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    mc2hill got a reaction from Norton in Vinyl bumper   
    First off Welcome Grady!
    Any of Adam's polishes can be used on a car bumper.  Which polish and pad combination will depend on the severity of the defect, and remember to use the least aggressive method first. 
    On modern car bumpers you need to be mindful of getting one area too hot.  You can wrinkle the paint if too much heat is built up. 
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    mc2hill got a reaction from Dan@Adams in Vinyl bumper   
    First off Welcome Grady!
    Any of Adam's polishes can be used on a car bumper.  Which polish and pad combination will depend on the severity of the defect, and remember to use the least aggressive method first. 
    On modern car bumpers you need to be mindful of getting one area too hot.  You can wrinkle the paint if too much heat is built up. 
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    mc2hill got a reaction from stalebreadjr in Glass Cleaner + Brilliant Glaze   
    You could lay a towel over the HUD while you wipe on the BG, but it is probably not necessary.  I put BG on the applicator and wipe the glass, then buff it off - you just smear it around, but in a technical, detailery kind of way. 
    BG is a thin liquid, between DS and VRT, and needs to be shaken up often.
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    mc2hill reacted to SouthernSteve in Random Photography thread   
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    mc2hill reacted to SgtLip in Random Photography thread   
    Below are a few of the thousands of shots I have from my travels in Iraq. Enjoy!
    Saddam's Palace in Baghdad Iraq

    That's me sitting on the Throne!! This is Saddam's Throne in Judgement Hall there in the Palace. Those are his Scud Missiles headed for heaven.

     Getting ready to extinguish an oil well fire in Southern Iraq close to Basra

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    mc2hill reacted to Scooter Trash in Random Photography thread   
    If you liked that one I have more. Lower Falls, Yellowstone.

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    mc2hill reacted to Tim in Problem with the new Ceramic Glass wipes   
    I had to use Brilliant Glaze on both my cars because the windshields had more streaking than a 1970s college campus! (Or maybe it was 60s, I wasn’t in college until the 80s and we clearly didn’t have enough streaking then😀)
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    mc2hill reacted to SgtLip in Random Photography thread   
    Now we're talking. That is beauty to my eyes.
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    mc2hill reacted to Bscott94 in What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today   
    I polished a fender on my trashed SUV to see if I could get some shine out of it. I was super surprised. But not really because I know Adam's is the best. Started with a WW wipe down then taped off the area. I went over it several times with HCC on a microfiber pad. Then hit it with HCC on a blue foam pad. Then finished up with FP on a white pad. I sealed it up with CPW. 

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    mc2hill reacted to RayS in What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today   
    I'm behind on my posting of what I did over the weekend.  If it wasn't for being a friend, I'm not sure I could have handled this one.   Sometimes, you have to go against your better judgement and do what is best for the person.   The first picture is as delivered, the second picture is after it had some "shine" put to it.   The rains came in on Sunday, so I didn't get to take an outdoor picture before it departed.
    The Dodge paint is rather soft and there are plenty of stone chips for being a 2018.   I offered to correct them if she picks up a Paint Pen and then I'll put CSC on it to try and keep it looking decent a big longer.  At this point, I know the vehicle is clean so as long as nobody else touches it, it shouldn't be too bad to get get prepped for CSC.  

