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    My sisters 300 "Big Sal" is the latest hydrophobic car on the road courtesy of yours truly. The new compound is nice to work with, ended up using that, polish, brilliant glaze and sealant. Did a full recon for her, sealed the windows and scrubbed 5 years of brake dust from the barrels. I owe her interior dressing and leather conditioner which I have yet to buy.
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    Official Beading Photo Thread

    A shot after a shower while we were watching the 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'. I don't remember when the Paint Sealant was applied, but the H2O Guard & Gloss (old formula) was applied a month ago.
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    Preparing for Spring 2020

    Hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner. For the Florida friends, it has pretty much arrived. The south east is another 15 or days away and for the northern folks, June isn't that far off, hang in there. Given that we've all been rather quiet on the detailing side, I thought it would be interesting to see what the members have planned for their houses and vehicles. Mary and I are looking at some landscaping to pretty up the front of the house after putting the new fence in last year thanks to the tornado. In addition, we've finally decided on the design for our new building and now it is all about the prep work and finalizing the a few items. This is not an endorsement or recommendation, but is the company we are in discussions with and the building model we both like. The one change will be the wall on the left side will go to the ground. The size will be 36' long, 18' wide bay and 10 maybe 12 foot wide enclosed area. The peak will be 14' so I can put campers or motorhomes in there and it will be a full wash bay. So that is the initial plan for the Spring and the wife has made it pretty clear that the landscaping comes first. Then I just need to do a bunch of vehicles to replenish the savings account. It will be nice to have a decent sized shop for the vehicles we rehab since they tend to be longer term projects. What does everyone else have planned?
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    Ceramic Spray Coation Applied

    As some of you know, I replaced my old trusty Porta Cable with the Adams Swirl Killer 15 mm/ I arrived the other day along with some needed supplies, so today I decided to do a detail on the wife's 2018 Equinox. Now it was in good shape seeing it is kept in the garage and we are both retired so it does not see a lot of driving, but the bulk of it seeing the other car is a Corvette so it see more time in the garage then her car. So I started with a Strip Wash, then clay with the new Adams clay mitt. Next I broke out the new SW and started with the white pad but after working a small area to test I decided to go with my orange pad. So I use it along with the one step polish. Next I went with the Ceramic Prep and finished with the Ceramic Spray Coating I am going to let it sit over night and apply the Boost tomorrow. Here are a few shots of the finished product. Like I said the car was not in bad shape so any before pictures would just not have as shiny.
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    I purchased an '81 Turbo Trans Am SE last week that had been sitting for 13 years in a barn. I'm part way through the clean up phase and I thought I would make a thread to post updates. This is what it looked like when I picked it up last week. I carefully sprayed off the loose stuff on low pressure at the car wash. This is what was left after spraying it off: I soaked the car down with Adam's blue car shampoo in my new foam cannon. I don't have a pic of the car soaking as I was having trouble with my phone and the black car sitting in the sun was starting to dry. So, after wash shots.... Next up is compound and possibly polish with the swirl killer. I'm hoping it can take out these flaws: I'll post more updates as I work on it but will probably be after the holidays. Thanks for following.
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    Newbie from Central IL

    Welcome to the family Sean!! That's my '68
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    Water beading and water behavior feedback Ceramic Boost UV Paint Coating UV Spray Coating This one is a long one so here are the highlight points. Slickness test 1:56 Water Behavior 3:50 Final thoughts 11:30
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    Adam's offers professional-level detail certification classes at the HQ in Denver (I'm one of the instructors). You can sign up online, https://www.theshinestop.com/videos. We talk about aspects of running a business, and show you the skills necessary to properly detail and ceramic coat a vehicle. We'd love to have you!
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    New Year 2020 Sale!

