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  1. 2012srt8

    Ceramic Coating gone wrong

    I dont think coating prep will work but try the glaze first if not try the coating prep it wont hurt anything
  2. 2012srt8

    Ceramic Coating gone wrong

    try brilliant glaze if that doesnt work try finishing polish on a white pad
  3. 2012srt8

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping and FLASH SALE

    I bought a second.coukdnt pass that up!
  4. 2012srt8

    deionized water

    I thought about getting this one.good price especially since they do 25% off all the time https://www.autogeek.net/deluxe-filter-system.html
  5. 2012srt8

    Iron Remover

    nope.no chemical will remove coatings I had the little orange spots on mine and now there gone.beats using the clay bar
  6. 2012srt8

    Iron Remover

    used it last night on my coated truck. worked great. not sure on on the expel though.
  7. yes it will strip everything
  8. 2012srt8

    ceramic coating on a seadoo

    perfect that's what I was hoping.didnt wanna have to try and tape it off
  9. my brother wants me to coat his seadoo but can you use the ceramic over top of the stickers?
  10. today's cars are worse then ever. I've seen 3 year old pick ups from Chevy and ford where the doors and rockers are already rusting. my friends 2008 Silverado started in 2010. fixed under warrenty and 1 year later rusting out again. once it had been fixed 3 times and the warrenty was up he sold it. I seen his old truck 3 weeks ago and its completely rotted out on the box and the rockers and doors. I will always have every vehicle I own sprayed unless it's a summer only toy
  11. they dont use it on the outside but it does get on the doors.youll wanna wash the car right after it's done.it last a year.usually you do it every October.
  12. nope.even ceramic coating wont fix that. I live In windsor,ont.same weather as you.my truck was oil sprayed 5 months after i bought it.should only cost you $100.they will drill holes around your door jams in my case they were there from the factory with rubber caps. they then fill your rockers with oil and spray the whole underside of your car with a thin oil. the main brand is called krown rust prevention,at least it is here in canada. a lot of automotive shops can do this for you
  13. you need to have it oil sprayed yearly.paint sealant will do nothing
  14. 2012srt8

    Swirl Killer 21mm

    yes the 15mm would be better.