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  1. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

    No worries, was hoping to use a Rupes without laying cash out. Good luck with the sale
  2. Detailing bags for trade

  3. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

    I have a had it awhile and I love it, and it works perfectly. I have been looking try something different
  4. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

    Want to trade for a 3401?
  5. Ceramic on satin clear

    Has anyone ever ceramic coated a car with satin clear? If so how did it go?
  6. Midwest Detailing, Year 'Round.......

    Where are you located?
  7. Merino wool mitt dreadlock

    I use my sidekick to dry it after use.
  8. Sticky steering wheel. Need an assist

    Pull the horn fuse to prevent honking while working. I would try interior detailer and a soft brush
  9. Dirty roof found while correcting

    I wonder if something is falling or dripping from the ceiling in the parking garage. You might want to keep an eye in it.
  10. Dirty roof found while correcting

    If you don't mind saying what does your wife do for a living does she work in an office building or more of an industrial part of town?
  11. Dirty roof found while correcting

    I would bet if the roof has no been repainted some form of over spray landed on it over time. What is strange is that the hood or any other horizontal panels didn't have that.
  12. Dirty roof found while correcting

    I have questions 1. What is the car? 2. What color is the car? 3. As the car had any paint work? Yes you can wash pads in the washing machine. Avoid hot water and high dry temps.
  13. Items to trade

  14. Items to trade

    What are you looking to trade? Is your list current?
  15. Trim coating question

    My question is when coating brand new Weathertechs is the tire and rubber cleaner step nesessary or can I go straight to prep then coatimg?