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  1. hdav94

    Free Items

    Was more talking about throwing away empty bottles not so much the full ones.
  2. hdav94

    Free Items

    Posting this here since I am unable to post in the garage sale section. Currently cleaning out the garage and figured before I throw empty bottles and products away I would post it on here to see if anyone wants them first. All I ask is for you to cover the shipping.
  3. Yes unfortunately have gotten so far behind in collecting and just wont have the space in the new home so figured sell them and use the money these bottles make and buy a new Rupes polisher with it. Also this bottle though has been the one people online are asking a lot of questions about and just don't want to sell or even give someone a produced that might have gone bad. As for selling I would be willing to would and would be much happier knowing there going to another really big Adams fan. @ObsessedDetailer
  4. I have smelt it and I has that cinnamon minty smell to it. I don't know if its supposed to be like this but, I know when they released this one it was supposed to smell like cinnamon. As for storage It is kept in a climate controlled area so there no extreme temperatures it could have been exposed to.
  5. The reason I am asking this is I am in the process of moving to a new house and unfortunate I have had to down size a lot of my detailing collection and get ride of some products I just don't use anymore. When I was going through my collection of stuff I found this bottle of limited edition holiday detail spray in the back of the cabinet. I was saving this and a few other limited editions to hopefully one day make a large Adams limited edition collection like a lot of you have on here. Now the question, this bottle is a lot darker then the other bottle I have and was wondering if this is just because of the chemicals breaking down over time or if it was just a bad batch from the factory? It was purchased on 11/17/17 and came from lot number 594 11092017. Figure maybe if its something special it might just be work taking with me to the new house.
  6. The New Products were the HGG The price of HGG i believe was something like 19.99 but don't quote me on that since im not 100% sure. New Lake Country Wash Wedge
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