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  1. I would suggest topping it with another ceramic product, maybe Ceramic Boost.
  2. The VRT should not be needed now that you have the trim coated.
  3. Good luck Justin! As the others have said it may not require 3 steps. With the advances in polishers, pads, and polishes most times you can correct + finish in one step. Sometimes a finishing polish is needed, but on most cars I do I get by with just one step.
  4. You could buy several styles of Flex cordless polishers for less than the price of the airfare, but I like your thinking for a 'road' trip!
  5. I use Wheel Cleaner, and brush with short, stiff bristles. Usually takes 2 rounds to get them looking good. If they are really bad, try Metal Polish #1 and 0000 steel wool.
  6. I don't have an SK, but I use the long throw Rupes at 4, sometimes bumping up to 5. The key to the long throw machines is to always have the pad flat on the surface.
  7. Great work on an amazing car Jimmy!
  8. Could be some paint the spilled on the road. Try 3M Adhesive remover with a plastic razor blade, but be very gentle when scrapping. You can clay it using APC, but that will eat the clay.
  9. Do you 'pre-treat' your mats? I always use a low-profile, stiff bristle brush on the mats to loosen up any sand/particles. It can also help remove light surface stains. I scrub in one direction on the mat, then scrub in the diagonal direction. I also use it on the carpets and pedals.
  10. Welcome Dave! Good info from Chris^^. For the 'baggie test' you feel a horizontal clean section of the paint (usually the hood) with your hand. Now put you hand in a plastic bag and feel the same section, and if feels gritty it should be clayed.
  11. mc2hill


    Welcome Trevor!
  12. For me 'thin' liquids - cleaners (Detail Spray, APC, Wheel Cleaner, Carpet & Upholstery, etc.), shampoos, Brilliant Glaze, and even VRT & H20 G&G stay in the garage (our issue is heat, not cold). The waxes, sealants, coatings, polishes, and Leather Conditioner live in the house.
  13. For non-black/dark or non-metallic I would stick with Paint Sealant, and top with BG before a show/cruise. Top with H2O G&G in a month or so for extra protection. For me the Americana wax really shows best on darker cars or ones with metallic paint. For show cars/garage queens I use Americana over BG, but no sealants.
  14. mc2hill


    Welcome Austin!
  15. First off Welcome! Most use Adam's All Purpose Cleaner. Spray it on, let it dwell for a few minutes, and clean off with a microfiber towel or a brush. Repeat as necessary until it is removed, and reapply your favorite Adam's Wax or Sealant. For stubborn, sticky areas you can try 3M Adhesive Remover or Goo Gone Automotive .
  16. @Humanoid Typhoon Most use 50/50 or 60/40 VRT to distilled water .
  17. mc2hill

    New ride

    The two platforms are similar, but the Gorilla has more weight capacity, and it folds flatter. I have both, and the Werner now stays in the garage and the Gorilla goes in the truck for mobile details. When I detail at home I usually have both out for various things - work platform for cleaning floor mats, elevated platform for wash & rinse buckets, etc.
  18. Nice GS! Don't skip the Brilliant Glaze on the paint too! It can before the Americana wax, or on top of it before a show, and really makes the paint pop.
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