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  1. You can use the other products over a ceramic coating. It won’t hurt them. It simply may not be the ideal matchup. In my opinion (and opinions vary), ceramic coatings play best with other ceramic based products to maintain their function as designed.
  2. shane@detailedreflections

    Acceptable scratches

    Its white and most likely only visible in harsh lighting. The more aggressive you get, the more cautious you need to be. Granted what you’re using isn’t particularly aggressive, you still want to have good practice. Chasing perfection is a futile effort. At least not without a vast array of resources. For reference, most of our work is done in one to three stages of polish. People don’t usually want to pay for the true correction when you can get great results without that kind of expense. That being said, we do use different polishes and pads than are offered here. But the Adams products work well. Don’t sacrifice clear coat protection for perfection that won’t be achieved and won’t last in the end.
  3. shane@detailedreflections

    Acceptable scratches

    You ask a loaded question as far as what’s acceptable on a daily driver. We aim for what I would call “eye clean.” This means in the sunlight, you don’t see any/many scratches. Under the lighting we use, you may still see some imperfections. It’s part of why softer light or rolling a vehicle into the sun if it’s available is part of our process. As far as what’s acceptable as a professional, that comes down to what the client paid for. If you paid for a single stage polish, it is what it is. Most of our polishing is sold in stages. This means that you get one, two or three steps of polish and what comes out...comes out. People go for those options because it has a defined price. If you want total paint correction, it’s hourly and the bill can add up fast at $85/hour for just polishing. For a pro, the question is did we provide what we said we’d deliver? And did we manage expectations? With all of that out of the way, don’t get carried away chasing imperfections. Particularly in a daily driver. It’s not worth it. Keep in mind that every time you polish, you’re removing clear coat. You don’t want to remove more than 1/3 of the clear in the life of the vehicle before you lose UV protection and accelerate clear coat failure. That’s the reason we advocate the use of some kind of paint thickness gauge. Particularly if it’s someone taking money to detail.
  4. shane@detailedreflections

    Polishing after paint sealing

    Paint sealant should last about six months. Give or take. One step products last far less since they’re nothing more than compromises. If we seal, we use wax over if. And we wax every 4-8 weeks depending on wax and environment. I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re asking?
  5. shane@detailedreflections

    Polishing after paint sealing

    You’re welcome.
  6. shane@detailedreflections

    Polishing after paint sealing

    It will remove the protection you have on. Polishes are abrasive and function by removing the surface of the paint. The sealant will not hold up and you’ll be left with just the limited protection of the one step product which is not as durable as the sealant.
  7. shane@detailedreflections

    Thankful...and Thanksgiving

    Congrats Ray. Paying off college is no small task. That’s for sure! More importantly is your son in laws safe return again from another deployment. Hopefully he gets some time off and a break before being sent out again if he’s needed. It sounds like you and your family are enjoying quite a bit of success! Enjoy the ups while they last! And that wine...yes please!
  8. shane@detailedreflections

    Cloth Seat Cleaning

    Sending you a private message.
  9. shane@detailedreflections

    Thankful...and Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner from us, and I remember last year taking a few moments and writing a post about what I was thankful for! I figured I'd start it again where people can share what they're thankful for. Something positive! The last year has brought about a ton of changes for us, both a business and me personally. On a personal level, it seems my family grew significantly and unexpectedly. We are now a foster home for my wife's cousin's four children. The challenges are endless, but I can say we are doing a good thing. Despite the battles we have with DCF and occasionally the children themselves, I know they're in a better place because we've opened our home to them. They are now safe, cared for, healthy and fed properly. We still haven't wrapped our heads around all that they've been through and know the road will be long and full of questions but it's a journey that will shape who we are as individuals and as a family. Thankfully my wife and I have a strong relationship and can weather the many storms this whole situation can and has brought about. My daughter finished out her senior year of high school soccer and is going to be going to Elmira College in NY on a partial soccer scholarship to play goalkeeper for them. She's excited, and I'm glad we were able to end the college search when we did and before our family situation changed. Business wise...man, we've grown so much. A little less than two years ago, I wouldn't have imagined us being where we are now. We were just a couple of guys in a garage trying to keep some cars clean and make a few dollars. This year we've added a new member to the team who's still learning, but killing it and putting in full effort when we give him the task. I made a comment in our "latest work thread" as I looked back through and can see how we've grown so much. We've been accredited by a leader in the detailing field, we've installed another bay and have it set up in a fashion that allows us to really expand our product. So far this year we've already grown more than four times in terms of sales numbers. The number still isn't a huge one by comparison, but I'm happy with the growth and that we've been able to keep up. We still haven't even put money into advertising. Everything we do is word of mouth and social media so to be able to keep work coming in is pretty awesome. Looking back at photos, the quality of our finished products is improving. We still have much growth to achieve and so much to learn still. But we are making it happen! Oh yeah, and in the spring we had our first detailing clinic which was a lot of fun for us. It was even attended by some forum members. We already have the next one planned and it sounds like it's going to be bigger and better. I'm thankful for online communities such as this one. We can learn from other members here, and have the opportunity to give back and help encourage people's enthusiasm for what they do. When people see what they can achieve, it pushes them to do more. We are happy to be a part of that growth and experience for members here. I plan to stick around and answer as many questions as we can on the forum or that are sent to us! And most of all, I'm thankful that I actually get Thanksgiving off this year and get to spend it with my family. I can't say the same for Christmas, but it comes with the territory of my career. I'll take what I can get and be happy. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your families and take a moment to take it all in. We are lucky to be here.
  10. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    Thanks! Looking back through this thread it’s an awesome timeline of how we consistently improve in our workflow and products. The results are evident from where we started to where we are now! I’m blown away!
  11. shane@detailedreflections

    Cloth Seat Cleaning

    The best way? Steam and hot water extraction. But that’s not an option for everyone. So in the absence the of that a shop vac, horse hair brush (or boars hair) and generous carpet and upholstery cleaner should get it up. Spills exactly like you have here are why we recommend the leather and upholstery/carpet protection packages. Think scotch gard, but stronger. Water would bead up mostly and can be taken care of promptly. Food for thought in the future.
  12. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    You got it. I’ll try to remember to include the EXIF data from my shots.
  13. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    No problem! I’m no expert, but you can see our images. The 85mm lens doesn’t work well inside cars unless you plan to do a lot of cropping and weird angles. A 50mm isn’t a bad compromise. So many factors. Would it be helpful if as I post photos I post the image data as well? Assuming I can remember to?
  14. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    Thanks man! Save money and get the 1.8 honestly. The depth of field at 1.4 is next to useless for auto photography. More useful for portrait, and even then the 1.8 will work well. I know for Nikon the 1.8 is about $215 and the 1.4 is just under $500. Food for thought. Most of those were taken with 85mm 1.8. The interior was 50mm 1.8. Very few pics shot wide open aperature.
  15. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    And the Ford GT350 is back home with it's owner and we picked up his wife's C7 Corvette Grand Sport for the same treatment! It was an overcast day, and a cold one at that! So the lighting could have been way better for the photos. But...it's enough to get the idea in natural light. Enjoy!