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    Hope all of our Adams "Family" and Friends in Colorado are safe!
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    Food for thought... Longevity as it applies to detailing products is purely subjective. The variables in environments are numerous and make it really difficult to quantify how long a product will last. Hot environments are hard on waxes. Chemically harsh environments (think those with snow) are also harsh, but in a different way. Try different products and see what works for you. What works for someone else may not be the best for you. And what’s best for you may not be good for someone else. You will also learn a ton about detailing and products through actually trying them and forming your own opinions. Part of what we do as a business is test products and processes to see what ultimately works for us and our clients. We never fail to learn something in the process.
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    I'm on the south end of town, so about 45 mins from HQ. we got about 8 inches in the low spots, and 20+ inch drifts. luckily my power only went out a few times. Now the dig out can begin, and with that, my cars will get dirty.. which will require some Adams love this weekend, when we are back to sun and 50s
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    Dusty Charger

    I would recommend a Rinseless wash, - it is cheaper and uses more wash solution to remove the dust on the surface.
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    CB over P&S Bead Maker?

    Are you referring to Pan’s video or is this your actual experience? Pan’s video tested the chemical resistance of the two products but the results do not necessarily correlate to longevity and durability. He also failed to properly prep the surface for a ceramic application. I love Beadmaker as a drying aid and a LSP topper but it has very poor real world durability in terms of longevity. Couple of washes or rains and it’s done. It does have unmatched shine and slickness which makes it more of a glorified detail spray than a stand alone sealant IMO. I haven’t used Adam’s Ceramic Spray but I think your conclusions are premature unless those are your actual experiences.
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    Dusty Charger

    In a word, yes. If you just use detail spray or WW at this point you most likely will get fine scratches. I would wash it. I have a garage queen too , and I got two queen size super soft flat sheets, had the wife sew the ends together, and after the car is clean in the garage, I lay that over it till I drive it again. Saves me a lot of not having to detail it all the time so I can be out driving instead.
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    Do me a favor guys and KEEP IT THERE!! We sure don't want it over here!! Stay safe all.
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    Travel-sized Microfiber Towels

    No such thing as a bad idea Chris.
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    We had those blow through DFW this morning at about 5am. No snow, just rain. Stay safe friends.
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    Stay safe out there!
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    Did you happen to feel the surface in that area? Sometimes contaminates can stick to the surface even being coated, especially in an area that gets spray from the road. I still have to use Iron Remover and clay every so often in areas like that. If the rest of the car is still beading pretty good I would check that first.
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    Tire Armor

    Saturday I applied two coats of tire armor on my truck. Could not be happier with it. I put 1 coat on my daily Ford Ranger and that is definitely a matte look compared to this.
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