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  1. Had trouble finding the Forum. Spot for all the Gallon products would be great
  2. Hi I have the Foam Gun with the Stainless Steel quick connectors - I think it was the 1st model. If you turn the Coupling Half on the Spray Nozzle too tight the Cannister Half can't go in far enough to Lock. Sort of a pain but I've eventually got it to work & not leak at the Couplings connection to the Spray Nozzle
  3. I replaced my PC with a Mini & never looked back - way nicer to use & it's size makes it way more versatile.
  4. I have a Hot Rod - '41 Ford Pick Up - Red with great Paint & Chrome. I've always been a polish & shine freak & figured I was using great products. my truck was winning at shows & I was completely satisfied with what I had. One day - at a local car show - Glen Yates the local distributor for Adams asked if he could use his products on 1/2 of my rear bumper, 1/2 of my rear fender & 1/2 of 1 of my polished aluminum wheels. After he was done he asked me what I thought & I answered that I needed to buy some of his products. Started the addiction we are all familiar with now I'm retired & have a little detailing business - all with Adams products & polishes. And Glen & I are now friends
  5. I thought that my '41 Ford Pick Up was shiny - used a multitude of products to get what I thought was a great shine - won awards - I was happy. One day Glen Yates - our local distributor - offered to shine 1/2 of my back bumper, 1/2 of my fender & 1/2 of my aluminum wheel. It was way better - spent all the money I had on product that day & never looked back. Retired now & detailing cars a as little business - all with Adams - lots of happy customers
  6. Classy - I feel your pain - seems it will all be good soon. Small price to pay for your great products
  7. Been using Adams Products on my '41 Ford Pick Up for a few years & love the results. Retired now & plan to do up a few cars just to keep busy.
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