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  1. Brilliant Glaze is Pina Colada to me Glass Cleaner has a Lime smell Detail Spray smells like Red Bull Leather conditioner smells like a garden hose according to somebody on the Forum but to me it smells like Leather 🤷‍♂️
  2. Try Tarminator. I had a car with some similar looking splatter on it and Tarminator took it out. Be careful to read and follow directions and follow up with some wax or sealant. I used Tarminator and a gray utility towel. I soaked the area with water, sprayed the product and let dwell for 30 seconds then sprayed some product on the utility towel and softly agitated the surface. Then immediately rinsed the panel with a hose thoroughly. This was done on a cool surface in the shade after the vehicle had been washed.
  3. @falcaineer I hope it works for you like it has for me. An additional tip is to test it on a large panel to see how much conditioner is being spread. A lot of times I use it on door panels where the window and lock switches are. That’s sort of a good place to start as well as the steering wheel.
  4. I love the soft interior brush it really works well for a variety of interior cleaning duties. One little trick I found it useful for is when attempting to apply Leather Conditioner to tight spaces. For example, black plastic knobs and buttons on the dash and steering wheel area. Even the turn signal/wiper/headlight stalks. I just put a small drop of the L Con on the brush and use a finger to push it into the brush and even it out prior to applying. It works awesome to apply the conditioner in places the UFO applicator could never reach. Anyway, just figured I’d share this in case anyone is like me and uses the conditioner on a lot of plastics in tight spaces in the the interior. I hope you all find this useful.
  5. I have seen posts about it. Most of the time the answer for me has been to go with the wheel woolie in those cases. There is a smaller brush sold over in the UK I think might work well, but unsure if it’s sold anywhere in the US. It’s called Vikan. See attached pic. Maybe Adams could carry this or as you mentioned come out with one.
  6. A problem with the first batch? I have one from the first batch and it works great. And while I’m cool with people leaving a bad review, It’s more around how valid the review is. Two of the bad reviews seemed to indicate the product worked fine and then didn’t. I would be willing to bet that is around user error in both cases. So the validity of those two reviews is greatly reduced. The other review talked about receiving a used product. I would be highly skeptical of that although it could happen. Regardless, the reviewer stated they didn’t want to spend the time to reach out to Adams. So they basically took all the ability away from Adams to be able to make it right. Again, that review is diminished. It’s like a review where a person goes to a restaurant and has bad service, but instead of feeding the info to the head of the restaurant and possibly coming away satisfied, they decide to go out on Yelp and blast the restaurant. And as to your point about the direction of Adams, they have been selling other companies products branded with the Adams logo for as long as I can recall. I’ve been a customer for 10 years and I can tell you that has very little impact on me as a customer. I realize they are looking to offer a wide variety of products for Detailers and people who just want to maintain their vehicle. They are also one of the few companies who support the products with a wealth of info and videos and back EVERYTHING THEY SELL. i guess I could play Devils advocate to everything this post is about and say it’s good people are bringing user related issues forward to Adams so they can supplement their product info with some FYI instructions around maintaining the sprayer.
  7. Agreed sir. Well I will review it when I get a chance and bring the rating up some. I have the IK already and I am sure the Adams version is just as good. I plan to use the Adams one for tires and the standard IK on paint. I really have found a ton of use with mine and the dwell time makes it perfect for front ends with bugs and lower panels with heavy build up. I guess others haven’t found them quite so awesome but oh well. 🤷‍♂️
  8. So I was looking at maybe picking up the Adams version of the Foaming sprayer. Saw the reviews were really bad. But in reading them, I’m of the opinion they could be trolls. One guy says it worked great then not so good anymore. You have to maintain it by cleaning the aerator within the head. Otherwise it will gum up and quit working. The other review talks about receiving a used sprayer. I recommend contact Adams, I’m sure they will make it right. You might even be surprised just how right this company can make things for you when something has gone wrong:) I have been. So neither of those reviews have much merit to me and I think they really didn’t warrant getting posted. Maybe Adams needs to do like Amazon and have a place in the review where they can respond to reviews of this nature.
  9. I asked this same question. Never really got a very solid answer. Seeing you have noticed a difference as well and the labels being updated would lead me to believe the answer is yes. Unfortunately the Forums seem to get more buzz around sales and new hoodies and there doesn’t seem to be an expert Adams rep on here much. Anyway, glad to see someone else had the same question and now I think we both have solid answers👍
  10. A few products I would add if you don’t have that can take your Detail game to new heights. I routinely use all of these. Tire and Rubber Cleaner Green Glass Cleaner Glass Sealant Leather conditioner (Great on dash and doors too) UFO applicator Glass towels Wheel woolies Trim and Lug nut brush Invisble Undercarriage Spray
  11. Thanks for all the info. I have some glass polish and pads on the way. I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes.
  12. Thanks Roger. I saw some of it on Amazon. Might have to give it a shot. Not too worried about mess.
  13. This is probably a very uncommon concern, but I was curious if anyone has had success polishing/removing the scratches in the windshield from the wiper blades. I just bought a used Crown Vic and it has some pretty bad scratches from where the wipers were probably poorly maintained. Would there be anything in the Adams line I could use to get those out? I have all the paint and metal polishes offered by Adams as well as every pad type. I was thinking a mf pad with metal polish might be the best combo to try. Just looking for some advice here. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  14. One method I have used is the actual wash pad that I use for the lower portion of the car along with a lug nut brush and sometimes even a wheel woolie. Of course that’s after a pretreat using RW and I also have a bucket of soapy water. After all of that, I typically hit it with RW again and use a mf towel to get all the water off of it. It’s probably an overkill process but it works. After it’s dry I will usually glaze it also. But I’m a bit anal about my door jambs.
  15. Does anyone know if the Foaming Leather and Interior Cleaner scent recently changed? I have an 8 oz bottle of the Foaming version bought about a year ago and I just got a gallon a few weeks back and the two have nothing in common scent wise. I guess I’m wondering if what I received was the correct chemical. The scent isn’t bad, it’s just way different. Anyway, not a huge issue, just curious.
  16. I used it on a black plastic Bluetooth speaker. A Soundcast VG7. Worked pretty well.
  17. Junior

    RIP "The Bandit"

    I saw that too Rich! Made an already cool musician that much cooler in my opinion
  18. Emery it sounds like you guys really do need some more reps. I did see where there are some job postings. So hopefully you guys will get the support you need to support all of us! We are a needy bunch sometimes and perhaps a little spoiled by people like yourself. Keep up the good work fella ??
  19. I found a work around. I just scroll below the main preview banner and I can click shop without triggering that link or the Logo link to the main page.
  20. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but it seems the upper left hand Adams Logo on the main site is now encroaching on the Shop link. See attached photo. It makes it very difficult to select the link. I have an IPad Air running the latest version. It seems this started maybe a few weeks back.
  21. Did a maintenance wash on a customers GMC. Used the Wash and Wax and I gotta say I am impressed.
  22. Adams stands behind their products like no other detail supplier will. And they treat people the right way. Glad they took care of you Ken, thanks for sharing your experience!
  23. What about a gallon of original Detail Spray and the bottle with the clear sprayer? When I say original, The current DS is V2. Original smells better IMHO.
  24. Thanks Rich I agree. It will probably just be a very small dilution of ON if I try it at all.
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