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  1. I used one on my truck mats recently, and was amazed at how much better they looked with a quick going over. I have drill brushes and the hook & loop model that I use on my Porter Cable, but the PC version is much easier to use for a extended period.
  2. Something that can help with the carpet and mats - use a carpet brush to loosen the sand. I use a non-Adams short bristle tire brush to agitate the mat/carpet to loosen the sand as much as possible before/during vacumming. I have even started using a hook-and-loop carpet brush on my Porter Cable to help deep clean the mats.
  3. Welcome Terri! It will be your call if you polish after using the clay bar. The clay can mar the surface, so maybe do a test spot to know what you will need for the whole car. It is more pronounced on darker colors, but the same marring can be there for lighter colors, just not as noticeable. Most would say polish if you are applying any type of coating, as you will be 'sealing in' any defects with the coating, and you want the paint to look it best first.
  4. Nice work Paul! A cheaper option maybe cleaning them with the remaining Rinseless wash and hitting them with a few spritzs of CS3 as a LSP? I use Wash & Wax as my maintenance wheel cleaner to add a quick bit of protection.
  5. Looking to be a 'little' one this time, mostly a wind and rain event, and fairly quickly moving too. But they are always unsettling.
  6. Did some more hurricane prep today (we got our water, food, and spare gas last month). I am working from home today, and when the wife and I went out for lunch, we saw there were still piles of sand at the local county park. After lunch I loaded shovels and gloves in the truck and headed up for my 10 sandbags. It was hot in that parking lot, but I am happy to have that chore out of the way. Last year I was planning to do the same thing just before a storm was predicted to hit, but the line to get into the park was over a mile long.
  7. @edlosee Have you tried Rinseless Wash? With that you clean panel by panel, so you wash & dry only a small area at a time. You can also do a regular 2 bucket wash this way, but it is more difficult. I do Rinseless washes about 95% of the time, and apply H2O G&G as part of this process - wash panel (one door, half the roof, etc), spray with G&G, spread with damp towel, and dry with a Waterless Wash towel. The small area allows everything to stay damp, so no water spots. I was working on 2 customer cars in February, with the temps in the low 80's, but the cars had been in the sun for a few hours while I did the interiors. When I started the Rinseless wash on the roof of the dark blue car, the wash solution on the back of the roof had evaporated by the time I got to the front of the roof - about 5 seconds. I had to work a smaller area, the 1/3 of the passenger side roof - wash, G&G, + dry, then worked the rest of the horizontal surfaces the same way.
  8. I like to clean with Rinseless wash using old MF towels and some brushes - not has aggressive as APC or others, but works well. Then I dress with VRT 'milk' (the 80/20 mix of VRT and distilled water mentioned above).
  9. @zapdonNice work on that great color! We were driving with friends (not car people) last summer and both the wives commented on the that color paint on a Miata. Mazda did a great job with that red candy.
  10. @DarkHorseFarmer First off, Welcome! Many of us 'long timers' started off were you are with the Porter Cable random orbital, dual action polisher. There are much better polishers on the market now, but there nothing wrong with that machine - I actually used mine last weekend (but not for polishing). But I would suggest moving to the 5" backing plate and the 5.5" pads. The smaller pads are much more efficient than the older, larger 6.5" pads, and the pad technology has improved too. Speaking of improvements, you should also grab the new polishes, as they are leaps and bounds ahead of what was available when I started in 2009. The Adam's Complete 5.5" Pad & Polish Combo may be a place to start (sorry, I cannot get to the website from my work computer, so no link), but I would recommend 2 blue pads, 2 white pads, Compound, and Polish vs. what is in the kit. Maybe give Adam's a call and they can fix you up with a better kit. And if Adam's does not have the backing plate available, it can be sourced from Amazon.
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