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    59 entries, I put them into a spreadsheet chronologically. Google's random number generator chose... drumroll... #52 - Tim! Please PM me with your current mailing address and I'll get it sent on the way! Thank you everyone that entered. We'll do one of these again soon
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    What did you do today?

    Not today but last weekend I got my desk mostly complete. After staining and many rounds of poly and sanding, I hit it with finishing polish and a coat of buttery wax. I have to cut out and stain/poly a couple small shelves but it’s now usable.
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    Polished this yesterday. The owner was more than pleased and shocked.
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    What did you do today?

    Husband told me that he had to meet a client, 75 minutes from home. So rode with him as had a drop off for one my "local" Adams Polishes customers. Did the drop of International detail spray and PS odor neutralizer, then went to the mall as we still had at least another hour or so before meeting with his client. Went to the food court after shopping as apparently the client was going to meet him there (strange, figured we would need to go to the clients house, as my husband is an insurance agent and often has to take pictures). Well, shortly thereafter two of our friends showed up, one of them being Gary Gregory of Forced Air Designs (air brush artist, he is friends with and works with Mike Lavallee (sp?)). Only then did I realize that my husband actually brought me out to get my birthday gift a few days early! It is a custom air brushed hood liner to go in Hot Crush, my 2018 Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special Edition Camaro M6 Convertible! Just a few years ago Gary also did the hood liner for my 2013 Hot Wheels SE (45th Anniversary) Camaro Auto Coupe and it was also given to me as a surprise for my Birthday! Just in case you all are not getting one of the reasons I love Hot Wheels is that we both introduced into the world the same year Hood liner pictures attached. Feeling so loved!
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    Today is my 10 year anniversary on Adam's Forums! Ten years ago I was looking to upgrade my detailing "game" (and to find something to do with my spare time since my son moved up to HS basketball and did not need my help/taxi service) and attended a local car show with a co-worker. The local Adam's dealer was there demonstrating on a Foose Challenger (it was built in a Vegas episode of Overhaulin') and he showed how to remove swirls. I purchased Detail Spray and VRT that night, and never looked back! The co-worker and I (and a 3rd co-worker) all purchased Porter Cable DA's over the next few months. After a couple of months I had a lot of the Adam's product line, and found a mentor to help answer questions. Over these 10 years, I upgraded to a GG 6", then to Rupes machines, and have been fortunate to be involved with product testing for Adam's and a few other companies. I have made several friends on this and other detailing forums, and worked a weekend at an Adam's event at the Daytona Turkey Rod Run. And have been lucky enough to attend lots of education classes with near by vendors, and the past 4 years to attend Mobile Tech Expo here in Orlando, with more education and hands on evaluation of the newest products. Oh, and the 2 co-workers...I see the PC's in boxes when I go their houses to detail their cars!
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    Great looking spaces, everyone. Can I play?
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    We've put up a quick 48-Hour Sale on the website to treat yourself or anyone else this Valentine's Day, using the code ME for 15% off of your order. Free shipping for continental U.S. orders over $100 too. No new products for this quick sale that ends Friday at midnight, but how about we do a giveaway just for our forum members here? Anyone who comments in this thread before Midnight on Friday will have their screen name thrown into a list, and then I'll use a random number generator to pick one winner for let's say, a New 8oz Ceramic Spray Coating Kit! I will only include your screen name once, so multiple replies won't increase your chances. Click Here to Shop our New Products Section Now!
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    What did you do today?

    Another gorgeous 65 degree day in MD...still had snow on the ground from last week, and more to come Wednesday. But was able to clean up the ol gal and make her shine again
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    I'm your huckleberry! Wooo Hoooo!
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    Question on Polishing Pads

    Only you can be the judge of what's acceptable to you, but some pics on here with make/model may lend some more insight and better advice from us. As @tlbullet says, the pads and polishes are color-coded. You can interchange, but sticking with the colors will keep it simple for you this time. I'll try and answer your other questions... Yes, the black/orange microfiber pad (now discontinued) is essentially the same as the white/blue microfiber pad. Microfiber pads are going to be the most aggressive pads from Adam's, so they will provide the most cut/correcting power. It can be used with any polish, but either the Orange CP (more aggressive than Orange CP and orange foam) or Blue HCC (most aggressive combo Adam's offers) will give the most results for correction. If it's never been corrected, you can almost bet the CP and orange pad will be the minimum, but that said... As a general rule, start least aggressive first. For simplicity, that would be the White FP and white foam pad, then Orange CP and orange foam pad, Orange CP and blue/white microfiber pad, Blue HCC and blue foam pad, and finally Blue HCC and blue/white microfiber pad. Tape off (blue painters tape with NO locking edges works well) a 2'x2' section of best representative paint and polish it. If you get the results you want, continue with that combo over the rest of the car. If not, step it up a level and try again, and so on. There may be some places that require more, but it should be spot correction for the most part, if so. Note the HCC tends to leave a haze, so regardless of if/when that comes into play, be prepared to go back over the car or spots with CP and/or FP. Don't forget to clay before you polish, and also remember to remove the polish residue with the Coating Prep and plush microfiber towel like the Double Soft. Good luck...looking forward to seeing some pics (before and after preferred!).
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    Hat —————————> Ring! Thanks for the fun Dan and Adam’s team.
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    I’d like to make a recommendation. For the next Trunk Organizer. Can you get rid of the Velcro Lid opening in place for some of those Flat Magnets you see in some retail packaging. It shouldn’t cost much and would make repeated opening and closing of the Trunk Organizer 110% Better
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    Ceramic Coating Kit vs the Spray

