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    How come no Adam’s Detailing Apron?

    See what you guys did?!?! I've spent the last hour hunting for an embroidered Adam's logo patch to put on the custom, microfiber detailing apron I'm going to make this weekend.
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    Hmmmm... I'm a woman... with a sewing machine and a ton of Adam's microfiber. You guys are giving me ideas! BTW, I'm not offended in the least, however, if you ask a man or woman to sew something for you, be prepared to offer something in return!
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    valentines day detailer

    Got mine today. Smells really good!! For St. Patrick's Day? Probably green and smells like the Chicago river.
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    Just got my order of the Valentines Day Limited Edition Detail Spray and I like the scent. I was expecting a creamsicle type orange smell but it’s a bit more of a strong straight up citrusy orange smell, but in a good way. It came with an Adam’s small sticker like some other orders have as well. But it also came with a small package of sweet hearts candy which was a nice touch and a plastic card, similar to a hotel room key card, with valentines day graphics and some wording mentioning to use the code ‘bemine’ for five dollars off an order by February 22nd.
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    Hey guys and girls! Earlier this year we hosted a detail clinic at my home/shop. It was well received and I’ve been talking to my guys about having another one. We decided that rather than cramming one in this year when we have a bunch of work lined up, we would do it next spring. We wanted to pick a date early for two reasons. First is so everyone has ample time to plan and manipulate their schedules for a good turnout. Second was so that we could do the planning portion and make it even better than last years. So right now it looks like April 27, 2019 is the date of the clinic. We may shift gears a little bit and instead of traditional last step products, we may focus on one of our entry level coatings for a lucky attendee. For the interior portion, we will go through how we handle interiors. Well, Marquis will go over how he handles them. But this year we will add some interior protection as well. We will also install a full car glass package on an attendees car! As the date gets closer, I’ll reach out to our vendors and see if we can get some sample product for people to go home with. We will have new shirts available and sweatshirts can be ordered before or after. Just like this year, we will make this a hands on clinic. So our tools become yours for the day. Our products are all available to sample and ask questions about. And most of the work we do will be performed by the attendees. We welcome and encourage questions and try to make this a very friendly event where everyone leaves with some bit of knowledge. We had members from this forum attend this year so they can share their experiences. The clinic is held in Colchester, CT! Since I forgot to add that! We are open to suggestions and questions!
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    Need Advice

    I just purchased a 1952 Chevy and the paint is original. It is in great shape but it needs polished. I have never worked on a car that was not Clear Coat and the previous owner "thinks" it is a lacquer paint (it may have been repainted at some time) It only has 86K original miles and was garage kept so me thinks it may be the original finish. Please advise as to the steps you professionals would take to make it SHINE!
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    Hello!! New to detailing

    Hello all. As the title states I'm brand new to detailing. I've always been OCD about keeping my cars clean but now I'm on a whole new level. Bought my first brand new ride a 2018 Dodge Durango GT Black Crystal with Blacktop package,so all black lol. Got to researching detailing after my dealer said not to use car washes,found out about Adam's and bought a crapload of products and here I am. Since I live in the midwest it's been cold,snowy,icy and unforgiving this year so I've been anxiously awaiting for a day above 40 degrees so I can wash my baby and try out these products,its killing me lol. I will get some pics once I get a chance to get her clean. Thanks,see y'all on the forums!
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    Can someone make me some double soft mittens? 🤪 kidding 🤔 not kidding
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    Need Advice

    Sorry, nit experienced enough with that, but really look forward to seeing inputs and, of course, the finished product!
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    New Member

    Saying hello. New here.
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    ^^^^^ this lady gets it!
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    From the never hurts to ask file...Any interest in selling or trading the '69? Shoot me a PM if you can entertain even the thought lol. Beautiful cars btw. I had an '09 HHR SS for a couple of years. Fast little car and handy as all get out.
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    Got my order. But may head up to the HQ tomorrow for more... Smells great, BTW. 😁
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    Thanks. That and the couple pieces of stainless are the only things I added. My last Vette was totally modded. This one I'm keeping pretty stock.
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    Caring for white is really no different from any other paint. The prep is what brings about the gloss. Really the only color that needs special care (and even then it’s not special, just can’t cut corners) is black since it shows everything. Polish it down. Protect it up.
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    How come no Adam’s Detailing Apron?

    FYI.........my wife suggested it.
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    I did my part to cut into the stock! Pays to be close to the warehouse for quick shipping...
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    Finishing Polish

    Yup... just finished. It's beautiful. Made the black nice and deep. This is after polish before coating.
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    My order is on its way back to HQ 😔😭 Fedex squished it
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    Just got my order today and one bottle leaked out 😫 guess I'll be contacting them Monday lol
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