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    I Blame it on Adam's

    Back in March, I purchase my first Classic Car in 20 years. A 1959 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller. Now that I am retired I had more time to spend working on and detailing the car. My neighbor recommended Adam's products and I took the plunge. Well, needless to say, I quickly became addicted. I want to thank everyone on this forum for their advice when it came to the steps I took. It had been 20 years since I really did any serious detailing and boy have things changed (for the better IMHO). The car got Strip wash, Clayed, Correcting Polish, Finishing Polish, Paint Sealant, Brilliant Glaze and Buttery Wax on the first go 'round. Also, Leather & Interior Cleaner, as well as Leather Conditioner on the interior and Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner on the Carpets. The windows got the full treatment and the chrome gets Brilliant glaze. I have also tried wusing H2O G&G and Ceramic Boost after washing (Love the ceramic Boost). I take Maggie to at least one show each week (weather permitting) and as you can tell by the picture, she has done quite well. 14 Trophies since the first show on April 20. Very proud of the car and the shine as I let everyone know it because of the Adam's products. Now, if they would just come out with a product to handle the woood....
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    LSX Maestro

    How do I remmove Ceramic Wax?

    The CPW and PS are both very similar in durability from what Adam's tells us. I don't see why it would be necessary to strip off the CPW and replace it with PS just to put the CPW back on top. I'd wait a while. Also, I don't think one round of SW will eat the CPW right off. I've had several waxes/sealants shrug off SW. The only thing that truly strips the protection is the decon, clay, and polish process. The CPW is probably pretty tough with the added "ceramic" properties it has over your typical Carnauba. If you really want to put PS on just for the sake of putting PS on, then you'll likely need to completely start over, short of correcting polish. Strip Wash or APC, wipe down with CP Eraser or similar, not sure if Coating Prep is good enough, and see where that puts you. If the paint feels grabby and naked, then apply the PS. To be honest with you, I would leave the CPW on and then monthly coat it with the new Ceramic Boost 2.0 and see how that treats you vs PS.
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    This! Absolutely this. We strive for “eye clean.” And by that we mean that in normal lighting conditions, there’s no glaring defects. I promise under the right lights and the right eyes, defects can be found in anyone’s work. That’s true of ours, or even some of the greats in the industry that we all strive to be like. On the subject of lighting, we use LED lights to show us defects. As we finish our process we use light umbrellas in the light stands to soften the light to be more of a natural light and get a feel for how the paint will look. There’s a drastic difference between the two. Once we get the paint looking good under harsh LED’s (not perfect), we can often be confident it’ll be visually perfect or close to it in the sunlight. It doesn’t hurt to roll a vehicle in the sun and have a look after polishing if you’re really curious about how it will look. It adds a few minutes, but then you know. Perfection is next to impossible to achieve, even with brand new paint right out of the paint booth. We will chase it as much as you’re budget allows, but it’s not cheap and it will never be completely perfect.
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    Am I being too OCD or what

    I'm putting this out there for all you OCD ers. There is NO SUCH THING as perfection. Even the "pros" can't get any vehicle 100% despite what they claim, especially when it comes to ceramic coating. Your car looks amazing and as close to perfect as anyone can get. Like Shane said, let it alone. You're liable to do damage to what you already have nearly perfect. Beautiful car.
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    Ordered the new Ceramic Boost and a Master Blaster last night. Officially finished my Adam's detailing collection — NOT. Haha.
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    I have been semi itching to take a cruise with a bunch of great car minded folks. Thought I would put up the idea and see if it would turn into something. I have no ideas or plans really other than to say lets get out and take these beautiful machines for a ride! Just looking for an overall thought process at this point, no firm plans are made or even thought about yet.
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    I Blame it on Adam's

    You're gonna need a bigger shelf!
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    As if on queue! I'm happy to see they took care of you.
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    How do I remmove Ceramic Wax?

