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  1. mc2hill

    Hello There

    Welcome Nick!
  2. mc2hill

    New Guy from South Carolina

    Welcome! Sweet car, but it is large surface to polish! The SK are great polishers and are easy to learn with. Check out the threads 'pinned' to the top of the "Paint Correction & Polish" and "Adam's Detailing Library" sections. Also check out the video's for more information.
  3. mc2hill

    Ceramic paste wax application?

    First off Welcome Adam's Forums! I have not used this method, but in previous videos Adam has removed wax with a DA Random Orbital polisher. He places a fluffy, soft microfiber towel (Single Soft or Borderless Grey should be fine) over the foam pad and uses a low speed to buff with.
  4. mc2hill

    Bug and tar remover

    Are you looking to remove bugs or tar? APC will work for Tar, but you will need to reapply the LSP. For bugs, soak a thin MF towel in your wash solution, then place over the 'bugy' area. Leave on for 5-10 minutes (maybe wash the wheels), and they should wipe off (this works on our nasty love bugs). And the LSP is left in place!
  5. mc2hill

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping and FLASH SALE

    Wow, this one got me to bite! Happy Father's Day to me
  6. mc2hill

    patriot wax storing

    It helps it maintain product. Waxes, sealants, and polishes will degrade in very hot or very cold environments.
  7. mc2hill

    Alternative use for Adam’s products

    Very cool A.J.!
  8. Our resident wheel polishing expert is Dave (BRZN). The info below is from a past thread. The pictures may not longer be available (thanks Photobucket) but the methods used are in the threads.
  9. mc2hill

    New guy from Maryland

    Welcome Ron, and sweet ride!
  10. mc2hill

    All of our latest work

    Great work by you and Marquis!
  11. I have one from Amazon that works great! Olympia Tools collapsible cart . Not sure if I found out about it on this forum or another detailing forum, but is a very nice cart, that only take up a small space, and easily fits on the truck for mobile work.
  12. mc2hill

    Hello from South Florida!

    Welcome Mike!
  13. mc2hill

    What did you do today?

    Wow, working INSIDE the cylinder!
  14. The link Chris posted has lots of great information. I live in central Florida, and leave my cleaners and dressing in the garage all year, and have not noticed it affect them. I keep the polishes, waxes/sealants, and leather conditioners in the house all year.
  15. This is what I do for my maintained cars. I use a foaming sprayer to help i he solution 'stick' to the wheels. You can also use APC ( full strength or 50/50 with water) - this is what we used before Adam's came out with dedicated wheel cleaners.