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  1. shane@detailedreflections

    Windshield Glass issues

    I’ll second this. Or we use white scotch brite and a cream cleanser. The #0000 steel wool is awesome though and cheap.
  2. shane@detailedreflections

    New SEMA Build

    Gorgeous truck. It’ll be a fun build. Too bad you’re far away. Would have loved to collaborate with a coating for you! Enjoy the process.
  3. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    And as promised, here’s the Jeep! Sorry the pics aren’t better on this one. It was super cold when I had to deliver it. We have an Audi A6 coming in tomorrow for a one step polish.
  4. shane@detailedreflections

    Second Annual Detailed Reflections Clinic in CT...advanced notice

    Now that we are into the new year, it’s time to really start planning our clinic out. We are still going to work on installing a ceramic coating during the clinic. The weather needs to cooperate to do it successfully. Not because we can’t work inside, but it needs to cure before going home or he left overnight. Food for thought... We are going to do an exterior coating, an interior detail and install a glass coating. So three attendees will have services done by the group. The prep for a coating is similar to any other vehicle, it’s just the last steps that change. All of our tools and products we use are fair game to try out. To give a short list of tools: Rupes 21 and two 15 DA polishers Rupes Mini Rupes Rotary Rupes long neck and short neck Nano’s Tornador Vapor Chief Steamer MyTee Hot Water Extractor Metro Sidekick Metro Master Blaster And we have a large selection of products to try. Those who have been by for work can attest to that! It’ll all be opened up for everyone. We will provide a cookout style lunch and beverages. Alcohol is fine, but it’s BYOB for when we are done. I know some people were considering traveling. If you are, I’m happy to help find accommodations for you. Also, if there’s interest, the night before we can go to a nice dinner together as a group. I just need a head count to get reservations as it gets closer. There is no cost for the clinic unless you want to go to the dinner the night before. We do this to give back, not to make money. If you’d like any services done outside of the clinic, we can make arrangements to accommodate that as well! And to enter for one of the services for the clinic, submit a photo of the vehicle you want to use with a reflection somewhere in it (we are Detailed Reflections after all). If you have a topic/tool/technique you want to see get covered...let me know!
  5. shane@detailedreflections

    Garage lighting

    I’m entirely okay with agreeing to disagree. We all have our own methods. It’s what makes for good discussions.
  6. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    I went back and looked at that Jeep before I delivered it back to the client. Final photos will be coming as soon as I pull them off my camera. But the texture you see is actually that the Jeep has a fiberglass hard top. So the fiberglass has texture which is what you are seeing on the Jeep. Orange peel looks nearly identical though. And if you guys are wondering about about some tools that let us get the results we do, this is the main polisher collection we have at our disposal. We also have a DeWalt rotary which is set up with an Auto-triz pen style micropolisher (smallest is a pad the size of a chapstick cap). That polisher doesn’t hang well. We also have a cyclo machine set up with carpet brushes that comes out occasionally as well, but it doesn’t hang well on these racks either. So we are all Rupes. We have a 21mk2, two 15mk2’s, Rupes Mini, Rupes Nano shortneck, Rupes Nano longneck, cyclo and DeWalt. Tools are one of the biggest differences between someone getting paid to do work, and someone just doing their own work.
  7. shane@detailedreflections

    Air compressor for drying

    Exactly this. It’ll be great for blowing out seams and all. But it won’t move the volume a master blaster would. Volume has a place, and pressure has its place. They aren’t necessarily interchangeable with the same results.
  8. shane@detailedreflections

    Getting a 20+ Year Old Mustang Challenge

    Car looks awesome! Nice work!
  9. shane@detailedreflections

    Garage lighting

    I agree. We can find imperfections all day under our LED lighting. It looks great polished out in photos, but you can also find the damage easy enough.
  10. shane@detailedreflections

    Best Course of action for polish and sealant

    If your plan is to one step and seal, use a polish. Then a sealant. It’ll be far more durable.
  11. shane@detailedreflections

    Best Course of action for polish and sealant

    If your plan is to one step and seal, use a polish. Then a sealant. It’ll be far more durable.
  12. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    Yup! Think it’s just the way the light caught the rounded edge of the door!
  13. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    Honestly I think it’s just the reflection and the way the surface curves there. It wasn’t all orange peel there. If it were we would have found the door had been repainted with our paint thickness gauge and sent him back to the dealer since it was brand new. Looking now, the photo makes it look bad!
  14. shane@detailedreflections

    Garage lighting

    At least they’re all LED lights. Small victories!
  15. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    You are seeing a few things. First the lights the vehicle is under show everything. Second, don’t think just because it’s a new vehicle it has perfect paint. You may be seeing a slight amount of orange peel in the paint (look hard enough and you’ll find it on most paint jobs). Most people don’t want to pay for a paint job without orange peel since it’s difficult to do and takes time. That small amount you see in this photo will disappear once we roll this vehicle out into the sunlight. Good eye to catch that in the paint! And yes, some paint from different manufacturers is better than others.