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    mc2hill got a reaction from Nickfire20 in Random Photography thread   
    This is a sunset shot from when we were 'down the shore' in July.
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    mc2hill reacted to SgtLip in Glass Cleaner + Brilliant Glaze   
    Sending you a PM
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    mc2hill got a reaction from SgtLip in What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today   
    Sunday (10/13) I  did a Rinseless wash on the Accord after spending the previous (long) weekend at Melbourne Beach. 
    We still have love bugs around, so once we arrived at the hotel I cleaned the front  + windshield with Waterless Wash and a Waterless Wash Towels (they came off fairly easily as I had just put a fresh coat of G&G on).  During the very relaxing trip we had rain a few times, including on the ride home (not complaining as it keeps the love bugs from flying).  I usually would have washed the car as soon as we got home, but they are replacing drainage pipes on our street AND burying the power lines (yay!  hopefully not more week long power outages after hurricanes), so I waited until the dust settled (literally!). 
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    mc2hill got a reaction from SgtLip in New Car Decon   
    Nope have not been inside any of the parks for over 10 years.  We do go to their shopping/entertainment/sports facilities a few times a year though.
    Sounds like a good plan on going down to 1 car - more room in the garage!  But 'other' car to use when you doing a long detail session. 
    Good idea on the beater truck - I have one, but bought it new 20 years ago! 
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    mc2hill got a reaction from SgtLip in Confused about glass car products   
    I usually make the appointment for the "maximum allowed" tint installation as soon as I know when a new vehicle will arrive.  I had to wait almost 2 weeks when we bought our Accord and I hated it without tint.  😎
    Here in the Sunshine State the extra tint helps the inside of the car stay cooler and reduces the fading of interior surfaces.  Your new whip will probably be in the garage most of time, so it may not impact you that much.   
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    mc2hill reacted to SouthernSteve in Adam’s Ceramic Waterless Wash   
    Just wanted to share some pics with the good members here plus any lurkers who may be on the fence about the Ceramic Waterless Wash.  
    we finally started getting rain, yesterday, after 6 weeks of bone dry weather with temps near 100 at times.  The Subaru this morning, untouched, as it sits.  Coming home last night, we hit a downpour for about10 miles.  To reiterate, long term base coating, three applications of the Ceramic WW , one time used a s a Rinseless wash.  Car was traditional washed last week.   
    Hopefully , you can tell by the pics, on how great a job it did with rejecting the vast amounts of precip and Environmental contamination.  In the one pic, you can see the dirt accumulation along the rocker panels and lower doors but  that’s about it.  Keep in mind, no rain in 6 weeks and high temps...
    Ive been Detailing 30 years and Adams Ceramic and have tried many products.  This is one of my all- time favorites...

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    mc2hill reacted to BRZN in Problem with the new Ceramic Glass wipes   
    For sure my streaks were from Part B, not A. A and B were applied in opposite directions so it was obvious it was B. I was told the 67% humidity may have been my issue, that may have been too high for application.
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    mc2hill reacted to stalebreadjr in Interior Cleaning and First Time Engine Bay Cleaning   
    So, I've been on the forums for a couple months now.  Slowly building my Adams detailing gear and materials.  I posted in the newbie forum ("new to this game")and had some great discussion.  Before I go any further I do want to say thanks to @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin @falcaineer @RayS and many others on the forum for being so helpful and responsive.  @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin provided a very detailed write up on my post that I would say anyone should read, detailing steps for Exterior prep and Ceramic Spray Coating.  Thanks all!
    For this thread, I will be focusing on the Engine Bay and Interior steps that I have taken so far on my full detail.  I will be completing the exterior and Ceramic coating later on this week (after the rain blows through)
    I was very hesitant to even attempt the engine bay cleaning but I did a ton of research, talked with forum members and watched Adam's videos over and over and came up with my plan.
    Here is what I used:
    Engine Bay:
    Eco APC VRT "milk" (my ratio was 30% VRT/ 70% distilled water) Block Applicator Lug Nut Brush Wheel Brush Oil-Less Air Compressor Adam's Step Ladder (I'm short, so this makes my life easier  )  
    As I said, I was a little skiddish to try this but I just used common sense and followed the videos that I had seen describing methodology.  I started here on the engine bay because I knew I would get the truck wet in the process and figured I would have overspray.  So why not start here and work outward.  Here is a video that I like of Adam demonstrating.
    I first removed all leaves and debris from the bay.  I set my water hose on the "Flat" setting which gave me a light mist of water but it was forceful enough to move dirt while not dumping a ton of water on my engine and components.  I chose not to use my pressure washer mainly because I wanted more control of what I was doing.  I sprayed all the loose dirt that I could see off.  I then soaked the bay with the Eco APC.  Using my soft wheel brush I agitated all of that and followed up with my Lug Nut brush on all the spots that I could not reach without banging the brush around on stuff.  Using the "Flat" water hose I then rinsed off all the APC.  I followed up with my air compressor and blew out as much water as I could.  It was not COMPLETELY dry but it was not standing water on any of the engine bay.  From this point I sprayed the VRT "milk" over the entire engine and closed down the hood.  I went on about my business and started cleaning the interior of the vehicle and mats and such (detailed below).  Once I was done with the interior I opened the hood back up and used the block applicator to knock down the wet shine or places where there was more product than I personally wanted.  In the spots I missed I used the block applicator to apply there.  Here are the before and after pics of the engine bay.

