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  1. Yes it does... Since it was recommended that I try the "wet" method first, I only watched the first half. Afterwards, I reviewed it and have concluded that the "dry" method will be attempted next (tomorrow).
  2. That is GREAT advice. I can report that after doing so, my wedge is back to pristine condition and looks great. Thanks The Shine Doc! Next time, I will attempt the dry method. The wet method was the one demonstrated in the video and recommended by Ben (at Adam's) to try first.
  3. From what I have heard from Adam's CS... It should last at least a few months if not longer (per application). I wouldn't recommend using it with every wash. You are just adding additional layers for no reason (and wasting product). I agree with others using DS and possibly some wax and glaze (full face-melter).
  4. Hey Fito... Sorry for the confusion. I was just stating that I wanted to take (whatever "protection") or shine treatment off my paint before reviewing the HGG. The paint was sealed with Liquid Paint Sealant and applied with a Cyclo (before this review). I wanted to remove whatever was left of that protection and the small amount of "gloss" elements from my countless rinseless washes. (if that makes sense)
  5. Good Afternoon Adam's Family & Enthusiasts... I completed a quick (1.5hr) 2 bucket wash, clay and seal using the new Car Wash Wedge and H2O Guard & Gloss. Below is a quick review of both products, as they fit into this particular car washing routine. First off, I want to document the state of my vehicle prior to washing and sealing and my initial thoughts on the 2 products. There is a decent amount of build up of dirt, bird droppings (x4+), brake dust, etc. When I received the box with all my products, I was stoked (as usual). I opened the box and found my car wash wedges and H2O Guard & Gloss. At first glance, I was kinda turned off by the foam fingers themselves (within the wash wedge pad) and thought that they would be terrible (compared to the car wash mitts/pads). It took a few calls to Ben (Adam's AWESOME CS and Sales Agent) and having my fears and questions answered (while the soap was building in the bucket, literally) for me to press forward with the wash wedge. The H2O Guard & Gloss was a little bit trickier to understand. By this I mean, I was wondering (and asked Ben) how do you pay attention to one panel at a time (using this product) while the rest of the car is in the sun and water is drying (hard water) on the rest of the panels, you just washed and clayed? After a few minutes of discussion with it, I found most of the answers I needed to move forward. Always keep the car wet (without getting the parts you just dried wet) and move somewhat quickly (as you are not putting all that much product on the car to begin with). The products I used for this project are below. (including a small kwazar full of Detail Spray) Starting off I worked on the wheels. I knocked down the brake dust and grime with DWC and the newer red bristle wheel brush. BTW, the Red wheel brush is AMAZING. It has ACTUALLY saved me money in the amount of DWC I have to use on each wheel, just to get the brake dust off. I went from using almost an entire 16oz bottle of DWC PER WASH to now using 4-6 oz. THAT IS AWESOME. Ok, getting back to the real review. After cleaning the wheels themselves and hitting the tires with some APC (and blue tire brush) and Tire Shine (after the wash was complete), I moved on to the actual washing of the vehicle. Since I had been using Rinseless Wash regularly with this vehicle, I figured that I needed to strip off whatever wax was on the paint to begin with, that way the rest of the review could take place correctly. To do this, I used my foam gun and the 2 Bucket Wash method. I added about 3-4 oz of full strength APC to the foam gun (just to be sure) and another 5-7 oz into the wash bucket (being thorough). I then began my routine 2 bucket wash (with the wedge standing in for my wash pads). I used Adam's "Old" Car Shampoo, in the small travel bottle. I have to say, after knocking out a few panels, I LOVE this wedge. I can do multiple panels (lightly dirty) with one trip to the buckets. Once I got to the belt-line, I did have to go back much more frequently. However, going back to the buckets was much easier and I didn't have to waste as much time rubbing a (two-sided) mitt or pad against each grit-guard, just the wedge itself. The bug guts and dirt came off effortlessly and the wedge was ready to go again, without any issues. After completing my wash, I did notice one small point that stood out for the wedge. That is, the small foam "fingers" were small enough for the wedge to fit in between and clean each of the fins within my BMW kidney grills, up front. That made me so happy. I could clean 4 or 5 ribs in a single swipe (a little pressure to fit the fingers in between). It was awesome. As a point to note, I did see that after completing the wash, the car wash wedge fingers were a little tangled up and it