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    Thanks for the opportunity, @TheWolf, @Dan@Adams @Adam @Matt@Adams and Derek! I look forward to continuing to help and learn all about Adam's!!!
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    You guys are kidding right? Are we so far gone into PC la-la land that we can't suggest a woman would be the most likely gender to own and operate a sewing machine? My mom, grandmother, or mother-in-law would not be the least bit offended by that comment. They would be flattered that I assumed they were capable. Futhermore, I've never met a man in my life that owned a sewing machine. This new world is insane and I am only 36 years old.
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    It seems like we get one of these "Adam's isn't as great as it once was" posts every couple of months and it always stirs things up. Here's a fact: The only constant in life is change. Hey - I miss DvK, too. But he's gone. He's moved on. So has Adam's and so has this forum. In the 10 years I've been using Adam's products the line has changed A LOT. Some of it I use, and a lot of it I ignore. Doesn't bother me in the slightest if they release a product I'm not interested in. I just don't buy it. This forum is designed to be a place where Adam's customers can come and ask questions that are answered by other Adam's customers, Adam's employees and - every one in a while - Adam himself. It is not a place for bashing Adam's products or practices or directions. There are plenty of places on the 'net where you can voice your displeasure with anything you like. You'll have a lot of company. It sucks that you felt disrespected by Adam's "vote with your dollars" comment but try to put yourself in his position. He has thousands of users that love his products and clamber for everything he produces and a handful of people not happy with the "direction" his company has gone. I'm sure he gave you his opinion in a very respectful way but sometimes you have to just say, "Well - see ya later!"
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    What did you do today?

    Not today but last weekend I got my desk mostly complete. After staining and many rounds of poly and sanding, I hit it with finishing polish and a coat of buttery wax. I have to cut out and stain/poly a couple small shelves but it’s now usable.
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    Woah you're from the Future?! Tell us the cool stuff Adam's has out that we don't know about yet! 😆
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    Great looking spaces, everyone. Can I play?
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    What did you do today?

    My daughter came home with her brand new pseudo leather boots all dirtyed up and asked “can we. clean them with your adams stuff you use to clean cars daddy?” haha. . . what a silly question. start them young
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    Ceramic Boost

    One thing that seems to get forgotten is you can develop a haze when you really start to layer products. This is even more true when laying products with different bases (sealant is not silica based like “ceramic” products are). Many enthusiasts like to touch their cars and apply product to “make it shine.” The truth is that sometimes less really is more. Before adding more product, what protection is left? What layers are still there? Wax will disappear before a sealant as an example. Frequent use of some products allows them to build up and become more difficult to work with. It’s often brought up about streaking when using too much of a product in application. Frequent application creates the same effect. My daily driver and the wife’s daily drivers are both ceramic coated (with another product, not Adam’s for full disclosure) and admittedly don’t get washed as often as they should or could. I’ve applied a spray top coat to our vehicles once or twice since application and that’s in New England winter. They were coated in August and September of last year. A wash, clay and reapplication and they looked like we had just done them. The garage queen gets washed more often, but boosted less since it’s not driven often. It gets a top coat once a year. With waxes/sealants you need to do more frequent applications, but this should be measured in months. Not days. Don’t over complicate or overthink your processes. Make it easy on yourself and pick a set of products that work for you and stick with them. If you’re “ceramic based,” stick with them. If your traditional, stick with them. Don’t cross them over looking for a magic formula of shine. The real truth is that the gloss comes from how you finish your paint before ever applying protection. The other layers merely lock it in to with varying degree. Pick the products that fit with your style of maintaining your finish. If you’re hands on, go with products that will allow you to satisfy yourself. If you’re the “I just want to drive it” type, go with products that lend themselves to that goal. In the end you can spend a lot of money on products you don’t need or don’t fit your style and then drive yourself crazy trying to make them work for you. It’s needless stress.
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    Thank You for Your Smile...and Business!

