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  1. She is looking proper now Tim! Try some clay under those door handles. I have luck with that in the past on white car (I guess 'paint' transfer from the lady that drove the car).
  2. Nice truck Tim! It is always fun to get a new vehicle of you own to do a full detail too. That white floor paint around the seat mounts would be bug the crap out of me! I would be tempted to put down some Plasti-dip where the carpet holes are.
  3. For us - a little landscaping, and a few cars on the books (including a 67 Shelby GT 350 clone!). Our big thing is our son's wedding next Sunday (01/26). It is at an outdoor venue, and looks like it will in the 70's, with a light breeze...whew!
  4. I rarely use it as a hand polish, but it is a great paint cleanser, and for removing any rubber marks on the paint from a clay mitt.
  5. There are a few books available on this as well, if would be helpful. PM me for specifics if you are interested.
  6. I see the same thing with some other forums. Facebook is fine, but it's format does not allow for the education that the forums excels at.
  7. Welcome cortez! Those wheels are probably not real chrome, but clearcoated. Try rubbing them with some polish to see - if the applicator turns black they are 'real chrome'. If they are not 'real chrome' you can treat them like paint - a sealant or coatings will last the longest on the wheels.
  8. The big thing now is 'toppers' for coatings. Not sure they are needed, or just a way to get more $ from the vendors. As Rich said, they still need washing to maintain their full effectiveness.
  9. @HeavenOnWheels I would recommend looking at Rinseless Washing. If the cars have a good coating of wax (or sealant or a coating) you can wash & dry them in 30 minutes or less. On the DI water and the pressure washer, I am wondering if the DI system is reducing the amount of water needed by the pressure washer.
  10. @HeavenOnWheels How long does it take to wash and dry with the DI water? Have you looked into Rinseless Wash (panel by panel) as an alternative?
  11. You could also look at the Dr. Colorchip and the Lanka systems. They provide a paint sample based on your color code.
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