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  1. From what I can find out about that product, you are best off just cleaning it. On another forum folks have reported that they do not like the look of it, and have issues adding other waxes over the top of it.
  2. Today is my 10 year anniversary on Adam's Forums! Ten years ago I was looking to upgrade my detailing "game" (and to find something to do with my spare time since my son moved up to HS basketball and did not need my help/taxi service) and attended a local car show with a co-worker. The local Adam's dealer was there demonstrating on a Foose Challenger (it was built in a Vegas episode of Overhaulin') and he showed how to remove swirls. I purchased Detail Spray and VRT that night, and never looked back! The co-worker and I (and a 3rd co-worker) all purchased Porter Cable DA's over the next few months. After a couple of months I had a lot of the Adam's product line, and found a mentor to help answer questions. Over these 10 years, I upgraded to a GG 6", then to Rupes machines, and have been fortunate to be involved with product testing for Adam's and a few other companies. I have made several friends on this and other detailing forums, and worked a weekend at an Adam's event at the Daytona Turkey Rod Run. And have been lucky enough to attend lots of education classes with near by vendors, and the past 4 years to attend Mobile Tech Expo here in Orlando, with more education and hands on evaluation of the newest products. Oh, and the 2 co-workers...I see the PC's in boxes when I go their houses to detail their cars!
  3. The Adam's Coating Prep is an isopropyl alcohol based product that will remove any residue from the surface and allow the coating to bond properly to the surface. All coating manufacturers recommend this step. It is a quick process.
  4. That is a beauty Kurt! Like the others said, the least, least aggressive method first. Give Revive a try, but you will probably end up using Finishing polish. I would warn to be careful on the panel edges, but this body is so round you will probably be OK!
  5. My sister-in-law has made me 2 - one with the old 'wide' logo, and a new one for Christmas with the new 'A' logo about 5 inches across. And for PC's sake, her brother just built a new shop for his sewing machines - he does interiors.
  6. Welcome back! I know one member is in that area, but I can't say I remember him posting recently. I agree with Chase, lots of good detailers in the Tampa area.
  7. @AdamThanks for the excellent products, the great forum community, and for the opportunity to have helped beta test some of the new offerings. I am a few weeks shy of my 10 year anniversary here on AF, and I have learned too much, and have tried to pass that knowledge along to newer members. And thanks for taking my phone calls even when you were on Vaca with the Mrs.!
  8. I use Coating Prep (or similar products from other vendors) as part of a Rinseless Wash to remove wax. I often will use Revive as a paint cleanser on garage queens before applying Brilliant Glaze and Americana.
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