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    I don’t know who told you this, but it’s largely false information. If coatings could be removed by clay, nobody would ever use them for the time/effort/expense of installation. Claying a coating is a standard maintenance process for every coating we have worked with. Coating life spans are generally measured in years. They require maintenance. And they require care. They can become contaminated and do require cleaning. In fact, most coating “failures” aren’t failures at all but coatings that require maintenance. To remove the water spots, use a fine finishing polish and see if that clears it up. Adams is not the most durable coating out there (as are most consumer grade coatings, so I’m not singling them out). So aggressive working of polishes or aggressive ones will remove the coating. A quick pass of finishing polish should knock most of the issues down. Food for thought, in a product that spans years and forms a bond to paint it will take a mechanical abrasive process to remove. Most chemicals and soft products will have no removal effect (but can mar the finish if used incorrectly).
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    What I hate about H20 G&G

    Is you cant use it every wash!
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    Kudos to Customer Service Chat

    I was ready to place an order for a bunch of stuff last week but wanted to wait to see if there would be any special Memorial Day prices and/or products... Of course there was, so I added a bottle of the Memorial Day Detail Spray and proceeded to check out... at the same time as everyone else, which is when the site crashed. I typically flag needed items by putting them on my Wishlist, then, when I'm ready to place an order I just go in and add everything to the cart. It's a good way to remind myself of what I'm out of (or just want). The thing is... I didn't realize that I had put the Correcting Polish on the list twice and got so frustrated during the ordering (crashing) process that I didn't see "2" in the Quantity field it until AFTER submitting the order. Sooooo... I'm sure the staff at Adam's had plenty on their hands at that moment (because of the flood of orders and folks complaining about the crash)... but I wanted to see what I could do to correct MY mistake. Not wanting to complicate matters by asking for a refund (or to have the entire order canceled), I asked the customer service person (via the Chat window) if I could swap one of the Correcting Polish bottles for a Finishing Polish (same price). The rep took care of it in a matter of minutes, was SUPER polite... and... when the box arrived this afternoon... in addition to the items ordered I found an American Flag, a sample of the Ultra Foam Shampoo and an Adam's sticker. What's not to love about this company!
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    For those wondering about the differences in appearance, here's a side-by-side-by-side for comparison. Left is the new matte Leather & Interior Dressing, middle is untreated/"normal" daily wear, and right is Leather Conditioner. Pretty stark differences, so it's up to you which you prefer!
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    After pic.
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    Sealant,Glaze & Wax

    The finished product at the show. I was very pleased with the outcome.
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    Adams Customer Support :-)

    Just thought id share my story I just wanna say im a long time customer of Adams products and they have always treated me with excellent customer service, but this weekend was by far the best i have ever had. i had purchased a Rupes polisher kit in 06/2016. it was a decent sized kit etc, have been using the polisher with other brand pads i have accumulated over the years with no issues. This past weekend i finally went to use the 2 Adams pads that i got in the kit (orange & white) well when i put them on the polisher i noticed they were way to big, long story short Adams had sent me 6.5in pads by accident instead of the smaller 5.5 for the Rupes which happens no big deal. I ended up giving them a call and talked to Colton who was very supportive and looked up all info and order etc. Well they ended up going above and beyond and are shipping me 2 of the correct size pads to replace the ones they shipped by accident. Adams by far has the best customer support out of any company i have ever dealt with, they always go above and beyond for their customers. Thank you Adam & Colton for always taking care of your customers! ~Steve
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    Captain Slow

    Happy Fathers Day!

    My 10 year old twins turn 11 tomorrow so we had a party for them today to accommodate guests working schedules. After their cake and ice cream they presented me with handmade Fathers Day cards.♥️ I am so humbly blessed to have these two as my daughters. Happy Fathers Day fellow fathers.
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    It's the little things.... A few days ago I saw the $100 gift card promo (comes with a free single plush towel and 16oz of detail spray) and I figured I was going to spend $100 any way and might as well get some free stuff. While I was at it I decided to order another 64oz of Ceramic Boost, the new small interior brush, and I also wanted to try the Ceramic Waterless since I had read great things about it on the Adam's forum. I decided to order the 12 oz. Well to my surprise when my package came today, they sent me 2 - 8oz bottles of the ceramic waterless. So I got an extra 4 oz! Maybe they were out of the 12 oz bottle, I have no idea. I know its not much but its the little things... In this order it is the mints in my box, a sample of shampoo, an air freshener, and an extra 4 oz of Ceramic Waterless. In a time where companies customer service seems to struggle, Adams customer service excels. Just one of the many reasons I have become a loyal Adams customer. Keep up the great work!!! Greg
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    Transitioning to Ceramic Paste Wax

