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    Yesterday I rinseless washed the SS using Adam’s Rinseless and a plethora of MT towels in a bucket. Tires were cleaned with Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner. Wheels cleaned with whatever car shampoo was left in my iK sprayer. Tires were treated to a layer of Adam’s Tire Shine plus each wheel and caliper got a spritz of Ceramic Boost to top off the competitor’s wheel coating. No LSP on the paint as I can’t make up my mind on what direction I’m going...
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    Microfiber towel cleaning

    I recommend 'cleaning' the washer before putting in your expensive towels, and cleaning it again when you are done to keep all the grime out of the regular wash. Before you start: Use the washers 'clean' setting, if it has one. If not pick up some Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, and use it according to the directions. As other have said, pre-soak the towels to help remove product from them. It is up to you how you break them down, but I do 'wash' towels (wash, dry, glass, mitts), 'polish+wax' towels, work towels, black towels (some will run, some will not), and finally my terry cloth work towels. Always two rinses. To leave the machine ready for other laundry run the Tide Washing Machine Cleaner thru it according to the directions. I would be careful with the commercial machines. You don't know what has been thru them that could affect your towels, and the hot settings could damage your towels. This my addition to the 'How to wash the microfiber towels?' thread: I attended a class at Mobile Tech Expo on Friday presented by The Rag Company titled 'Microfiber 101'. A whole hour on microfiber, and it was very interesting! They do recommend pre-soaking, if you have time, and an APC will work, but as Dan said, MFBR will work fine too. They also recommended soaking a coating (or H20 G&G) towel ASAP to remove as much residue as possible. It is up to you if you want to use the coating removal/leveling towel again on paint, or demote it. They recommended adding a few ounces of distilled white vinegar to the bleach tray, but NOT to the wash. If added with the soap it will reduce the cleaning level of the soap. It was also recommended to skip the Hot setting, as MF can melt at 140F, and some hot water heaters may be set to that, or higher. I use the Hot setting for my white polishing towels without issue, but your results may differ. And just a few things that 'everybody already knows' about microfiber: Never use bleach or fabric softener Never use anything above Low heat on the dryer Never use dryer sheets when drying NEVER wash cotton towels with MF towels
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    Putting that shine on some pork!!!
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    New Site, Take a Look and Save!

    Yes, it is very nice to have the new version of the Daily Special. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/deal-of-the-day
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    15mm Swirl Killer, Blue Foam Pad, Metal Polish #1 Before After Before After
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    Ceramic Coat a GSXR Motorcycle

    All but his kid's... 😁
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    Microfiber towel cleaning

    I solved the washing machine thing....I just bought a new one to dedicate to microfibers. They sell those small compact ones and a guy on the FB detailing page had a big right up on one. I guess I will soak immediately after every use and wash at the end of the week. I am going to wash in All free and clear. Can I spray Simple Green directly on the tough stains on the towel to remove them? should I do that in the soak or before I wash?
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    Brought to you by Mega Foam, Wash+Coat, Ceramic Waterless Wash, and Glass Cleaner.
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    Adam's Pressure Washer

    I'm not one to talk bad about a company, especially Adams. But there are better options than this pressure washer. That video above is spot on. Matt at obsessed garage has done hundreds of tests on different pressure washers to come up with entry level pressure washers that are built well. Tons of youtube videos of him testing them all and he'll tell you if its junk or not.
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    Agreed with both @Norton and @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin, and also recommend the Ceramic Waterless. It quickly moved into my Top 3 favorites from Adam's, and the shine and beads it gives are incredible! Here's some pics of it on my car...
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    Detail spray

    Works great in bathrooms on counters and seats. Great in the kitchen on appliances. I even use it on my aluminum storm doors. Detail Spray...........not just for cars any more!
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    Hood streaks with every product

    Based on having more than one place where you have a clear coat failure, I would recommend have the entire vehicle repainted. It is really the only way to ensure you won't end up with another failed area in the near future. In addition, trying to get a partial repaint to fully match it nearly impossible since they will fade at different rates.
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    Drying aid

