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  1. shane@detailedreflections

    Swirl Killer or Hand Polish

    Thanks @mc2hill I’m glad that article gets referenced frequently. I wrote it hoping it would address easily many of the major concerns people have. And machine polishing is much much faster and consistent than hand polishing. Use polishes more than compounds and your paint is relatively safe. Aggressive pads and compounds can still remove clear pretty quickly. But the majority of vehicles don’t need that kind of work.
  2. shane@detailedreflections

    What to do after claying

    You want to wait an hour for paint sealant to cure before laying.
  3. shane@detailedreflections

    Master Blaster.........To vacuum or blow......

    We blow everything forward with a sidekick and then vacuum it. I don’t see how you could just blow it out and have that be sufficient. We do the following: - blow - vac - steam - extract Ideally you need both.
  4. shane@detailedreflections

    First Experience With Ceramic Paint Coating - AWESOME Results

    Two large trucks may be stretching it a bit.
  5. shane@detailedreflections

    Flashing time of Ceramic Wheel coating

    Great advice right there. I agree completely.
  6. shane@detailedreflections

    Adam’s One Step

    We use a different one step polish than both listed here. The one step has its place. And for us it’s keeping service affordable for most. That being said, we always put a spray topper over it for better durability. My advice is to try a couple of products and see what you like. We sample products often to form our own opinions.
  7. Just thought I'd share a little visual representation for the amount of pads and towels we go through during a detail since it seems to be a frequently asked question. The real answer is that you can never have too many. Sometimes we use a few, sometimes we go through a lot. Today was a lot... We filled about 1/3 of a 5 gallon bucket with dirty pads. And the dirty rag bin is a probably 2'x2' or even slightly bigger. And we filled it close to the top. You could say we go through some pads and towels. The benefit for us in having them is that if something seems questionable, we just swap it out and grab a fresh one. So when you're thinking of buying a towel or pad...maybe grab two. Build your collection over time. Your vehicles will thank you when you do need them.
  8. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    We were at it again today. We knocked out a Subaru Impreza Sport that I forgot to take pics of...and we had this Nissan Frontier come in today. We attached it with a one step topped with a silica based spray. Maquis did what he does to the inside...the results speak for themselves...
  9. shane@detailedreflections

    Wheel Cleaner and satin finish

    You should be good with them. But as always do a small test spot somewhere (like in the barrels) to be sure.
  10. shane@detailedreflections

    Adam’s One Step

    A one step polish will never equal the performance of standalone products. It won’t correct as well or seal as well. In my opinion one step products are aimed at detailers who are maximizing time when we detail for dollars. It’s an acceptable way to give the appearance to satisfy most customers while saving steps. Durability is affected by many factors. Mileage, storage, environment to name a few. I would assume a few months of durability is reasonable.
  11. shane@detailedreflections

    Pre Cut PPF Kits

    We can certainly cut whatever pieces you’re looking for. We can pick and choose, or do multiples. One of the software packages also has a kit called “wear items.” Usually part of the front bumper, a pillars, roof line, door cups and maybe a misc other piece of two as well. It’s kind of a watered down kit, but good for quick coverage. Send me the year, make, model and trim and I can look up the pricing easy enough.
  12. shane@detailedreflections

    Pre Cut PPF Kits

    Hey everyone: We received our plotter and can now cut pre cut ppf kits for people. We have the capability of cutting full pieces (full hoods, etc) or partial pieces (partial hoods, etc). I wanted to extend the offer to the forum to be able to purchase kits. We can beat nearly anyone’s price. We have quality self healing films from SunTek and Premium Shield. Prices vary based on the vehicle and kits. If you’re interested, send me a message and I can put a quote together for you!
  13. shane@detailedreflections

    How many pads do you use?

    Good point about the compressed air or brush. We will occasionally brush our pads out. We don't usually use compressed air to clean them out (no real reason why, just not practice when we are working). We also keep a fair number of pads on hand that we usually toss them into the dirty bucket and put on a new pad rather than fight to clean one in the middle of a job. At the end of the day, we set up the pad washer and wash whatever pads we need. We are also very similar in the number of towels we go through on a job. We use way more towels than you'd imagine. Once they get dirty, or we don't feel they're working as well as they did when we started...it's off to the dirty bin for the day for them. We don't even waste time if it's at all questionable.
  14. shane@detailedreflections

    How many pads do you use?

    The number of pads we use varies based on how bad the car is. If we are really working polishes to get it to correct and finish down, we go through a lot more than if we are using a very fine polish just to level the clear or even use it like a “cleaner.” We always plan between two and four pads per vehicle. Sometimes less. Sometimes more. Youll know it’s time to change the pad when it looks like it’s kind of caked over and you can’t see the open cells of the foam or that they are significantly smaller than when you started. Next time we have one, I’ll try to remember to take a photo.
  15. shane@detailedreflections

    All of our latest work

    I think that is the actual color. The paint was kind of boring when we first got it. It looked flat and lacked pop despite being new. Love how it looked after. And it was a nice car to drive back to deliver! Thanks! And he definitely did. Like he always does. The man is incredible at what he does.