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    mc2hill got a reaction from DaBoyRob in New Member Alert!!!   
    Welcome Robert, and way cool truck!
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    mc2hill got a reaction from RayS in Polishing question--   
    Let me try this!
    From least to most aggressive:
    Hand Polish (formerly Revive Polish - a great tool in your arsenal, even if you don't work by hand) and a MF applicator, hex grip applicator, or MF towel Adam's Polish and a white polishing pad One Step Polish and pad Adam's Compound and a blue compound pad Adam's Compound and a blue microfiber pad The color coordination part is one thing Adam's does to make this easier beginners.
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    mc2hill reacted to crowvet in Adam's Online Car Show   
    Here is what I have been working on in my free time

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    mc2hill reacted to GXPaycheck in Transporting water in gamma seal bucket   
    Yes. Assuming it is installed correctly. I’ve talked buckets with Rinsless Wash in them to car shows and cleaned on the spot. 
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    mc2hill reacted to SgtLip in What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today   
    Apologize up front as I completely forgot to take before pictures. I completely detailed and applied Ceramic Spray back in October 2019. Decided to do it all over again now. 
    1. Spent all day Thursday washing, Iron remover, clay bar and cleaning the engine bay and tires and wheels.
    2. Spent all day Friday finish polishing with Swirl Killer, applying Surface Prep and applied Ceramic Spray coating to the entire car including door jams on the "Garage Queen".
    3. Applied Tire Shine and put the license plate back on today. Done for now due to extreme heat index. I'll clean the interior on Monday.

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    mc2hill reacted to DanITD in Another Coated GMC.   
    Ya, two plus hours on a Sierra Denali. I used an airbrush to apply the initial coat to ensure full coverage of all the angles. 
    Second coat was just applicator on the chrome leading edges. 
    Definitely took a lot of patience....

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    mc2hill reacted to stay_tuned in New to the serious detailing world   
    fresh wash and coat of BG, right before the rain.
    tried the Glass Sealant but it came out super streaky even after wiping it with glass cleaner any suggestions?

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    mc2hill got a reaction from Nickfire20 in CS3 vs H20 Guard and Gloss vs all Ceramic Sprays   
    @Mantis I use H2O G&G often (used it yesterday on the wife's Accord with a Rinseless Wash) and I love it.  That being said, the sprayer that comes with the bottle does not produce the best results.  Try the sprayer that comes with the Premium Dilution bottle, or do what I did and get a Tolco sprayer  I use the 320ARS black and gold model, but any of the Tolco 320 models should work fine (this the sprayer the Premium Dilution bottle had in the past).
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    mc2hill reacted to MacA in Adam's Odor Bomb - Permanent Fix?   
    UPDATE: 20th Day.....
    So-far-so-good! The higher heat and humidity we get in the summer is usually the real test for this "wet dog" smell. I still do not notice any diminished results of the Odor Bomb.
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    mc2hill reacted to stay_tuned in What Do You Look Like???   
    my wife just bought my son a shirt for us to match 😅

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    mc2hill reacted to DaBoyRob in New Member Alert!!!   
    Hello guys,
    I've been using adams polishes for a few years now. I love there products. I also been collecting the limited edition bottles. I have attached a picture of my collection and of my truck.

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    mc2hill got a reaction from big_a_srt in New here   
    Welcome Martin!
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    mc2hill got a reaction from Mantis in CS3 vs H20 Guard and Gloss vs all Ceramic Sprays   
    @Mantis I use H2O G&G often (used it yesterday on the wife's Accord with a Rinseless Wash) and I love it.  That being said, the sprayer that comes with the bottle does not produce the best results.  Try the sprayer that comes with the Premium Dilution bottle, or do what I did and get a Tolco sprayer  I use the 320ARS black and gold model, but any of the Tolco 320 models should work fine (this the sprayer the Premium Dilution bottle had in the past).
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    mc2hill reacted to BRZN in Spring Carlisle 2020 New Date   
    Show wasn't bad, weather was real nice with just one brief storm after we'd closed on Friday evening. Perhaps a third less vendors in the midway, and I heard gate entries were down by about half. My guess; about 1/4, or a bit less wore masks once through the gates. Masks had to be worn to enter. Our sales numbers were pretty good, being above where they were in 2017 and there were no Sunday sales this year with it being Father's Day, so one day less for the Event. We tried our best to adhere to the CDC guidelines to keep ourselves, and our customers as safe as possible.
    We set up differently to allow a better flow through our space, having the tables of product on the outsides, leaving the center for upright cabinets with plenty of room for Social Distancing. We limited the numbers of bottles of product per table.
    All my Team Members wore masks

