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  1. Let me try this! From least to most aggressive: Hand Polish (formerly Revive Polish - a great tool in your arsenal, even if you don't work by hand) and a MF applicator, hex grip applicator, or MF towel Adam's Polish and a white polishing pad One Step Polish and pad Adam's Compound and a blue compound pad Adam's Compound and a blue microfiber pad The color coordination part is one thing Adam's does to make this easier beginners.
  2. @Mantis This is my H2O G&G setup, if you are looking for a better performing sprayer - the gold & black is the Tolco 320ARS Acid Resistant (probably overkill, but this one was recommended and I like it!). The grey sprayer is the Tolco 320CR Chemical Resistant head on my Tire & Rubber Cleaner. I also upgraded my Wheel Cleaner with one of these Chemical Resistant sprayers.
  3. I have done the same as @GXPaycheck with Rinseless wash solution. When I am mobile I put my used polishing pads in the bucket with some APC. At the end I put a Grit Guard upside in the bucket to keep the pads soaking, and spin on the Gamma Seal lid. I will let them soak for a few hours/days before cleaning the pads.
  4. I have made a few adjustments to my media in the past year or so - switched to a Adam's Microfiber Wash mitt, a towel similar to the Adam's Edgeless (but only one fluffy side), and a Twist Pile Drying Towel (similar to the Adam's mini Plush Drying Towel). I have been using this on my 2017 Accord since we bought it new, and no swirls yet. Lots of chipped painted in the front, thanks to the thin paint and clearcoat, but no swirls! The next new car will have the front-end wrapped with PPF ASAP!
  5. Welcome Robert, and way cool truck!
  6. The last few times I bought 5 or more and they came from Amazon, but most detailing supply companies have them, including several Adams dealers - detailing.com is one I have used before.
  7. @Mantis I use H2O G&G often (used it yesterday on the wife's Accord with a Rinseless Wash) and I love it. That being said, the sprayer that comes with the bottle does not produce the best results. Try the sprayer that comes with the Premium Dilution bottle, or do what I did and get a Tolco sprayer I use the 320ARS black and gold model, but any of the Tolco 320 models should work fine (this the sprayer the Premium Dilution bottle had in the past).
  8. Welcome Doug! The Porter Cable DA polisher is fine (I still have one too), but I would recommend changing to the smaller 5.5" pads and backing plate. They work better with the PC's power than the older, larger 6+" pads.
  9. @HAMBO I mostly use the Adam's Microfiber Wash Mitt for a swirl-free clean. I clean with the mitt, wipe with a damp Plush Waffle Weave, spritz the section with Detail Spray, and dry with a Mini Plush Drying towel. I will use the 'bucket of towels' method for some special cars, but that uses a lot of towels and I can use the Wash Mitt over and over until the next time I need to do a load of towels (about every 3-4 months).
  10. Ouch! If she does not have a roller-ball mouse at work, she may want to look at getting one. I got one I did not ask for, but found it is easier to use, especially if my dexterity was limited. It took a short time to get used to, but it is nice that just your thumb moves, not you wrist.
  11. Great work Chris! Got a little scared when Gandalf showed in those pics though!
  12. Dang Rich that thing is LOADED!
  13. First off, Welcome @ADG! To add to what @MacA said - Work Smarter, not Harder. For me this means Rinseless Wash - I can clean and protect (H2O Guard & Gloss) our Accord in less than 30 min, including the wheels. Now this car is well maintained, and the paint is smooth & swirl-free (even after 3 years of Rinseless washes), but I only wash every 2-3 weeks. And my wife will let me know when it starts looking a little dirty!
  14. Fantastic turnaround Ray!
  15. @Dan@Adams Personal preference, but I wish the industry would discontinue adding protection to cleaning products. At one time glass cleaner was very similar to waterless wash, and either could be used to clean before polishing. Now I have to use a panel wipe/coating prep (which you only sell in small sizes) when cleaning before polishing or applying a sealant. That being said, I like a new product that does a little of both - e.g. Interior Detailer is used for 95% of the non-fabric interior cleaning I do. Only rarely do I have to break out something more aggressive.
  16. I get this too. Best way to fix it (a big thanks to Chris T. for this) is to wash the vehicle and leave the soap on the surface. Once the whole car is done, dunk the mitt back in the wash bucket and resoap the car - I usually can do 1/2 the car, then reload the mitt and finish. This will reactivate the soap, allowing it to rinse off. I then follow up by spritzing each panel with Detail Spray and drying it.
  17. Claying is the safest way. But you may need to get more aggressive clay or a more aggressive clay towel or mitt. Overspray is a time consuming process.
  18. Wash the car with a strong cleaner like Adam's Strip Wash (or add 2-3 oz. of APC to a bucket of Car Wash Shampoo), or wash as usual and finish by spraying each panel with a coating prep spray, like Adam's Surface Prep (I wish they sold this in larger sizes!). Now any old wax or sealant is gone and you are ready for the next protection - wax, sealant, or coating.
  19. Welcome Jake! I can't believe your name is 'grape soda' but you don't have any Adam's Undercarriage Spray!
  20. Or if you did not want to go the ceramic route, Paint Sealant for long term protection (up to 6 months) and H2O G&G as a topper about every month or so. This is what I use on my cars, as I like spending time in 'garage therapy' a few times a year.
  21. @PilotG97 Lots of good advice above! As for cleaning the wheels, if you are cleaning them often, after the first aggressive cleaning you can use a milder approach. I use Adam's Wash & Wax, premixed in a spray bottle with a foaming sprayer, to clean the wheels on our cars. When I do a customer car, I will often clean the wheels with Wheel Cleaner, then spray the W&W to add a little protection.
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