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  1. Hey Guys!

    Welcome Chris! Great story, and I am looking forward to more pics of that sweet ride.
  2. Wetsanding my Shelby

    I have never seen orange peel will large peaks and valleys, just the 'impression' of the skin of an orange, which can be seen at very close inspection. From a distance you do not notice it, but up close with good lights it is very visible. The shot below is an extreme case, but 'flattening' out the paint with wetsanding really amps up the reflection.
  3. Waterless Wash Questions

    You can wash a coated car with almost anything. I used to wash my son's coated car with Strip wash (actually Wash Shampoo + APC), as he was only home from college every few months, and it did not affect the coating. There are some companies that make a 'revitalizing' shampoo, but you be fine with any Adam's washing product, and follow-up every few months the Coating Boost. The level of grim on the car will let you know what you can get away with. I would recommend Rinseless Wash, if you do not drive off road. It is what I use 90% of the time on my cars. If the car has lots of grime (dirt, or lots of driving on wet roads) then a regular 2 bucket hose wash is best (or Foam Gun/Cannon for added fun!).
  4. Wetsanding my Shelby

    Nice work! But as you said, this is not for the faint of heart, and the 'during' shots can make your heart drop. I did this to my Frontier when I first got into detailing (I did not have the prerequisite number of cars under my belt, but did have the guidance of a very experienced detailer). It was a little scary to have fully scratched up car, but after the polishing the results were worth it! My truck is now old enough to vote, but the black shines better than the other black cars in the parking garage at work (and it has not bee polished for several years). And the paint readings are very similar to the reading on our new Accord (for whatever that is worth!).
  5. New guy from CA

    Welcome Kevin! It is a good idea to clean the pads ASAP after using them, but I often spray them APC and toss them in a bucket of water (with a little more APC added). They are OK to sit a few days like this. Oh, and some of our member in the Northeastern states may take offense to the quoted statement, but good on ya!
  6. New to the Forum from CT

    Welcome Dave! Love that color.
  7. New Member from Texas

    Welcome Scott and fantastic color!
  8. New Member from FL

    Welcome Eric! What part of the sandbar are you on?
  9. This^^^^ If you attend detailing vendor shows this is what most of them use for their demo hoods/trunks. Except for RUPES, they have a full front clip of a Fiat 500!
  10. New Shine/Clean Freak...

    Welcome Randy!
  11. YouTube Interest

    Check out the link in this thread for a hour+ interview with Adam - lots of history of Adam and Adam's Polishes.
  12. Protection process

    It does not sound like a daily driver, so you should be fine putting down Brilliant Glaze first, and top that with the Patriot wax. I do this with the garage queens I work on, and the combo looks fantastic!
  13. This seems like it should be in the Company Announcements section, but if you are into podcasts, check out our fearless leader Adam on 'The Auto Detailing podcast' with Jimbo Balaam. It is episode 300 of the podcast and lasts for over an hour! Adam tells about his start in detailing, and how the company came about. He gives shout-outs to the staff, the marketing department of Matt and Kourtney, and us, the lowly forum dwellers! Here is the link or find it on your favorite podcast app (I used Podcast Republic).
  14. Back to school today!

    Enjoy! Renny is a good guy with lots of knowledge.