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    Adam's Online Car Show

    2004 Z06
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    Adam's Online Car Show

    Here is what I have been working on in my free time
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    Apologize up front as I completely forgot to take before pictures. I completely detailed and applied Ceramic Spray back in October 2019. Decided to do it all over again now. 1. Spent all day Thursday washing, Iron remover, clay bar and cleaning the engine bay and tires and wheels. 2. Spent all day Friday finish polishing with Swirl Killer, applying Surface Prep and applied Ceramic Spray coating to the entire car including door jams on the "Garage Queen". 3. Applied Tire Shine and put the license plate back on today. Done for now due to extreme heat index. I'll clean the interior on Monday.
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    Adam's Polishes Anaheim

    I had a great experience today! I drove up from San Diego - it took an hour to get there, but it was worth it; I was kinda going stir crazy from being home, and wanted to get away for a bit. I came in, started looking around, and was asked if I needed some help; the first thing I asked was, "Do you by chance have any mystery buckets?" They had apparently sold the last one earlier, but because I had asked, they offered to make one up for me, which I was ABSOLUTELY grateful for. I know they didn't have to do that, and had they not, I would've probably done some sort of kit anyway...I got pretty much everything to do a wash for my wife's car - tire shine, spray wax, ultra wash shampoo, interior detailer, VRT, and a few other things! I ended up getting the bucket and a clay mitt, and unfortunately on the way back realized I'd forgotten to pick up some glass cleaner, interior goo, and iron remover, so I'll probably make a trip up there again in the near future; however, I've got plenty to work with right now. The guys working the counter today (I unfortunately didn't get their names) deserve kudos for their help.
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    Signature Sign

    Hello all, My son for my Birthday got me a Signed by Adam Adam's Polishes sign for the garage. How cool is that? Thanks Adam for signing it, it ROCKS!!!!
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    New Member Alert!!!

    Hello guys, I've been using adams polishes for a few years now. I love there products. I also been collecting the limited edition bottles. I have attached a picture of my collection and of my truck.
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    Paint correction on SS!

    Did paint correction on the nice Chevy SS Intimidator Truck. Had to start with MF pad & Compound. Followed up with foam pad & Polish. Check out the before & after pics.
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    Thought I'd post this picture to hopefully generate some additional interest in the #88 Alex Bowman Adam's Polishes Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Car Car Kit. As an employee of Hendrick Motorsports we are very excited about our new relationship with Adam's Polishes and ChevyGoods.com. Personally, I have been using various Adam's Polishes products for a few years now, so this was especially cool to me! Unfortunately, before you ask, this hood is not available for sale. It has been "claimed" by our marketing group. So, it most likely will be provided directly to Adam's Polishes. Anyway, this is the actual hood from the car raced at Bristol.....
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    What Do You Look Like???

    my wife just bought my son a shirt for us to match 😅
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    Spring Carlisle 2020 New Date

    Show wasn't bad, weather was real nice with just one brief storm after we'd closed on Friday evening. Perhaps a third less vendors in the midway, and I heard gate entries were down by about half. My guess; about 1/4, or a bit less wore masks once through the gates. Masks had to be worn to enter. Our sales numbers were pretty good, being above where they were in 2017 and there were no Sunday sales this year with it being Father's Day, so one day less for the Event. We tried our best to adhere to the CDC guidelines to keep ourselves, and our customers as safe as possible. We set up differently to allow a better flow through our space, having the tables of product on the outsides, leaving the center for upright cabinets with plenty of room for Social Distancing. We limited the numbers of bottles of product per table. All my Team Members wore masks Notice a tube of disinfecting wipes at both cash boxes to keep the area wiped down and clean, as well as a bottle of Hand Sanitizer by Dan to be used between customers. We had only one clearly marked way in and one clearly marked way out with every other possible way in roped off. Social Distancing placards were throughout our store The line to the point of sale registers was labeled at six foot intervals Can't wait to be back for the Chrysler Nationals in early July!
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    Mike E.

