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  1. red94chev

    Ceramic coating screw up

    I had a couple high spots in the last coating I did. Revive knocked them down the next day, finishing polish by hand should work ok also.
  2. red94chev

    Limited edition detail sprays

    I got plenty of chrome bottles. @mbrazelton, I think I might also!
  3. red94chev

    Lightly used Flex 3401 with pads

  4. red94chev

    Lightly used Flex 3401 with pads

    Snatch it up! It really is a great machine and an absolute workhorse.
  5. red94chev

    Lightly used Flex 3401 with pads

    I can do that if nobody wants the whole package within a couple weeks.
  6. red94chev

    Help Us Help You

    I believe he means World Online Wrestling Association sealant. Oh wait, Wipe On, Walk Away.
  7. Hey everyone, I think the time has come to sell my Flex. It is lightly used and in GREAT condition. I'd say I used it on roughly 10 cars. It is an awesome machine but I just don't use it anymore. I am the original purchaser and I got it from Adams. It will come with all the pads also so add some polish and you'll be good to go! 3 used finishing 3 new finishing 1 new microfiber finishing 3 used cutting 2 used microfiber cutting 1 new cutting 2 black sealant 2 red glaze I'm looking to get $300 plus shipping for it. I am located in Cecil County, MD if anyone would be interested in local pickup. - Jake
  8. red94chev

    swirl mark removal

    Detailer's Domain is in northern NJ and would definitely be able to get you fixed up. Best part is he/they have a great relationship with Adams and they are a licensed Adams seller.
  9. red94chev

    Buying a car from Northern US

    I use APC in my foam cannon for pre-wash on cars that I'm detailing. I think that would be your best bet. If you have the snub-nose pressure washer handle, that would make it even easier to get under the car. So I would: Powerwash undercarriage Foam undercarriage with APC (I use 4oz in the cannon and a little bit of car shampoo might make it cling a better) Powerwash/foam the car and strip wash Pull the wheels and deep clean them seperately And then go ahead and do whatever cleaning/claying/polishing/protecting you think is necessary
  10. red94chev

    Buying a car from Northern US

    What year is said Forester? If there's any severe rust already, then the damage is pretty much done. A good pressure washing and APC foaming/cleaning of the undercarriage never hurts. Treat the exterior as normal.
  11. red94chev


    Someone else may chime in but I think I would put down Boost as my base layer and then Ceramic Wax as my top layer. I personally wouldn't bother with Glaze or Buttery, they are not SIO2 products so they will not bond like Boost and the Ceramic Wax will. Hopefully that makes sense. Your prep process looks fine. Waterless washes will be fine. Any other sealants and waxes probably wouldn't mess with anything but Ceramics are designed to work with Ceramics.
  12. red94chev

    Engine cleaning

    Shouldn't have hurt anything, I've done it plenty of times.
  13. red94chev

    One Step followed by Paint Sealant?

    Technically yes, but if they know anything about detailing, I would make sure they understand. Basically ask if they'd rather have a true polish and "6 month" sealant or a quick "all in one" job and price accordingly.
  14. red94chev

    Opt of Spray Nozzles

    I had about a dozen until I got a buddy into detailing recently. To save him money, I've been filling old bottles with various stuff to try and there went all my nozzles!