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    Woo hoo, I made the 'big boy' list - number 8 on the post count Leaderboard! No chance of catching Chris T. or Rich, but I am the only other active member on that list.
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    Adam's 4th of July Sale Starts Now!

    So my wife just pick me up a couple bottles of detail spray and I got to be honest the American Detail spray to me anyways does not smell like apple pie. it smells good but to me it kind of smells like a minty version of Bengay back rub. Not complaining but my nostrils don't smell apple pie at all. And it smells exactly like the Canada spray too. But I also got a bottle of pumpkin spice and yeah that stuff smells delicious
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    It's time for one of my favorite parts of the year, the 4th of July! As many of you already know, we love our country here at Adam's Polishes, and what better way to celebrate our independence than with some fun patriotic products like we've done for the past few years now! Last year we had blueberry Detail Spray, but this year it's Apple scent, plus we have a new limited run Shampoo too! Detail Carts and stools are back in stock, plus there's a super soft new 1500gsm microfiber wash mitt, blue borderless towels, air fresheners, shirts, hats, and more! We have free shipping for the continental USA set at $75 before discount, and you can use the code USA for 15% off store wide! This sale ends July 5th at Midnight. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW!
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    Ceramic Coating, Wax, Boost

    Have Adams old coating on th car that I applied in September 2017. Decontaminated it with iron remover and light clay. Then I applied Ceramic paste wax two days ago. Topped it all off the next day with Ceramic Boost. The car is really “wet” and is a mirror. Really happy with the shine and ease of application of all three of these products. Prep work is definitely key!
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    Only $39.09 after discount code COATING >>>click here to order<<< Subscribe to this thread for notifications of the update. *Daily Specials are updated each weekday and run thru the following business day or until updated. Offers are for the period they are posted only, promotions will not be backdated. During store wide sales and other promotions the Daily Special may be suspended until the sale or promotion has ended.
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    Congrats on the milestone, Mike. Glad you're still active on the forum with the rest of us bottom dwellers.
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    Man once it sets in it’s pretty difficult to get out. I have a ton of waterproof towels now?. I just pretty much try and make sure now that I wash towels in specific loads to avoid cross contamination. People say you can boil them, but I tried it and it never helped mine. So now any time I’m using H2O I prep a bucket with warm water and MFBR and throw the towels in as soon as I’m done. I wring them out several times to help get most of the H2O out and allow them to soak for a bit before washing.
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    Improved from the red and white mitt, which was already awesome in my opinion. This one is even softer microfiber material. I've been using the red & white mitt and the premium microfiber sponge almost exclusively on my vehicles lately - they both rinse out very easily (much easier than the 10" Wash Pad and Merino Wool Mitt for me) and do not put any swirls in my vehicles when used properly. I'm very excited to try out this new mitt!
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    Adam's 4th of July Sale Starts Now!

    Got mine in! Some really nice stuff this time around.
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    Side Shot Front of School.jpg

    © Kevin Miller

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    ceramic coating on a seadoo

    is the other one green??
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    Thanks for all your inputs on here, Oz!
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    If it’s alresdy cured, glaze may mask it but if won’t remove it. If it did, it would be the easy way to strip coatings odd vehicles. It works on fresh or partially cured coating...a fully cured one and you’re wasting your time in my opinion. You can try some finishing polish and see if it levels it out a bit. Then maybe try to reapply. Worst case is you’re polishing it all out. If you do, I’d polish the entire hood starting with compound and redo the entire hood application. Great example of what high spots on a coating look like (as an education point for those reading and learning, not as a criticism). Be thorough. Change towels frequently. Work in small bites. Don’t take too big of a bite of the apple you scramble and end up with this. With experience you’ll know how much you can cover for given conditions.
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