    Shout Out For All The Help

    Wanted to give a shout out to Charles and Adam (not Adam Pitale). Had issues with my Micro Polisher and contacted customer service via email. Received a quick reply from Charles who asked me to bring it back to the warehouse. I went the following day. Unfortunately Charles was not in when I arrived. I was assisted by another gentleman, I didn't get his name. He looked over the polisher and saw the problems. He asked if I wanted a refund or replacement. I told him I would like it replaced as I really enjoyed using the polisher while it worked. He had Adam get a new Micro Polisher and replaced the unit. Can't ask for more than that. I decided to walk around the showroom since I was there. Can be an expensive proposition if I'm left to wonder for too long. This when I got to talk with Adam. A very pleasant young man and I enjoyed talking with him. Adam took great care of me and I left with some great products. I am a loyal customer due to the great product line and equally great staff. Keep up the great work!
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    Adam's Cart and Bottle Racks

    I've had my cart for a while now and can't say enough good about it. Slowly, I've been adding bottle racks to it to hold all my most used products. I'm real happy with how this is all working for me. Everything is right there, not digging around in my cabinets for what I need. Four racks added to the cart (screwed on).
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    Ceramic Liquid Wax

    A friend and I did a longevity test on his VW Golf TDI last summer using Ceramic Liquid Wax. We washed, clayed, and then did a one-step machine polish on the surface using our older Orange Foam Pad and orange Correcting Polish. We then used Surface Prep and applied the Ceramic Liquid Wax on July 2nd. He commutes 40 minutes and works at a lock and dam - a harsh driving environment. We specifically did zero maintenance on the vehicle after applying the Ceramic Liquid Wax other than basic washing, to test its' durability. It began to show signs of reduced performance and water beading in October, so we got about 4 months out of one application in some very real-world driving conditions. The vehicle is parked outside every night as well. If we would have maintained it with Ceramic Boost once a month, my thinking is that it would have made it another 2 months into the middle of winter. With our Paint Sealant, I usually see 6-12 months out of it on my parents' vehicles, but they are garaged and are not driven nearly as much now that they are both retired. I will say that to me, Ceramic Liquid Wax is incredibly easy to apply and remove, and quite fun to work with. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite products for quick and durable protection and shine!
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    This is my first black car and man am I glad I found Adam's to keep it looking good. I used the ceramic spray coating and I use the CS3 in between washes. I haven't tried the ceramic boost yet, guess that's more money spent! 🤑
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    Another Coated GMC.

    Ya, two plus hours on a Sierra Denali. I used an airbrush to apply the initial coat to ensure full coverage of all the angles. Second coat was just applicator on the chrome leading edges. Definitely took a lot of patience....
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    VRT on New Tires!

    Got my truck some new tires yesterday. Of course the first thing I had to do was put some VRT on them! Don't worry, I'll clean them later.
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    I treated the new deck box to VRT. I’m off today with the family celebrating the twin daughter’s 12th birthday. Where the heck did that time go?!?
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    I strip washed, chemically decontaminated, clay toweled and lightly polished the SS using all Adam’s products. Today I wiped it down with Adam’s Coating Prep then coated it with Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating. After I was done I pulled it out in the sun and saw that the hood which looked great under LED garage lights had numerous high spots only visible in the shade. I got out the Adam’s miracle product AKA Brilliant Glaze and lightly massaged the high points off. The rest of the car was fine, go figure. Tomorrow morning before I go to the office I will give it a coat of Ceramic Boost. On a side note, I got my Adam’s shipment today. For the first time since my first order in 2009 I received damaged product. I’ll email them tomorrow for assistance. Packaging was good and intact so not sure what happened.
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    The Obligatory French Fry

    🍟🍟🍟 You can probably relate. Seems like just about every car I clean has at least one random french fry hanging around. Usually under the seat, it (they?!) could be in some random other spot in the car, too. So here's a place to celebrate that hard as a rock, somehow still looking edible piece of culture. Anytime you come across one, take post a picture here...I'll start! Taken yesterday, found in an F150 under the driver seat.
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    I received my swirl killer pro and did a full correction on my 6 year old Lexus with correction compound and finishing polish. I finished it with paint sealant. Looks better then new. Sorry don’t have any before photos.
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    PPF on the entire front clip, all coated with Adam's 9H UV Ceramic Paint Coating.
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    It's quite possible they could put together a trio. I can ask if there are any plans for that!
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    Adam's Odor Bomb - Permanent Fix?

