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  1. Just wondering if people use Iron Remover on their exhaust tips? Is that better than APC?
  2. Hey Falcaineer, the color of my car is black.
  3. So my car is a garage queen and never sees rain/snow etc. I'm reading up on how great the Ceramic spray coating is and was wondering if i would see a difference between using CSC and my regular routine of Patriot wax with Glaze? I don't really care about how hydrophobic since it never sees any harsh weather. Thoughts?
  4. Mystery Storage Case which includes an array of random products inside the Storage Case. Has anyone purchased this before? Is this like a mystery bucket but in a case?
  5. Hi So I'm getting the car ready for the summer and I'm curious at what steps people do. I've stripped washed, clayed, washed with shampoo, corrected and finished the car so far. So now should I, Glaze, use Americana wax and then a light mist of ceramic boost? Or should i use Americana wax, Blaze and then ceramic boost? What are people's thoughts??
  6. With summer on it's way, I'd like to see Adam's do a complete video from start to finish of a complete exterior detail. With all these new products I'd love to see them use all the products. From a strip wash, clay, foam wash, correct, seal, polish, wax etc... Some videos I see them clay the car and not wipe off residue detail spray , or when correcting then to finishing are you suppose to wipe off the product? Questions like these I'd like Adams to show a full video. I'm still a newbie and I think I've purchased almost every product but I'm still not 100% of all the steps when doing a full detail.
  7. Thanks Dan...I can't believe it was just a typo. Anyways tried it and it works....you get the 15% off but no free shipping. Show and Shine was still the better route but thanks for the quick response.
  8. So I tried to take advantage of the Labour17 code using the Canadian Web site as I'm from Ontario and guess what.." No discount no nothing. I get the error code . Coupon code "LABOUR17" is not valid." Has anyone else experienced these issues with the cdn site. i.e. none of the coupon codes work on the cdn site? Good thing Show and Shine has the same deal, less the free shipping as my order was above $150 but better than nothing. Thanks!
  9. Can I ask what other distributor you used? When shipping cost more than the products or I have problems ordering on there web site, I'm thinking of doing what you did.
  10. Ryan, keep me posted on what you get. With your foam canon and shampoo I wonder what else can equal 13.5 lbs? I'd bet lots of detail spray and waterless wash clothes
  11. My 3 MB arrived: 1 - 32 oz Detail Spray 3 - 16 oz Detail Spray (Apple Scent) 1- Visco Clay Bar 1 - Tire and Rubber Cleaner 1 - Metal Polish #2 1 - Glass Cleaning Towel 3 - Waterless Wash Towels
  12. I just picked up a few boxes. The SHINE15 discount works as well. Happy Mystery box shopping people!!
  13. Just curious for people who have both Americana and Buttery wax, is Buttery wax just sitting on the shelf now? I use detail spray/glaze quite often and every month or so a fresh coating of Americana. What are people using their Buttery Wax for?
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