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  1. Cameron, The coating usually darkens the plastic, but it won’t go as far as the trim restore does. The trim restore is going to essentially paint the trim black again.
  2. Junior

    Black trim restorer

    Thanks for clarifying. Good point about H2O. That stuff is rad!
  3. Junior

    Black trim restorer

    I think I saw on Instagram where Adams stated the trim coating could be used on top of the trim restore. But I don’t know if anyone has tried that. I certainly haven’t. I think that would be the correct protection for it. The VRT might also work to top it and provide more longevity. I would definitely like to know the answer to the question you are asking.
  4. Not to hijack this thread, but do you guys know if Adams will make Barrett Jackson in West Palm?
  5. Junior

    YouTube Interest

    Thanks Chris. I don’t want to derail the topic here, I somehow missed seeing that in the product page. Good catch. Just to add more input on suggested videos, I would love to see more car show specific videos. Back during Barrett Jackson, Adams went live a ton, but seems that was the majority of the coverage and those are gone when they shut off. I watch things I like in repetition:) In general, I love to see car culture represented here. Detailing classics is really neat. As I’ve seen being mentioned in the past, it’s also cool to see a daily driver get Adamized. As much as we love seeing you guys detail exotics and cars that are pampered or decently maintained, it’s also cool to see the cars that are really beat down get glossificated. I saw a video a few days ago where a guy was demoing a polish on a hood he sourced from the junk yard. Maybe a junk yard challenge would be a cool video to show case just how bad A$$ some of the Adams line is.
  6. Junior

    YouTube Interest

    I agree with what everyone has said. I’d love to see a video going through all the methods to remove bug guts from least ro most severe cases. You guys might not get them as bad in cold climates but here in the south they are everywhere! Also maybe a how to coat plastic fender wells with trim coating. Tips there like using a foam paint brush like those little cheap ones you can get at the hardware store. Can we coat headlights as well? Love to see a video about that if possible. Maybe a video talking about using the trim restore and trim coating as a combo assuming that’s a legit method. Oh and can somebody please clear up the proper way to use the Ultra Plush drying towel? Maybe that’s not a video but rather a bullet point within the product page. Lastly, an about me video for each of the Adams Team or at least those who feel so inclined and have the time. Hope some of these ideas give y’all some decent material or at least spark more conversation. By the way, I dig the YouTube channel.
  7. Adams Team, I have three questions: Which side is the correct side to dry with when using the ultra plush drying towel? Can the ceramic trim coating be used on headlights? Can I follow the One Step Polish with the Ceramic Paint Coating?
  8. Junior

    Forum Upgrade

    Are you guys doing any pre production site members can go and check out before the roll out?
  9. Smoked in vehicles have killed my supply. Don't use it any other time really.
  10. Junior

    Good Morning from Atlanta

    Welcome Don. I'm actually just south of you.
  11. Junior

    Headlight Restore

    Kit worked well for me on a 2000 Camry see before and after. It took very little time and I didn't have to use the mf pads. However the factory coating either wasn't degraded or these lights didn't have one to begin with.
  12. Junior

    Trim coating problem?

    Really strange. Might be they are just too far gone. I don't really have any other ideas. It sounds like you did exactly what you were supposed to do.
  13. Junior

    Trim coating problem?

    Was the towel coming back clean during the final cleaning/prepping steps? I wonder if there was remaining oxidation which is making it unable to improve the appearance. I have had excellent results on smooth and textured trim. The last vehicle I messed around with was a Tahoe and the back bumper cover was light gray. After application, it was back to looking black.
  14. Adams Team, I wanted to ask a few things regarding gallons. First off, will you guys be offering Odor Neutralizer in Gallon portion? I have gone through quite a bit of that product lately. Not sure if a lot of folks are blowing through it like I have. I seem to have encountered more smoked in vehicles lately. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, would you please please pretty please consider doing the gallon refill kit once more where you guys had CS, DS, WW, and APC? That kit was awesome for me. And maybe even give us fanatics who buy Adams by the Gal the ability to mix and match on Gallons that are the same price within that kit. Anyway, just a couple of thoughts. Thanks for your time. Jamey