    UPDATE: 20th Day..... So-far-so-good! The higher heat and humidity we get in the summer is usually the real test for this "wet dog" smell. I still do not notice any diminished results of the Odor Bomb.
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    Good info from @RayS above, and it looks like you're on your way. To clarify, CS3 and Ceramic Boost are not "water activated" like HGG, but they do work as drying aids on a wet vehicle. Just be sure to not use in direct sunlight if at all possible as silica-infused products tend to streak in those circumstances. The Hybrid technology version of HGG released last year has acrylic resin, carnauba flake and silica resin. While it can be used on a ceramic coating, there are better options within the Adam's lineup of silica-infused product to maintain it. Yes, those are the rules within the User Agreement. We allow light discussion, but links, endorsement, excessive discussion, etc are not allowed. We appreciate your understanding,l!
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    We’ve had dry weather this past week so the recently coated SS is still clean. The wife’s Beast was a different story though. I washed it using several MF wash mitts in a bucket with Adam’s Wash & Wax. Pretreated the bug guts with a competitor’s bug spray and foamed the Beast with the same wash product I used to clean it with. The two part glass coated windshield resisted soap. I’d spray it on then watch it immediately start sheeting off. Needless to say the bugs came off the glass with a blast from the hose. Great stuff! Beast was dried using Detail Spray as a drying aid. Wheels got cleaned with soap and water, tires with Adam’s tire & rubber cleaner. They got a shpritz of Ceramic Boost as a drying aid. I noticed a few spots of rail dust so next wash will feature a chemical decontamination and perhaps a clay mitt wipe down. Of course no sooner than I get done when the Beast had to go out and be shown off to the world.
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    2019 Tesla model X, customer requested a clean and shine. I couldn't just put on brilliant glaze which is pretty much what he wanted/paid for. Being my second "customer" I used iron remover, clayed and used the one step combo, polish and topped with the uv ceramic spray and achieved a respectable result. Gave myself a FUNcussion by hitting my head on the gullwing doors about 87 times 😄 Glass (there's a LOT of it) sealed, mats trim and tires hit with VRT. I also got to break in my mtm hydro 😉
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    Hi Daniel, Since this is a Adam's forum, we'll only be discussing Adam's products. Let's start with Ceramic Spray Coating and UV Ceramic Spray Coating. These are equal products, one has the UV capability to make it easier to see the application. You need to have a special light, sold separately on Adam's site, to get the benefit of the glow technology. I've found the UV to be a good selling point with clients to show the coating is applied. I keep the regular Ceramic Spray Coating and UV in stock and use the one that I think is being for the marketing required. On my personal vehicles, children's and their spouses, they almost all have the regular CSC. One family vehicle has the UV since I test everything before it goes on a clients vehicle. We have a mix of a garage queen, garaged daily drivers and pure outside daily drivers, plus a few driveway queens - those are the ones that sit in the driveway, but are rarely driven. Starts with my wife's garage queen, it gets wash using a two bucket wash and lambskin wash mitt about once a month. It is maintained 100% with Adam's products and I only use the best on her vehicle as @falcaineer can attest to. The vehicle is ceramic spray coated and kept immaculate about once a week, I treat the vehicle to either a Ceramic Waterless Wash or CS3. The Ceramic Waterless Wash came before CS3 and I bought a gallon, it works great and makes for an excellent drying aid after a wash. Given how good CS3, I doubt I'll buy another gallon of CWW unless the sale is exceptionally good. For CS3, this is my go to for topping Ceramic coated vehicles after a wash that gets washed every couple of weeks. The about once a month the vehicle gets Ceramic Boost as a drying aid. I do not put CB on a vehicle using the dry method unless the weather doesn't permit it. Then I use a moist method which is a couple of light sprays of purified water on the towel, then a spray of CB on the vehicle. A little CB goes a long way and the biggest complication is when people use too much, then it tends to streak and the pure dry method can also streak according to your climate. For the Ceramic Side of the house, my recommendation is Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating, CS3 for doing waterless washes and for a drying aid after a regular wash. The exception is ever 4 to 6 weeks according to your vehicle usage and climate to use Ceramic Boost in lieu of CS3. Unless you are challenged with seeing where you have applied the Ceramic Spray Coating or are doing vehicles for clients, you don't need the UV variant. It is a personal choice and is no harm if you choose to us it for your annual to semi-annual strip, polish and coating routine. I have one and only one place that I use H20 and while I know it has ceramic properties that is not why I use it. I use H20 in lieu of ceramic coating on pure white vehicles or ones with the Pearl white color. I don't know what it is about the properties of H20 and the white vehicles, but I have found nothing that can compare to it for making a while vehicle look absolutely beautiful. I hope this helps on your quest to get the optimal Adam's products for your vehicles and usage characteristics.
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    Ceramic Spray on the Bike

