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  1. This heats my 1300 square foot detached, decently insulated garage pretty well. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Dyna-Glo-50K-80K-BTU-LP-Convection-Heater-RMC-LPC80DG/202895381 I just moved to this from a kerosene torpedo heater, less smell, propane is cheaper than kerosene, and more BTUs. I spend a pretty good amount of time in the garage but I can't afford to do a true wall mount propane system right now. This is pretty good deal for $100 plus whatever a tank will cost you.
  2. red94chev

    Issue with tire shine

    I have the same issue with some tires, not all. I've chalked it up to be based on tire compounds. I've found in that in general, stiffer tires tend to "reject" Tire Shine and will do better with VRT. Softer tires really absorb the Tire Shine and look great. My Mickey Thompsons on my truck get blotchy with TS but look great with VRT. My moms Michelins on her Equinox look great with TS. The gf's beater with Walmart tires looks great with TS. Did a friends Corvette, whatever semi-performance tire he had on there didn't really look great with TS.
  3. red94chev

    Paint Sealant issues

    You might be using it a little too heavy. Even still, sometimes I get some stubborn hazing after removal. Brilliant Glaze does the trick to remove it.
  4. red94chev

    New Member who sent all his money to Adams

    Those are my signs, been using Adams for years. Everybody loves garage donuts right? Adams need to start sponsoring me for all the money I turn to them!
  5. red94chev

    All of our latest work

    You guys are killing it and the waiting list is a good problem to have. I have to admit that the Bentley doesn't do anything for me but I would love to own that '01 Cadillac. Keep it up guys.
  6. red94chev

    LPS Applicator Options ?

    Either red or yellow would be work. They're both wax applicators. I keep one that write "sealant" on the top so I don't mix them up.
  7. I detail a little on the side, mostly friends and family. The extra cash pretty much pays for all my detailing stuff. Most people get what I call a "basic detail". It's a thorough wash, clay bar, paint sealant, and interior detail. No polishing. I charge 150 for small cars and 200 for trucks.
  8. red94chev

    my gloss black wheels are NASTY!

    I would just like to mention to the OP that while you can use any towel to dry your wheels, it should be washed and handled separately from your paint towels to avoid contamination. And another vote for the sidekick.
  9. red94chev

    Doubting Eco Wheel Cleaner

    If your wheels are maintained regularly and you don't have some kind of crazy dusty pads, the Eco wheel cleaner is basically just a lubricant for your brushes or whatever you use, it's not designed to be touchless. If you put shampoo in your wheel bucket, you get nearly the same results. In the situation you had with your friends car, it just wasn't the right product. It's one of those things that's more of a luxury item.
  10. I've been using Adams Paint Sealant for years and it always leaves a haze. The current Paint Sealant is much better than the last version at least. I always follow up with brilliant glaze to remove it. And if there's a few really stubborn ones, they usually come off with the first wash. Also, I would recommend coating prep between polishing and sealing. And last, I don't bother drying the car before claying but I work in a garage.
  11. red94chev

    Suggestions for winter prep

    Glass Sealant if you haven't done it in a while.
  12. red94chev

    Adams Tire Shine No Go for U.S. Army

    Interesting, I wonder how they came to use the Adams bottle?
  13. red94chev

    Need help choosing the right product.

    That definitely looks like it would come out with some correcting polish. I fixed a truck a couple years back that had a similar condition after a tarp came loose on the bedside.
  14. red94chev

    Possible to polish out

    Well it's already messed up, if it were me, I'd try some wet sanding and polishing. What do you have to lose?
  15. red94chev

    IK Foamer with Iron Remover

    I've foamed the Iron Remover. Worked just fine for me.