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    New ride

    Been hunting for a few months, but finally broke down and bought a 2019 Equinox, Premier edition, earlier this week. Black outside (yeah, I'm nuts) and black and brandy interior. Has everything, but I'm really loving the end to end sunroof. The Cadillac was a fantastic car, and hated to get rid of it, but the sunroof in that car drove me nuts. It only opened an inch and didn't slide open at all. Would liked to have kept it and get a new car, but that wasn't possible. So of course, for two days I've been washing and cleaning it, and after getting my wife to open the doors and stand on the door sills to wash the roof, I had to go to Harbor Freight today to get a little step to stand on to make it easier. Works GREAT! And since I had to reprogram the garage door opener, I found it's just the right height to reach that too. It will get a lot of use for sure ($30). Plans are to head to Grabiaks and get 3M or Expel on the front bumper, possibly the whole hood, or a deflector at least. Already has mud flaps, and has running boards down the side. Didn't think I'd like the 2.0 Turbo engine, but it goes like crazy. Plenty of passing power. And of course, like most new cars now, it has the stop/start thing going on. Doesn't bother me and I already figured out how to get around it. But man, I'm too darn old to learn all this new technology. Everything inside is touch screen to program. Guess I'll have to learn . Anyhow, a couple pics. First one is at the dealership, then the inside , and then the little platform I picked up.
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    Captain Slow

    Happy Easter

    Last night I had the talk with my ten, soon to be eleven year old twin daughters regarding the easter bunny. They both admitted the idea of a rabbit bringing eggs full of candy was somewhat sketchy. We then discussed the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and what it means to us and our Christian faith. This morning when they came downstairs, separately, I greeted them with β€œHallelujah, He is risen! β€œ They responded with β€œ He is risen, indeed.” A Happy Easter to all.
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    shiny ride

    Going Racing with Adams Polishes

    You may have seen my testimonial for using Adams with the 1969 Firebird my son and I built. We still have the car and to this day maintain it to show car level. Today I want to also tell you about using Adams polishes in racing. Here in Northern California we participate in NASA, Trackmasters and Checkered Flag Racing events primarily at Sonoma Raceway, Laguna Seca and Thunderhill. The track is a very tough environment. Because of that we paint our cars at Maaco, and use their single stage paint. Cheap...yes. As far as quality, we have been very pleased. We get tons of compliments about how good the car looks. But I do have a secret.....Adams polishes and paint sealant. This 1987 BMW was painted Seafoam green October 2018 at Maaco. Last weekend we took it out for the first time at Thunderhill in Willows CA. After 10 sessions, 3.5 hours track time it passed the shakedown test. And boy, it needed a bath, polish and wax. Just finished that today, check out the results. Next up.....Laguna Seca
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    Oh so Sexy !!

    Wanted to post up some pics of a beautiful 2006 Ford GT that I just finished. Clayed, 2 step paint correction , B Glaze, Patriots wax, VRT . Only Adams products used to make this car shine. Here are some before and after pics for ya. OMG !!
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    52 Chevy First Detail.

    Bought this car a couple months ago and finally have had some nice warm weather where I could tackle the first detail on it. I was told that the paint may have been original but it was definitely at least 42 years old. The car had swirls everywhere and showed some oxidation. Taking the recommendations of some of the more experience detailers here on this forum, after washing and claying this beautiful beast, I tackled it with Revive. after several cleanings of my 2 applicators and making my hands and coveralls the same color as the car, the car looked pretty good. I think that previous owners must have only washed and waxed without any time of detailing. I then hit it with Paint sealant and at that point was a little disappointed. It was starting to get dark and my 65 y.o. arms were sore so, I waited til the next morning to complete the job. My disappointment turned to joy after using Brilliant Glaze and Americana. This is my first time using Revive and despite what I have read, at least 80% of the Swirl marks are gone and the oxidation appears to be either gone or at least not visible. Spent at least 9 hours total but I have to say, it was worth it!!! Thank you Adam's for another great product and to those forum member who gave me the advice
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    Well, I somehow hit 3K "likes" yesterday, so a big THANK YOU to all who liked my inputs enough to hit that little icon πŸ‘. This is such an awesome place to learn and be a part of...hats off to each of you for choosing such incredible products from the best detailing business out there πŸ’―. @Team Adam's And for @Sizzle Chest, I'd like to send you something for putting me over the top, and @Trevor, you, too, for getting me to 3001 and making up for someone's possible mistake of liking an input by accident πŸ˜†. Sending you both a PM now...
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    Claying Ceramic coating

