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  1. The thing about polishing matte vinyl is that it will no longer be matte.
  2. If you have brilliant glaze that works. You could try using a little more graphene coating to see if that helps. Worst case you polish than panel and re-coat.
  3. The foundation of the graphene coating is the ceramic coating. Then refined graphene oxide is added to the coating. Think of it as another form of ceramic with the infusion of RGO.
  4. There is plenty in the bottle to do multiple vehicles. The size of the vehicle is going to dictate how much you need. A golf is a small car. Coat your wheels with it.
  5. Those towels are cheap enough to toss in the trash or relegate for dirty jobs.
  6. Adams blue shampoo. Can’t mention any other brands in order to abide by the rules.
  7. Those two car soaps are loaded with gloss enhancers that can clog up any coating. Gold Class can make it seem like the coating has failed. The other issue is that the coating is probably so clogged from all of the fall out that it may need a chemical decon to revive it. The other potential thing are the oils from M205 not being completely removed. Did you do a panel wipe after the polishing step?
  8. Keep in mind that polishing will either degrade or remove the coating. Clay will also marr the coating. I would either live with it as it will eventually fade away or you can try and chemically decontaminate.
  9. Wouldn't hurt to redo the area. Spot touch ups don't always blend well.
  10. Thank you for the information🙂. is there a way to find out how hard the paint is?

    1. The Guz

      The Guz

      You want to do a test spot with the least aggressive liquid.  If it is on the softer side it will correct easily with a polish.  


  11. It is going to depend on how the compound finishes out and the hardness of the paint. A polish will refine the finish after compounding and impart gloss prior to whatever form of protection you choose to use.
  12. I am missing something here. So your plan is to wash your car first followed by a waterless wash? A waterless wash is used as an alternative wash method. Sounds like you are looking for a drying aid of some sort. What are you looking to achieve?
  13. Glass can be as easy as claying. Polishing glass will be like an exfoliation to remove road grime and get the glass clean and free of any prior protection as well. Follow up with a panel wipe and you are good to coat. During your polishing process you can finish up by polishing the glass.
  14. Yes you can use them with the ceramic coating. The graphene ceramic coating is still ceramic at its base. The ceramic coating is still good as are the maintenance products for it.
  15. If these are the products you have, then I would go with apply graphene and maintain with boost.
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