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    Everyone I just wanted to say hi to everyone and thank Adams for making such wonderful products and how to video’s for us garage detailers out there. I started using Adams metal polishes on my “bare” aluminum wheels on my Z06 years ago. It performed well beyond anything I could buy in any store. That was the beginning of my adiction to Adams products. After some convincing from my friends that I should get my paint corrected/ceramic coating on my new to me 2011 manual 6 speed CTS-V. I decided to do some research on what it all was about. I went to various web sites and watched tons of videos. I quickly learned that this was easily a $1000 venture to have done professionally. Having a complete paint correction performed and a full Ceramic coating applied was not a small job. The Adams how to videos helped me feel confidant that I can learn to do this myself. I greatly enjoyed learning something new as well. I managed to get a Porter Cable polisher, Adams 3 step pads, Adams 3 step polish, Adams backing plate and Adams Ceramic coating kit. I later learned that I should have gotton the Adams Swirl Killer polisher. Its on my Christmas wish list for my wife right now. 8-). The PC worked ok though but now I know better. The higher quality Adams polisher with a longer throw would have made my job easier. I also learned that the smaller Adams Swirl Killer MINI would have been great to have. All of the tight spots on the front grill, mirrors, pillars, etc would have been much easier to correct with the right tool for the job. I ordered one today with all the 4” pads. I can also use it on my daily driver and wifes SUV to clean up some scratches and headlight polishing. I’m still learning what works best but it seems Adams has me covered on what works best. I must say it was a lot of detailed work paint correcting and ceramic coating, but the results turned out to be amazing. I think I did well for my first time. I have some info on what I did on my web site if anyone wants to see. http://www.toquez06.com/ctsvpaint.html Keep up the good job of providing us great products to keep our cars looking new !!! Thanks Adams ! Mark
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    Hello from Canada

    Hey Adam's Polishes Forums, The names Tyler from Ontario, Canada. Been using Adam's products for a couple years now after a buddy got me on to them. Here's what I'm "detailing" 2002 Toyota Celica 2016 Toyota Tundra
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    Cleaning spray bottles

    Just be sure to CLEARLY label the re-used bottle!
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    Dan with Adams insisted that I clean with Ceramic Boost in between applications and this did wonders. The black trim restorer is sticky until it fully cures. Once fully cured, clean with Ceramic Boost as this will pull off any excess Trim Restorer if you applied it too heavy. From there proceed with doing the Trim Coating install. Mine is still beading water very well as it rained last night and I did notice the hydrophobic properties still working. Ceramic Boost makes the trim a breeze to clean and shine up with the trim coating.
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    Nice work. Congrats and welcome!
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    They are number one in customer service I’m very impressed with there service
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    Cleaning spray bottles

    I usually just rinse them out with water until it stops foaming. With wheel cleaner being so potent, you may want to try washing it out with Dawn or a sort of detergent as well. But definitely reuse your bottles... save the environment! ?
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    C7 Corvette Hood Stinger Stripe Care

    I've never clayed my stripes. But the Buttery Wax, or any of the waxes are okay to use. I use Revive Polish on mine by hand, followed up with wax. I use Patriot, but have used Buttery in the past with great results.
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    Call up customer service they will take care of you no problem
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    Patroit wax for sale on ebay cheap!!!

    Please note that buying from eBay sellers is a "buy at your own risk" if it is not coming from our Adam's Polishes eBay account directly, and we are not responsible for any damage or any other possible issues. We do not permit any of our authorized dealers to re-sell on Ebay or Amazon.
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    Hello from another FNG in Pennsylvania

    Yes it was Grabiaks, and I can't say enough about how great the people are there. Thanks for the info on the detail clinic.
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    Tools of the trade for application Dan@adams stated to clean with ceramic in between the restorer and ceramic coating.
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