    Notice a tube of disinfecting wipes at both cash boxes to keep the area wiped down and clean, as well as a bottle of Hand Sanitizer by Dan to be used between customers.
    We had only one clearly marked way in

    and one clearly marked way out

    with every other possible way in roped off.
    Social Distancing placards were throughout our store

    The line to the point of sale registers was labeled at six foot intervals

    Can't wait to be back for the Chrysler Nationals in early July!
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    mc2hill reacted to sprzout in Adam's Polishes Anaheim   
    I had a great experience today!

    I drove up from San Diego - it took an hour to get there, but it was worth it; I was kinda going stir crazy from being home, and wanted to get away for a bit. 
    I came in, started looking around, and was asked if I needed some help; the first thing I asked was, "Do you by chance have any mystery buckets?"
    They had apparently sold the last one earlier, but because I had asked, they offered to make one up for me, which I was ABSOLUTELY grateful for. I know they didn't have to do that, and had they not, I would've probably done some sort of kit anyway...I got pretty much everything to do a wash for my wife's car - tire shine, spray wax, ultra wash shampoo, interior detailer, VRT, and a few other things! I ended up getting the bucket and a clay mitt, and unfortunately on the way back realized I'd forgotten to pick up some glass cleaner, interior goo, and iron remover, so I'll probably make a trip up there again in the near future; however, I've got plenty to work with right now.
    The guys working the counter today (I unfortunately didn't get their names) deserve kudos for their help.  
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    mc2hill reacted to RayS in Food Thread   
    I do hope all the Fathers had a wonderful Father's day today.   My two son-in-laws took me out for a round of golf this morning, it started with a perfect 71 degrees for our 7:18 T-Time and was a blistering 93 when we got off the course at about 11:45.   Play was a little slow yet steady.  The best part was watching all the fathers and sons out there together with some little ones as young as about 6.   Everyone sure did seem to be having a good time and doing their necessary social distancing.  The course got the new cups in, so now you ball sits up and you can easily grab it without reaching down into the cup.    The first picture is where we had our morning snack.
    The daughters where preparing lunch which consisted of Burgers, mac salad, potato skins, baked beans and for desert grilled pineapple.  I did have to question my Chef daughters education - I'm not sure if the burger is too big or bun too small.  It sure didn't look right to me.  However, looks are not import it is all about the taste and everything was certainly good.   All in a very nice Fathers Day.

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    mc2hill got a reaction from Rich in What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today   
    12 years old!!! Holy cow!
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    mc2hill got a reaction from Chef_ramsey_ in New member!   
    Welcome Kyle!
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    mc2hill reacted to Captain Slow in What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today   
    I treated the new deck box to VRT.
    I’m off today with the family celebrating the twin daughter’s 12th birthday. Where the heck did that time go?!? 
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    mc2hill got a reaction from RayS in The Cat, Broken Wrist and Broken Jaguar   
    Ouch!  If she does not have a roller-ball mouse at work, she may want to look at getting one.  I got one I did not ask for, but found it is easier to use, especially if my dexterity was limited.  It took a short time to get used to, but it is nice that just your thumb moves, not you wrist.
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    mc2hill reacted to Rich in What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today   
    Spent all day yesterday washing, Ceramic waxing the Vette, full detail, then put the light cover over her to keep the dust off.  One of our local clubs had their first cruise in this evening so we went. Started at 5.  By 6...........it was raining. Wasn't supposed to rain. No rain in the forecast. Didn't rain hard,  but enough to get the roads damp and the car wet. SOB!  Never fails.  Guess I'll be wiping her down tomorrow again.
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    mc2hill reacted to Captain Slow in What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today   
    I strip washed, chemically decontaminated, clay toweled and lightly polished the SS using all Adam’s products. Today I wiped it down with Adam’s Coating Prep then coated it with Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating. After I was done I pulled it out in the sun and saw that the hood which looked great under LED garage lights had numerous high spots only visible in the shade. I got out the Adam’s miracle product AKA Brilliant Glaze and lightly massaged the high points off. The rest of the car was fine, go figure. Tomorrow morning before I go to the office I will give it a coat of Ceramic Boost.

