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  1. That would be the least of my concern. Simply use it again. That is the beauty of a spray product.
  2. You won't need to use the spray coating that often. You would be better off using ceramic boost, CS3 or ceramic waterless wash. You could do the same for the spray coating until you are ready to polish and start fresh.
  3. The paint coating will work fine on chrome window moldings. If you are asking about the typical plastic trim then the paint coating will work. The regular trim coating will have more of a darkening effect than the paint coating. If your trim is in good condition then the paint coating will work fine. If you need more restoration on the trim then you have the option for the ceramic black trim restorer. I have a how to on the forum with video on how to use this one. As far as the paint coating on glass, it will do just fine on the side and rear glass (without a wiper). It won't handle wiper abrasion that well. You will be fine using the paint coating on wheels as well. Go with a double coat and maintain with ceramic boost and the spray coating 1-2 times a year and you will be just fine. Wheel coatings in general are designed for higher temperature resistance. But in most cases a daily driver won't see that high temperature and a paint coating will do just fine. I have had success with a standard paint coating on wheels and in some cases better performance than a wheel coating.
  4. Does anyone know the contact angle of the paint coating? From my experience with coatings it looks like it is in the 115-120 degree range.
  5. Don’t overthink it. Durability is going to vary with factors such as care and environment it is exposed to. muse the spray coating and maintain with ceramic boost. If you so desire use the spray coating a few months down the road once again.
  6. One thing I will mention is to flush out the sprayers with hot water after using the spray coating. It helps to prevent the coating from clogging up inside the sprayer.
  7. You can use the paint coating for wheels and you can maintain with ceramic boost. 50ml's of product goes a long way and you could probably squeeze both vehicles depending on the size and even one solid coat on the wheels depending on the size and style. Wheel coatings in general have higher heat resistance but on a daily driver high heat for a paint coating is a non issue. The Adams wheel coating is thicker than the paint coating.
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