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    Mike E.

    Shout Out For All The Help

    Wanted to give a shout out to Charles and Adam (not Adam Pitale). Had issues with my Micro Polisher and contacted customer service via email. Received a quick reply from Charles who asked me to bring it back to the warehouse. I went the following day. Unfortunately Charles was not in when I arrived. I was assisted by another gentleman, I didn't get his name. He looked over the polisher and saw the problems. He asked if I wanted a refund or replacement. I told him I would like it replaced as I really enjoyed using the polisher while it worked. He had Adam get a new Micro Polisher and replaced the unit. Can't ask for more than that. I decided to walk around the showroom since I was there. Can be an expensive proposition if I'm left to wonder for too long. This when I got to talk with Adam. A very pleasant young man and I enjoyed talking with him. Adam took great care of me and I left with some great products. I am a loyal customer due to the great product line and equally great staff. Keep up the great work!
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    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Didn't wash or shine anything today. Instead, I was test driving a 2019 Cadillac XT4 Sport. 2000 miles on it, white with caramel colored interior, fully loaded, sticker priced at $57,000, but they were selling it for new for $41000. Worth a look, not worth $57K. Anyhow, I bought my Equinox 14 months ago and sticker on it was nearly $40,000, so I figured it would get a good trade on it since it only has 8000 miles on it. Their offer was $17000 since that was KBB value, but the salesman said they were being nice and offering me $20,000 since it's so nice. I left.
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    12 years old!!! Holy cow!
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    VRT on New Tires!

    Got my truck some new tires yesterday. Of course the first thing I had to do was put some VRT on them! Don't worry, I'll clean them later.
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    Rail Dust on White Vehicle

    That's a good process order, yes. As for paint correction, only you can be the judge. You don't "have to," but just know most new cars come with DISs (Dealer Installed Swirls), so there may be some. But if you're comfortable with the car as-is, go for it! Between clay and paint sealant, remove the clay residue with something like Surface Prep or 50/50 IPA (if you can find it). Paint Sealant needs a bare surface to bond properly.
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    Rail Dust on White Vehicle

    Like Nick and Chris, I recently did a 2020 Mazda with about 100 miles on it and went through the process of Strip Wash, Iron Remover and Clay and it was never washed by the dealer or owner. I knew when I got my truck 3 years ago, it was would have rail dust since it was most certainly transported by rail from Wentzville, MO to South Carolina, but I really didn't expect as much on Mazda - it sure was there. On the non-ceramic vehicles, I use iron remover in the spring right after pollen season since the vehicles are a mess anyway. According to the usage of the vehicle, they'll get iron remover again in the fall. For the ceramic vehicles, I have done two of them after about 6 months of being coated and didn't have much show up. The next two vehicles will be close to a year and I'll use iron remover on them later this summer. One is a garage queen and the other is parked outside, but isn't driven much.
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    Rail Dust on White Vehicle

    You didn't do anything wrong. It's not just rail dust. Could be industrial fallout, chemicals from the road, etc. Protection you apply won't necessarily stop the specs, but it will offer a sacrificial layer for them before they hit the paint. I have yet to find a better combo on white than Paint Sealant and H2O Guard and Gloss, it simply works wonders and makes the white really pop. Prep is still vital, including iron recon, clay and paint correction - true shine comes from proper paint correction, the rest is enhancement and protection. Once you prep, apply the Paint Sealant, then use HGG once a month or every 3-4 washes.
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    Rail Dust on White Vehicle

    I definitely hear ya about the price, but these things are transported via trains. They then sit on the lot for who knows how long etc... But most if not all new cars do in fact need chemical and mechanical decontamination. Mechanical being a clay bar. I got a new Tahoe Premier RST in Sept of 18 and we just got my wife a 2020 Honda mini van last night, these are the steps I take... foam cannon strip wash iron remover clay compound polish prep spray ceramic coating boost and since the new leather coating is now available a full leather, dash, plastic cleaning inside then coating everything also using fabric protector on carpets. I figuring a good 20hrs of getting it ready before she can drive it. On both of the aforementioned vehicles i told the salesman no washing or detailing, and went as far as, “if you guys slip up, deal is off”. We both laugh, but I am serious! Edit- don’t forget the Brilliant Glaze on the interior windshield, it was actually the very first thing, I did this morning! Also, iron removal and clay bar process on a daily driver should be done 2-4 times a year, Adam recently mentioned In a video, the timing to be every time you change your oil.
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