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  1. Junior

    Door Jambs

    One method I have used is the actual wash pad that I use for the lower portion of the car along with a lug nut brush and sometimes even a wheel woolie. Of course that’s after a pretreat using RW and I also have a bucket of soapy water. After all of that, I typically hit it with RW again and use a mf towel to get all the water off of it. It’s probably an overkill process but it works. After it’s dry I will usually glaze it also. But I’m a bit anal about my door jambs.
  2. Does anyone know if the Foaming Leather and Interior Cleaner scent recently changed? I have an 8 oz bottle of the Foaming version bought about a year ago and I just got a gallon a few weeks back and the two have nothing in common scent wise. I guess I’m wondering if what I received was the correct chemical. The scent isn’t bad, it’s just way different. Anyway, not a huge issue, just curious.
  3. I used it on a black plastic Bluetooth speaker. A Soundcast VG7. Worked pretty well.
  4. Junior

    RIP "The Bandit"

    I saw that too Rich! Made an already cool musician that much cooler in my opinion
  5. Emery it sounds like you guys really do need some more reps. I did see where there are some job postings. So hopefully you guys will get the support you need to support all of us! We are a needy bunch sometimes and perhaps a little spoiled by people like yourself. Keep up the good work fella ??
  6. I found a work around. I just scroll below the main preview banner and I can click shop without triggering that link or the Logo link to the main page.
  7. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but it seems the upper left hand Adams Logo on the main site is now encroaching on the Shop link. See attached photo. It makes it very difficult to select the link. I have an IPad Air running the latest version. It seems this started maybe a few weeks back.
  8. Junior

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Did a maintenance wash on a customers GMC. Used the Wash and Wax and I gotta say I am impressed.
  9. Junior

    Customer service A+

    Adams stands behind their products like no other detail supplier will. And they treat people the right way. Glad they took care of you Ken, thanks for sharing your experience!
  10. What about a gallon of original Detail Spray and the bottle with the clear sprayer? When I say original, The current DS is V2. Original smells better IMHO.
  11. Thanks Rich I agree. It will probably just be a very small dilution of ON if I try it at all.
  12. Shane thanks for the reply. I was just thinking mixing it in with the cleaner might actually be more effective than spraying it into,the,vehicle. As most carpet cleaners actually have a scent, the Adams cleaner does not. So I was thinking to infuse some with the ON.
  13. Just curious if anyone has mixed a solution of warm water, carpet and upholstery cleaner, and Odor Neutralizer for use on musty cloth seats. I am thinking about trying that. I have a car that has apparently had a dog living inside of it and the smell is awful. Probably just a half an ounce or so of the ON to half a gallon of water and three ounces or so of the carpet cleaner. Thoughts or suggestions?
  14. I can attest, Emery is the man, dude has helped me out a ton. The guy gets it, and exceeds expectations. It’s rare to see that these days.