    No. Ceramic Waterless Wash, like regular Waterless Wash, is more of a cleaner and does not have the lubricity to be used for claying. For typical claying, Detail Spray and diluted Rinseless Wash provide the lubricity. But since these both leave wax or polymers, I had recommended claying the coating with shampoo suds. Even when claying paint that has not heen coated, I still prefer claying with shampoo suds. It provides great lubrication, and saves time when the claying is done as part of the wash process. After the wash and rinse, foam it up again and clay, then rinse again. This also saves the step of having to remove the claying residue with a towel before polishing or applying protection. My thought is that this residue removal is a source of marring and scratching the paint. While some contaminates do stick to the clay or mitt, some or even most are just knocked loose and reside in the residue. So going after the residue removal with a towel is essentially just rubbing those contaminates around on the paint causing damage. So, by using suds and claying as part of the wash, the claying residue is rinsed right off, which is safer on your paint. This fact of contaminates getting knocked loose during claying and residing in the residue is why you should NEVER polish right over the residue, or apply wax or sealant right over the residue. Polishing over the residue is the worst, since any contaminates in the residue get picked up in the pads and worked against the paint by the machine. Also, the clay residue clogs up the pads making them less effective and increasing the time required for polishing. And it does not matter that it has been done and people do it, it just does not make any sense. Even the time savings justification that it "skips a step not removing the residue" does not make sense, since the time lost to clogged-up pads far exceeds the minimal time it takes to remove the residue before polishing. I know that I got a little carried away in this reply since that was not part of the original question, but just thought it should be discussed.
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    It’s fixed guys. GTG. Finishing polish and a white pad on the swirl killer mini. Very little effort and once over fixed it. But, that’s what it took. I tried finishing polish and revive by had to no avail. Eco wheel cleaner is a placebo product IMHO. A solution looking for a problem. I wanted the iron decon capability while they were off was the only reason I reached for the wheel cleaner. Not bagging the product. It’s been good to me. Was the first use on these wheel. Not what I wanted to do today, but a blessing in disguise. Wheels look great. In fact, they actually look amazing. I thought about even starting a separate thread on this next statement, but this was also an opportunity to try out ceramic spray for the first time. All I have to say is hhoooo-Lleeeee COW. Stuff is amazing. Best way I can think of to describe it is way more pop. Just seems glossier than regular ceramic coating. This pic does not serve justice at all.
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    My first use of Adams products

    Having owned many Corvettes since 1968 I have tried about every product made on them over the years. Even after a few years using Zaino I realized I am still an old school polish and Carnauba kind of a guy. I had used Adams detail spray but not much of their other products in the past, but I purchased quite a few different goods last summer at our Annual Corvette show from Norm Woods, who was in attendance with his great Adams display. With spring approaching here in RI I was anxious to get my Grand Sport cleaned and ready for the driving season, so I spent the last couple of days out in the garage trying out my new Adams products. After a wash to remove all the dust from this winter I applied a coat of Revive hand polish, followed by a coat of Americana paste wax. Both were a pleasure to work with and I was very pleased with the results. I used the tire shine on the tires and the Brilliant Glaze on the chrome wheels. A few picts, please excuse the messy garage.
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    Yesterday, I was able to complete a full wash, polish and wax.
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    Daughters Ride