    On a side note, I got my Adam’s shipment today. For the first time since my first order in 2009 I received damaged product. I’ll email them tomorrow for assistance. Packaging was good and intact so not sure what happened.

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    mc2hill reacted to RayS in The Cat, Broken Wrist and Broken Jaguar   
    It has been a couple of interesting days and I'm sure we'll have a couple of interesting weeks to look forward to.
    It started with my wife helping my daughter trim the cats nails.  One of the cats decided to run and my wife went to grab her and tripped over the dog bed and this is where everything went bad.  While the dog felt bad, it truly was the cats fault.
    Instead of just falling, she put our her right hand out and yes she is right handed.  If the title doesn't tell you results, let me elaborate.  Next was a trip to urgent care where the Xray's were taken and break confirmed and an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon made.  She actually worked Thursday night, she said the little typing she does was a challenge, but she didn't have a problem with the numeric keypad, she does accounting.  At 5:30 AM on Friday morning we were at the hospital for the wife to get checked in to have a plate and screw put in her wrist for the 4 breaks, that's right she broke it in 4 places - Ouch!
    Surgery went well and we were home about 10:00 AM.  Her hand is swollen and black & blue and while her fingers are a bit tingly, that is considered normal for the surgery she had.  She has a brace on for two weeks and then has to start physical therapy.  She's not allowed to lift anything with her right hand, but she do all the finger exercises and typing she chooses.  The biggest part is for the next few days is keeping the wrist above her heart for the swelling.  It's the weekend, so she doesn't work again until Monday night.
    The Doc told us that that due to her age, the multiple breaks and the plate, that she should plan on therapy for a while and may not get full mobility back in her wrist.  Given that she can still type and punch number, at I know she'll continue to put in my Adam's orders.  She's in great spirits, no pain and just a little discomfort, so overall we know it could be a lot worse.  We've been pretty much sticking to the house, so we're not going to miss out any activities.   
    I can say that we were very impressed with the precautions at the hospital for the surgery.  I know there are some cases of Covid-19 in the hospital, but there were multiple stages of protection in place before you could ever get in the door.  Then once inside, there were multiple layers of separation and protection and every turn to project the staff and patients and the very few visitors allowed.  
    It so happens that the daughter my wife was helping is the one that just got the Jag and it was ready for a touch up being coated a couple weeks ago, so I kept the Jag yesterday and had her take the Terrain.  While I was washing the Jaguar, I broke it and it is temporarily a Aguar.  It appears that the glue for the "J" was not very good and I'll call it fortunate that it came off in the driveway since it was while I was spraying it with the hose. The glue spot on "J' was tiny and a wonder it had not fallen off going down the road.
    After a wash with Wash & Coat and then drying with CS3, the Aguar looks good.

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    mc2hill reacted to Rich in Adam's Cart and Bottle Racks   
    Yeah, been using Adams a LONG time.  There's only one or two bottles on there that aren't going to need refilled soon.   When I find stuff that works, I stick with it.
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    mc2hill got a reaction from RayS in I have a confession to make...I hate washing my vehicle! *new user*   
    First off, Welcome @ADG! 
    To add to what @MacA said - Work Smarter, not Harder.  For me this means Rinseless Wash - I can clean and protect (H2O Guard & Gloss) our Accord in less than 30 min, including the wheels.  Now this car is well maintained, and the paint is smooth & swirl-free (even after 3 years of Rinseless washes), but I only wash every 2-3 weeks.  And my wife will let me know when it starts looking a little dirty! 
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