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  1. @mc2hill @Mariner I was thinking just hook the dogs up to a harness and do some mobile detailing.
  2. What Wolf said, the particles are just bonded to the clear coat, not in it. Just don't let the wheel cleaner dry on the paint just as if you were cleaning the wheels.
  3. red94chev

    Adam's HQ Relocation

    Fairly cheap price point compared to other "professional" detailers. My side-job prices are not far off from this so that's kind of cool to see. The money they may be losing on labor, they will probably gain back and more getting people "hooked' and buying stuff to maintain their car after they're spruced up.
  4. Save a few gallon containers to save premixed stuff in. I do that with a few things now.
  5. red94chev

    Strip Wash

    I think I would get some plastic razor blades to try "chipping" the concrete chunks off before claying. I can see the clay dragging grit and scratching the paint pretty bad. Then clay and polish as necessary.
  6. red94chev

    Flex 3401 Pads

    Looks like Adams currently has 6.5" pads on their website, that's what you would use if you have the original backing plate on the flex. They weren't selling the 6.5s for a while which would mean either changing the backing plate or buying pads somewhere else.
  7. I'd stick with Paint Sealant as far as the base layer goes but you can certainly top it with Americana. Sweet ride, I/my girlfriend wants one pretty bad.
  8. red94chev


    Here's a few I saved.
  9. red94chev


    I have a few cool ones, I'll try and get a pic tonight.
  10. I don't own a vehicle with less than 190,000 miles so yes, I have a lot of windshield pitting. Doesn't bother me too much.
  11. red94chev

    Rinseless Wash - Great Results!

    Not to go off topic, but read the second review on that thing, the guy washed his car with rubbing alcohol! That does look like it would be perfect for pretreatment though.
  12. Welcome, good to see another Marylander on here.
  13. red94chev

    2 Things

    I would bet it's fine, almost every one of my products froze 2 weeks ago but i haven't had any issues yet. Also, I have used it on a headliner by blotting the mark and then gently rubbing. you don't want to agitate the glue that holds the liner on.
  14. red94chev

    What did you do today?

    Finally brought in all my Adams from the garage, or should I say colored ice cubes. Only had one detail spray start leaking out the nozzle so I got pretty lucky. I miss my old walk in basement at the last house.