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  1. Sure thing. I know the general rule of thumb is to go with a silica based spray for wipe downs on ceramic coated cars. But I’ve always used the standard detail spray on my previous cars which were coated and had no issue. This version is just a tad bit different in how it behaves. I don’t think it’s quite as effortless as we are used to with the Pink DS. Problem is my current vehicles aren’t coated yet. So I cannot give you info based on experience. I have enjoyed using the 20th Anniversary edition as a drying aid on a non coated car just due to the shine. Every car is different so YMMV. I don’t think it’s going to hurt anything to try it out. Be mindful it is black if you got the version in the Gold or Silver bottle. I used dark towels so they wouldn’t show any stains like a white towel would.
  2. Do you use the normal Detail Spray? As others have noted, this one can be a little more finicky when using as a drying aid. I noticed it was a little grabby when using as a final wipe down. And I hadn’t previously encountered the pushing around effect, but I had that happen to me this past weekend. Where it seems to not want to absorb into the towel as easily. Not to scare you, but it might be worth doing a small test section to see how it works for you. You can tell it has some form of protection as thick as it is when you spray it. It may or may not interact well. Hard to say for sure.
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    Adam's Online Car Show

    Man neither the Demon nor the plane are mine. I detailed that Demon a few weeks back and figured it would be a cool car to show you guys. Wish it was mine for sure! I’m pretty sure the Demon has more HP by far.
  4. Junior

    Adam's Online Car Show

    A couple SRTs a CrownVic and a Lexus
  5. Just used it again as a drying aid and I gotta say it worked great and left an incredible shine. I am using an extremely plush large drying towel so that might be making a difference.
  6. I mentioned the same thing back when they were soliciting feedback. They did a variety pack which was cool, but you couldn’t choose the scents. I guess logistically it is more difficult to do that and more errors would happen.
  7. Many times I will put an Adams AF in a customers car when I’m done. The grape one is probably my favorite. I will also spray a couple shots of ON in some cars if they need it. And on some I will spray the detail spray into the floorboard in front and back. It always smells great.
  8. Who all has used the 20th Anniversary Detail Spray and what are your thoughts? Is there another thread on it I may have missed? I only saw the intro thread but nobody really talked much about it from a review perspective. i used it for the first time and I’ll say I liked the shine and how it functioned as a drying aid. However I noticed it took quite a bit of passes during a final wipe down using it on a dry surface. It also wasn’t near as slick feeling as the OG Detail Spray. Seemed to grab a bit in the plush towel. Scent was good but there again I think the standard Detail Spray is far and away better and really iconic and associated with Adams. Hope they aren’t going away from that color and scent. This spray probably packs more protection and shine. if it’s me, I probably use this boosted version as the drying aid and the pink DS for the final wipe down.
  9. I wish they would! And bring back Grape 🍇👊
  10. I really haven’t been impressed with the new APC. Most notably, it smells just like Tire and Rubber cleaner, not that lemon scent it used to have. Second, thinking back to the original version, I could see where it would break down grime on the tires. The new version doesn’t seem to do that. It clings really well, but I don’t see where it is breaking down and helping remove road grime on my tires. Could be I got a bad batch? Probably the first time I have not been impressed with an Adams product. I’ll use it on a few more things and see if it wins me over since I bought the gallon.
  11. Looks like a ton of air fresheners just hit the site!!!!! Woohoo!
  12. Lol yeah that seems likely even if they mean the way the material “swirls” motion wise.
  13. After reading this post, I figured I’d look up neoglide. This made me laugh 😆
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