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  1. Dry sanding on aluminum and yes, follow the circumference of the wheel and work your way inwards, you'll see it in that link. He actually lifted the car up to let the wheel spin which would be more consistent than working on the ground.
  2. Well I guess you have 2 options then, brushed finish or polished. Both processes start out the same. Brushed finish will look something like your older pictures. I would start with 220 grit sandpaper to knock down the bulk of the corrosion and pitting and work your way up to 1000 or 1500. You'll end up with something similar to what you had in your before pics. On the last stage of sanding, try to sand in a uniform motion around the wheel so you get a nice consistent look. Here's a link for reference. https://www.clublexus.com/forums/the-tire-rack-s-tires-wheels-and-brakes-forum/522813-diy-brushed-aluminium-wheels.html If you want to polish, start with the above process. The kit that Devon linked would be great to start with, those buffers are 1/4" shank so they won't fit in a Dremel but you can use them in a die grinder or on a drill. A good step after that would be a Powerball with something like Adams metal polish. Think of those compound bars as Adams Heavy Correcting Compund and Adams Metal Polish is more like the Finishing Polish. Then maintain with Eco Wheel Cleaner or just shampoo and touch up every once in a while. Aluminum is pretty sensitive to harsh chemicals. Hope that helps a little.
  3. If you aren't looking to maintain them as aluminum needs, I would look into getting them sandblasted and powdercoated. If you're wanting a polished finish, you'll need to sand them down first to get rid of the severe pitting and step out your polishes to bring the shine back. Adams metal polishes aren't really designed for that level of polishing. Not saying it can't be done but it's a lot of work for what looks to be a beater/winter vehicle.
  4. Yep, I've never thrown a coating towel away. I keep a bucket close by with apc and water in it and throw it in there after using. I let them soak for a while before washing.
  5. Nice, I have about 1.5 gallons left in my 5 gallon jug.
  6. Hopefully this will help your guys' situation. I bought some small foam ceramic coating applicators to try a while back and they absolutely sucked. That was with Adams Paint Coating but I'm sure the results would be similar with Ceramic Spray. The foam gave me a very uneven layer and runs due to it not being able to hold the liquid like the suede applicator or a towel would. You need something that can absorb the spray but also be able to let it go evenly as you're applying it.
  7. It kind of seems like Clutch to me even though Kyle is denying it. Sounds interesting either way.
  8. You can clay hard smooth surfaces. Glass, paint, and chrome, headlights/taillights. You cannot clay rubber trim or plastictrim/paneling. (I've used clay to remove road paint from textured plastic trim but that is not a normal use.)
  9. One thing to watch out for with Adam's metal polish is that it's extremely watery. I personally wouldn't use it on anything other than a drill with an adapter. Even then, it slings all over the place. A traditional aluminum rouge on a rotary would probably be much better suited for this application.
  10. A lot of people are now ceramic coating over PPF. If he doesn't want to go that in depth, maybe try a base layer of Ceramic Wax and maintain with Ceramic Boost.
  11. I would try with a microfiber and see what happens, almost looks like pieces of foam that are disintegrating off the applicator.
  12. In short, yes to all of the above. Regarding the finishing polish, the foam may actually be too soft to get the polish to work. Even the white finishing pads are firmer than the red or gray. But for wax or sealant, the red is just as good as the gray.
  13. I washed all my white towels with some brand new red ones a while back. All my towels are pink lol
  14. I run a waterjet, vertical mill, lathe, 3D printer, press brake, do metal coatings and powdercoating. If it cuts metal or has to do with metal, I can probably run it lol.
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