    After using Ceramic Paste Wax on the Mustang and then the daughters Fiesta, I decided to transition the truck to CPW. The truck had not been stripped, clayed and polished in a year, so it was time to spend a weekend showing it some love. The truck was in great shape so it didn't take much to get everything cleaned up starting with a Strip Wash, after the SW, I hit it with Iron Remover, rinsed it off and then into the garage to be clayed. I would have clayed outside, but the weather did not permit it. After it was clayed using the Clay Mitt, I check it for marring and it was minimal. I decided to go with One Step Polish on the hood and front end and Revive Hand Polish on the rest. It probably wasn't necessary, but I did go over the hood and front with Revive to ensure it had the same last product touching the paint as the rest of the truck. Once I completed the truck with Revive, I wiped it down with a clean double-soft, which I repeated this morning before I started applying CPW. The humidity was very high today, I started with a very thin coat of CPW on the roof. It got tacky after about 5 minutes and that is when I started to take it off with a single-soft. The method I use for putting the wax on, is to use a half-turn of the applicator and go over about a 3 square foot section or about half of a hood. If the applicator starts to stick, then you need more wax. I do not use any machines when waxing, call me old-school, but that is my preferred method. The weather has been poor all weekend, so I don't have the best pictures, so I'm sharing the one I was able to take from inside the garage and one I grabbed after the last storm went through. In about two weeks, I'll give it a two bucket wash and use Ceramic Boost as the drying agent. Since the truck sits outside, I'll use CB every 4-6 weeks according to how it looks feels. If the Mustang is any indication, I think it will be around 6 months before it needs another coat of wax. I think by the time it needs another coat of wax, I'll probably put on a base coat of Ceramic Spray Coating - we'll see how much I have left of the other chemicals before I make the decision. As for the cost of the CPW, it is expensive from the investment standpoint, yet the amount of product used is so minimal that I expect to get 20 or so vehicles out of a container. Without a doubt the shine and beading from the wax is exceptional. Update: It is still raining, but when I let the daughter dog out, I there was at least some decent light to get a better picture. The trees from the front fender are approximately one acre away. The two things that really caught my eye was the back of the mirror and how you can see the trees and skyline. The second item is how much better the wheels and tires look even though they were done on Saturday and I only put Ceramic Boost on the wheels.
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    After Claying Should I.....

    I must politely disagree with the above replies. When claying, contaminates get knocked loose and reside in the residue, which is why you should NEVER hand or machine polish right over the residue, or apply wax or sealant right over the residue. Machine polishing over the clay residue is the worst, since any contaminates in the residue get picked up in the pads and worked against the paint by the machine. Also, the clay residue clogs up the pads making them less effective and increasing the time required for polishing. And it does not matter that it has been done and people do it, it just does not make any sense. Even the time savings justification that it "skips a step not removing the residue" does not make sense, since the time lost to clogged-up pads far exceeds the minimal time it takes to remove the residue before polishing. My preferred method of removing claying residue is by washing. I just make the claying step part of the washing process. After wasing and rinsing, when the paint is clean, I move straight to claying instead of drying. After claying, make another rinse to remove the residue, then dry before moving to the polishing step.
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    Rich, Thanks for the response. Here's a few pictures from the open house. We raised close to $27,000.00 for American Cancer Society that day.
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    Hmm, seems funny to join a forum, bump a thread that hasn't had a reply in 3 years, and then hyperlink to an outside web page. This is your first and only warning. If this continues, your account will be flagged as a spammer and banned.
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    i used the Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating on my 2000 Porsche Boxster today. I followed the steps Falcaineer gave me along with the advice he got from the Shine Stop. I ended up putting 2 coats on the top after using an APC with a brush to clean the top before I coated. Here is the video of my before and after. Thanks Falcaineer!
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    Thank a Veteran Today

    Me at my retirement ceremony in 2014. To the all active, veterans, retirees, and the one those that never made it home, Happy Veterans day.
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    Ceramic Paste Wax over Paint Sealant

    I asked Adam's this same question a while back, when it first came out. Most thought it would work fine, but I couldn't really get a consensus. They probably know more now, but in interest of time and my customer's wishes, I ended up just applying only the CPW and he was thrilled. I think the results speak for themselves...
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    Hi Bill, the Revive is indeed a polish, not much protection there. However, it cleans the paint and offers a significant gloss upgrade. I'd also suggest using the Buttery Wax, then, every few months, add a coat of Brilliant Glaze. Putting the Glaze right over the Wax won't net much more gloss or additional protection. Let's see the Vette!
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    Multi-pack Air Fresheners

    i tried posting this in the Help Us Help You topic twice and it bombed out for some reason. Anyway, curious if you guys would do something like you did in the past with a multi-pack of air fresheners or maybe even do a pick 5 for $10 option. Please bring back Grape while you are at it! And Apple or Peach would also be great. Or even some of the Odor Neutralizer scents. I typically put one in all my customers cars so you guys get free advertising as well. 😎👊
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    Happy Fathers Day!

