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  1. Kyle I know you guys are super busy and just launched a ton of new stuff, but I wanted to shoot a post your way. I originally tried to post this in your Help us Help you thread but it bombed on me every time I put your user name in it. I hope this is something you guys consider. Thanks for your time. @Kyle@Adams
  2. Yeah I would try glaze if it were me. Easy on easy off and has some cleaning/filling ability. Then I’d probably hit it with some H2O Guard or one of Adams many sealants or waxes to protect it. You could even go with Ceramic for the ultimate protection. Do you have a polisher if it comes to that?
  3. Actually looking at it once more, it appears these water spots are more of the semi permanent type and not from a recent wash. I am thinking clay then try some glaze and see if you can knock it out. If neither of those two does anything, you could be looking at polishing it out by hand using Revive. Obviously after doing any of these it would be a good idea to apply wax or sealant.
  4. Carter, Looking at the pic, I wonder if you have some dripping going on post wash. Maybe take a leaf blower to the area and check to see if you get a lot of water blasting out of there. That might take care of the issue for you. It might also be a good idea to just hit it with some detail spray and a plush microfiber towel even after drying. Can you describe your care of the trim during the wash process? Are you using a wash mitt on the trim? Being that looks like piano black trim, I would be careful using anything aggressive like a brush. Also, are you using a decent towel and detail spray to dry it?
  5. If it’s chrome trim, I would try Brilliant glaze on them.
  6. Pics are not showing up for me. My first thought would be to clean the trim thoroughly with APC and a microfiber utility towel then apply VRT, or H2O GG. Or you could apply the ceramic trim coating. That is a more involved process though and requires much more cleaning steps. And because I cannot see the pics I am jumping to conclusion you are referring to plastic trim.
  7. i tried posting this in the Help Us Help You topic twice and it bombed out for some reason. Anyway, curious if you guys would do something like you did in the past with a multi-pack of air fresheners or maybe even do a pick 5 for $10 option. Please bring back Grape while you are at it! And Apple or Peach would also be great. Or even some of the Odor Neutralizer scents. I typically put one in all my customers cars so you guys get free advertising as well. 😎👊
  8. Totally agree, Adams is the best out there in my book!!! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Can Adams get you set up if you call them? Maybe not. I get it completely. Can you get a “bot” to order for you?
  10. Never had an issue with the site 🤷‍♂️ Maybe im not going on the site at the times you guys are. I will say this though, none of the stuff they sell is a life or death matter. Funny to me when people get in an uproar over a website. It has happened to me many times when buying limited edition Air Jordans and those are major sites like Champs and Footlocker. I just don’t really get too upset about it. Idk And while I think it’s good to bring this to Adams attention, I think if this is the biggest thing upsetting you, you are doing well in the grand scheme of things.
  11. Brilliant Glaze is Pina Colada to me Glass Cleaner has a Lime smell Detail Spray smells like Red Bull Leather conditioner smells like a garden hose according to somebody on the Forum but to me it smells like Leather 🤷‍♂️
  12. Try Tarminator. I had a car with some similar looking splatter on it and Tarminator took it out. Be careful to read and follow directions and follow up with some wax or sealant. I used Tarminator and a gray utility towel. I soaked the area with water, sprayed the product and let dwell for 30 seconds then sprayed some product on the utility towel and softly agitated the surface. Then immediately rinsed the panel with a hose thoroughly. This was done on a cool surface in the shade after the vehicle had been washed.
  13. @falcaineer I hope it works for you like it has for me. An additional tip is to test it on a large panel to see how much conditioner is being spread. A lot of times I use it on door panels where the window and lock switches are. That’s sort of a good place to start as well as the steering wheel.
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