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  1. The meguiars forum is actually good advice . Especially for your asking price . I bought a used cyclo on here for a about 250 USD shipped and it's 10 times the tool that this one is. 100 bucks sounds about right for a sale here . I'm sure other venues will be more kind to meguires stuff sorry .
  2. I don't know if it will get it out . But it certainly won't hurt . I would start with the clay then try revive . U may just have to get some correcting polish and do by hand. Imo it should come out with a little work . Hard to tell without seeing it tho
  3. How much pressure are u using on your machine?
  4. I would skip the detail spraying your gonna polish . Slow arm speed would be something I recommend especially if you don't get the results right away . Go slower to get the work done faster
  5. I have a cyclo and love it . As mentioned all ready there's not an issue getting it into small places. It has a 16 mm throw that corrects very well and it's butter smooth. It's made in the USA if that's important to you and every part of that machine is serviceable not just the brushes. It's a machine that will last and last
  6. I think even if I had a 25ft cord I would need use and extension cord. I do have a large vehicle tho and it doesn't fit in the garage
  7. Both of those need bodywork to fix 100% the gouge/hole I would fill and get some colour matched spray bomb or touch up paint with an air brush ,clear over top and then Polish to blend in. The bottom chip I would touch up paint then clear touch-up paint over and Polish. Might make them less noticeable cuz right now they stick out bigtime. Really u got nothing to loose
  8. Show and shine doesn't have everything tho. That's the only thing that bothers me about them .
  9. Yeah sidekick not really ment to do the whole car . U could but it gonna take u awhile. I do most of the car to knock of a bit of the water and get it out of the cracks . Then follow up with a towel and detail spray
  10. Yeah I share the same sentiment. The old wesite may have not been as good but at least we could ship for free given enough money was spent. I just bit the bullet and payed my shipping but this will be the last time I think. Hopefully they have the issues resolved when I'm ready for my next order
  11. Brushes are generally considered a wear item like brakes in a car and are not warranty. For the average enthusiasts they will not wear these out within the warranty period anyway .
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