    Adam's Polishes New Year 2020 Sale is here! Save 20% off all chemicals and microfiber, and 15% off everything else. No code needed. CLICK HERE TO SHOP Plus, check out these Year End specials!
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    Once the wife realizes that you can clean a windshield and have it streak free, you'll not only make her happy that you are doing windows, but she'll also be less resistant to the other Adam's products you want to order.
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    Finally got a chance to clean up the 'Nox. Just had time for a wash and application of glass sealant. There is a lot more that could be done...but this is a big improvement.
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    Ceramic Paste Wax

    Check out this 40 Ford I detailed & top it off with CPW. The CPW gave it a nice deep wet look.
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    New Toyota 2016 4Runner SR5

    Nice truck Tim! It is always fun to get a new vehicle of you own to do a full detail too. That white floor paint around the seat mounts would be bug the crap out of me! I would be tempted to put down some Plasti-dip where the carpet holes are.
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    First, welcome to the forums! Here's a video that will best explain most towels. If you have any more questions, please ask...
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    Ceramic Spray Application

    I do not apply CB immediately after coating my vehicles. I let them cure in the garage for about 6 hours, longer if possible and then they go into the elements, except the wife's - but that is an exception. The next day, I check the vehicle for any places that I might have missed or that look thin, so far I've only had one, and I did that correction and then after a week they get a wash, followed by another inspection and then if everything looks good, I mist the vehicle and use CB with the wet method. I try to wash my vehicles every other week and I use Wash + Coat and the Ceramic Waterless Wash as a drying aid one time and the next Ultra Shampoo followed by CB as a drying aid. I did my Spray Coating in September and three months later it is still looking good. The picture was taken a few minutes ago and as you can tell it has been raining a bit and this weekend makes two weeks since it has been washed. The truck was coated on September 28th. For the wife's garage queen, it gets a full wash less often, but I try to go over it every week or so with Ceramic Waterless Wash, if nothing else just to keep the chrome looking good, the Denali's have a bunch of it. I hope you grabbed a picture of the Silverado to share.
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    *** 12/23/2019 Update Spent a few minutes with a buddy's 15mm SK (blue pad) and some Adam's Compound. This was just one pass on a few areas. I WILL absolutely be buying the SK soon and already have my email on notify for the Nano Polisher. Test area on hood, before: Same spot, after: Roof before: Roof after: Front fender, before: Front fender, after Rear quarter, only have after shots but can compare to trunk:
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    Just wanted to share a video we posted to Youtube about our experience using a VRT dilution to dress and protect a spray-on bedliner. We got this tip from an old post on here. Love these forums!
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    Ceramic Paste Wax

    Chris, I marked "Thanks" not only for sharing the '40 Ford pictures , but because it looks like a Trophy which is what that shine would win.
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    I have to agree with @Chris@Adams on the good looking vehicle and coating. I did my Wife's and son-in-laws vehicles right after purchase. Not only was the vehicle much easier to prep, it also reduced the number of dings that had to be dealt with. It has been 7 months since I did the son-in-laws truck and it still looks great and 5 months on the wife's. If can you can swing the coating, you'll love the looks and ease of maintenance.
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    Ceramic Paste Wax

    That thing is freaking awesome Chris!!!
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    It has proven thus far to be just that lol! Thanks Rich
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    Ceeramic Switch Over

    I was the same way. But decided to try the Ceramic Spray on the daily. Loved the results so now I use it on the Vette too. Guess you can teach an old dog like me new tricks.
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    Ceramic Spray Coation Applied

    Yes and now that I have done the paint correction the next application should be a lot faster. Still not sold on doing the Corvette, as it is in the garage covered most of the time and doing the normal cleaning and the complete detailing I enjoy. Also to be honest, A polished and wax finish looks more deep and wet compared to the ceramic. I have actually had people ask who did the ceramic on the Corvette and when I tell them it is not coated, but polished and wax they don't believe me.
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    Ceramic Spray Coation Applied

    That looks great Jack!
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    Zaino to Adams Ceramic