    Hahaha ok since you asked. There will be a new ceramic shampoo in March as well as a new line of air fresheners around June hahaha yea my bad, I meant 2018
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    A friend of ours got a new car with his wife, and wanted us to do what we do to it. They settled on a five year coating. We installed the coating, interior protection and a glass treatment. This was a wheels off job, so even the barrels got coated. No interior shots since it was new, so nothing exciting to show there. And we had a C7 Corvette Grand Sport come in for paint protection film on the front end and a nine year ceramic coating. We also installed a glass coating on the windshield and full interior protection. Currently in the shop we are installing a nine year coating on a brand new Jeep JL. Here’s some teasers of that. It’ll be finished up tomorrow and delivered on Monday when the final two layers of ceramic are cured up.
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    Ceramic Paste Wax

    I prepped my Tacoma for winter last weekend. Thanks to my friend, @falcaineer, I got to choose between my normal PS and his recently acquired CPW. I decided to try CPW for a change. It went on and came off as quickly and easily as PS, which was nice. (Thanks, again, to @falcaineer for his help in applying it!) It shines as well (or better) than PS does. (Silver is a difficult color on which to judge!) It provided great beading action in today's precipitation. I look forward to learning how its durability compares, but I suspect having some Ceramic Boost on-hand won't hurt...
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    Thank a Veteran Today

    Here's a picture of me in 1967 just out of basic training. Headed out for a ship, then off to Nam. For every one of you who served, or is currently serving, a huge THANK YOU from me. Your sacrifice and service is appreciated.
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    What did you do today?

    My wife and I said goodbye to our son for a while this afternoon. We dropped him off where he is being staged for the night to start the next chapter in his life. He is headed to Fort Benning tomorrow. He is going to do airborne infantry. Extremely proud of him, but will miss him too. ??
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    Food Thread

    While the Roast above looks great, we went in a different direction for Christmas dinner. We all like Salmon and since the son-in-law, who is married to my Chef Daughter, got a new Weber grill for Christmas, we knew we were going to try it out. The first picture is the Salmon being prepped, the second picture is the Salmon on the grill on the Maple planks, yes they are Maple instead of the normal Cedar plank and the last picture is the meal on the plate with the Maple-Honey sauce on the Salmon. Around the plate is the Yellow Crookneck squash, Mac & Cheese, Broccoli & Cauliflower with a lemon-dill cheese sauce and in the center are dutch oven potatoes with bacon, multiple seasonings and I'm not sure what else. Not pictured are the fresh rolls and the Strawberry Mousse we had for dessert. At least her 6 years of school are keeping me well fed when she isn't at the restaurant working.
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    HQ Visit today

