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    Thank You for Your Smile...and Business!

    Friends: We started this shine-therapy forum over a decade ago! Time sure does fly....doesn't it? Thank you for being here, and participating in this shine-crazy community. Thank you for your business, and for voting for products you like and don't like with your dollars. Thank you for helping us create better solutions. Thank you for calling attention to areas or products we can improve. Thank you for helping us grow this business exponentially, I'm humbled beyond words! Please, SMILE while you type.... Thank you for not using this forum as a place to air negativity. Thank you for always being respectful of other members, and our employees. Thank you for using detailing, your therapist, or exercise, or meditation to work through your issues, when you feel like life is tough. Thank you for making AdamsForums a positive and pleasant place to hang out! In 2008, when we started this forum, we had 6 employees, and a few thousand customers. Today, we have 125 employees, and over 300,000 customers. One thing we have learned, for absolute certain: WE ARE NOT PERFECT! There was exactly one person who ever walked earth, who was perfect. We are not Him. We are not even close. If you are feeling perfect, like your finish is 100% swirl free, and never needs cleaning or polishing, if you feel like your poop doesn't stink, like you walk on water, and are comfortable coming here to blast members or the company who pays to maintain this community, please, don't. Need to get some negativity off your chest? Find a dirty or swirled up car to detail. Find a therapist, let out a primal scream, go for a run or hike, a mountain bike ride, go ski or snowboard if that's your winter kick, like it is mine! There are many ways people like to get negative energy out. Blasting other members, or this enthusiast forum sponsor probably won't help you turn your frown upside down. Please come, hang out, be kind, give and get detailing help, and understand: We want to earn your business, but more importantly, we want your kindness. Vote for the products you like with your dollars. Don't buy stuff you don't like, but please, don't bash them. If you cannot understand the marketing team's decision to bring on a particular product, you are probably not the target customer! I have never watched TV, don't buy soda or potato chips, and don't follow sports. Do I hang out bashing Coke, Ruffles, or slamming the Super Bowl? Absolutely not, it's just not worth the negative energy! (Plus, my kids, wife, and employees need me to be a positive influence.) So friends, I've instructed our incredible Forum Leadership Team to permanently remove AF members who regularly post negativity. Threads that are overrun with negativity are also going to be deleted, unless they offer detailing solutions or help to members searching. As the only AdamsForums sponsor, we want people to feel great about being here. Thanks for your business, and your smile, and here is my Primal Scream, after getting this off my chest!
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    59 entries, I put them into a spreadsheet chronologically. Google's random number generator chose... drumroll... #52 - Tim! Please PM me with your current mailing address and I'll get it sent on the way! Thank you everyone that entered. We'll do one of these again soon
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    You guys are kidding right? Are we so far gone into PC la-la land that we can't suggest a woman would be the most likely gender to own and operate a sewing machine? My mom, grandmother, or mother-in-law would not be the least bit offended by that comment. They would be flattered that I assumed they were capable. Futhermore, I've never met a man in my life that owned a sewing machine. This new world is insane and I am only 36 years old.
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    Ceramic Spray and Plastic

    I used the Ceramic Spray Coating on all the plastic trim on my Hellcat. It may have made the trim slightly darker. I am really happy with the results! I would say if your plastic is faded use the Trim Restorer first followed with Spray Coating.
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    Woah you're from the Future?! Tell us the cool stuff Adam's has out that we don't know about yet! 😆
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    Oh man I have never ever seen my Camaro SS 1LE look so good and I have been using patriot wax and numerous other Adam's products. The ceramic spray is freaking awesome. Thanks guys for one heck of a product. About quarter way through video you can see the results. Adam's Polishes Ceramic Spray
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    J Rosson

    So what does everyone do for a living?

    Senior Marketing and Training Consultant for large equipment mfg. company. Get to go to work at what we like to call the "worlds largest sandbox, all toys included"
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    You know you’re a detailer when you have more Microfiber towels than bath/hand towels in the house. You really know you’re a detailer when your car gets dried with $30 Adam’s drying towel when your body gets dried with a random $10 towel.
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    Finishing Polish

    Yup... just finished. It's beautiful. Made the black nice and deep. This is after polish before coating.
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    Great looking spaces, everyone. Can I play?
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    Thank You for Your Smile...and Business!

    Hahaha ok since you asked. There will be a new ceramic shampoo in March as well as a new line of air fresheners around June hahaha yea my bad, I meant 2018
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    Thank You for Your Smile...and Business!

