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  1. mc2hill

    New Guy

    I would recommend keeping the Rinseless Wash - it is one of the most versatile products that Adam's sells. It can be used as a Rinseless Wash (1 oz. to 2.5 gallons), a clay lube (1:64), a Waterless Wash (1:16), and a pre-wash/pre-soak solution (1:6). I keep a bottle of it (with a Waterless wash towel wrapped around it) mixed at Waterless Wash strength in my cars for removing bugs and bird bombs.
  2. Welcome Julio! You know what's up using Rinseless wash on those black vehicles! I use H20 G&G as part of a Rinseless wash to make it less steps. Adam's Interior Detailer is a light cleaner and protection - Perfect for maintained cars, and even those are are not too bad. As for glass cleaning, most on here will recommend Adam's Brilliant Glaze for cleaning inside, non-tinted, windows. It helps keep hazing to a minimum.
  3. Welcome Rick, and beautiful Snake!
  4. I have a clay towel, but it is the same principal as the clay mitt. I ONLY use the clay alternatives (towel, mitt, pad on a DA) if I am polishing the car, as they are not as mild as the fine clay bar. For a decontamination of the coating, I would recommend a clay bar.
  5. Be VERY careful when working with headliners - anything harsh can loosen the adhesive. Apply the cleaners to a microfiber towel or a soft bristle brush and work the area with minimal pressure. It make take a few tries to get the stains out of the headliner, but it will avoid the need to have it replaced.
  6. mc2hill

    New Guy

    Welcome JD, and congrats on starting you journey into detailing!
  7. First off Welcome! I would also recommend using Adam's Car Wash Shampoo for maintained wheels. To make it easier, I keep some premixed in a bottle with a foaming sprayer, and refill from my wash bucket when needed. For a little more cleaning power step up to APC mixed 50/50 with water.
  8. When you cannot find a clean 'side' to work with or it is full of contaminates.
  9. mc2hill

    Food Thread

    Yum Jen. And BTW, I just deciphered your user name! 😀
  10. Not sure what you tried, but a few more aggressive suggestions: Razor blade with lubrication (DS, GC, Waterless Wash, or even Rinseless wash at wash strength in a spray bottle) Steel wool with lubrication Polishing like paint
  11. Welcome Bob! What are you getting shiney?
  12. Welcome Brandon! If you are looking for a faster method to clean a somewhat dirty car, Rinseless wash is your friend. If the car is street driven and has a good LSP on it, you can wash & dry it in 20-30 minutes, including the wheel faces, and only use 3 gallons of water.
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