    I’ve haven’t seen a coated car that water doesn’t slide off of. Using a pooling rinse will help as it leaves less water on the car to start.
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    New Car Detailing

    One thing I also do is to coat it really well before I store the car for the winter. I got the new Interior Protection Paste a couple months ago, and plan on using that in two months when I store the car, and then in the spring I hopefully will be able to tell if one is better than the other for long term protection.
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    Red - Through the years

    LOVE IT. And they ALL look beautiful. My wife is a White freak. So her Lexus is white. I had a Yellow 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek Special Edition I purchased new in 2015. I took a job in Texas and it came to an end. I decided to buy an RV for the job in West Virginia and couldn't use the Subaru Crosstrek. So I and traded it for a 2016 Ram Stinger Yellow 1500 Sport. After two years I sold the RV at the end of the job and didn't need the truck. Sold it and got the 2018 Subaru Forester XT Touring. It's the last year they put the turbo in the Forester so the picking was slim. I could only find White or Black. I got the white one and had it vinyl wrapped in Yellow. So I guess you could say I like Yellow cars/trucks. And surprisingly, people still say they didn't see me when they pull out in front of me. Go figure. I heard the police look out for red vehicles. That was another reason why I never went back to red. They look nice.
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    Adam's Polishes LABOR DAY SALE!

    @TheWolf The wife requested that I thank you for helping to ensure that our bank account did not become bloated. However, she did express one complaint when she noticed that I ordered a 6 pack of the new blue Plush Waffle microfiber towel - where are her Green Bay Green towels? Sorry, she's a cheesehead - that is considered a compliment - and football season is getting ready to kick off. I've done my duty by thanking you and passing along her complaint and I'll make sure her Terrain is thoroughly cleaned this weekend to ensure that I stay out of trouble.
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    Detail spray

    Anything on the silica-infused site is perfect for coatings. And you can think of Ceramic Waterless as a detail spray-equivalent for ceramics. Hope that helps!
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    Hood streaks with every product

    The machine polisher should help, but you may also be using too much product. In my experience, doing so frequently results in streaking, so it's best to keep in mind that less is more.
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    Thanks for the opportunity, @TheWolf, @Dan@Adams @Adam @Matt@Adams and Derek! I look forward to continuing to help and learn all about Adam's!!!
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    Knowing What Shampoo?

    To add, it also depends on what you have planned. If you're wanting to start over and make sure that you have any other coatings removed (aside from ceramic) then go with the strip wash. Maintenance wash on a traditionally coated vehicle, Wash and Wax is my go-to. Maintenance wash for a vehicle getting a fresh coat of existing top coat (e.g. reapplying wax) then you can't go wrong with Car Shampoo, Ultra Foam, or Mega. Having tried them all, Mega is my favorite. Less because of it foaming more than the others but more because it clings much better. You'll really see the difference on a coated vehicle. The others will slide off pretty quickly while Mega tends to stay in place.
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    New member from UT

    Once I get them cleaned up from the last rain storms we had I will.
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    Lol I’m sorry! Just like to share the love. It’s a fun hobby. Also you don’t have to get it all at once get it in phases. But while you’re at it, check out some mystery items. Those are fun! either way is fine, I prefer to have the car foamed for extra lubrication. And I still do a bucket wash sometimes Two sometimes one depending on how dirty the vehicle is.
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    1999 Ford F-250 First Real Wash

    Thanks Chris. If you read the entire thread, especially the last sentence, you'd would have caught the point that is was worth losing the battle to win the war. One-Time Green truck to get do the Red truck many times. Absolutely a time where losing the battle resulted in the ultimate victory.
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    New Retail Store Coming to CA, Sep 2019