    Drove up from Colorado Springs this morning to pick up a few items, it was the first time I had been to the new shop. Showroom was decorated for Christmas and there was plenty of stock on the shelves. Staff member was very friendly and willing to answer any question I had. Once I had picked out the items I needed, he asked if I would like a tour of the warehouse. I immediately took him up on the offer and we spent the next 10 minutes or so walking around the warehouse and the “Shine Shop” which is a detailers dream! Just wanted to give a shout out and say thanks for the hospitality, he didn’t have to do it but seemed genuinely proud of where he worked and wanted to show it off. Adams is the best and their staff is a big reason why, keep up the good work and I look forward to my next visit.
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    And the last big project was a Cadillac Escalade Platinum in for new car prep and a ceramic coating. Some light polishing and we were back at it. Not a big turnaround, but a great protected finish for years to come inside and out with ceramic coating and leather/fabric protection. And then here’s a hint about what’s in the work bay currently...
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    The topic of ceramic coatings comes up frequently on the forums, along with other last step products (LSP’s). After answering some questions with regard to these topics, I figured it was time to take a few minutes and do some writing again. So let’s get into it... What is a Last Step Product (LSP)? Your LSP is the final step or steps of protection you’re applying to your vehicle after prepping it. LSP’s can be waxes, sealants or coatings. They all qualify as a LSP. LSP’s are protection layers, not repair or correction layers. Is there a difference between sealants, waxes and coatings? Yes, there’s a huge difference between the three. Sealants are essentially synthetic waxes that bond directly to the paint. Waxes are typically plant based mixed with fillers to allow them to be spread. Coatings are commonly silica based products that form a permanent or semi-permanent bond with the surface it’s being applied to. How long do these products last? The reality is that the durability is variable with the products. Durability is affected by so many factors, it’s hard to nail down a specific range. Climate, vehicle storage, etc are all factors that play a huge role. As a general rule, we assume approximately six months of durability for a sealant. Wax lifespans are measured in weeks to months depending on the product. And coatings are typically measured in years. What about ceramic waxes? A ceramic wax is a silica based wax. The claimed durability can be up to six months and can negate the need for a sealant. In full disclosure, we haven’t tested the ceramic wax. We don’t feel it fits our line up of products. At some point, we may give it a try to see if we can skip the sealant and glaze steps and cut it down to a single step of waxing. The action of the ceramic wax is hydrophobic like a coating, but without the durability. What about ceramic coatings? Ceramic coatings like I mentioned form a permanent bond with the paint providing the longest protection of any of the products. That being said, ceramic coatings are NOT maintenance free. They make it more difficult for contaminantion to bond to the paint, but they don’t make it impossible. Environments can be harsh and nothing will protect against the elements forever or with absolution. What will a ceramic coating do for my vehicle? A ceramic coating will provide some scratch resistance, better UV protection and more durability than a sealant or wax while providing excellent hydrophobic action. Ceramic coatings can offer long lasting, incredible gloss. More importantly, what won’t a ceramic coating do? A ceramic coating won’t prevent scratches and won’t last forever. Despite the claims from some manufacturers, coatings are not the answer to preventing damage from chips, sharp objects and fire. For the ultimate in paint protection, you should consider paint protection films (PPF). PPF though is more about “paint protection, not paint perfection.” My vehicle has a matte finish, do I have options? Yes, you have options. There are companies who offer matte specific coatings. You can use other coatings, but they may add some unwanted gloss to the finish of the vehicle you’re working on. We haven’t experienced any negative comments, when we’ve coated matte stripes and such but if we had a whole matte vehicle come in we would use the matte specific product without hesitation. What’s the difference between consumer and “professional” coatings? Coatings tend to fall into two categories. There are professional coatings that can only be purchased and installed by authorized installers. There are also consumer coatings that can be purchased and installed by anyone. The consumer grade products tend to be more forgiving in their application versus some of the professional coatings which are harder to fix your mistakes with. In our experience, the professional products tend to offer a higher durability and slightly deeper gloss. The other benefit of professional grade coatings is that they typically include a manufacturer warranty when installed by authorized installers. Can I install a coating myself? Yes, you can. Installing coatings isn’t inherently difficult. You just may not be able to install it as quickly as a “pro” or experienced installer would. When working with coatings, your prep stages are everything with regard to the final product. If you skip the prep steps, or don’t do them in completion you won’t have the desired end result. If you’re working with a coating for the first time, take your time and work in small sections. What are the steps to install? The preparation phase is just like any other LSP. You’ll want to decontaminate the surface by washing, iron removing and claying the surface. Once those steps are complete, you’ll want to polish your paint as you would any other time until you’re satisfied with the results. Prior to installing the coating, you’ll want to ensure that all residues from polishes and cleaners are removed completely. After that’s done, you’ll install according to the instructions. These vary slightly based on coatings, but the process is similar. We use three to four steps to buff the coatings off. One takes off the heavy residue. The next the push lines from removal. The final removes the little spots and the fourth is just to make sure we got it all. How do I maintain my coating? Coatings are not maintenance free. The require cleaning like any other surface. The biggest cause of coatings coming back with clients claiming the coating has “failed” is that the surface is contaminated. The vehicle will still need to have iron removed and the surface clayed occasionally to maintain the performance aspect of the coating. Some coatings require a maintenance coat, but this varies manufacturer to manufacturer. We tell clients with coatings to bring it back once a year for a maintenance detail. For those with traditional finishes, we recommend every six months. Which products should I pick? The reality is, it depends on your goals and how much time you want to put into the vehicle. Do you enjoy the waxing process? Or do you enjoy driving? We have clients who have to touch their vehicle, and for them applying some wax is the way to go to satisfy their need to touch. Some people want to wash and have it look good. If that’s you, a coating is the way to go. And to summarize? Coatings are great. So are traditional products. You really need to assess your needs, desires and tolerance for errors in application. If you are struggling to decide, I’m happy to help you with guidance as are many other experienced forum users. If you have a question I didn’t include, feel free to ask and we will get to answer it!
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    Yesterday I rinseless washed the SS using Adam’s Rinseless and a plethora of MT towels in a bucket. Tires were cleaned with Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner. Wheels cleaned with whatever car shampoo was left in my iK sprayer. Tires were treated to a layer of Adam’s Tire Shine plus each wheel and caliper got a spritz of Ceramic Boost to top off the competitor’s wheel coating. No LSP on the paint as I can’t make up my mind on what direction I’m going...
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    Microfiber towel cleaning

