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  1. Very cool! Down here any time it gets below 50 you will see firewood sellers on the side of the road!🙄
  2. The least aggressive method would be #3 - One Step with foam pads. Do a test spot to see if that gives you the results you are looking for. If not, try a 2nd section pass with the same combo. If it still does not provide the pop you are looking for, try the same polish on the MF pad (I am not certain if the One Step on the MF pad is more aggressive than CP on a orange pad, guessing they are about the same). The problem with the MF pads is they do not always provide a mar-free surface when done, and may need to be followed with FP + a white pad. I have been lucky with them and only needed the polishing step, but on very dark colors you may need the 2nd finishing step.
  3. @Black Rogue What Dan said ^^^. If you want to further clean the paint after polishing you can go over it with Revive Hand Polish (a great paint cleanser) or Surface Prep.
  4. Our neighborhood is buried, but we are on the 'edge' of the development, so there are lines running across the back of the property. If you lived in Corner Lakes, then you know my area - Union Park.
  5. I usually make the appointment for the "maximum allowed" tint installation as soon as I know when a new vehicle will arrive. I had to wait almost 2 weeks when we bought our Accord and I hated it without tint. 😎 Here in the Sunshine State the extra tint helps the inside of the car stay cooler and reduces the fading of interior surfaces. Your new whip will probably be in the garage most of time, so it may not impact you that much.
  6. I am with these guys^^. I have a empty gallon jug of Waterless Wash and mix it up in there with distilled water. I have never had an issue with keeping this solution for a year or more.
  7. Nope have not been inside any of the parks for over 10 years. We do go to their shopping/entertainment/sports facilities a few times a year though. Sounds like a good plan on going down to 1 car - more room in the garage! But 'other' car to use when you doing a long detail session. Good idea on the beater truck - I have one, but bought it new 20 years ago!
  8. Anything that is fairly stiff will work, including the MF applicators you already have. You could use a MF towel, but an applicator make it easier. When I make purchases from non-Adams vendors I will usually pick up a '6 pack' of the 4 inch round yellow foam applicators to keep on hand for various products - at less than $1.50 each they are 'disposable' and I have seen them used as coating applicators (after moving the stiff edging).
  9. Sunday (10/13) I did a Rinseless wash on the Accord after spending the previous (long) weekend at Melbourne Beach. We still have love bugs around, so once we arrived at the hotel I cleaned the front + windshield with Waterless Wash and a Waterless Wash Towels (they came off fairly easily as I had just put a fresh coat of G&G on). During the very relaxing trip we had rain a few times, including on the ride home (not complaining as it keeps the love bugs from flying). I usually would have washed the car as soon as we got home, but they are replacing drainage pipes on our street AND burying the power lines (yay! hopefully not more week long power outages after hurricanes), so I waited until the dust settled (literally!).
  10. You could lay a towel over the HUD while you wipe on the BG, but it is probably not necessary. I put BG on the applicator and wipe the glass, then buff it off - you just smear it around, but in a technical, detailery kind of way. BG is a thin liquid, between DS and VRT, and needs to be shaken up often.
  11. Wow, nice work Paul! But what is that 'firewood' stuff? It is just getting to be enjoyable car show weather here.
  12. First off Welcome Grady! Any of Adam's polishes can be used on a car bumper. Which polish and pad combination will depend on the severity of the defect, and remember to use the least aggressive method first. On modern car bumpers you need to be mindful of getting one area too hot. You can wrinkle the paint if too much heat is built up.
  13. What, no more yellow Suby! (Sorry, was on vaca last week and just catching up) Photographing white cars requires strong lights and little background glare. I have posted a few pics of my soon-to-be daughter-in-laws white Toyota, but it appears to be yellow in the halogen lights.
  14. I have always rinsed it off, even when a hose was not available/advisable (I work on a lot of pre-war cars, and don't like to put a hose on the wheels and NEVER on the body).
  15. I mixed up a gallon 3-4 months ago, and do not see it changing when I refill the 16 oz. bottles. Guessing you will be fine for 6 weeks or so. I think using distilled water helps.
  16. You can put it on often, but I would suggest if you put it on Monday, just top with Brilliant Glaze for another outing that same week. Wax can build up and begin to haze it applied too often.
  17. Welcome Mitch! What part of our sandbar are you on?
  18. As @RayS said, these are fine for 'work' towels. I also use them for interior towels (but stay away from glossy surfaces). I wash these towels and reuse them - interior, then demote to work towel, and finally single use 'rag'.
  19. I have never been able to get my sealant pads completely clean until recently. I poured Tide Free & Gentle (formerly Free & Clear) in a tub and placed the pad in the solution for a few days. It rinsed clean and the left over sludge was safe for the drain. I have not tried this for wax applicators, but since sealant is the hardest thing to remove, it should work find for wax. I have a client that swears by it for deep cleaning parts and as a hand cleaner. @LFairbanks can attest to how good it works!
  20. I use Rinseless Wash with 'work' MF towels and a few brushes. Modern cars are mostly plastic cladding, and so they clean fairly easily. I will hit my truck with APC sometimes, then rinse with a stream of water, no pressure. Then I make everything look good with VRT 'milk' - VRT and distilled water - start with about 70% VRT to 30% water, and adjust for your tastes.
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