    I've been thinking about changing the bike to Ceramic Spray Coating and decided today was the day. The bike has not been out this year so it was exceptionally dirty and really needed some time spent on it. The first order of business of was to get it outside and take a picture and then hit it with a strip wash. I'm sure you can see the dust, pollen and who knows what in the first picture. The bike is a 2002, Suzuki GS850 Intruder and is 100% original. The kickstand and tires are the only things that have even been on the ground. After the strip wash and dry, it was into the garage to start the process of making it pretty again. I had just enough marks that I decided to go with Scratch and Swirl remover and an Orange pad. The second picture shows the difference with 1/2 the tank completed. With the exception of the tank and a couple other small areas, everything else was done by hand, but I am confident that that a Micro Polisher would have been helpful. Next I turned my attention to all the plastic that looks like chrome. I decided to give the Scratch and Swirl Remover a try and was pleasantly surprised at how well it clean up the turn signals as show in the next two pictures. Now I was able to turn my attention of the real chrome and since I ran out of the old product I was using, I was able try my recently purchased Metal Polish #1 and #2. I have to say that I am absolutely blown away by how easy it is to use and the results, which are shown in the next picture. Please note the chrome parts under the shiny area, that is how everything looked to start. The point being that it not only cleaned it up, which the other product I previously used did also, but I'd say Metal Polish #1 and #2 was half the effort. The seat received Leather Conditioner and then I started on all the red sections with Hand Polish to make them nice and shiny, followed by Surface Prep and then out came the Ceramic Spray Coating. Just so there is no doubt, I only put the CSC on the red and non-heat conducting areas, the exhaust and engine did not get coated. Here is the end result, the first picture is with the garage lights off and the second with them on. I am very pleased with how it turned out, but I also will tell you that as small as the bike is, you'll spend plenty of time getting all the small places cleaned and polished. I'm sure I'll find some spots on Sunday when I put Ceramic Boost on it that I missed. That is just part of having a bike, they take time to take care of keep looking good.
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    Spring Carlisle 2020 New Date