    I recommend 'cleaning' the washer before putting in your expensive towels, and cleaning it again when you are done to keep all the grime out of the regular wash. Before you start: Use the washers 'clean' setting, if it has one. If not pick up some Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, and use it according to the directions. As other have said, pre-soak the towels to help remove product from them. It is up to you how you break them down, but I do 'wash' towels (wash, dry, glass, mitts), 'polish+wax' towels, work towels, black towels (some will run, some will not), and finally my terry cloth work towels. Always two rinses. To leave the machine ready for other laundry run the Tide Washing Machine Cleaner thru it according to the directions. I would be careful with the commercial machines. You don't know what has been thru them that could affect your towels, and the hot settings could damage your towels. This my addition to the 'How to wash the microfiber towels?' thread: I attended a class at Mobile Tech Expo on Friday presented by The Rag Company titled 'Microfiber 101'. A whole hour on microfiber, and it was very interesting! They do recommend pre-soaking, if you have time, and an APC will work, but as Dan said, MFBR will work fine too. They also recommended soaking a coating (or H20 G&G) towel ASAP to remove as much residue as possible. It is up to you if you want to use the coating removal/leveling towel again on paint, or demote it. They recommended adding a few ounces of distilled white vinegar to the bleach tray, but NOT to the wash. If added with the soap it will reduce the cleaning level of the soap. It was also recommended to skip the Hot setting, as MF can melt at 140F, and some hot water heaters may be set to that, or higher. I use the Hot setting for my white polishing towels without issue, but your results may differ. And just a few things that 'everybody already knows' about microfiber: Never use bleach or fabric softener Never use anything above Low heat on the dryer Never use dryer sheets when drying NEVER wash cotton towels with MF towels
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    She says "hello" by the way...
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    What did you do today?

    The other night I installed LED lights over the license plate to match all the other LEDs on the back. I think it turned out well, and the look a lot more finished and clean. Before After
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    Late last week while fishing the local pond I slipped in a muddy spot and my knee landed in goose s*** and cut grass. What a funky, stinky stain that was! Got home and tossed the jeans in the wash but the stain didn’t budge. Out with Adam’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and a good soaking spray. Tossed jeans back in the wash and after another cycle they were clean. Liquid Tide has met its match.
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    Transitioning to Ceramic Paste Wax

