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  1. Yeah, proper angle and BAM you have the perfect mirror.
  2. Same! Unless you have a local distributor, shipping is crazy in Canada. I found when I sold stuff on Ebay, I had a hard time making profit. I had to eat some of the shipping cost, because US and other sellers could charge say $2, when I had to pay $15 for shipping.
  3. Beemer takes my vote. I thought it was the most original out of them all (sadly, including my own!!)
  4. The plastic might be a little harder to clean. If it were me, I'd put a claim in for new plastics Easiest route to go.
  5. Hi folks, While browsing the forums today I was redirected to this malicious spam page (see attachment). It only happened once so far but figured I should put it out there in case anything is going on. These little fake security things can be pretty annoying. If anyone hits it on this site, or any other, rapidly hitting OK/Cancel and alt+f4 at the same time is your best bet (for the ones that get stuck in a loop). If anything does download, cancel/delete it right away. Cheers, EDIT: To be clear, it is entirely possible this was injected somehow elsewhere, but it happened while on Adams Forums and has not happened elsewhere for me today. EDIT 2: added picture, my bad Cheers
  6. My "Midnight Blue" needs some lovin'!
  7. Kind of a cheat, because this was yesturday. Testing out the new garage floor with my 2012 Lancer. Sadly, found out my water is pooling in the middle
  8. Can someone post, or PM me our options within Canada for supplies? My current go to is on vacation and I need a couple supplies. I know of a couple, but some of the better places to shop I have found are those hidden gems not widely known yet. Feel free to inbox me who you use or know of. Thanks in advanced.
  9. This is very refreshing, this is how you get things done!
  10. Thank you, Dan, for a swift and thorough response.
  11. Can't help you there, but the point is numerous of us have come here for help and support and have not been answered. This type of (lack of) response makes some steer clear of Adams. I haven't made a purchase for Adams since this due to lack of response around the issue. Like I mentioned, companies support is a key player in who I go with and that has been rocked. The fact that I have been a loyal Adams user for years apparently does not warrant any type of response or explanation. Even my email to Adams went ignored. As a result, my new shop has been fully furnished by other brands and suppliers. There are a couple products I would love to still get from Adams, but just straight out refuse to until Adams can build up that trust again.
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