    I didnt watch the whole video but looks like a few new products are getting released Monday!! Hoping for cali DS online!! They blurred out the pics though!! New store looks awsome. Anybody visit the store yet???
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    John, that looks like a great plan! Remember to take your time when polishing and do test spots with products before you go for it just to be sure you are happy with the results. and about your softener. That can make a huge difference in your washes and significantly reduce the risk of getting hard water spots.
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    Morning fellas. Watched and read a ton last night I feel I am ready to tackle this big job! With the clay mitt, my plan is to wash the truck with Adams car shampoo, rinse it off, but not dry it. Then I will spray Detail Spray as I clay with the mitt like how it was shown on the youtube clay mitt video. My question is do I dry the parts I clay with a microfiber towel as I go along or no need to? After claying I will do a quick wash to remove any residue with the car shampoo again then rinse and dry off. Park it in garage and on day 2 go to town on the polish/sealant. I will do a quick wipe down with waterless wash before polishing/sealant on day 2.
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    Hi John, I am a newbie doing my own cars and went thru the same thing. I was afraid to touch my new car. Once finished, I am extremely happy with the results. I ended up: Strip Wash Visco Clay w/ Detail Spray Revive Polish Paint Sealant Brilliant Glaze Americana Wax (Will follow up with H2O after this Saturday's California opening) I just did my in-laws car and it was an older car with scratches. I used a machine polisher and not only are the scratches gone, I think it looks better than my new car. In about 8-10 months when the paint sealant is gone, I will machine polish my new car. I left my in-laws car out overnight and a day, and I wiped it down with some detail spray before I started polishing. I didn't have Waterless Wash and am hoping/assuming the polishing removed and detail spray left on. I used the Correction and then the Finishing Polish. I can't express how pleased I am. Both of them seem mild enough that there doesn't seem to be much risk for someone new like myself. To answer your last question, I did NOT do the jams as they don't normally see weather and it seemed like a lot of work with all the small creases and hard to reach areas. (And I don't see them as much)
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    Hey John, so what @Sandalwood was suggesting (I think) is using detail spray or waterless wash right before you get to work on the second day before you polish just to get rid of the dust that make have built up and give you a clean surface to polish.
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    Super VRT on Weathertech Floor Mats?

    The cleaner can be picked up from most of the distributors. The list of distributors is under Store Locator on the products site, you can also stop by your local Chevy dealer since it is product the larger dealers will have on hand. Yes, they'll even sell the products to a Ford owner, but they might try to convince you to get a new truck while you are there.
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    Thanks @falcaineer So @cskipgo, looks like using either of the waxes would work as protection while you wait to acquire the other product. Be aware that it will likely require reapplication more often than normal. Butter Wax may need reapplication weekly while americana may need reapplication monthly or more often.
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    Ceramic Coating

    What Nick said. I’d even go as far as to say not only was DS not needed, but it was a mistake to use it. Coating prep is your best friend. It’s probably my favorite product and arguably one of Adams most overlooked product for preparing a great LSP surface.
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    HGG and CB (Ceramic Boost) are both very quick and effective ways to protect your wheels. I recommend either and/or both. So you already have Americana and Buttery. I don't see any issue with using those as protection on your painted wheels, but since I haven't used either on my wheels, let alone specialty wheels, I would defer this answer to @Chris@Adams @falcaineer @Dan@Adams just in case
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    How About a Pop Up Canopy or Top?

    One of the best ever since they brought the new Corvette C8 display and cars. Saturday broke all records for walk ins, Fun Field attendance, and sales. Weather was perfect. All of that together created the perfect show. Next year's dates are August 27 to 30, 2020. Hope you can make it.
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    Pumpkin Spice 2019

    Lots of Spice this year! Detail Spray, Interior Detailer, Car Shampoo, Tire Shine, Hand Cleaner, Air Fresheners, Candle, Water Bottles, and apparel. https://adamspolishes.com/pages/adams-polishes-fall-launch-pumpkin-spice-2019
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    Food Thread

    Welcome back, Joe!!!! Appropriate your most recent post is on this forum 😆👍.
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    The Sticker Trading Thread

