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  1. mc2hill

    Hello from NY

  2. Where is the shot of the rinse bucket filled with red water? After I did one like this I had a dark green rinse bucket. After that I knew there was no reason to polish the truck (Mitsu SUV), but I did get some great 50/50 shots with doing the headlight and interior!
  3. mc2hill


    Welcome Gunnar!
  4. mc2hill

    New Guy From Boston!

    Welcome Ed! And what Shane said. The clay process will remove most, if not all, of the current protection.
  5. Welcome Mike! I have been using Adam's for almost 10 years. And sorry, my Frontier is old enough to vote, but still no name!
  6. mc2hill

    I Blame it on Adam's

    Good on ya Chris!
  7. mc2hill

    Coating Prep as a surface cleanser

    I only have one 16 oz bottle of Adam's Coating Prep, so I use another brand that can be purchased in more economical sizes. This product does not get much mention, which I think is a shame, and I wish it was available in 1 gallon sizes.
  8. mc2hill

    Hi from SoCal

    Welcome to Adam's Forums!
  9. mc2hill

    Head light

    I have Coast HX5 flashlight that I use for quick inspections, and the specs on your headlamp look better, so you should be ready for swirl chasing!
  10. mc2hill

    Am I being too OCD or what

    Wow @des0t0!!! You have to be careful with the LED lights - they help you SEE all the defects, but they help you see ALL the defects too! Hard to get 100% with them.
  11. mc2hill


    Welcome Fred, sweet ride!
  12. If the wash water turns red, stop there, as the clear coat has failed (that is what it looks like to me). You can try polishing, but you will be down to the base coat (or worse!).
  13. mc2hill

    Fix with Buttery wax?

    This looks like bird bomb etching to me, but hopefully it is not. This is a new car, correct? If so I would return to the Dealer asap and have them note this for future claims. They may have a skilled detailer available to correct it, or it may even require a respray of that panel.
  14. @RayS Do you know if it is single stage or base coat/clear coat? If it is single stage there are other options (cleaning and hydrating) you can try before polishing.
  15. I spray on the insulator and let the foaming action lift the 'stuff' out of the liner. Then wipe lightly with a towel (probably a terry towel or very used microfiber).