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  1. Thanks for the reply. Is there a brand PPF that you recommend?
  2. Been awhile since I lurked here. My 2007 Trailblazer SS took some shingles from my house straight across the roof, hood, and the tops of most other panels. For a small extra fee he agreed to repaint the rest that wasn’t covered by insurance. Now that it’s all painted. I want to get it ceramic coated once the paint has cured. I had my wife’s expedition ceramic coated using cquartz and dang if that coating doesn’t leave the paint shining so much easier. THE QUESTION: the front bumper cover is a large flat black area that loves to attract road debris and other unfriendly objects. Should I have a clear film applied to the front bumper and front portion of the fenders/hood to help protect from chips? While ceramic/graphemes coating the rest? Thanks for the opinions! pics for clarity...Older pic of the front bumper. It no longer has a front license plate.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I searched the site and have read some people say that some manufacturers don’t play well with other manufacturers. I figured enough would know if Adams didn't apply well with the CQuartz. And honestly say if it didn’t. I look forward to more insight. Thanks again!
  4. Ok guys. I need some input. I’ve read old threads and it seems mixed. Recently had a car coated in CQuartz Pro ceramic coating. The detailer who did it says that he washes his personal cars almost exclusively with a waterless wash. CarPro’s Ech2o And he uses CarPro’s Reload to maintain the protection. Should I stick with the same manufacturer for waterless and protection? or can I use Adams waterless (rinseless diluted with distilled) and Adams Ceramic Boost? I bought Ceramic Boost the week before I got the car coated on BF savings. So Adams or CarPro for this situation? I’ll still use Adams for all my other stuff. Thanks in advance!
  5. Sorry for such a delayed resolution to this. We we finally got my wife’s Expedition coated a week ago. We used Mirror Finish Auto Detailing in Wylie, for you DFW guys. Steve was great to work with and communicated promptly. It was polished then ceramic coated using CarPros CQuartz Professional. Was very hard hard trying to get photos of it with the sun. I was was amazed when he showed me the waterless wash with Carpro’s Ech2o. Thanks for all your help, guys. I had quite a few great guys help me in PMs too.
  6. Bump to this. Would like to try and get this done. Would also like to support an Adam’s supporter
  7. I hope this is the correct subforum for this question and that this question is allowed on the forum. Ive been using Adam’s products for years on my TBSS and love it. Recently purchased a 2018 Ford Expedition for my wife’s DD. She can be quite tough of vehicles. I’d like to get a professional grade ceramic coating applied to aid in maintenance for the years to come. I want to know of DFW detailing companies that you guys are happy with for applying these sorts of coatings. I know proper prep and application is key so I’d like recommendations from enthusiasts. Thanks!
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