    Not a garage queen, not even close. It's more of a summer daily driver. With 41K miles, it gets driven.
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    Mike E.

    New Guy Checking In

    I'll get a pic of everything posted tomorrow. Sent a message through Amazon to Adam's and they replied quickly and are sending out the missing towels. Fantastic customer service as always!
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    Ceramic Boost 2.0 and Storewide Sale!

    Just took advantage of this to restock on several items. Also used the gift cards my wife got me for my birthday. Have some of those fancy hose slides on the way.
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    Am I being too OCD or what

    Amen to that. Time to get out and drive her!!!!! eat up a couple sets of tires beating up those roads, and making everyone else jealous at how good she looks.
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    2018/2019 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    Our canopy measures 10' X 10', slant leg which means it's wider at the bottom than the top so it's like 9'X9' or something at top, but plenty big for me and the wife, and it measures 34" folded up in the trunk. We never use the bag (takes up space with those wheels). This is it, but I got it on Amazon for $95. https://www.fieldandstreamshop.com/p/quik-shade-10-x-10-solo-steel-64-slant-leg-canopy-17qshaqsslstl64xxodr/17qshaqsslstl64xxodr?recid=Product_PageElement_product_rr_1_5341_&rrec=true If you look close, it drops twice which is really good and makes it much smaller, yet not fatter. We've had one like this for 15 years or so, and needed to replace it, but couldn't find a double drop again until this year. So when we saw it we jumped on it. Best thing ever for car shows. We lost our original one in 06 at Carlisle when those straight line winds (some thought it was a tornado) went through and destroyed pretty much everything. Anyhow, check into it. Really nice and small and sturdy and fits great. Send me the link. My wife is into comfort not camping, but if it's decent maybe I can convince her.
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    Help Us Help You

    Ordered from a dealer, got an awesome package! Not only did I get the product I needed AND FAST! but they also included a 2oz detail spray and some candy. Granted not Adams mints but wow it was over and above.
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    Head light

    I have Coast HX5 flashlight that I use for quick inspections, and the specs on your headlamp look better, so you should be ready for swirl chasing!
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    Am I being too OCD or what

    OK so I was being totally OCD. The car is probably about 95% perfect. Those LED lights definitely show more than natural light does. Anyways, here are some pics of the final products. Sorry for the pressure washer and master blaster in the pics. I was just super excited on how great it turned out and wanted pics right away.
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    A table saw !
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    My wife's Jeep and really excited about doing my neighbors Cadillac CTS tomorrow.
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    Hey folks, I always enjoy seeing how Adam's products can be used outside the normal vehicle detailing realm. I recently purchased a used guitar and thought I'd share the results of my detail. The guitar is a Takamine acoustic/electric. I spent some time checking over the electronics, tweaking the neck and lowering the action so it played smoother. Though it was represented as being in like-new condition, after a wipe down with detail spray, I just wasn't happy with some of the scratches i saw. I figured I'd give it a fresh start before i start adding scratches of my own. To that end, I created a soft cushion on the floor with a blanket and towel to cradle the guitar. I wasn't sure how much it would move around during mechanical polishing. As it turns out, not very much. The top, bottom and headstock were easy to get with minimal movement under the pad. The hardest part was trapping the guitar between my legs while I worked the guitar sides. I used my PC polisher with a 4" white foam pad and the Finishing Polish. After getting a feel for the cut, I made several passes over most of the surface on a speed of about 5. White double softs and a spritz or two of Pumpkin Spice DS were used to clean off the residue. Overall I am very pleased with the results. She's not perfect but she's much better than when i received her. Swirls on the back from buckle rash: Swirls gone: Headstock scratches: Nice and clear now: Ring of scratches around the strap button: All gone: Pick scratches below the sound hole: Always tape your trim, errr, your bridge and neck, prior to polishing. Looking good: No detail is complete until you step back and reflect on your work....... Remember, Adam's is awesome for more than just our rides! Anyone up for an "I Can't Drive 55" jam?
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