    So far what I’ve seen since arriving yesterday. On most every pole At Vendor Services outside Gate 3 In the Midway road Inside Gate 3 I got my Team our own Portable Toilet
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    I'm sure some of you may have watched the NASCAR Cup Series Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway on TV yesterday, and saw the big Adam's Polishes "A-logo" displayed on Alex Bowman's #88 Chevy Camaro from Hendrick Motorsports! It amazes me how much this company has grown to see something like this, and I am very proud to be part of it! Unfortunately he had a DNF due to being involved in a multi-car pile up, but all drivers involved are ok! We can't wait to see Alex back out on the track again. We also launched a new collaboration kit yesterday, available exclusively on ChevyGoods.com You can find the kit at the following link: Number 88 Camaro Car Care Kit by Adam's Polishes This kit must be picked up at your local participating Chevrolet dealership, as they do not offer shipping at this time. Discount codes also appear to be deactivated for this kit, but it's a very nice price at $58.00, as it is over $80 in retail value! Thanks for looking and keep on shining!
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    Polishing question--

    After doing a few black vehicles recently, there are few items that I can recommend for getting best depth and shine. First, I'm a wine drinker and prefer white wine, I ensure a bottle is chilled for when I'm done... Before pictures... Rule #1, use the least aggressive method possible and determine that by having a test spot or two. Don't be concerned if one area of the vehicle needs Compound, another Scratch and Swirl remove and another only needs Finishing polish. I just had that situation on a black Jaguar. Plan on two days, you really need to plan to have plenty of time and it is the most important thing you can plan for. If you don't give yourself plenty of time to do the job right, there is no sense in starting it. Don't chase perfection, it doesn't exist or at least rarely exists. You can make it look great even with minor flaws that only you will know are there. With black the flaws will be more noticeable, yet can still be acceptable within reason. Have more pads than you think you need. I generally use 4 pad of each type, per vehicle sometimes it is less and sometimes it is more. When the pad gets fouled take a break, wash it out, and put it in the bucket for the full wash and grab a new one. When you are all done, sit back, have a drink of you choice, wine, beer, soda, ice tea or whatever and admire your work and take pictures. The very last thing is to post the pictures and your process so all the rest of us can admire your work.
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    Our Creative Director Joe uploaded a new video series late Sunday night, and you may have noticed it already. If not, we're calling this one the "Lost Video Series." We shot these videos just over a year ago in April 2019 in Florida, to coincide with all of the sections of our website, but then shortly after we did a complete upgrade to the entire website...oops. This reason and other projects put these videos on hold, but Joe and his team had some time to finish editing them to finally publish them! Joe is unlocking a new video each day this week, and in addition to Adam, you will see some familiar faces to this forum like @BRZN, @Sizzle Chest, @Calvin A, our friend Kyle, and myself. This was a very fun series to shoot, and we hope you enjoy it and learn some new things too! Here is the intro video. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to like the videos if you enjoyed them, and subscribe to our channel:
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    Full Silverado detail—

    So with the Tropical Storm making its way into Louisiana today, I figured what better time to detail my truck! 3-5” of rain expected here tomorrow, so I borrowed a truck off the lot for a demo for a couple days so mine will stay clean. So this was my first time using a number of products from Adams, and I’m simply blown away! I ended up having to polish out several fine scratches that I wasn’t aware of, and haven’t ordered any Adams polish yet, so had to use some previous polish. But today I used the following: Adams Wheel and Tire Cleaner Adams Bug Remover Adams Ultra Foam Adams Detail Spray Adams Claybar and topped everything off with Adams Buttery Wax Silver is next to impossible to make “pop” but man am I blown away at how it turned out! I plan to make another order soon to stock up on some good polishing stuff, as well as H2O Guard and Gloss, and some Brilliant Glaze! Thinking the combo of both will make the silver shine it’s best! Anyway, critique away!
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    Was a great couple days hanging and working with everyone!
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    The Car or Truck You Wish You Still Had

    I've had too many car/trucks over the years. MANY that I have regretted getting rid of, but I have to say that the biggest regret was selling my 1972 Corvette 454 4spd. I put a lot of money and sweat into that Vette. It was immaculate! Still wander what I was thinking when I traded it away!! 😞
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    Adam's Online Car Show

    2015 Chevy Silverado LTZ Crew Cab
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    http://www.adamspolishes.com/ SK Micro's Back In Stock!
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    Adam's Odor Bomb - Permanent Fix?

