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  1. @GoldenArch Adam's or CarPro - It depends on what you are trying to obtain from the wash. I prefer Rinseless washes to Waterless washes, and a gallon of Adam's RW is much cheaper than a gallon of Echo2. But I don't care about adding protection with the wash - I can add H2O G&G to my wash routine without adding any time/steps, if I feel the need to 'boost' the protection. That being said I have used Echo2 on my vehicles (Corey's place is 10 minutes from my work), but Adam's is a cheaper option for washing.
  2. mc2hill

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    Welcome Brett, those are great shots!
  3. I don't have any woodworking tools in my garage, but I keep my towels in a net laundry bag until I am ready to do a load (about every 2-4 months). Not sure long you would store them in the bucket, but would expect if would be OK for a week or two. I sometimes leave pads soaking for 4-5 days will no ill effects.
  4. mc2hill

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    Welcome to Adam's Forums!
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    Welcome Miles!
  6. mc2hill

    New Buckets and Grit Gaurd

    The worst fitting bucket for the Grit Guards? The Grit Guard buckets!
  7. mc2hill

    Found an OLD gallon...

    Cool Andrew! I just finished my final few ounces of GWC about a month ago.
  8. mc2hill

    PRO TIP: Dilution Ratios

    Adam's Ceramic Coating Prep or similar panel wipe product.
  9. mc2hill

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    Welcome Ryan!
  10. mc2hill

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    There are several Adam's dealers in Indiana, but not sure if they are near you . Try searching the Dealer locator on the store site - https://adamspolishes.com/dealers/.
  11. mc2hill

    Revive Hand Polish

    It will only have the abrasive from the pad, the product does not have abrasives (compared to Finishing Polish or Correcting Polish), and is more comparable to a pre-wax cleaner than a polish. I use it often on dark cars to clean the paint after polishing, and have lots of other uses for it (remove a rubber 'skid' mark from Clay Mitt, removing light water spots from chrome, etc.).
  12. mc2hill

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    Welcome Trenton, and nice collection of Blue Ovals! Not sure where you are located, but you may have an Adam's Dealer in your area.
  13. @Tbone76 I would recommend moving any 'thick' products inside - Sealants, waxes, Leather Conditioner, Coatings, etc. so they are not damaged. I leave the 'thin' products (cleaners, shampoo, VRT, etc.) in the garage, but we rarely get freezing temps.
  14. mc2hill

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    Welcome Gene, and nice xB!