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  1. red94chev

    Heavy Correcting / Microfiber Pads

    Another point to make, sometimes microfiber pads will leave a slight haze on an otherwise "corrected" surface so make sure you're not chasing that. I always finish down with foam.
  2. red94chev

    Looking to trade for Ceramic Wax

    Pending trade.
  3. As the title states, I'm looking to trade everything in the pic for a jar of Ceramic Wax. 250k detail spray and a bunch of old label mini bottles.
  4. red94chev

    Lifted truck undercarriage

    Foam it and get a junky sponge to hit all the powdered stuff. I would maintain it with Ceramic Boost. And take a lug nut bussh and clean along your pinch weld seem under the doors!
  5. red94chev

    Blue old style tire brush

    I prefer my old blue one too, much stiffer bristles for a deeper scrub.
  6. red94chev

    Garage signs

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adams-Polishes-Garage-Banner/132750361987?hash=item1ee889c583:g:RAMAAOSwZHxbecFq Here's one on ebay to match your American cars. I think they made this one like 3 or 4 years ago.
  7. red94chev

    Am I being too OCD or what

    One thing I will say is to pull it out in the sunlight and reassess the paint. Some of the stuff you can see with led lights, you can't see so easily in natural light. Therefore, you're chasing something that isn't worth taking off more paint.
  8. VRT is water based and Tire Shine has very minimal silicone. Both are a much better option than any store brand tire shines.
  9. Keep cleaning till the suds stay white. It sounds like you are new to Adams TRC so you may not be using Adams Tire Shine or VRT. Cheap silicone based tire shines will cause a lot of browning too. Lastly, I recommend picking up a stiff short bristled brush to really deep clean them and then maintain with the Adams brush and VRT or Adams TS.
  10. red94chev

    Faded Paint

    I'm not a professional body guy but I believe they typically sand, wipe with some kind of a paint prep solvent, then paint/clear.
  11. red94chev

    Faded Paint

    Well the damage is done but you can kind of preserve it from here. Once the clearcoat is dead, UV eats up the base color pretty fast. At minimum, try to keep a good layer of protection on it, ceramic coating would probably be best. You can also wetsand it to remove some of the "loose/dead" clearcoat before coating/sealant to ensure you're actually bonding to athe best surface.
  12. I would try some revive or finishing polish and see what happens. Looks like it may have sat on the wheel for too long. Were you in sunlight or were the wheels warm?
  13. red94chev

    Ceramic coating screw up

    I had a couple high spots in the last coating I did. Revive knocked them down the next day, finishing polish by hand should work ok also.
  14. red94chev

    Limited edition detail sprays

    I got plenty of chrome bottles. @mbrazelton, I think I might also!