    Happy Father's Day!
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    Food Thread

    Home-cured maple bacon
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    Late last week while fishing the local pond I slipped in a muddy spot and my knee landed in goose s*** and cut grass. What a funky, stinky stain that was! Got home and tossed the jeans in the wash but the stain didn’t budge. Out with Adam’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and a good soaking spray. Tossed jeans back in the wash and after another cycle they were clean. Liquid Tide has met its match.
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    Food Thread

    Ribs today.
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    Not today but over memorial day weekend, did a full correction and coated my buddies F250 with Adams Ceramic Paint Coating. Turned out great, but damn that is a lot of truck
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    Food Thread

    The before and after, I have to admit, I have forgot to post to this thread, I have done a bunch of Butts, Ribs,Chuckys, and Brisket's already this spring.
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    The two word game.

    Taker' easy (I'm still trying to learn to be southern)
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    Thank a Veteran Today

    Bump. And in remembrance of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, here are a couple recent pics from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Simply, awesome. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
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    Hey Steve, Glad we could take care of you! Keep on shining! colton@adamspolishes.com
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    The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Yup yup, both good bits of advice. And removing CB overspray with CB, eh no good. Brilliant glaze is best so far and this is a Ceramic Coated Tahoe. Good learning tid bit overall and definitely a detailing DONT DO! UPDATE... Revive is making quick work of the overspray!
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    Captain Slow

    Official Beading Photo Thread

    Standing in the parking lot in the rain snapping pics of beads on my SS. That’s Adam’s Spray Wax doing the beading.
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    Happy Fathers Day!

    The son-in-law is making me a German breakfast with Bratwurst and then we are going to move the Yamaha Electric Piano to his house for the daughter. Once the piano is moved, the remodeling can begin on the dining room which is being converted to a wine sitting room. We're still finalizing the design, but we know it will have two wine racks, a dual zone Eurocave, wet bar and seating for 4-6. Happy Fathers Day.
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    There is nothing better....

    ...than a rainy-day, indoor, rinseless wash on a beautiful car. Thanks Adam's.
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    Hamilton Detail

    $90 Detail

    Maybe it's a new detail shop? It's very common to have ridiculously low prices when first starting a detail business, just to get customers in the door and get a customer base started. I hope this is the situation, otherwise this may get interesting. One of my favorite quotes: "I don't do $100 details, I fix them".
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    Removing Oil Stains

    Be VERY careful when working with headliners - anything harsh can loosen the adhesive. Apply the cleaners to a microfiber towel or a soft bristle brush and work the area with minimal pressure. It make take a few tries to get the stains out of the headliner, but it will avoid the need to have it replaced.
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    SS LeadFoot

    Had an Issue

    I recently placed an order and received it last night. Well I made an error and ordered the wrong product. I jumped on the computer and Emery was able to hook me up. Not only are these products top notch but I think their customer service is even better! Thanks again Emery!
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    Scratch in Windshield

    @RayS thank you very much! I did soak the area with detail spray and give it a little bit of elbow grease, but if I give it another shot tomorrow, I don’t want to risk of exposing that area to too much abuse. Haha. I really appreciate the tip!! @falcaineer it’s funny you say that, my insurance agent called me today advising that my renewal is coming up. The good news is it didn’t go up! Woohoo. I’ll have to ask her about this. I carry full coverage on both vehicles but it was my understanding windshields weren’t covered. My previous agent a couple years ago with farmers advised me that in the state of Texas windshields aren’t covered regardless of the policy you carry, as windshields don’t last very long here. (Go figure) But I’m going to ask my lady at Allstate if a repair is something that’s covered. Maybe my previous person was misinformed. Thank you! I typed this whole thing and then it got wiped out so I had to retype it. 😒 Sorry if any typos. Was going fast and using Siri, and she isn’t very reliable lol.
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    Got the new Equinox shined up.
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    Yesterday my manky SS was crying out for some much needed attention. I started with the last of my Kangaroo Cleaner from Dylan (old red Adam’s Car Shampoo) in my 2 iK sprayers. Small sprayer was used to foam up wheels and wheel wells. Wheels were cleaned with Adam’s Turbo Stick and my old trusty Adam’s Lug Nut brush. Tires were cleaned with APC and a stiff bristle brush. Rinsing revealed extraordinary beading on the wheels. I love coated wheels. On to the paint where the large iK sprayer covered my SS in Adam’s Car Shampoo goodness with near shaving cream consistency. While entranced watching the soap globs slowly removing nasties from the finish I noticed the SS’ exhaust tips were embarrassingly dirty.😳 I blasted them with APC and scrubbed them to near new appearances. Just to make sure they stay that way I coated them with a competitor’s wheel coating after I finished the rest of the car. I rinsed the SS of soapy goodness then did a sheeting rinse. I plan on polishing the SS this coming weekend so I applied a competitor’s iron removal product to the paint and license plates. Another quick rinse and it was time for a quick wash using several wash mitts in a bucket. I used Adam’s Spray Wax as a drying aid. ♥️♥️♥️ Tires got a competitor’s shiny tire stuff wipe-down. My trunk which contains almost a sporting goods fishing department inventory got some Adam’s Odor Neutralizer, trust me, it needed it. Scent is pineapple orchid. I like it and recommend it. Finished up with previously mentioned wheel coating on exhaust tips. I have only a few minor spots to correct this coming weekend so it’ll be wash, clay polish and coat. I’m on vacation next week so if needed the SS can cure in the garage the whole week! As you can see I have just a little polishing to do.😉. I’m quite happy with the finish after two years. Ninety or so percent of the washes on the SS have been rinse less. E4B387EC-B4BD-4761-A65D-ECE706063B5B.MOV
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    Issue posting reply