    Yeah, these daughters can be a real pain. I've been CHEVY all my life, and what does she do? Goes and marries a Ford guy. After I paid for college and everything!!! No loyalty. But what can we do. They're always daddy's little girls. Nice job dad. Just don't give her her allowance for a month.
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    Take 2 caps and tape the ends together and then drill a decent size hole through the ends. Now you can screw 2 bottles together and get every last drop out.
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    We had a great turnout for today's Detail Clinic! It was good to see enthusiasts from several different clubs/forums including the Colorado Shelby Club (CSC), Looking Glass Corvette Association (LGCA), Colorado Dodge Challengers Club (CDCC), Chevy SS Forum, Tacoma World (TW), Rocky Mountain Region Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) Colorado, and an Adam's enthusiast from Los Angeles who drove 17 hours to attend! Hosted by my good friend Adam and his professional detailing team, the day started with a tour of the HQ facility and operations, followed by the Clinic itself. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, learned at least a little, and took advantage of generous discounts offered to attendees. One of CSC's newest member's 2011 GT500 was chosen to be detailed during the demonstration. It left looking better than when it arrived and the owner took home a load of Adam's products, in appreciation for letting them use his car!
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    plasti dip disaster removal

    I very much want to add something constructive but all that I keep thinking is: ....when I dip you dip we dip Sorry!
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    We typically do both as maintenance. The iron remover makes the clay process easier. It’s not necessarily required as much as it is convenient. Coatings get their hydrophobic properties from water contact angles. So the smaller the surface of water, the less friction it has to hang on. So coatings by nature are slick. Now put bonded contamination on the paint and it gets a bit rough and interferes with that contact angle increasing the surface area. All of a sudden, the water can cling to the surface. The same holds true of surface damage such as scratches or etching. Again, coatings are harder to damage but not impossible. The imperfections allow more for water to cling to. As an example, think of a freshly waxed floor. Pretty slick. Easy to fall on. Now scuff it up a bit with some contamination or some grippy texture tape and all of a sudden it’s not so slippery. Remove the tape, and the slippery condition is restored. Coated vehicles contaminate slower than non coated, but they do contaminate and will require maintenance. This is true regardless of whatever hype is out there (and some companies make some crazy claims). Hope this clears it up a bit.
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    Headed to Boston World of Wheels

    Me and my Shelby headed into Boston over the weekend to the annual World of Wheels Show in Boston. The 3 day event has long days and lots of work but can be and always is an exciting experience. After 25 hours of detailing and 3 long days, I took first place in my class. The car was done in Adams Ceramic Paste Wax with Ceramic Boost, tires dressed in Adams Tire Shine and wheels done with Adams Brilliant Glaze and Adams Detail Spray. 10 hours was spent underneath the car cleaning everything, anything that was painted or polished received a coat of Adams Machine Sealant and or Brilliant Glaze, VRT or In and Out Spray. Interior was done in Adams Leather Cleaner and Conditioner, Leather Conditioner, Adams Glass Cleaner. Engine bay cleaned and polished as well, Adams Brilliant Glaze, VRT on hoses etc, In and Out Spray. I usually go through it once a year before it goes back on the road anyway, this time I REALLY went for it. Just makes it easier to take care of it in the long run😎.
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    "Detailing" laptops?

    Being a hero is fun, but I almost cried when we were standing in BestBuy looking at TV's and she said "are you sure this one is big enough?"
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    Thanks, @Dan@Adams! Been asking for a while about new wheel woolie handles. Even if my input wasn't taken into consideration, I still claim a little credit 😁...
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    Buttery Wax

    Chris, here are the pics. Trust me this really did happen, my shoulder and knees will tell you that 😁
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    Instead of washing each panel I would use WW, much easier.
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    Tuesday πŸ‘
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    Wow, thanks so much Ray! Plenty more deserving people on here, but if that happened, I'd have to ask for only forum members to get a bottle 😁.
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    Cleaning towels

    Check out this thread: I will add that I separate towels into different loads by what they are used for. Plush towels used on paint in one load, drying towels, interior cleaning and conditioning towels in another load, glass towels in separate load to avoid cross-contamination that can lead to streaks on glass, and wheel towels in a load by themselves since they will be dirtier and can have embedded brake dust that I do not want getting into any plush towels used on paint. To avoid having too small of loads, I will hand rinse towels after use, and then hang to dry. Once dry, I put them in lidded totes until there is enough for a load.
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    Website Maintenance - 4/3/2019

