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  1. Classic Car and Salt

    I did get her home. It was dry enough out and rained the day before. Not much was sticking to the car. I did a waterless wash over the body, then I put her on the lift and wiped down her undercarriage. It was about 2 miles - all back roads and slow going. Here's some pics!!! I need a bigger garage now for sure.
  2. Classic Car and Salt

    I'm hoping it will be dry the day it is delivered. We're just going to get a storm tonight so there goes the roads for the season. Here's the car - it's a 66 with a 67 hood, which I like because the white stingers sets off the white interior. I have the 66 hood as well if I wanted to go back to stock:
  3. Classic Car and Salt

    Ha! Thanks, I know the troubles I have My major concern too was the frame and undercarriage. I do have a lift, so maybe I can put it on the lift and rub down every where I can get access to?
  4. I have a quick question. I just bought a new car to me, a 1966 Corvette. I'm having it delivered, but the truck can't get to my house because of small roads. I need to drive it a few miles. What's the best way to get any salt and sand off the car? I probably can't use too much water because of the temp outside. Will the waterless system work for me? It won't be much grime, but I'd like to get it off if possible.