    It has been, and continues to be my pleasure to even be a tiny, tiny, tiny dot in the Adam's world. I've watched you bring this company up from the days when you walked the fairgrounds with a bag over your shoulder handing out samples and demonstrating on stranger's cars, to what it is now with a huge corporation, trucks with company logos, and many employees. Been on the forum since day one too. Thank YOU Adam, for the opportunity and the privilege of helping and being considered a friend. Here's to many, many more years of success and growth.
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    What did you do today?

    Not today but last weekend I got my desk mostly complete. After staining and many rounds of poly and sanding, I hit it with finishing polish and a coat of buttery wax. I have to cut out and stain/poly a couple small shelves but it’s now usable.
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    Well said, Adam. I truly enjoy this forum and want to see it continue at its best. And of course, thanks for the shine 😎!
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    I owed a friend a favor after he wired in some outlets in my garage and so he asked if I'd help clean his truck up before he posted it for sale. By no means did I get to detail it like I wanted, but it sure does look a lot better! He said he would have never thought to clean under the hood and I explained how much of a selling point to me and plenty of others a clean engine bay is!
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    Polished this yesterday. The owner was more than pleased and shocked.
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    What did you do today?

    Husband told me that he had to meet a client, 75 minutes from home. So rode with him as had a drop off for one my "local" Adams Polishes customers. Did the drop of International detail spray and PS odor neutralizer, then went to the mall as we still had at least another hour or so before meeting with his client. Went to the food court after shopping as apparently the client was going to meet him there (strange, figured we would need to go to the clients house, as my husband is an insurance agent and often has to take pictures). Well, shortly thereafter two of our friends showed up, one of them being Gary Gregory of Forced Air Designs (air brush artist, he is friends with and works with Mike Lavallee (sp?)). Only then did I realize that my husband actually brought me out to get my birthday gift a few days early! It is a custom air brushed hood liner to go in Hot Crush, my 2018 Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special Edition Camaro M6 Convertible! Just a few years ago Gary also did the hood liner for my 2013 Hot Wheels SE (45th Anniversary) Camaro Auto Coupe and it was also given to me as a surprise for my Birthday! Just in case you all are not getting one of the reasons I love Hot Wheels is that we both introduced into the world the same year Hood liner pictures attached. Feeling so loved!
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    Most automotive interior shops are men who sew. No insult there. Also, I was digging through my inventory last night and found 2 Adam's aprons brand new. I think I'll put one on my site. Most likely FREE with a purchase of another product!
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    Thank You Adam for having me along for the ride!!
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    You know you're a detailer when you whip out your polisher in the kitchen because you cannot see your reflection in the granite countertops.
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    Finishing Polish

    I can’t stress the importance of least to most aggressive methods enough. Try a test spot. You may be surprised at what correcting polish will do. Or even just a finishing polish. You may not need to go to a compound. Maybe you do? But if you don’t, and you use a compound you’re spending time you don’t need to spend and removing clear coat you don’t need to remove. For reference, in the line of polishes/compounds we use we have seven or eight different ones. It helps us really dial in “just the right amount of aggressive.” This is true particularly when you match it to the five or six different pad types/cut we have. We have one compound that will matte your finish and allow you to polish it back. It’s not commonly used for other than scratch removal, but we have the option. Most people don’t need that varied of a product line, but it just reminds you of the variables you can encounter when working with paint and sometimes you don’t need that super aggressive stuff. It seems the idea of a test spot is quickly forgotten.
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    Which Side of the Towel??

    I like to use the front of the towel on the front of the car and the back of the towel on the back of the car. But sometimes I switch it up just to keep things interesting.
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    Official Beading Photo Thread

    Cold and frosty little beads.
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    What did you do today?

    Last night, of the Super Blood WOLF Moon eclipse:
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    Today is my 10 year anniversary on Adam's Forums! Ten years ago I was looking to upgrade my detailing "game" (and to find something to do with my spare time since my son moved up to HS basketball and did not need my help/taxi service) and attended a local car show with a co-worker. The local Adam's dealer was there demonstrating on a Foose Challenger (it was built in a Vegas episode of Overhaulin') and he showed how to remove swirls. I purchased Detail Spray and VRT that night, and never looked back! The co-worker and I (and a 3rd co-worker) all purchased Porter Cable DA's over the next few months. After a couple of months I had a lot of the Adam's product line, and found a mentor to help answer questions. Over these 10 years, I upgraded to a GG 6", then to Rupes machines, and have been fortunate to be involved with product testing for Adam's and a few other companies. I have made several friends on this and other detailing forums, and worked a weekend at an Adam's event at the Daytona Turkey Rod Run. And have been lucky enough to attend lots of education classes with near by vendors, and the past 4 years to attend Mobile Tech Expo here in Orlando, with more education and hands on evaluation of the newest products. Oh, and the 2 co-workers...I see the PC's in boxes when I go their houses to detail their cars!
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    Pics from Dr George car show

    Just some pics of our club, hot desert Mopars. At the Dr George car show in Indian Wells. We had a good turnout. 45 of our cars showed up. The show is limited to 1000 cars. Lots of cool other cars. Classics, custom exotics etc....
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    New to taking care of our vehicles

    Finally decided to take the plunge and start detailing my own vehicles. Just finished my first car. Overall pretty darn happy, but need to work out a few kinks. Thanks to all the great advise on this forum and of course the awesome products from Adam's.
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    New here

    I really don't have many pictures but its a blue mustang wheels and strips package.
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    We've all been replaced...

