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  1. Adam just covered trim restoration on facebook. Is that rear bumper rubber or hard plastic?
  2. Give it a good polish as mentioned and put whatever form of protection on it. White and silver are not going to have the pop like black or red. In the right light white and silver has a nice gloss. In bright sun the paint will look brighter with a nice polish. My 99 Grand Prix in silvermist metallic recently polished and coated in non-adams products. See the difference lighting makes. My brothers 2018 Equinox polished and coated with Adams spray coating.
  3. Polishing is a majority of the gloss. The protection product is the icing on the cake. White is not going to give that pop like black. It is just the nature of the beast. Polish it and get some more gloss then ceramic coat it. In the right light it will "pop". Also too many products can mute the look.
  4. Yeah we do. Been tempted to sell both. I have both coated. Everyone thinks that once it is coated then all detailing is done. That is completely false. It still needs proper maintenance. I also don't use any covers. I don't even use a waterless wash to remove the dust. I will just give it a rinseless wash or full wash. I try to avoid touching the paint to induce any marring. The GP sits outside 24/7. Just recently polished and re-coated it.
  5. Coat the garage queen . My Camaro is the garage queen as well and I coated both of mine . But then again I have not touched a wax or sealant in years.
  6. Came out great. I used to like how my brothers red 03 looked polished and ceramic coated before he sold it a few years ago. Don't beat yourself up. High spots are part of the learning curve when first starting out. Even the best of us still get them. The good thing is the coating is forgiving. You will also get faster applying it and learning you can work larger areas if the temperature allows. Lighting is important as well as you saw once you pulled the car out in the sun. Once you start washing it you will realize it was all worth it.
  7. I used CS3 in full sun as a drying aid. It was about mid to low 70's and it was streak free. On surfaces that were hotter like glass it would streak but anything would streak. I came back with the same towel as it was damp with CS3 and then came back with a second towel to alleviate that. Did you ever finish the Grand Prix?
  8. When it comes to matte wheels or surfaces it is hard to remove stains once they are on there. Matte surfaces are not to be polished as that will remove the matte look just as you experienced. In some cases one has to live with it.
  9. First wash after the uv tracer spray coating. Paint was dried and touched up with CS3.
  10. C5's are known to have hard paint. If it needs compounding and you are using a machine expect to more than likely use a microfiber cutting pad.
  11. Either one will be fine. I would still recommend some sort of prep wipe to remove any surfactants left behind by either one.
  12. Sure you can wash it. Just be sure to blow all the water out of the various seams to not mess things up during the coating application. Do you have the prep wipe product? If you do just use that.
  13. Looks like you are getting good results. I always liked how my brothers red 03 grand prix looked when it was polished and coated many years ago before he sold it.
  14. I haven't used the swirl killer other than holding it in my hands on display at the Anaheim location. But the philosophy should still be the same. Microfiber pads in my experience like to be used on a slower speed with slower arm speed like speed 4 and just the pressure of the machine. Also microfiber pads like to be primed with product to get all of the fibers coated with product. Higher speeds and pressure will dry up the product along with the temperature and humidity one is working in. Shrink your area shoulder width apart on slow speed and see if that helps. I have found the paints on Grand Prix's to be on the medium side and correct fairly easy even with a foam cutting pad but still need a polishing step as compounding usually leaves micro-marring behind. Have you done a test spot to see if you actually need to go this aggressive? You could probably go straight to polishing after your correction step. You asked about the number of pads needed. About 6 pads for cutting and 4 for polishing for an average size car like the Grand Prix. The Camaro on the other hand has hard paint and microfiber and compound is usually needed to remove deep defects.
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