    Thanks for the kind words/confidence, @Firebuff17, but I must admit I go directly to both of those guys for advice myself! Both you and @shane@detailedreflections said it well, and it looks like Vince already found an answer, so I'll try to summarize my views a different way for others reading: Traditional Ceramic (Paint) Coating Pros Longevity (2yr+) Durability ("ream of paper") Can be removed by polishing One coat provides max performance Awesome shine Cons Care to apply/longer application method Cost ($110/50ml); one 50ml bottle covers 1-2 average-size cars = ~$50-100 per coating 24-48 hour cure time Towels and applicator(s) must be thrown out Ceramic Spray Coating Pros Application method/applies quickly Cost ($70/16oz); one 16oz bottle covers 6-8 average-size cars = ~$10/coating 4 hour cure time Towels and applicator(s) can be reused if washed immediately Can be removed by polishing Awesome shine Cons Longevity (6-8 months) Durability ("sheet of paper") Requires two coats to add additional performance
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    Congrats, @Tim! Enjoy the shine...and post some pics of the finished product(s)!
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    Checking in

    Welcome Victor. You score points for most original first post.
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    Food Thread

    Fried Chicken dipped in a North Carolina sauce. Fist time making it. Will make it again!
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    What did you do today?

    I cleaned and organized my garage a little bit. I still need to come up with a good way to store/display my chemicals.
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    Unscented and Without Dyes

    While I know that Adam loves his scented products and has used colors to simplify product usage, has making the products unscented and without dyes ever been considered? Some of us suffer from allergies and/or are sensitive to scents. Seems like a simple thing and would lower manufacturing costs. Maybe I am the only one with a sensitive nose but it would help me. Does anyone else think it might be a good idea?
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    Unscented and Without Dyes

    This is exactly why I use black nitrile gloves when I wash my car. First time I used Rinseless I was too excited and went barehanded. My hands end up super dry and chapped. I have sensitive skin that didn’t help at all 😢 since then I apply moisturizer then put on nitrile gloves(powder free). 100 gloves is ~$15 for the quality thicker black nitrile gloves
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    Unscented and Without Dyes

    It's already been mentioned, but some of the chemicals unfortunately cannot be scentless, so the chemists mix in other smells to mask them. We do always try to come up with pleasant smells to work with, but allergies can always be a possibility. I've never had an issue with any of our chemicals, but pollen and fresh cut grass make my allergies go haywire 😵 Warehouse space is also a concern, as Parad0x mentioned - while we did move into a much larger facility a year ago now, it is filling up fast! I will bring this topic up with Kyle for discussion and consideration though!
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    Great idea. If you pull my name.........pull another.
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    Hold on while I pick my jaw up off the floor... wow. just wow!
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    Sure I'll try my luck! Thanks Dan for the chance!
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    This is awesome! Count me in Dan!
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    I'm in need that spray coating!
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    This is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity.
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    Just what I could use on my new truck. Thanks for the chance. 🤞🤞🤞
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    I can't enter, being from overseas, but super cool to see a giveaway for the forum - good luck everyone!
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    Way cool, thank you Dan! Drum Rolls to you for putting this together!
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    Can I join the draw even if I'm from Canada?? lol I hope so.
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    Too cool! Thanks, @Dan@Adams! Good luck to all.
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    Count me in, something has to go right today.
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    Awesome idea. And happy to see something for forum members. Please don’t include me in the drawing though! Just wanted to recognize what you were doing @Dan@Adams
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    Thanks Dan. Great way to treat forum members! I was kinda bummed earlier this week (I am sure I am not the only one) that couldn’t enter the essentials kit contest last week because I am not in social media. So this is an awesome deal!! 🤞🤞🤞🤞
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    Neutralizer Gallon

    Yep, we just got word that the labels have been ordered and waiting to go to print, so hopefully we'll be able to offer the gallons in the Feb/March time frame, stay tuned!
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