    As you may have noticed, our main website is currently offline for updates and maintenance. It went down yesterday afternoon for the upgrades, and was planned to be down for a few hours. I do not yet have an ETA of when it will be back up and running, but as soon as I find out anything this morning, I will update this post. Thank you for your patience!
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    Nice Scat Pack! The wheel coating will add a little gloss. One option is to use the wheel coating just on the barrel of the wheel. I was getting a white/grayish build up on the barrel of my Hellcats wheels. After applying the wheel coating I no longer have it.
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    New ride

    The two platforms are similar, but the Gorilla has more weight capacity, and it folds flatter. I have both, and the Werner now stays in the garage and the Gorilla goes in the truck for mobile details. When I detail at home I usually have both out for various things - work platform for cleaning floor mats, elevated platform for wash & rinse buckets, etc.
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    My first use of Adams products

    Nice GS! Don't skip the Brilliant Glaze on the paint too! It can before the Americana wax, or on top of it before a show, and really makes the paint pop.
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    Finally! Adam's acquires a Magnetic Induction Cap Sealer! This is a game changer...no more leaking bottles! πŸ™Œ Thoughts?
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    plasti dip disaster removal

    I had someone take off the over spray but left the area that I wanted plasti dipped alone. Now the actual area that got plasti dipped is peeling off very poorly. So now I want this completely off and I'm afraid to start due to not knowing how the hell its going to effect my paint and coating. I did look into you tube for dipyourcar and I purchased some dip dissolver from him. After I get his poo of my Runner I need to give it a good wax. Thanks You all for helping me out!
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    Your process is good. The use of finishing polish is up to you and if you’re satisfied with the results of the single step. Is it clear? No haze? Glossy enough? If so, seal it and wax it. If not, refine the finish with the use of finishing polish before sealing and waxing. Black cars are almost always get the finishing polish step though. Cutting corners on black usually shows down the line.
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    Preped the car and used adams new spray on ceramic paint coating coated windows with glass sealer and used tire armor
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    If you are talking about Pitting it might not help but Adams metal polish works great for stuff like that. My running boards are chrome and after winter I had a film on them from winter chemical. I use the polish on the wheels and running boards. Just did this a couple hours ago.
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    Did all but the tires and wheels tonight. All I can say about this is WOW!!! So much so, it deserved a cameo in each pic πŸ˜†. It's hard to get white to shine, but this is an incredible product, and it's already quickly moving up the ranks of my Adam's favorites...
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    Maybe he will let you add this one to the set.
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    Ceramic coatings not for me.

    I'm on the fence. I love maintaining my car with more traditional products...and PS and HGG are my favorite for white cars like mine. But as others said above, you still need to maintain coatings. With the new ceramic line, you can get the same feel for washing and waxing, just with more advanced, better protection, and longer lasting products. Ceramic Boost is like a Spray Wax and can be used once a month; the Ceramic Waterless is like DS but silica based and gives awesome shine and hydrophobic properties; the Ceramic Past Wax is like Patriot or Americana for application but lasts longer and still gives incredible shine; Wash & Coat is like Wash & Wax (another favorite of mine) but on steroids; and don't forget the new ceramic liquid wax, which is similar to buttery in consistency but works with coatings The more I think about it, it's almost as though Adam's realized making the switch is harder for some old schoolers, myself included, and designed their ceramic line to make the transition feel more comfortable yet more advanced. Wait, did I just talk myself into a coating??!! πŸ€”
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    What did you do today?

