, which is ~4 months in South Carolina. I'll start using CB 2.0 on the mowers when the last 1/4 bottle of CB1.0 is gone.
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    At today's HQ demo, the Shine Stop team demoed the Ceramic Spray Coating with the grey microfiber pads. It's their recommended applicator tool. I used them, as well, and they worked great. Several sprays (8 or so) into the pad, then apply as normal. Used a microfiber towel to remove and voila, shine!
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    shiny ride

    Going Racing with Adams Polishes

    Thanks Brian....last picture of Laguna Seca....it's turn 6, nearly flat out heading to the corkscrew. Love that Adams shine!
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    Here is a picture of my ugly mug with a few behind the scenes shots at the Vanilla Ice concert.
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    Rinseless washed the SS using Adam’s Rinseless Wash followed by a competitor’s bead making wipedown. We’ve got two to three inches of rain in the forecast from tonight through Thursday so I’m not sure what I was thinking but for now it looks nice. Looking forward to correcting the paint then coating it next month. I found a couple love marks on the hood and trunk lid probably from snow removal that need addressing. Touched up the windshield with Glass Sealant after a good scrubbing and clay bar.
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    So confused

    Forget the pads..send more pics of the car!!!
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    Ok to buff Buttery Wax with machine?

    I suggest you consider the Spray Wax instead of Buttery Wax to make it easier. The Spray Wax is extremely easy to use, looks great and as the product details state: Safe on paint, glass, chrome, fiberglass, plastic, aluminum, vinyl, etc. Anti-static and anti-streak formulation safely removes fingerprints and water spots, while protecting your finish! Extends life of current protection, or stand-alone paint protection. Use on wet or dry painted surfaces, in full-sun or shade! I do believe all of those conditions may apply for a boat. I've used in on vehicles of different types and and ages and am really happy with the product. Using the Spray Wax after Waterless Wash allowed me to get a vehicle looking good quickly with little effort.
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    Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin


    Not the best lighting - but here they are.
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    I think those saying it looks like paint is right. I took some Goof Off latex paint remover and used it on the lower quarter of my panel and it started to break it down. I quickly followed up with each pass an ipa and water rinse to make sure it didnt work its way into the clear. That took off the bulk of it. I had family over for the weekend so couldnt spend to much time, so next weekend I will tackle it all and take care of it then. The wheel well liner is a felt like material. I still think its odd they do that instead of plastic maybe it keeps quieter from the wind buffering around the wheel? but yeah that will probably be harder to clean. May have to take off my wheels and use a good scrub brush to that.
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    Captain Slow

    What did you do today?

    The ophthalmologist my wife works for closed his practice and retired March 30th. I was honored to be his last patient; no visual field changes and excellent eye health considering my glaucoma diagnosis almost twenty five years ago. Anyway, he let us have four giant cabinets that housed some of his patients medical files. One is in the basement now full of detailing supplies and the other three are in the garage. I removed the doors from the one in the basement but I’m leaving the doors on the three in the garage. Note: Waterless Wash, Detail Spray, Microfiber Revitalizer, Tire & Rubber Cleaner, Turbo Stick, old wooden handled lug nut brush and clay bars were on different shelves when I got the itch to snap these pics. They are now all reunited and happily living on the same shelf away from the influence of Barry Meguiar, Richard Griot, Jim Lafeber and Bob McKee. Today before the family came over for Sunday dinner I rinseless washed the cabinets then dried them. They were then treated to Adam’s Quick Sealant followed by a competitor’s paint sealant. Yes, the spray head popped off and I had to go chase after it but that’s the fun of using Quick Sealant! 😁👍🏼 Tomorrow everything on the garage shelves is coming down and going into those same cabinets. Best part is the price: free for the hauling! Worst part is I’m now down to three full cans of Quick Sealant.
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    polisher speed

    I usually use 5-6. Remember to have the polisher on the surface before you turn it on, and leave it on the surface until it stops. Otherwise you'll sling polish everywhere!
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    Tire Armor

    Applied Tire Armor today. Took about an hour all toll, from getting all the tools, etc. ready to cleanup. First things first since we usually love them...the smell will likely not be one of your favorites. Smells like household paint. But the application was pretty straightforward. Longest, "most difficult" part was cleaning the tires thoroughly, but that wasn't too bad. Took 3-4 passes with TRC to get completely white foam. I also cleaned the wheels and fenders so that added some of the time mentioned earlier. I only applied one coat, which left a satin/VRT-like finish. The directions said another coat could be applied after 10-15 minutes to give added gloss, which I assume is more Tire Shine-like. But this was my first try so wanted to see how one coat does for look and durability. They look pretty good (though I like them shinier), and the durability is TBD. I'll update this post over the next few weeks. But after driving once on a dirt road, no dust stuck to them. Some lessons learned: - I first tried a grey MF pad, but the results were lacking. Then I followed the directions on the bottle and switched to a grey foam tire block. MUCH better. - Directions say to use "4-5 sprays into tread block and covering the majority of the surface area." I think that's somewhat misleading. I needed quite a few more all around the tire to get even coverage. - Some got ontol the rims while I was spreading it. Not sure what effect it might have, but it's not really noticeable. Now for pictures... Before During...white foam = clean tires Dried, clean tires to work with After...
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