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  1. Hi Dan, No worries, we live and we learn. In this case, I had the bonus of teaching a lot of other people at the same time As for the Tire and Rubber cleaner, I only used that on the rubber mat portion, not the entire running board. I love my Revive hand polish and I do have a couple of bottles on hand and will most certainly give it a try. Revive is the best thing there is for tail lights, marker lights and golf carts and I'm going to find out about running boards. Either way, I'm pretty sure that I have an excuse to redo my truck before I redo Mary's Terrain
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  2. Ouch, sorry about that Ray! As a warning, I would be hesitant to use Tire & Rubber Cleaner on powder coated running boards as well - it's good to hear that it works well for you, but it is intended for rubber and textured exterior plastics. Some powder coating is much more durable than others, so I'll usually just use Car Shampoo and water, or I'll go to Eco All Purpose Cleaner if I need a little more aggressive cleaning. Revive Hand Polish should hopefully bring those back if you have any, but it may take an application or two. Again, sorry for the frustration there
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  3. Hi there, there are some great suggestions in here! As far as finding our products, yes we're mainly an online-based retailer; however, many Chevrolet dealerships now carry some of our product line, including a Waterless Wash Kit with the 16oz bottle and Waterless Wash Towels if you would like to try it out before grabbing the gallon. Waterless Wash is without question one of the products I use the most. It's great for removing dust and light dirt, cleaning up an engine bay, door jambs, and I use it as a drying aid after a full wash sometimes too! I like that it's ready-to-use - no diluting
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