    I called it on the other!
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    There’s a guy that knows how to eat his Italian Beef!!!!! Big Beef with Cheddar, Dipped.
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    Red - Through the years

    @SgtLip to answer the question in the other thread - Yes, I do believe Red vehicles may be a theme. We didn't have the Terrain the last time I updated this thread, so I'll add a picture here. Plus this thread doesn't include the completed Mustang, For the record, I couldn't reach a deal on the '77 Vette, so I'm still looking for another vehicle that needs some love.
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    I actually did use wash and coat here, forgot to add it to the list. and yes I used about 2-3 sprays per panel. It seems to spread around the panel very easily and wipes clean quickly.
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    Microfiber towel cleaning

    I do it all the time, as do most others. The MRB breaks it all down, and I haven't seen any ill effects on clothes. I wash most after every use, but not the drying ones, and it may be a while between washes so I store them in a bucket. P.S. Moving this to the Towel and Accessory thread... And here's a thread on cleaning them, if you haven't seen it already.
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    Adam's Plush Drying Towels (Regular & Mini)

    I guess if I was independently wealthy, NO!!! But when you need to spend so much on towels to do specific jobs, why buy the large when the mini will do? It's called price comparison or evaluating ROI. Besides, someone gets paid to write and post this information. Millennial's, doesn't anyone take pride in their work anymore?
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    Adam's Pads on DeWalt Rotary?

    It's very easy to do serious damage to paint with rotary polishers, whereas, it takes effort to damage paint with an orbital. Unless you're an expert with (rotary) polishers, I strongly recommend you return the rotary in favor of an orbital, like the ones available from Adam's.
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    Which Towel to Use

    As a general rule, waffle weave for wet stuff, plush for dry.
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    2018/2019 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    Hey rich nice seeing you had a great time like you said Adam is a class act next year going to try that steak dinner and those c8’s beautiful cars well Carlisle is over you know what’s around the corner I don’t want to say it but ⛄️ See you next year had a blast
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    Waterless wash & ceramic coating

    Around Christmas is when I got my ceramic coating on sale
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    Which Towel to Use

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    Congratulations Chris!
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    The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Admit it. Despite how easy Adam's makes it, whether you've been detailing for days or years, we've all made a mistake or two along the way. It comes with the territory. So I figured, while many threads on here contain solid advice of "How To's" and "To Do's," I thought it'd be fun to have a thread dedicated to our "Don't Do's." A catalog of lessons learned, if you will. Those things we did that we still scratch our heads over. Those little golden nuggets you want to share a laugh with over a "virtual" beverage of choice with fellow detailers. Now, this sort of thread is liable to stall after my post, or go on for a while, so I'll start and we'll see what happens....... I love my Sidekick, as I proclaimed here and other threads across the forum. Awesome tool, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. When I first got it, though, I was a little apprehensive about its performance. Sure, the air was blowing like crazy, as advertised, but I had to get pretty close to the car for it to be effective. I was also very deliberate, even careful, while doing so. Still, I wasn't getting good results, and I even nicked one of my rims. That is, until I came across and actually "studied" the picture of it on the Adam's site... Pretty straightforward tool, right? The Sidekick itself, all 1.3hp of warm, filtered air. The long 12' extension cord. The comfort grip handle. The Adam's logo. The 2 nozzles...wait, what? See those black things? The rubberized cone and fan shaped nozzles, meant to focus the air stream and protect your car? Yeah, I forgot to install them. For...let's just say, a while...I was using the Sidekick with a small, sharp metal nub as my blower. There's a reason they're in the box. Don't forget the nozzle!
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    Cleaning paint before waxing

    After you clay you'll want to remove the residue, especially if you aren't polishing. You can use the Surface Prep or isopropyl alcohol 50/50 to wipe down the paint. Some just do another wash, which might very well be sufficient. So you know, to get the best results, polish is really what makes paint shine. Wax adds depth, gloss and protection, but it's the polish that really makes paint pop. Just something to consider...but I know you just put a lot of effort into coating.
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