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    The wheels on my '07 Dodge Magnum have been powder coated. I clean them with Wheel Cleaner with no issue.
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    Moved this thread to the Interior Section, hope you don't mind. The Leather & Interior Dressing works great. I think you'll be very happy with that purchase! You can dull-down our Leather Conditioner too though if you work it into the surface and then use a microfiber towel to wipe away excess, leaving a nice dark, satin-like finish without too much shine. The Leather & Interior Dressing will give an even more matte finish though 👍
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    Already ordered! Thanks for the help! I LOVE having my car shiny, but not the leather. Your picture prevented a regretful purchase (albeit less than $20) Thank you!!
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    ceramic coat intake manifold.

    I just pulled my pontiac 455 and spent hours cleaning it all up. The intake was worse. I put wheel coat on exhaust tips of vette and it holding up great how about on aluminum manifolds maybe heads? Does it hold in heat like the traditional ceramic coating(not a good thing) Still a work in progress
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