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  1. I would love to work more shows with the Adam's Team, but I am in Oregon. I have worked HOt August Nights the last 2 years and had a super time. Gary
  2. Just received 5 mystery boxes and I am more than happy. In the past year received about 10 mystery boxes.
  3. What Adam's product is good for cleaning white wall tires. Gary
  4. DVK welcome back you were missed. I was just kidding about your shorts a year ago.
  5. Nick McQueen would be my guess. Nick always has a answer for me.
  6. Nick thanks for all the help on this problem I know I can always get the answer from you. Gary
  7. My orders are coming from Reno and I have received about 61 orders this year, Thank you Team Reno.
  8. Thanks we wiped his car down and had no problems. He was putting way to much detailer on and now everything is great.Thanks
  9. What would make the detailer streak on a car.I sell Adam's and this is the first time I have seen this. My customer only has one double thick rag and wipes car down at least twice a day. We Clayed it and glazed it and then put Buttery wax on and keep up with Detailer. I think he is using another single thick rag and it stays wet to long.He then uses the other stuff M and it is ok.Any ideas Gary
  10. Adam this is simply great about veterans.I am helping friends who are veterans that just can't polish there street rods any more.We Clay bar,glaze,wax and give them detailer and yes it is ADAM'S the only product in my shop.I feel we can't do enough for them.See you at the Big Boy Toy Store In Reno Gary Parham
  11. Adam I have all three Polishers and use and like them all. Gary Parham Damascus ore.
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