    I bet this little one never has trouble getting between the seats and into those little nooks and crannies... stupid sausage fingers...
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    New product

    Hi Troy, We release new or updated products on a regular basis. Typically we'll have one new product launch sale per month. We try to either improve on current products, such as the reformulation of Ceramic Boost and H2O Guard a few months back, or release new products like Tire Armor, Spray Wax, and our new Ceramic Spray Coating. Technology and trends in the detailing world are always improving, so when we can make a product better or easier to use, we'll do our best to make that happen. Some of our products like Detail Spray and Car Shampoo are tried and tested for several years without warranting any updates, but for some chemicals we will usually go through about a 2 or 3 year life cycle before it's time for an improved formula, updated formula to meet new regulations, and so on. We usually launch a few new things for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day each year, but that's all I can say for now
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    Neutralizer Gallon

    Yep, we just got word that the labels have been ordered and waiting to go to print, so hopefully we'll be able to offer the gallons in the Feb/March time frame, stay tuned!
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    Keep warm, Midwest

    To all affected by the brutal cold, thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please keep warm and stay safe.
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    Food Thread

    Sticky buns for my Thursday treat day....Normally I get up early at 5 am Thursday & bake...why you ask? For some reason I started waking up early on Thursday about 18 months or so ago...and it now is habit or ritual...lol. However, do not have the time tomorrow as have an early day so decided to make them tonight.
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    Food Thread

    Made yellow cupcakes filled with sprinkles & frosted with Buttercream frosting for a friend's daughter's birthday. Some horns are from homemade marshmallow fondant, while others are bugles. Ears are fondant.
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    Tire Armor

    I applied Tire Armor to my Camaro in November. It's been over two months now. Yesterday I gave the Camaro a Rinseless Wash. First time I washed the car since November. (It was a pretty wet December here in Texas so I didn't have it out much but I put at least a couple of hundred miles on it when the weather was nice.) After the Risneless Wash I used Waterless Wash on the Wheels and Tires. Just wiped the tires down with Waterless Wash and a Utility Towel. I think they look FANTASTIC! You can see how dirty the tires were (I have a 100 yard long dirt driveway) because the treads and wheel wells are still dirty. Only wiped down the sidewalls. So - to sum up - Tire Armor works GREAT and last a long time on a garage kept, weekend driven, good weather car. Light cleanup on the tires becomes super easy. The jury is still out on the daily driver, filthy F150.
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    I’ll expand on this a little bit. You can install coatings “mobile.” Ideally though you have a garage or a covered area to work. Heat and humidity play such a large variable in terms of flash and curing times that experience will tell you how to alter your timing for each scenario. The ideal scenario for coatings is a controlled environment. Curing times vary, but we won’t let a coating out the same day it was applied. It’s an overnight visit. I don’t want a vehicle sent out and exposed where a client can come back and have us redo it at our expense to satisfy them. If a client wanted to pick up a vehicle early, I’d have a signed copy of the release basically saying they acknowledge they’re picking it up early and any issues are on them at that point. Oh, and a ton of photos. Installing coatings isn’t for every detailer. Maybe they don’t fit into your lineup of products? Maybe they do? Keep in mind to truly offer a full coating install you need the ability to remove wheels so barrels can be coated too. Not everyone has barrels done, but we do far more wheels off coatings than wheels on. Our prices also reflect that level of work. Your issue with coatings and the Adam’s video are misguided. Coatings have nuances. One is the proper environment for the best result in application. This isn’t an Adam’s issue, it’s a reflection of your business model. Not to say it’s broken, but it may not fit. As for policies after a coating, it’s up to you. We advise no wash for seven days. It can get wet when we let it go. And we’ve kept it for the initial cure. The big takeaway is that not every product fits every user. Know what to try and what not to.
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    Took the inside from this... To this...
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    I'm your huckleberry! Wooo Hoooo!
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    Question on Polishing Pads