    Checked airfare to down-under so I can buy a new cordless polisher. 😁 Its a short-throw DA with a selector switch to put in gear-driven mode. Makita has some serious cordless tools with power equal to and even exceeding corded models. I have already switched all my outdoor power equipment to Makita cordless and love not having the noise and fumes of gas-powered equipment. So I am already stocked with batteries for when this hits the US. It will be interesting to see if the gear-driven mode will correct more like a long-throw, even though the Makita has a shorter-throw.
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    Wecome to the world of paint correction, @JP1129! No issues with over multiple days. It will take longer than you think, especially your first time, so planning the extra time is a good idea. Couple tips: - While you have the 3 Step, it may not all be needed. Using blue painters tape (no locking edges!), tape off a 2'x2' section representative of the entire car - most use the hood - and start with the least aggressive (Finishing Polish, white pad). Wipe off residue and see how it looks. If not enough, move up a polish and pad to CP and orange foam pad. Check again. And so on. Whatever you need to get that section right should suffice for the rest of the car, with maybe some exceptions...spot polish, of you will. Doing this will save you the headache of getting "done," only to realize you need to go all over it again...and maybe again. Trust me! - Paint Sealant will go quickly, so you may not need or want to wait a day at a time. Simply apply a thin, even layer all the way around, then wipe away residue with a plush microfiber. No cure time needed. Using the grey foam pad on the SK, low speed (2 or 3) will yield great results, laying it ln thin and evenly. You can also apply with the grey microfiber pad. - Use isopropyl alcohol 50/50 or Surface Prep and some Waterless Wash towels to remove polish residue before applying PS. There's no need to remove clay residue before you polish...it will come off when you polish and/or wipe use the surface prep. Finally, assuming of age, have an adult beverage at the ready...and take and post some before and after pics. Ask any more questions you have. 😎 Good luck!
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    polisher speed

    I usually use 5-6. Remember to have the polisher on the surface before you turn it on, and leave it on the surface until it stops. Otherwise you'll sling polish everywhere!
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    Garage Queen

    I would seriously look at our Ceramic Spray instead and maintain with our new Ceramic Waterless Wash. This would make for a great combo!
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    Welcome Trevor! only 3 orders in the first month? You must have amazing self-control!
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    Adam's Water

    Lord help us all...πŸ™
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    Daughters Ride

    The same daughter that has the Mustang decided to be the one to go rouge and get a non-Red vehicle. Maybe she's aged and been married long enough that she thinks she can chart her own course, whatever the case, she bought a Blue car for her daily driver. Being the good father that I am, I won't disown her for it and I even took the time to make it look as good as possible. The one thing I will say, is that I am very disappointed in the quality of the paint on the car. It is a car that if it goes without protection, there won't be anything left in a few years. I had her bring it over last night and put it in the garage so I could get started early this morning. My overall goal was to give the car some depth, clarity along with some reflective properties and I think I accomplished the objectives. Once the car was cleaned I went over it using the baggie test and didn't even need to break out the Clay Mitt, so I started in polishing. I did a test spot with Revive and it just didn't give me what I was looking for, so I did a test spot with One Step Polish and the results were very good, so that's that route I went. This was my first time using the Adam's One Step Polish and I'm pleased with how easy it was to use and the end results and it was the least aggressive method I could think of, especially since it didn't need to be Clayed. Once I had the car polished, I started with the Ceramic Paste Wax. The car is very small and the humidity was high, so I was able to do two panels at a time, treating the hood and roof as two panels. I do a very thin coat of the Ceramic Paste Wax and use a 1/2 turn of the applicator per panel and if the applicator starts to feel dry, then I know I'm trying to do too big of an area. The first picture is after the wash and before I started polishing, the second picture is after the polish and application of the Ceramic Paste Wax. For reference the Malibu is sitting 48 feet away from the Fiesta, so I believe I met the goal of getting some depth and reflective properties into the Fiesta. If nothing else, I at last got a Red car into the picture...
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    Tire Armor and Glass Boost

    Okay guys. I'm not one to complain, but earlier this week I got a new car and was detailing it, and I did my rear window with Tire Armor instead of the Glass Boost. Today, I was putting things in the garage for the summer, combining half empty bottles, and dumped the Glass Boost into my Tire Armor! Why? Because they're identical bottles and identical colors!! After dropping and busting my last bottle of Tire Armor, I just got a new one, used it, and had just a bit left in the other bottle, so I dumped it in and then realized it was Glass Boost, not Tire Armor. Don't think it will hurt anything when I use it on the tires. And yeah, I know I should have read the labels, but I'm so used to knowing colors of each product or bottle sizes and sprayer. Now with two identical colors and bottles it fouled me up. So maybe add some color to one of them. Or does Adam's have a black marker for guys like me to write on the top? πŸ™„πŸ˜„
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    I am into scale models.
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    New ride

