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    4000 likes!! Thank you all for your membership and for making this a great community to be a part of!
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    New formula for Tire Shine?

    awesome pictures, thank you. VRT looks amazing on the tire, I think that's more up my alley but I know a lot of customers would like the higher gloss of Tire Shine.
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    Well deserved, my friend. THanks for making this a great community.
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    Smaht Pahk...

    Agreed!!! . Only reason i would see a need for that is trailering cars (pretty sure not many people tow hyundai’s) ...or squeezing 3 cars into a 2 car garage!
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    New formula for Tire Shine?

    Ok, I found this one...this is a fresh picture of the NEW VRT
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    New formula for Tire Shine?

    The tire shine is about an 8 on a gloss scale, it gives my Bridgestones a nice very even glow. Here is a picture of a tire that had tire shine on it, and what it looks like after i cleaned it. The bottom 2 are VRT on my 2001 Silverado. Sorry I dont have a pic on hand of fresh tire shine
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    Cleaned about a month’s worth of road chemicals, grime and grit off of the SS. I used Adam’s Wash & Wax for foaming and washing. Wheels came clean with just the foam from the iK sprayer, a boars hair brush and a wheel brush on the barrels. Coat your wheels folks, it makes them SO easy to clean. I hit them up with a spritz of Ceramic Boost after I dried them. I used several MF wash pads in a bucket of warm water then rinsed. I used no drying aid but did treat the finish to one spray per panel of Ceramic Boost, two for the hood and roof. No sun today so just inside pics. She’s staying put (and clean) until Monday morning.
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    Food Thread

    Every once in a while a special meals comes across that is worth noting. Today it was Wild Boar Meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes and mushrooms sauteed in a ale made by a local brewery.
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    Today is my 10 year anniversary on Adam's Forums! Ten years ago I was looking to upgrade my detailing "game" (and to find something to do with my spare time since my son moved up to HS basketball and did not need my help/taxi service) and attended a local car show with a co-worker. The local Adam's dealer was there demonstrating on a Foose Challenger (it was built in a Vegas episode of Overhaulin') and he showed how to remove swirls. I purchased Detail Spray and VRT that night, and never looked back! The co-worker and I (and a 3rd co-worker) all purchased Porter Cable DA's over the next few months. After a couple of months I had a lot of the Adam's product line, and found a mentor to help answer questions. Over these 10 years, I upgraded to a GG 6", then to Rupes machines, and have been fortunate to be involved with product testing for Adam's and a few other companies. I have made several friends on this and other detailing forums, and worked a weekend at an Adam's event at the Daytona Turkey Rod Run. And have been lucky enough to attend lots of education classes with near by vendors, and the past 4 years to attend Mobile Tech Expo here in Orlando, with more education and hands on evaluation of the newest products. Oh, and the 2 co-workers...I see the PC's in boxes when I go their houses to detail their cars!
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