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  1. New to detailing

    Welcome Jared!
  2. Cleaning spray bottles

    Just be sure to CLEARLY label the re-used bottle!
  3. Hello from Canada

    Welcome Tyler!
  4. H20 Guard & Gloss - How Much?

    I switched to a Tolco sprayer, like the one on the Adam's 32 oz. Premium Bottle, and it atomizes the G&G much better, allowing for a more even spray over the area. Like the others, I use about 2 sprays per panel, but on yours you may need to break it up in more sections.
  5. What did you do today?

    I am working tonight, so since I had the afternoon off, I took the wife to the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. The weather was fantastic, and the artists are amazing! This show as about 1/3 Florida artists and the rest for across the country (not too had to get folks to travel to FL form the northeast this time of year!) Lots of paintings that look photos, great sculptures, and other art. Afterwards I got to choose the lunch spot, so we went to Bad As's Sandwiches - amaaaaazing!! If you are Orlando look them up. A gourmet meal on a bun for $10. We ate late, and the owner/chef was trying out a new item - biscuits & gravy, but chorizo gravy, with fried chicken and a fried egg on top with tater tots! After he took a few pictures he gave us a sample - it was fantastic - smooth and creamy, with a little spice kick from chorizo.
  6. For a garage queen I would recommend the soap of your choice (you can use Strip Wash, or add a few ounces of APC to the Wash Shampoo bucket), Brilliant Glaze, and Americana or Patriot wax for protection.
  7. Matte Black Wheels Cleaning.

    Another option, but not sure how much gloss it adds - clean them with Wash & Wax. I keep some pre-mixed in a spray bottle (just topped it up this weekend when I washed my truck) with a foaming sprayer (Tolco). If you don't let them get too dirty this can give them a little bit of protection.
  8. Matte Black Wheels Cleaning.

    Mikey from the west side, welcome back! I would expect Paint Sealant would provide protection without adding much gloss. You may want to look into a wheel coating for longer term protection. Hit me up if you run short on anything and need a quick replacement.
  9. Bug Guts

    I use the method Brian suggested - soak some thin microfiber towels in the wash solution and place them over the bugs for 5-10 minutes (I do this while I wash the wheels). The bugs should be softened up well enough to wipe off. And the best part is this method does not remove the wax/sealant.
  10. SK mini

    Yes, the Mini polisher works better than the GG3. It is more powerful and has a larger orbit. I could never polish headlights effectively with a PC and 3" pads, but the Mini does a great job at removing heavy 'fogging' on them.
  11. Single stage paint

    I am guessing your are applying this by hand? If so, give Revive Polish a try for a deep cleaning (it is a chemical polish vs. a abrasive polish) and works well on dark colors. I would then recommend Brilliant Glaze - it has some fillers, and really makes the paint 'pop'. Then protect it with Patriot, Americana, or Buttery Wax, or even Paint Sealant (this will last the longest), but not look as good as the waxes). This is the combination I use on older cars (from 60's muscle cars to pre-war cars) and it works very well.
  12. Cement "dirt splatter" ?

    There are cement removal products that you could try if the other solutions do not work.
  13. Hello from MN

    Welcome Brian!