    So, while that was marinating, I moved on to the interior of the vehicle.  Below are the materials that I used:
    Leather and Interior Foam Cleaner Interior Detailer Glass Cleaner Tire and Rubber Cleaner Tire Brush Leather Conditioner Microfiber towels Vacuum Cleaner w/ attachments I started here by removing all the Rubber floor mats from the truck.  I also removed any and all pieces inside that would make them easier to clean.  I have several coin holder type rubber inserts in my truck and they are all removable.  I also pull all of my headrests off the seats to make the glass in the back of the truck easier to reach and also make them easier to dress at the later stages.
    So, I saw this video of Adam doing a winterization on a SUV in a public, pull up, pressure washer bay.  In this video he had a tip to take out any rubber mats and hang them up on the wall using their clamps and spray them down with TRC.  Then use the Tire Brush to really scrub them down.  So I "RE'd" something of the sort here at my house and did just that.  A good spray off with the water hose and then soaked with TRC and scrubbed with the Tire Brush.  Then I hung them up and let them soak while I worked on the interior. 
    I stated with a thorough vacuum of the entire truck.  I used to not do this part first but I found that I kick up dust doing this as a last step and end up with dust on my interior pieces after they have been wiped down.  So after a thorough vacuum of the carpet, I moved on to cleaning all of the glass in the vehicle.  I tried both types of glass cleaner that Adams has and I think I like the Green Spray bottle the best.  I can get a real fine mist with a full pull of the trigger where the can gives me a wide foam spray.  Next I moved on to cleaning my leather seats and any other heavily soiled parts of the interior of the truck.  I used the Leather and Interior Foam Cleaner and a microfiber towel and it worked great.  I did want to try the Interior Detailer (got both of these in a Mystery Bucket BTW) so I grabbed a second microfiber and used that on all my plastic pieces in the truck.  It also worked very well.  I controlled both of these products by introducing them into the MF towel and then wiping on to the desired surface.  After cleaning, I then went on to the Leather conditioner and wiped down all the leather in the truck.  This is where having the headrest removed also helped.  I could really get all the way to where the leather ended at all parts of the truck without smearing on the glass or other surfaces.  I could also hold the headrest in my hand and use the conditioner outside of the vehicle.  Now I moved back to my Rubber floor mats.  I hosed them off thoroughly and hung them back on the rack to dry.  It was at this point that I moved back to the engine bay cleaning as mentioned above to visit and assess the shine of the VRT "milk".  Here are some pics!

    All in all, I am very pleased so far with the ease of use of all these products, especially for the shade tree novice like myself.  I'll be taking pictures and posting about my exterior process and coating soon.  Thanks again y'all!
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    mc2hill reacted to Eswear in Prepping my wife’s car for ceramic   
    I finally got it done!!!! The ceramic coating is from chemical guys unfortunately because I got it as a gift lol. I was really impressed with the sprayable compound and the orange pad, it finished out super clear with no hazing. Thanks for all the suggestions. 