    After using Ceramic Paste Wax on the Mustang and then the daughters Fiesta, I decided to transition the truck to CPW. The truck had not been stripped, clayed and polished in a year, so it was time to spend a weekend showing it some love. The truck was in great shape so it didn't take much to get everything cleaned up starting with a Strip Wash, after the SW, I hit it with Iron Remover, rinsed it off and then into the garage to be clayed. I would have clayed outside, but the weather did not permit it. After it was clayed using the Clay Mitt, I check it for marring and it was minimal. I decided to go with One Step Polish on the hood and front end and Revive Hand Polish on the rest. It probably wasn't necessary, but I did go over the hood and front with Revive to ensure it had the same last product touching the paint as the rest of the truck. Once I completed the truck with Revive, I wiped it down with a clean double-soft, which I repeated this morning before I started applying CPW. The humidity was very high today, I started with a very thin coat of CPW on the roof. It got tacky after about 5 minutes and that is when I started to take it off with a single-soft. The method I use for putting the wax on, is to use a half-turn of the applicator and go over about a 3 square foot section or about half of a hood. If the applicator starts to stick, then you need more wax. I do not use any machines when waxing, call me old-school, but that is my preferred method. The weather has been poor all weekend, so I don't have the best pictures, so I'm sharing the one I was able to take from inside the garage and one I grabbed after the last storm went through. In about two weeks, I'll give it a two bucket wash and use Ceramic Boost as the drying agent. Since the truck sits outside, I'll use CB every 4-6 weeks according to how it looks feels. If the Mustang is any indication, I think it will be around 6 months before it needs another coat of wax. I think by the time it needs another coat of wax, I'll probably put on a base coat of Ceramic Spray Coating - we'll see how much I have left of the other chemicals before I make the decision. As for the cost of the CPW, it is expensive from the investment standpoint, yet the amount of product used is so minimal that I expect to get 20 or so vehicles out of a container. Without a doubt the shine and beading from the wax is exceptional. Update: It is still raining, but when I let the daughter dog out, I there was at least some decent light to get a better picture. The trees from the front fender are approximately one acre away. The two things that really caught my eye was the back of the mirror and how you can see the trees and skyline. The second item is how much better the wheels and tires look even though they were done on Saturday and I only put Ceramic Boost on the wheels.
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    Food Thread

    The before and after, I have to admit, I have forgot to post to this thread, I have done a bunch of Butts, Ribs,Chuckys, and Brisket's already this spring.
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    Fixed the problem in a round about way. Purchased a Rain Soft whole home water conditioner for the house (not a water softener as most think). Water had 11 grains of hardness and a lot of sediment. Test after install showed Zero with sediment removed. Had an independent water test done and it is actually 2 grains (still really really good) with no sediment. Bottom line...soap works really well and foams up ten times better. Car rinses clean with zero spots...in direct sun light. ...and no I didn't spend the money just to wash cars, I have family members with some skin issues and this helped clear it up.
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    You asked and Falcaineer answered!! Numerous great options.!!..so how would u like to pay for your case of products??😜
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    Neutralizer Gallon

    Yep, we just got word that the labels have been ordered and waiting to go to print, so hopefully we'll be able to offer the gallons in the Feb/March time frame, stay tuned!
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    This sounds similar to Can Coat by Gyeon. It fills a need for a client who wants more than wax, but less than a coating. Although with different sealants and waxes our there it’s hard to say just where it fits. See above about Gyeon Can Coat. It’s most likely a stand-alone or last step. True ceramic coatings and a product like this are vastly different in terms of application. The chemicals (vehicle) to deliver a spray will naturally require more product. For example when we airbrush wheels, we use way more product than simple hand application. That will account for the volume of the bottle on some level. You also have to plan for the excess that ends up in your towel. Sprays leave much more surplus chemical than a wipe on product. And another thought, just because a product is released doesn’t mean it fits into your lifestyle. It’s okay to not use everything. We don’t use everything from everyone. In fact, there isn’t a manufacturer we use everything from. Sometimes it’s okay to say no. It just doesn’t fit for me. It’s not a reflection on a product, but your process and how things fit in. There’s a million ways to do the same thing in detailing. Our process works for us. It may not work for everyone. It doesn’t make one better than the other.
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    Hamilton Detail