    Congrats on the new ride Rich! I recommend picking up the larger Gorilla Ladders work platform from Home Depot. It is much longer, so less time spent moving it around. If you can wait, they are usually on sale for Black Friday.
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    Washing / Detailing Steps

    Welcome Paul, I use the Glass Cleaner, Sealant and Boost on multiple vehicles and like them. The Sealant is only used on the windshield and about 2 or 3 months and I go over it with boost every few weeks according to how much it rains. I also use Boost on the outside mirrors since we have a lot of humidity and dew. The rest of the windows just get clean with Glass Cleaner and I have not had any streaks. For the inside of the windshield, I use Brilliant Glaze and it keeps the film off the windshield and helps prevent it from fogging up.
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    Spring clean up Exterior

    Don't forget to put the bottle of wine in the fridge before you start so you can sit back and sip it while admiring what you accomplished.
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    Warm weather is right around the corner, so that means time to start getting in gear with making your rides look the best they can! Each Spring sale, we try to introduce a few updates, new formulas, or new products to help make the detailing process easier and more effective - and this year is no different! On the chemical side, we've updated the Wheel Cleaner formula to have a less potent smell while also improving the thickness 25% to cling to the wheel surface even more. We have updated Barrel Brushes, similar to our old Wheel Woolies, but now with improved hand grips, longer length, and bendable brush portion. We've got an all-new All Purpose Cleaner with a heavy duty formula that is much stronger than our old APC formula. No worries, Eco Wheel Cleaner and Eco All Purpose Cleaner aren't going anywhere, as they still have specific purposes too. On the accessories side, we have quite a few new releases too - a new 4hp Air Cannon dryer, the MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon, a Fine Grade Clay Bar Refill, and a few new hose washing options like the Shut Off Valve, Drencher Hose Nozzle, and a new Fire Hose Nozzle. This sale is ending Saturday March 30th at Midnight, and you can use the code SPRING19 to take 15% off of your order total.* CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW and check out all of the new items!
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    "Detailing" laptops?

    I get laptops and computers that I recondition and donate to students in need. I've found a little WD-40 followed by Waterless Wash and Interior Detail spray will make it look like new and smell good. The GooGone tends to be a little harsh on many of the laptop boxes and APC will leave some residue that takes a bit more work with WW to get evened out. For the sticky spaces, just put some WD-40 on a cheap cloth and then rub the area. You shouldn't need much force, but you may need to do it two or three times according to thickness of the sticky stuff and roughness of the case. Packing tape used to cover a business card, especially gorilla tape that has been on there for a few years is usually the worst to get off. Don't be afraid to use a plastic razor blade with WD-40 or WW as the lube if you find something really stuck on there. Once the sticky stuff is gone, I do the entire case and keyboard with Waterless Wash and using a Waterless Wash towel, always spraying WW on the towel and then wipe the area. The screen gets two cleanings, first with Glass Cleaner spraying the towel and wiping the screen and then with Brilliant Glaze. Finally, I go over the entire case and keyboard with Interior Detailer, spraying the towel and wiping it down. The interior brush works good for getting between the keys and if you don't have one of them, a real soft 1/2 inch paint brush works. The most difficult place is where the screen closes and for that I use Interior Detailing Swabs as they tend to fit in there perfect - I wish I had of found them 10 years ago just for this purpose. Since I am a Mac person, the cleaning technique for a Mac is a bit easier with the standard, slick case. Pre-2017 with the illuminated Apple on the back, all I ever needed was Interior Detailer and then GC and BG on the screen. 2017 and newer Mac's react better to WW for the body and then the screen still does good with GC and BG. On some Pre-Retina Display Macs where you see the keyboard marks on the screen, they will clean up with GC, but you also have to clean the keys. The marks aren't indents, they are the dirt and oils from your fingers that are sticking to the screen. Following these steps, the systems come out looking new, minus any real abuse, and there is no residue left over that is sticky. For those who dilute Rinseless Wash to make your WW - I cannot confirm whether or not that works the same, since I have never tried it.
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