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  1. JWP

    It came!!!!!!!

    Nice! Been wanting the long neck version for some time. Maybe Adams will come out with an alternative and little more economical version to go with their other line up of polishers. Hint hint.
  2. Adams Posters or vinyl banner for my garage walls.
  3. Ordered 2 Mystery boxes along with Gen 5 4" pad set & license plate; total ship weight 2.9 lbs. Hoping for a gift card!
  4. An updated kit with the new grey borderless instead of the single softs would be nice and color coridinated, with no additional cost.
  5. That's what I did this past weekend and it worked great. Rinseless wash/dry, then filled bottle with distilled water and double soft towel damp with some distilled water. Just drenched a panel with water and spritzed a little HGG on panel, wiped around with damp double soft and buffed dry with a dry double soft. I liked this method because I could see the HGG activate on the panel and for me it went smoother than the dry method that has you spray the HGG on the towel and wipe onto the section.
  6. Tried the H2O product yesterday for the first time. Due to the California drought, did my usual rinseless wash. Afterwards decided to give H20 a try and wanted to try the "dry" method, but after doing a section I ended up preferring a "hybrid" type method that might be an extra step for some, but was easier for me and works well in my garage. Used a double soft towel soaked in distilled water like the dry method shows, a large Qwazar spray bottle filled with distilled water. Soaked a section well, then squirted the H20 on wet area and watched it activate (very cool to see), spread with the damp double soft and dried with another double soft. Very cool product that really made the car look great and was very easy to apply and remove.
  7. Here in Fresno, CA off their site it states:. Car washing is still bucket-only with a hose equipped with a nozzle for a quick rinse. I think this is only on your water days, I assume. I use waterless, but would like to do a foam/full strip wash but will try to just strip wash it waterless. Does or has anyone cleaned wheels with deep wheel cleaner and cleaned wheel wells with APC without use of a hose? Kinda like a waterless/bucket or sprayer version? Probably not an easy choice and just might have to break out the hose and take my chances with the city and HOA community.
  8. KBS Coatings Rust Seal and all their products. Also made in the USA.
  9. Sounds like since I just bought some orange hex, that it might be my best bet and just do it by hand for now while I get my feet wet with the cyclo; especially since the use of a smaller machine would be used in limited areas at this time. Still like that Flex, but think it would be wise to wait, plus it gives me another excuse to use that money to buy more Adams products. . Thanks for the help!
  10. Going to be purchasing a cyclo polisher soon, but was wondering the best way to handle tight spots like around spoiler, door jams, front and rear bumper areas that are tight with a lot of hard to get to spots and curves (2014 Mustang). I like the looks of the Flex PE8 and its small pad ability, but it is a rotary and not sure if it's a good idea for a novice, and also the Rupes LRH75E, though it is a little bigger but an orbital polisher and looks like it would be easier to use in tight areas. I know this would be something used minimally compared to what I would use the cyclo on, but was looking for feedback and suggestions on how to handle tight areas to polish and maybe correct. Use one of these machines or do those areas by hand? The car is in good like new condition for the most part, but I just want to do the job as best as possible and continue to keep it that way. Thanks.
  11. The Adams "A" logo in blue like shown or something similar would be a great sticker to offer for sale and go towards the cause.
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