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  1. Try a few times with Clay Bar with detail Spray as Lube
  2. Bryanl

    Adam's Online Car Show

    Here's my Truck
  3. Had trouble finding the Forum. Spot for all the Gallon products would be great
  4. Hi I have the Foam Gun with the Stainless Steel quick connectors - I think it was the 1st model. If you turn the Coupling Half on the Spray Nozzle too tight the Cannister Half can't go in far enough to Lock. Sort of a pain but I've eventually got it to work & not leak at the Couplings connection to the Spray Nozzle
  5. I replaced my PC with a Mini & never looked back - way nicer to use & it's size makes it way more versatile.
  6. I have a Hot Rod - '41 Ford Pick Up - Red with great Paint & Chrome. I've always been a polish & shine freak & figured I was using great products. my truck was winning at shows & I was completely satisfied with what I had. One day - at a local car show - Glen Yates the local distributor for Adams asked if he could use his products on 1/2 of my rear bumper, 1/2 of my rear fender & 1/2 of 1 of my polished aluminum wheels. After he was done he asked me what I thought & I answered that I needed to buy some of his products. Started the addiction we are all familiar with now I'm retired & have a little detailing business - all with Adams products & polishes. And Glen & I are now friends
  7. I thought that my '41 Ford Pick Up was shiny - used a multitude of products to get what I thought was a great shine - won awards - I was happy. One day Glen Yates - our local distributor - offered to shine 1/2 of my back bumper, 1/2 of my fender & 1/2 of my aluminum wheel. It was way better - spent all the money I had on product that day & never looked back. Retired now & detailing cars a as little business - all with Adams - lots of happy customers
  8. Classy - I feel your pain - seems it will all be good soon. Small price to pay for your great products
  9. Been using Adams Products on my '41 Ford Pick Up for a few years & love the results. Retired now & plan to do up a few cars just to keep busy.
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