    Adams Spray Wax

    I can get a gallon of spray wax from a competitor for $26 a gallon. It has great results and longevity. I’m not paying $60 for a gallon of spray wax. Seems a little crazy to me. I love Adam’s, but they were way behind the industry on this product. And on top of that, the crazy price. 😕
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    Thankful...and Thanksgiving

    Every day I am thankful to be surrounded by my dearest friends and my loving family. Even the friends and family that are not local, they are a big part of my life. To my parents whom I am truly honored to be their son. I am the man I am today because of the values they believe in and the way I was raised. To my fiancé. She has made me realize that I can be a father like my dad was for me to my two step children whom I adore. She’s made me realize I don’t need to be “dad” to be a good father. It’s a slippery slope when you’re the step-dad, but she and the kids inspire me to be great every day. Can’t wait to see her and the kids walk down the isle on our wedding day. my career and the people I work with. It’s a chaotic time in healthcare, but even among the chaos I love my job. Everyone gets caught up in the day to day and common stresses of life and it’s easy to overlook the things that make us who we are and to be thankful. Thank you Shane for starting this post. Happy Thanksgiving everyone
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    Thankful...and Thanksgiving

    We've had a pretty good year. I'm 72 now and I'm thankful that I am still in good health, still able to get onto the roof of the house without killing myself. Thankful that the wife and I are still together and content after 46 years of marriage. Thankful for my children and two grandchildren who are growing up too quickly. Thankful that we get to still be in their lives when so many other people don't get that chance. Thankful for my many friends who still like me enough to invite me to go places. Thankful for every blessing every day, and some days they are many. Thankful that I get to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all get to enjoy a good meal with family and friends, a day off from work and a chance to relax. Enjoy your holiday gang.
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    It’s been a little bit and we’ve been busy. But here’s some latest work! This truck was a truck with 265k on it that the owner was building flipping. He decided to have us rehab and protect the paint work with some ceramic coating. This truck was hammered with water spots he didn’t think we’d get out. A few days of work, but I’d say we delivered. After that, it was on to a car that was inherited by a client from his late mother. It’s a 2001 Cadillac that had just 29k original miles. But as some people tend to do as they age, the paint wasn’t well cared for. Luckily we were able to preserve moms car and he can enjoy it for years to come. This finish was compliments of polishing, sealants and wax.
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    I detailed a '99 Acura RL this weekend. The client originally wanted a wash & seal, with headlight correction, but ended up requesting a correction too. I tried to discourage him from that, as he does not have a garage, and I am not sure he will maintain the finish to 'our' standards, but he wanted it anyway. For the most part the car was in very good condition, but the before&after of the gas door is below. I was too busy trying to beat the sun to get more pictures, but the 50/50 views of the 1/2 corrected trunk were stunning. However I was about an hour+ into the correction when I looked at the trunk again (I was working outside, so got a different angle from the sun) and did not like how the corrected part looked. I tried a more aggressive foam pad, but ended up having to use a MF pad and Correcting Polish. I stared redoing from the belt-line up and was able to work the CP down and avoid a finishing step, but unfortunately the sun won, and I have to go back later this week to sand the headlights, dress the trim & tires, and hit a few spots on the interior again.
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    And I thought it would only be fair to show the final product!!! So here it is...protected for nine years.
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    Random Photography thread

