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  1. There was a blue metal polishing pad at one time. Not sure where that falls in the aggressiveness chart.
  2. I upgraded my 'strong' chemical (Tire & Rubber Cleaner, and Wheel Cleaner) to Tolco model 320CR chemical resistant sprayers. They allow for more adjustment, and are "tougher" than the standard Adam's sprayers.
  3. Great turnaround Juan! Good call on using the paint thickness gauge to confirm what you were seeing. Not much you can do with the failing paint, but the Ceramic Wax should help it from getting worse. These type projects really allow you to learn more about paint correction, and how to work around various paint conditions.
  4. Great write-up and results Juan! I would think you could skip the 2nd and 3rd steps with HCC, and go from the HCC/MF pad to the Finishing pad/polish. When I am doing headlights I have been using Rupes blue pads and blue topped polish (Zephir, I think), then go to the finishing step, followed by adding protection (Sealant or, if time allows, Trim Coating). I did my son's headlights in the parking lot of the Bridal Shower venue last Saturday (we went for beer and oysters + shrimp) in about 10 minutes with my 16v cordless micro polisher, using the above method. And I no longer use the DS spritz method, as I think it reduces the effectiveness of the polish (not always a bad thing, sometimes that is needed). I just clean the pad after 1-2 panels with the brush (as you did).
  5. They are great little machines! If you have large dogs, consider getting a couple of Metro Vac hoses so you can use it as a dog dryer - (They sell them this way for the grooming industry). We use it on our 90 lb Yellow Lab, and it really helps get the water out of her coat.
  6. Whatever Paul says! He works in the optical field, and our SME on anything eyeglass related.
  7. I used a Meg's product, but you could use Revive and any of Adam's waxes. The cleaner/wax is a chemical 'polish' (like Revive) vs. an abrasive polish (like Adam's other polishes).
  8. Don't be surprised that your wash water will turn the color of the paint. No reason not to added some protection to the surface, if you are doing the rest of the car. I will often treat the areas that are not polish-able with a cleaner/wax, just to make it look a little better.
  9. Welcome Andrew, and beautiful pictures of you car!
  10. Welcome back JP! Sweet looking color on the 'new to you' Mustang. And oh, if you want to change your user name reply in the "Forum Name Change Request" thread in the Support section, and one of the moderators can help you out.
  11. I usually apply Sealant with a black or red pad, but by hand not with a polisher. You may want to try that in tight spaces. Just be sure to apply a thin coat to allow it to remove easily.
  12. Welcome Alex, and nice turnaround!
  13. Nice work Ray! Hope you are enjoying our nice weather.
  14. You can get the same 'makeup' type residue from golfers that use sunscreen. The Adam's Leather & Interior Cleaner works good, but if you are using it at full strength be careful around the white markings on the stalks and on the steering wheel - I have removed some of the markings in the past. I would also recommend a microfiber glove for cleaning steering wheels. I put on a nitrile glove, then the MF glover over it, put the cleaner on the MF glove, and work away around the steering wheel.
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