    2 towels is fine. Fold it into quarters...that gives u 8 clean sides per towel..for a total of 16.
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    I used the Finishing Polish and white pad on my 19 Equinox and the Vette. Fortunately, I do have mud flaps on mine and running boards so I don't have to work as hard as Ray. I've never used the compound on the Vette.
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    Hi Jack. On the modern Chevy paint for normal vehicles, not the Vette, I've had really good luck using One Step with a Orange Pad as the starting point and then following up with the White Pad and finishing polish. If the vehicle looks really good after after the first round with One Step, I have also gone to Revive Hand Polish. As @Chris@Adams stated, do a test panel since each vehicle can be a bit different. I have done two Equinox, a 2014 and 2017 and the paint was pretty consistent between them. The other thing that I noticed about the Equinox is that they tend to throw more stuff on the vehicle near the front tires so the 2014 which had more mlles needed some additional work on the lower fender and front edge of the front doors. It did not have any mudflaps, which didn't help matters.
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    New from TN

    Few pics of what’s in the stable. Got to use the guard and gloss. Really liked that so far. Adams have a RV line of products?
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    Great advice and great write up!
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    Brilliant Glaze / how to use

    I used it on the inside of the vehicles windows and the body when I want that extra pop for a weekend. It also works great around the house on the bathroom mirrors, stainless steel appliances and the inside windows on your house.
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    Forum Awareness Campaign

    Good ideas, Ray. I'll pass them along to the team! I'd love to get more exposure for these forums.
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    Ceramic coating

    Just because your car is ceramic coated doesn't mean you don't have to do anything to maintain it once it's done.
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    Which Pad should I Order

    I have used One Step with various pads and like the outcome come the One Step Pad followed by Revive Hand Polish. I have also gone with an Orange pad and a White pad in the past according to what the paint needed. When I used an Orange pad, I followed with Finishing Polish and a White Pad and the only reason I used One Step at the time, was the vehicle need a bit more work than just finishing polish would do, but not enough to need Correcting polish. I'll be honest in the point that the first time was an experiment at the time, but the results convinced me that One Step could be used as a lighter weight correcting polish. As for the Swirl Killer, WOW is all I can say, I went from an old piece of equipment to the SK-15 and couldn't believe how nice it was and wish I had gotten one much earlier.
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    Safe to paint correct outdoors?

    At shows I have done paint correction to many many cars, that being said I prefer my garage.
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    What Am I Doing Wrong (Glass Cleaning)

    May have a few other things to recommend, Ray 😁
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    Once u try BG theres no turning back. Sooooo easy.
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    Almost Embarassed

    Hi BG. The PS will last up to 6 months, and can be maintained with HGG once a month or so. Most apply in the PS in the spring and fall. Not the protection of a coating, but easier & faster to apply.
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    Almost Embarassed

    @falcaineer I have not, but based on your suggestion, I will try it... Unfortunately, I just placed an order yesterday for some other stuff, so I'll have to add it to my shopping list for my next order. From reading up on each of the product pages, I presume the PS should be treated like a wax, applied once every two to three months, and then maintain with the HGG, right? Also, any problems applying either product in the cold? I wouldn't mind trying it out immediately so she looks good and add protection during road salt season, but if a certain temperature needs to be hit, I may have to wait to apply until the spring. Thanks!
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    Almost Embarassed

    Beautiful car! If you haven't tried either/both, Paint Sealant (PS) and H2O Guard and Gloss (HGG) work incredibly well on white. Another great option is any of the ceramic products. But I still love the PS+HGG combo.
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    Almost Embarassed

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    The tires look good and your going to love the X-ICE tires. The Red car looks good also, but it does show that this you should consider painting your hubs and calipers.
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    Selling Adam's Microfiber Blanket

    I think we saw that last year, I think I heard it was just a bit of extra stock that was held to cover any shipping mishaps. But if you’re looking for one don’t wait, the blankets are amazing!!
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    Happy Holidays from Charlotte, NC

    Welcome & Merry Christmas!
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    Comprehensive List of Limited Editions

    Pretty sure this is my whole collection of limited editions at the moment. And before anyone asks, sorry none are for trade.
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    Yesterday before work, I came outside to these: Then, when I came home from work, this was my wife’s car:
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    Captain Slow

    Official Beading Photo Thread

    Standing in the parking lot in the rain snapping pics of beads on my SS. That’s Adam’s Spray Wax doing the beading.
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    Official Beading Photo Thread

    Cold and frosty little beads.
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