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  1. I wish they would! And bring back Grape 🍇👊
  2. I really haven’t been impressed with the new APC. Most notably, it smells just like Tire and Rubber cleaner, not that lemon scent it used to have. Second, thinking back to the original version, I could see where it would break down grime on the tires. The new version doesn’t seem to do that. It clings really well, but I don’t see where it is breaking down and helping remove road grime on my tires. Could be I got a bad batch? Probably the first time I have not been impressed with an Adams product. I’ll use it on a few more things and see if it wins me over since I bought the gallon.
  3. Looks like a ton of air fresheners just hit the site!!!!! Woohoo!
  4. Lol yeah that seems likely even if they mean the way the material “swirls” motion wise.
  5. After reading this post, I figured I’d look up neoglide. This made me laugh 😆
  6. Mike, I think your opinion matters and I get what you are saying. I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone from Adams reach out to you or respond to this post. I’m not really partial to some of the stuff they are bringing in but I also am not starting out either. I’ve got 6 polishers and pretty much every tool I will ever need. If I was starting all over again, the Swirl Killer would probably be a major consideration. And with the Way Adams supports the customer, why would I buy a PC over the SK? To add to that train of thought, I first had a PC and then was spoiled with the Cyclo and Rupes polishers way before SK ever came out. And I also don’t really get into Adams limited releases or MB. Again because I have everything I need to detail about 30 cars. I think a lot of what they are doing from a marketing and product strategy is appealing to the younger crowd and those new to Adams. But that’s the cool thing, I vote with my dollars and I’m sure they have a ton of new Adams customers who buy stuff that I don’t. They have to evolve if they want to continue to be successful, it may just be weird for those of us who were around in the early days. Growth promotes change.
  7. I’ll chime in, Adams support has always been stellar and still is. Adam is a great guy, he has helped me out a lot. The products speaking from a chemicals perspective are still excellent. The Chinese made tools I wont fault, but they are not for me. I like to buy premium tools. Adams spoiled me with Flex Rupes and Cyclo I guess. That’s up to you the buyer and I’m sure there are more people willing to spend half what I will on a polisher than those who don’t see price as an issue. The only other thing I’ve seen is that there isn’t really an Adams Expert on the Forum who measures up to someone we knew who used to OWN IT. The guy moved on to another company and those are huge shoes to fill. It will take what’s happening now, which is several contributing members and folks at Adams to fill that gap. That dude was a lot like Adam to me. Them type folks ain’t growing on trees. As long as they continue to keep the customer number one and provide excellent service I will remain loyal to AP. I don’t see Adam letting that fall by the wayside. It starts at the top. Latly I’ll pose this question, have you been delighted with their products and/or service? I have on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS!!! If you haven’t, maybe you aren’t paying attention. Otherwise I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve not had experiences with any company I’ve traded with like I have with AP.
  8. And I will say my seats seem to be softer after applying the paste a few times. Of course that could all be in my head🤷‍♂️
  9. I would think it does moisturize based on the lanolin content.
  10. I’m not a fan of using Facebook for legit information, which I think the Forum provides. It gets way too unorganized and seems the majority of posts I see there are geared towards people complaining about shipping or trying to sell limited edition this or that. No thanks.
  11. I like that idea. Also how about a Gallons section for all the gallons vs the gallons in each section like the old site?
  12. Ordered some green glass towels and noticed the image of towels appears to be wrong based on the number selected. When I selected 4 towels the image appears to show 6. When I selected 6 it looks like 12. See images. I ordered 4. I hope 6 show up instead😜
  13. Also notice the text isn’t lining up in some of the boxes for example on the Apple Cinnamon odor neutralizer. See attached image. By the way I’m using an IPad so it may justify properly with other devices etc. I did notice when I turned the screen vertical the text aligned. Have not bumped into any navigation issues etc.
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