    Reviving this thread.
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    I love Adam's products and will continue to support them, I do not use ALL of Adam's products however. I use what I want to use and have the luxury of doing so. Not every product will be for everybody. Any company that is not changing will be left behind and we see this with so many industries. I for one applaud Adam's for the attempt and execution of attempting to relate to the younger generations and bringing in fresh ideas. I feel Adam's still has an excellent platform for the base car care experience, Car Shampoo, paint correction liquids, and waxes/protectants. The company is so much more than that product wise, but you get the jest of it. Anybody can still wash and detail their car with the same Adam's products we have always known and loved. Not buying a product due to the origin is a whole different topic, but Adam's gives us all the luxury of buying American and by gosh when given the option I am going to continue to do so! I think the major decision is, do you want to wash your ride with an Adam's shirt and socks on or not? I'm not making light of the fact that they are venturing into new markets, but YOU are allowed to do as you like and make the decision to stick to the basics of what you like with Adam's. You do not have to jump ship because they are selling non American made pressure washers, just don't buy into what you don't want. Its your dollar to spend, and its hard earned at that! I think anybody would be hard pressed to find products that compare to Adam's. I have found a few, but again, these are from American made companies. Point being, its your dollar to spend, so do so wisely and buy American made when you can.
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    I’m on a family road trip and staying at a cabin in Missouri. After driving 1,400 miles over two days I finally got here and had to wash my ride. The bugs on the front end and side mirrors were insane, of course. Prior to leaving home I washed with Adams regular car wash and topped off with ceramic boost while drying. After getting here 3 days ago, I washed in the evening using Adams new Ceramic Wash. Let me tell you, having the vehicle not only ceramic coated 19 months ago but topped off fresh with Ceramic Boost before the trip really really helped the bugs come off rather easily. I also pre made a small spray bottle with diluted car wash in it before leaving home to pre spray the bugs before washing to help loosen them up and did a pre soak before washing with the ceramic car wash. Anyways, I did that regularwash 3 days ago so this morning I did a Ceramic Waterless Wash as we haven’t had rain and the truck just needed a touch up. I absolutely love the results Adams products provides, especially the new ceramic infused products. Here are two pics after the ceramic waterless wash today:
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    Instead of washing each panel I would use WW, much easier.
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    plasti dip disaster removal

    I very much want to add something constructive but all that I keep thinking is: ....when I dip you dip we dip Sorry!
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    The "Road" to Ceramic Coating

    Hi All, After seeing a need for some flowcharts and more "processes" for overall detailing, especially Ceramic Coating and maintenance, I've developed the roadmap to Ceramic Paint Coating! Let me know what you think and how this can help you-- Also, If there are any processes you are confused by, list them here and I'll consider them for future flow charts!
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    Buttery Wax

    Hey Chris, you asked for some pictures so here they are. I just completed my truck with H2O and that is what I used on my HD as well.
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    It's time to celebrate another successful year - time sure does fly when you're having fun! It's hard to believe this all started 19 years ago. We’re thankful for the friends we’ve met, the places we’ve seen & the memories we’ve made over the years. While premium car care products are fundamental to our growth, we know the key to our growth is you. Our team is humbled by your support, and thankful for your business. We're celebrating by offering 19% off storewide* with the code 19YEARS at checkout. Free shipping to the continental U.S. can be had on orders over $115, and this anniversary sale will be running until Tuesday March 12, 2019 at Midnight MST. Please note that the Throwback Brilliant Spray Glaze and Throwback Tire Dressing are extremely limited at 400 bottles each, so 1 person customer while supplies last - they will sell out quickly! CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW!
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    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    As of today... As always, if you sent one in, let me know and I'll try to find it. But as you can tell, they're adding up so a unique one is a bit easier to look for.
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    Food Thread

    Sticky buns for my Thursday treat day....Normally I get up early at 5 am Thursday & bake...why you ask? For some reason I started waking up early on Thursday about 18 months or so ago...and it now is habit or ritual...lol. However, do not have the time tomorrow as have an early day so decided to make them tonight.
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    Cleaned up my truck today since it was the first time I had a few hours free for the first time in a while. Still needs a lot of work though...
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    The Sticker Trading Thread

    Anybody else think that the drip sticker upside down is giving us the finger?
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    Decided to give the wife's blacked out Chrysler Pacifica a proper bath today. Used a little BG, then H2O GG, and Adam's glass cleaner. Did the interior with LC. Black cars are a pain to keep clean, especially in the desert but man look at that reflection when it's clean. Like a mirror LoL and took a pic of the water beads. I wrung out the towel that I used the H2O on and it left water beads on the concrete for over and hour in 80+ degree temps. And they're still there. ? Good stuff
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