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  1. mc2hill

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    I detailed a '99 Acura RL this weekend. The client originally wanted a wash & seal, with headlight correction, but ended up requesting a correction too. I tried to discourage him from that, as he does not have a garage, and I am not sure he will maintain the finish to 'our' standards, but he wanted it anyway. For the most part the car was in very good condition, but the before&after of the gas door is below. I was too busy trying to beat the sun to get more pictures, but the 50/50 views of the 1/2 corrected trunk were stunning. However I was about an hour+ into the correction when I looked at the trunk again (I was working outside, so got a different angle from the sun) and did not like how the corrected part looked. I tried a more aggressive foam pad, but ended up having to use a MF pad and Correcting Polish. I stared redoing from the belt-line up and was able to work the CP down and avoid a finishing step, but unfortunately the sun won, and I have to go back later this week to sand the headlights, dress the trim & tires, and hit a few spots on the interior again.
  2. mc2hill

    Interior challenge!!!

    Hats off to Marquis! An outstanding job on that nasty interior.
  3. I am with Tim (@ObsessedDetailer) on this, if you are not polishing don't clay black paint. Most black paint is soft, and can possibly mar with even fine clay. To improve the paint as much as possible without polishing you can apply Revive to clean the paint (optional), apply Brilliant Glaze, and top with Paint Sealant.
  4. mc2hill

    Detailing courses

    @s_rhodenThere are other detailing supply companies that hold 'road show' classes, along with some 'boot camps' at their Florida location. The RUPES staff offer courses at their headquarters, but not sure of their schedules. And another very large detailing supply manufacturer has classes in their California headquarters. Not sure of your location, so these may or may not work for you. And Shane mentioned the IDA - they may have information on detailing classes. I know the current IDA president offers them in his Florida shop.
  5. mc2hill

    Orange Blower Question

    I also use mine to dry the dog. I put the 2 hoses from the Vac N Blo on it, and place the rubber nozzle on the end of the hoses. The orange ones are available from the manufacturer, but at almost twice price available here (with discounts).
  6. mc2hill

    So you think you have scratches

    Hi Pete, Welcome to Adam's Forums! Yes, the OP did use a polisher, but not one that Adam's currently sells (@07stanggt used a Flex 3401 forced rotation random orbital polisher). You can get the same results with the Swirl Killer polishers they have on offer, along with the Correcting and Finishing polishes and their color matched pads.
  7. mc2hill

    2019 Tahoe RST

    That looks removable to me - some Correcting Polish and orange pads should make that look fine.
  8. mc2hill

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    I have my son's car (our old Accord) for a few days, so I polished the headlights, cleaned the wheels and tires, washed it with Strip Wash, protected it with Paint Sealant, and dressed the trim. I noticed the tires need replacing (I knew they were almost due when we swapped him this car for the insurance check on his totaled Civic), so skipped the VRT, and am getting new tires installed & an alignment on the way home today. I will scrub and dress the tires when I get home. Then I washed our new Accord (picked up lots of love bugs on the visit to my Dad's house on Saturday). The bugs came off fairly easily as it has PS and G&G on it. In preparation for our trip to Charleston this weekend I applied....Quick Sealant to the leading edges for more protection. For the newer folks, Quick Sealant was a aerosol LSP that was great for wheels and paint. It was fantastic for adding a little extra protection before a trip - spray some on a foam applicator, spread, and buff after a minute or so. Sadly it was a victim of VOC regs.
  9. mc2hill

    What did you do today?

    A hard day for you and your wife I am sure. Best wishes to your young man at Basic.
  10. mc2hill

    VW Stage 2 MK5 on bags...

    Great shots Tim!
  11. mc2hill

    H2o guard and gloss ?????

    I love H2O G&G, and my recommendation is to upgraded upgrading to a Tolco sprayer (like the one that comes on the Adam's 32oz Dilution Bottle) to give a better spray pattern. I use it as part a Rinseless wash, and can wash, apply G&G, and dry the paint in about 20 minutes.
  12. mc2hill

    Ford F350 Detail Coming Up!

    Nice turnaround Ian! That is a lot of real estate to complete in one day.
  13. Nice work Ian. I love the brake blood shots!
  14. Welcome Alex! The fella's have some good information above. I will add that I use Paint Sealant on all the daily drivers I do (I put it on my son's Accord yesterday) and get a good 6 months protection with it. It is a simple to apply with an SK, and comes off easily too.
  15. mc2hill

    Checking in from Corona, CA

    Welcome Steve!