    Only you can be the judge of what's acceptable to you, but some pics on here with make/model may lend some more insight and better advice from us. As @tlbullet says, the pads and polishes are color-coded. You can interchange, but sticking with the colors will keep it simple for you this time. I'll try and answer your other questions... Yes, the black/orange microfiber pad (now discontinued) is essentially the same as the white/blue microfiber pad. Microfiber pads are going to be the most aggressive pads from Adam's, so they will provide the most cut/correcting power. It can be used with any polish, but either the Orange CP (more aggressive than Orange CP and orange foam) or Blue HCC (most aggressive combo Adam's offers) will give the most results for correction. If it's never been corrected, you can almost bet the CP and orange pad will be the minimum, but that said... As a general rule, start least aggressive first. For simplicity, that would be the White FP and white foam pad, then Orange CP and orange foam pad, Orange CP and blue/white microfiber pad, Blue HCC and blue foam pad, and finally Blue HCC and blue/white microfiber pad. Tape off (blue painters tape with NO locking edges works well) a 2'x2' section of best representative paint and polish it. If you get the results you want, continue with that combo over the rest of the car. If not, step it up a level and try again, and so on. There may be some places that require more, but it should be spot correction for the most part, if so. Note the HCC tends to leave a haze, so regardless of if/when that comes into play, be prepared to go back over the car or spots with CP and/or FP. Don't forget to clay before you polish, and also remember to remove the polish residue with the Coating Prep and plush microfiber towel like the Double Soft. Good luck...looking forward to seeing some pics (before and after preferred!).
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    For the love of god please no lol. I have been on the hunt for one of those blankets for awhile now haha. I'd hate to see one get cut up for that!
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    How come no Adam’s Detailing Apron?

    See what you guys did?!?! I've spent the last hour hunting for an embroidered Adam's logo patch to put on the custom, microfiber detailing apron I'm going to make this weekend.
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    FYI.........my wife suggested it.
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    Just got my order of the Valentines Day Limited Edition Detail Spray and I like the scent. I was expecting a creamsicle type orange smell but it’s a bit more of a strong straight up citrusy orange smell, but in a good way. It came with an Adam’s small sticker like some other orders have as well. But it also came with a small package of sweet hearts candy which was a nice touch and a plastic card, similar to a hotel room key card, with valentines day graphics and some wording mentioning to use the code ‘bemine’ for five dollars off an order by February 22nd.
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    Sorry I only have three brothers...no sisters. I was always told if going to play with the boys I better not come home crying...so I tried to be just as good at everything they did too. Which as it turns out I am WAY better at detailing & racing cars then them 😁. Funny story though...they came home one day when was in my teens & told my parents I couldn't play tackle football (just neighborhood games...not leagues) with them anymore as the guys on the other teams were letting me tackle them & my brothers were tired of having "talks" with those guys. It was kind of hard dating in school as all the guys knew about my brothers because of those talks & my brothers always met with the guy before a date to tell them that if I cried they would cry. My Dad never had to say anything. Needless to say I dated & married a guy from a neighboring school...lol
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    Or you steal her make up brush to use as detailing brush 🙄
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    Hey everyone! Good news, we have Ceramic Spray Coating back in stock - apologies to anyone that got a back-order slip in their order last week. We received a much larger response than expected, and it is more specialized to bottle up, so it did take us time to get more ready to ship out. All back-orders should have hopefully shipped on Tuesday at the latest, so you should start to see those at your house today and tomorrow. If you're hesitant to try out a full ceramic coating kit, our new Ceramic Spray Coating provides excellent protection for up to 6-8 months with a much easier application process. We've got some small updates to the pressurized sprayers as well, now custom made for us with our logo and branded boxes. This sale runs from now until Tuesday the 29th at Midnight MST, with free shipping to the continental 48 United State on orders over $100, and 15% off using the discount code SHINE15 CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW or check out any of the product images below.
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    I do have the ability to cut and sell ppf in kit form if someone needs it. Even if it’s just for the headlights.
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    You have the answer already. The power of steam. One of the big benefits to steam (besides it being awesome with heat and all that) is that you don’t need so much (if any) chemical. Maybe a little diluted APC (the steam will make it stronger so it can be cut pretty far) and steam it out and you’re good to go. Our steamer we can mix chemical right into the steamer. We use diluted APC in ours. So very diluted APC, steam and a microfiber towel. Your client will be happy and you’ll have one of the cleanest panels you’ve ever done. Leather conditioner is a great dressing for things other than leather. We use it frequently on dashes and door panels. It streamlines the work since it’s usually already out with an applicator.
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    So I just purchased the Adam’s Ceramic Wheel Coating Kit! I am applying to a brand new Peterbilt, (polished wheels) I will post pics after finishing the coating, an a couple months after. From what I have read Adam’s appears to be the best ceramic coating on the market for DIY like myself.
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