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  1. 2012srt8

    Ceramic coating

    I think it's called a new paint coating coming out
  2. 2012srt8

    Weather Tech mats

    rubber Matt and liner cleaner. it's not on their website. you will could try calling them for a bottle or get from an Adam's dealer
  3. 2012srt8


    they jacked the price up $10 on the ik multi sprayer to. was 19 now 29
  4. 2012srt8

    Ceramic Paint Coating Issues

    are you applying to much coating?how much is left in the bottle?I used a half bottle for a dodge ram crew cab
  5. 2012srt8

    Ceramic Paint Coating Issues

    maybe you just used to much ceramic boost.it streaks very easily.
  6. 2012srt8

    Adam's HQ Relocation

    I'm pretty sure you should consider sending me some
  7. 2012srt8

    Adam's HQ Relocation

    Adams said you can't use the wheel coating on your paint.why would they even bothered with the paint coating to begin with? the description means painted wheels
  8. 2012srt8

    Adam's HQ Relocation

    maybe I figured it out but for the ceramic coating package,it says 9h coating.adams current coating is 7h.im assuming this means a new and more durable coating is coming
  9. 2012srt8

    Waxes and ASSC for trade

    pm sent
  10. 2012srt8

    Food Thread

    where did joe(ocdrifter) go?
  11. 2012srt8

    Ceramic Paste Limited Edition

    any trades your looking for?
  12. 2012srt8

    What did you do today?

    I worked today but my wife got bored and redid my Adams supply and hung my polisher holders and foam gun for me!
  13. 2012srt8

    looking to trade

    added vrt and under carriage gallon
  14. 2012srt8

    looking to trade

    1-americana paste wax 2-vrt looking for wash sponge ceramic boost strip wash ultra plush towels wheel coating tire and rubber cleaner open to other items to though