    @TheWolf test... Yeah!!! Tags are working again! Thank you, mods, for fixing this issue. 😁
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    I called Grabiak and the gentleman that I talked to was very nice and explained to me what they had and if I had any questions and if I wanted to see how some of the products worked that I could come in and see. I will be buying some of Adams products from them. Thanks again for telling me abou them.
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    Food Thread

    First time smoking a butt. ~8 hours on a Pit Boss pellet smoker set to 250. Ignore the beans, they turned out awful
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    After Claying Should I.....

    This is what I usually do. I have even washed it by hand then foamed it again and used the foam as clay lube.
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    Paintless dent repair kit

    UPDATE: I called a professional and he took care of it in less than 10 mins and its literally perfect. I would seek out a local profession PDR guy and just have them do it. It's well worth it.
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    There is nothing better....

    Done it! Funniest conversation I ever had with a neighbor...this lady was waking her dog and walked by while I was using the leaf blower (one just for the cars) to blow the water out of the trim/cracks. She looked at me and said “well that’s neat, I’ve never seen one of those used for that before”. Without missing a beat, I looked at her confused, looked at the leaf blower, looked back at her, and with a very puzzled look on my face I said “what else would you use it for????”
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    Detailing Memes

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    Multi-pack Air Fresheners

    I'd be interested in something like this as well. You can never have enough air fresheners!!
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    My wife’s Beast was covered in about eleventy million bird bombs...well maybe not eleventy, but there were a lot! I first foamed her Durango R/T with a competitor’s foaming prep wash in the jumbo iK sprayer. While that was dwelling I quickly hit the wheels and tires with a MF wash pad and a tire brush. A quick rinse revealed wheels and tires beading water quite nicely, so no LSP for them. On to the paint which got rinsed then washed with Adam’s Blue Car Shampoo using a couple of wash mitts in one bucket. I love that Microfiber Wash Mitt I got in my mystery bucket. Finally a wash mitt I can fit my big hands into comfortably! That area between the middle and ring fingers that is sewn together is brilliant. No hand slipping in the wash mitt exposing the dirty side. Vehicle was then rinsed off and I used Adam’s Spray Wax as a drying aid. No pics as it was dark out when I finished and an icy cold diet Sprite and Whiskey Acres Bourbon were calling my name. BTW: this was also my first time using Adam’s Blue Car Shampoo and I must say I love it. I have about 16 oz. left of the old red Adam’s car shampoo from the days DVK worked there the second time. It’s been one of my two favorites and now I must say I have a third.
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    200.00 mystery box hahaha
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    Thank a Veteran Today

    From two USCG Veterans to another and to all you Non-USCG veterans - Thank you for your service. My wife and I both proudly served and have a US Army Captain son-in-law.
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    New Georgia Member

    My name is Greg, and I am a Detailaholic.... I found adams by accident through a YouTube channel a few months back. 3 mystery buckets and 6 other orders and I now have enough to detail all the cars on my street. I feel like I still don’t have enough though. I have been detailing cars as a hobby for over 20 years and I am so glad I found Adams. I love everything about their products, but more importantly is their customer service. I have only had to call them once but when I did they made everything right. In fact they went above and beyond what I expected. That’s what makes a good company great. I have come to the forum to learn anything I can and to stay updated on Adams products. I need to get some better pictures of my cars (2000 Porsche Boxster/2014 Cadillac SRX) I’ll post some better pics after my next wash, probably later today 🙂 oh yeah, I’ll post some pics of my latest Mystery bucket when it arrives today.
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    Adam's Polishes x Mountain Standard

    Technically, Adams. Plural. Maybe Rich has multiple personalities...
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