    UPDATE: So I used the Odor Bomb as per instructions. Placed it in the truck yesterday evening, and removed it this morning. I left it in the truck for approximately 15 hours. After removing the container and venting the truck for about 30 minutes I got inside and closed the doors. I have to say I am impressed with the results. The dog smell was gone. The interior smell was clean. Hard to explain. Not like it was masking the odor, just "new" spelling. The real test will be as it gets hotter and more humid here in NC. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
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    Part 3: How to Clean Wheels and Tires
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    Part 2: Interview with Dave Eyster Event Coordinator
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    Adam's Online Car Show

    My offerings
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    Caveat...you can polish it, but be very careful. Too much heat can degrade the adhesive. One quick pass may be all you can or should do.
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    Good afternoon everyone! We just launched two new products onto our website, both with multiple scents! Hand Cleanser is a modification of our Hand Sanitizer, with the Hydrogen Peroxide removed and a scent added - options are Grape, Mango, and Pineapple! Foaming Hand Wash is an all-natural, water-based alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. This formula has a sugar-derived surfactant, natural humectants, and additional emollients such as Aloe Vera and Apricot Kernel Oil to provide additional softness and healing to your hands while utilizing the same active ingredient as in our Adam’s Home Surface Cleaner – Benzalkonium Chloride. CHECK OUT BOTH PRODUCTS HERE!
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    Adam's Polishes Anaheim

    Thank you for the kind words Doug! I've met Bob and Anthony that work at the Anaheim location, both are awesome guys - I know they have a few more team members at that location now though, so it may have been someone else. I'm hoping to make it out there soon once we're given the ok to start traveling again!
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    Food Thread

    I do hope all the Fathers had a wonderful Father's day today. My two son-in-laws took me out for a round of golf this morning, it started with a perfect 71 degrees for our 7:18 T-Time and was a blistering 93 when we got off the course at about 11:45. Play was a little slow yet steady. The best part was watching all the fathers and sons out there together with some little ones as young as about 6. Everyone sure did seem to be having a good time and doing their necessary social distancing. The course got the new cups in, so now you ball sits up and you can easily grab it without reaching down into the cup. The first picture is where we had our morning snack. The daughters where preparing lunch which consisted of Burgers, mac salad, potato skins, baked beans and for desert grilled pineapple. I did have to question my Chef daughters education - I'm not sure if the burger is too big or bun too small. It sure didn't look right to me. However, looks are not import it is all about the taste and everything was certainly good. All in a very nice Fathers Day.
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    New member!

    New member here! Just caught wind of this forum the adams instagram page, been using adams since 2015 since I got my first car(2015 dodge dart gt) and now using them on my hatch! inbound8128019118902001465.mp4
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    Mike E.

    Clear coat on c5 soft hard or medium

    It was parked out front the other day. Beautiful vehicle.
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    Preparing for Spring 2020

    Here's another update. I'm still using the wife's garage for now. The place doing the building has restarted work and they are slowly getting caught up on their backlog. The bigger challenge is the delivery and setup since they are limited to day trips and for now and each crew is kept separate. I put the concrete work on hold when everything else got shut down, since I wasn't sure what the outcome of all the shutdowns would be. I certainly didn't want to spend multiple thousands on concrete to end up with a change in building specifications. I'm watch the health trends, market and keeping in contact with the businesses doing the work. If the current trends continue moving in the right direction, we'll still get it done it this summer if at all possible.
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    The Obligatory French Fry

    Haha, cool thread idea! No french fries lately, but I pulled exactly $4.25 in change from underneath the seat, seat rail, and behind the driver seat of that black C5 Corvette I did recently...somebody must like the go pedal in that car!
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    Full Silverado detail—

    Got home from work and had a good opportunity for a reflection shot. Happy with how it turned out having not spent a lot of time doing any polishing except for a few minor scratches
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