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  1. Detailing seat

    I have the Tail Bone seat from when Adam's sold them and it is fantastic! But it is bulky (I can get it rear seat of my Frontier though). This new padded seat looks nice, especially with the drawer and bottle holders. I have seen reviews of this seat from other vendors and they are positive.
  2. One Step polish review.

    It may. It would not hurt to try this first at part of the 'least aggressive first' approach. But it will not correct as well as Correcting Polish, and not protect as long as Paint Sealant.
  3. One Step polish review.

    I am guessing a few months protection (probably last as long as Buttery Wax). These products are usually for folks that detail for dollars as a way to add shine (remove light swirls)and some protection fairly quickly. But if you are doing you own cars and time is not a factor, you are better served polishing, then applying Paint Sealant.
  4. Hoping this is a concentrate...hate to pay shipping on a gallon of water!
  5. Polished for the first time

    You could also use Adam's Coating Prep to remove any polishing oils. The plus is it contains lubricants that diluted IPA does not have. I have used a similar product from another company with excellent results.
  6. website and blog feedback?

    The site looks nice Shane. I did not understand the symbols in the Service section. They did not seem to match the services you listed below them.
  7. New member from MO

    Welcome Trevor...nice stash!
  8. Your best bet would be to call the customer service line at 866-965-0400.
  9. New Hobby

    Welcome Dylan!
  10. New member

    Welcome Andy!
  11. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    OK, PM me your info.
  12. Holiday Wish List - Just For Fun

    Gallon of H2O Guard & Gloss Patriot Wax 5 Gallons of Detail Spray
  13. Ceramic wheel coating

    I have considering placing my opened coating containers in a mason jar to keep them better sealed....thoughts?
  14. And it does not remove the wax/sealant
  15. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    I have some pads to get someone started, if you pay for the shipping. All are 5.5": 2 white finishing pads (one with stains), 2 orange cutting pads, 2 microfiber pads, and a black sealant pad (not pictured). All are older designs, and are used, but not used up.