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  1. 2012srt8

    How do I remmove Ceramic Wax?

    strip wash,APC mixed with your car shampoo
  2. 2012srt8

    Can anyone tell me what this was?

    the ones next to the vossen I think are non Adam's.but that green bottle,never seen it before
  3. 2012srt8

    Am I being too OCD or what

    why not try a compound on a microfiber pad on that spot in the first pic?
  4. 2012srt8

    buyer/trader beware

    being resolved. mods can delete
  5. 2012srt8

    items for sale

    there gone
  6. 2012srt8

    items for sale

    ones new other one used once
  7. 2012srt8

    items for sale

    they are multi
  8. 2012srt8

    items for sale

    not really worth shipping 1 wheel woolie
  9. 2012srt8

    items for sale

    yes I can ship from the us.
  10. 2012srt8

    items for sale

    not looking for trades
  11. 2012srt8

    items for sale

    i have a bunch of various items for sale visco clay kits-$20 clay bar-$12 eraser packs-$4 each cases-$30 each wax applicators-$4 each IK sprayers-$20 each foam gun with holder-$75 microfiber applicators-$2 foam blocks-$1 small wheel woolie-$10 Large wheel woolie-$15 6.5 pads used-$8 5.5 pads used-$7 4 inch pads used-$3
  12. honestly,I think it's the waterless wash towels that did it.there crap. first time I used a d same issue.my paint was just polished and tried waterless wash and I had light scratches. I tried using double softs and that worked way better or try using and ultra plush.
  13. 2012srt8

    New from Belle River, ON, Canada

    lol my parents are on st.pierre. I'm on the west side of Rourke line,coretti. only sublime ram around
  14. 2012srt8

    New from Belle River, ON, Canada

    nope I'm just over by the old belle river arena
  15. 2012srt8

    The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    dont leave your bottle of coating on the same table your working on lol