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    mc2hill reacted to SgtLip in Glass Cleaner + Brilliant Glaze   
    I think that's what I'll do. I have plenty of beach towels around the house.
    Hmmm, didn't think about the applicator. I have some MF applicators (not Adam's, from Amazon) or does it require the gray foam block? I have two of them. Anything else and I'm going shopping, AGAIN!!!
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    mc2hill reacted to Rich in Glass Cleaner + Brilliant Glaze   
    Exactly. It's not a spray so you don't have to deal with overspray or drips.  One thing you might have to deal with (I know I do)  is that I always go the whole way to the very edges of my glass inside,and I inevitably transfer some of the BG from the rag to the dash or the rubber along side the windows.  Not a lot,  but it happens. So after I get my windows clean,  I usually go over my dash and remove any streaks of BG I got on the black.  I don't think BG would heart the leather or rubbers though.  It's just personal choice.
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    mc2hill reacted to SgtLip in What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today   
    Okay, NO MORE Yellow Subaru. Went and got me a new 2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid. I didn't do anything to the interior except TRY to clean the windows. 
    On Sunday: After getting some great help from @Nickfire20
    I used a whole bottle of Iron Remover and there was more fallout than I ever imagined for a new car.
    I had a piece of a bottle of Wheel Cleaner which was just enough for all four wheels Then I rinsed and dried the entire car I then used the Adam's White Fine Grade Clay Bar with DS and clayed the complete car. After I was done, I remembered I forgot to clay the wheels. Maybe next time I put maybe 3 ounces of Car Shampoo and 3 ounces of Eco All Purpose Cleaner in the Foam Cannon and the Wash Bucket I foamed the entire car, there was a lot of foam. And I used the mit and washed the entire car and then rinsed with the power washer I used my blower and dried the car. There wasn't enough left to towel dry but I drug it over everything anyway I then parked it in the garage while this old man went in and got him some Air Conditioning. I figured I'd let both me and the car cool down a bit as the sun was hitting the trunk and back window After an hour or two I went out into the garage and applied the Surface Prep spray to the entire car Once that was complete I applied the Ceramic Spray Coating and let it cure overnight Monday (Today):
    Got up early this morning and applied the Ceramic Boost Pulled the car out of the garage and applied the Tire Shine I noticed there were at least a million streaks on the exterior of the glass that I didn't see yesterday after applying the Ceramic Spray Coating. I assumed it was from the Ceramic Boost I applied today. After going onto the Forum asking for help, it was suggested to try Ceramic Waterless Wash. I'm happy to say, IT WORKED!!  
    This being my very first time to do anything other than run it through the chemical tunnel, I have to say, it looks pretty darn good for a rookie. THANKS TO EVERYONE who guided me. I can't begin to thank everyone but just to give a shout out to a few: @falcaineer @Nickfire20 @mc2hill @Rich @SouthernSteve and a Host of Others.

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    mc2hill reacted to SgtLip in New Car Decon   
    @mc2hill  Hope your vacation was fun. Please tell me you didn't go to Disney World!!! Ha Ha.
    No 😢 but the wife and I talked and we traded both the Suby and her Lexus for a new 2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid. We thought it would save us money since the Suby required premium gas and was averaging 22 MPG. The Lexus was getting around 34 MPG. Our friend has a 2019 and is getting 44 MPG and 53 MPG if he uses pure gas (no ethanol). Plus we eliminated one car from insurance, but we lost our multi-car discount. So that was the thought. I want to pick me up a beater box truck just to drive around town just in case we need a second vehicle.
    Since they are new, there aren't that many in stock yet. We found plenty of white ones but no colored ones until after the 4th of November. So I'm stuck with a white one. But it's growing on me. It might take another 15-20 years but there's potential for me to change my mind!!!
    I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out. Especially with it being my first time doing anything like this. I'm enjoying it so far. I just hope I'll get to be as smart as you and a host of hundreds on this forum. Of course, I'll be learning on one car, so it may take awhile.
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    mc2hill reacted to RayS in Shout Out to the Moderators   
    This morning I was on one of the other truck forums that I participate on and it reminded me of how fortunate we are to have such good moderators on this forum.  
    The moderators usually have a thankless position, but I am here to say Thank You to all the moderators of this forum.  Moderators voluntarily give up their time to help others and keep the forum running smooth and when necessary step in to ensure the forum governance is followed.  This means they have to read a lot of posts that may be of no interest to them and move posts to the appropriate location, educate users on the forum and participate in corrective action or testing.  Sometimes they have be the one to tell someone no and do so in a respectful manner and hope the other party does the same and have thick skin if not.
    Your caring, professionalism, educational contributions and courtesy are noticed and appreciated.
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    mc2hill reacted to SgtLip in Super VRT on Weathertech Floor Mats?   
    The answer is DON'T BUY WeatherTech!!!
    I only buy 3D MAXpider Kagu Rubber Floor Mats. I went through all of these same issues before they started selling their cleaner. I found these mats and have never looked back. 
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