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  1. DetailedbyTate

    F-150 wheel well liner prep

    Are you installing them so the wheel is black and not body color?
  2. DetailedbyTate

    Wanted: Old bottles

    Placed an order last night. Seems like a really good people.
  3. DetailedbyTate

    Wanted: Old bottles

    I did leave a VM
  4. DetailedbyTate

    Wanted: Old bottles

    Tried calling but no answer
  5. DetailedbyTate

    Spotted In The Hotel Parking Lot This Morning

    One of my favorite cars!
  6. DetailedbyTate

    Let’s talk...micropolishers

    I have a similar one and i love it.
  7. DetailedbyTate

    Wanted: Old bottles

    I have some check my post on page 2
  8. DetailedbyTate

    ISO Adams black hose nozzle

    As title states. Let me know if you have one and how much you want for it
  9. DetailedbyTate

    Empty bottles

    I have a few 16oz empty bottles if someone wants them i would be happy to send them out if you paid shipping. I would prefer to ship in batches and not individually.
  10. DetailedbyTate

    Cars and coffee detail spray

    I visited Adams HQ on Thursday and saw those mystery buckets being packed. The guys and gals were working like crazy. Very cool to the amount of care and effort that goes into a sale like this.
  11. DetailedbyTate

    Looking for empty 32oz bottles

    I might have some, how many are you looking for?
  12. DetailedbyTate

    Coating on New Powder Coat

    IMO as a person who has been around powder coat for years. You would be safe to coat once you pickit up. As others have said all the curing is done in the oven.
  13. DetailedbyTate

    looking to trade

  14. DetailedbyTate

    Help in/near Maryland

    I'm not in your area but I have polished and ceramic coated a super duty in that color. It is a fantastic color great choice.