was a little tricky to get them separated again. (If anyone has a suggestion on this point, I would love to hear it) So, on to claying. I was initially going to also include the new blue clay bar as a part of this review, but I still have a few standard clay bar boxes laying around so I decided to use up my old stock first and review it later. I decided, for the purpose of this review, to keep the claying technique constant and focused towards the Adam's Purists. I used nothing but Detail Spray as a lubricant, that way there would be no issues with the claying process or this part of the review (even though I prefer waterless/rinseless wash for my claying lubricant). I clayed the entire car, from top to bottom (except wheels... wish I had time to take them off and seal them... need to get on that... after a year of promises to myself ). After the clay, I rinsed the entire car off and prepped for the H2O Guard & Gloss sealant treatment. I started on the hot side of the car (as I wanted to get that water off QUICKLY). I used my go-to towels for this job, my boarder-less blues and a Great White. I started out spraying 4 or 5 sprays on each panel and found that most of it was soaking into the (prepped) damp boarder-less blue and wasn't being as effective as less. (a tip shared by Ben prior to starting) So less is more and even less than I thought was "less". After the first few panels, I started using 2 or 3 sprays on each panel (depending on size). It worked like a charm. I love this new product. It saves me from drying the car and then putting quick sealant or pain sealant (with my Flex) on top, as an additional, time consuming step. I have yet to see how long the sealant will last, but I will be using my Rinseless Wash here soon, in order to build up a layer of wax on top, to further strengthen and postpone degradation of the sealant from the Guard & Gloss. Overall, I couldn't be happier with this product. I will state, though, that if you are doing this outside, do it in the morning or early evening as you will avoid water spots (with harder water regions). I regret that in my haste, I didn't remove all of the water quick enough on the roof and have a few spots sealed underneath the Guard & Gloss and will need to be removed with another clay session and paint correction (already planned and needed, regardless). So, on to the results... Here is my car with the 2 bucket wash, clay, and sealant applied. I do say it does shine up nicely. This doesn't have any additional detail spray, wax or glaze on it. I wish I had time to perform a Full Face-Melter. Next time, I guess. In conclusion, these two products, the New Car Wash Wedge and H2O Guard & Gloss are worth their weight in the toolbox of the Adam's Car Cleaning Garage (or other space ). I highly recommend each of them and praise their engineering and creative teams for the R&D put into them. If you have any questions regarding either of these, Adam's Reps will be more than happy to help (as will I, via these threads). Thanks for reading and enjoy the polishing!
  6. Pulled the transmission out of my miata and cleaned the sludge out of it (and on it) with Adam's APC and Deep Wheel Cleaner. Installed a new flywheel and working on getting the new clutch and seals installed all the rest of this week. Then a new exhaust will be installed once the trans is back in the car this next weekend.
  7. Two bird droppings on the same afternoon. What are the odds :( Oh Well... Waterless wash to the rescue..

  8. I agree. I did the exact same thing a few months ago.
  9. The funny thing is that I am buying and using DWC and Rinseless the most out of ALL the products I use (which is all of them). It is great to have multiple uses for the two MOST used products on my shelves. Now it will mean that I will be purchasing MORE of those two products even more frequently. Thanks Jason for inadvertently draining my wallet, more quickly, in the future
  10. That is GREAT NEWS!!!!! That means that my clays will last even longer due to the larger contamination being removed more quickly with the DWC. Not all, but a fair amount. :)
  11. I will say that I am only using my OG edition woolies as well. I did not know that DWC decons paint as good as clay? There is no harmful effect on the clear from the DWC?
  12. One of the best multitasking applicators (next to the red and blue hex grip).
  13. Here are the results of my new tire shine and DWC. LOVE IT. It looks AWESOME!!!!!! Here are the before and after photos. (not perfect but I was only dedicating 2 hrs to the whole car) DWC is the ONLY product I have found that cuts BMW aggressive break pad dust with just one/two applications (and wheel woolie/utility towel to clean up the residuals). I can't see myself using anything other than DWC on my wheels. Simple green, green wheel cleaner, dawn, etc. can't hold a match to the fury of that which is Deep Wheel Cleaner. It is just AWESOME!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work Adam's Polishes!
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