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  1. Wow that sounds rough. I don't know what is going on with the weather..lets hope it gets better soon.
  2. Yeah I hear ya. Around here we had over a foot of snow before Thanksgiving, now that its melting you all the leaves that never got raked up ...its been a weird year. I just hope no tornadoes.
  3. I know after the Winter we have had....I'm a little scared to see what this Spring brings.
  4. Can't wait until it warms up here so I can finally do a good hand wash!
  5. Nice! Do you wash the vehicles in your garage..how does that set up work...do you have heated water?
  6. I personally haven't tried it, I usually mix some Dawn dish soap and the shampoo as a "strip wash".
  7. Funny I was just thinking about this subject this morning. I would also say that sounds about right, especially considering the Ram, pickups always take longer. I usually try to either do the interior and outside of one or both the interiors or both the outsides to help break it down. This is based on one day for me, I never have 2 day weekends so I have to pace myself for that one day.
  8. Am I the only one that thinks these pics would make really cool desktop backgrounds?
  9. The All Purpose Cleaner has worked well for mine and they are the tan color.
  10. What I normally do is wash the vehicle, clay the surface, then dry and put a layer of Brilliant Glaze on them....it really makes them "pop".
  11. That's very true...forgot about the baggie test..always a good test..kinda sounds like I may not need to clay as much as I think which I'm ok with....one of the less favorite detail steps for me.
  12. Thanks for all the help everybody. I think I'm going to clay once in the spring once in the fall before I lay down the Liquid Paint Sealant. She is garage kept but at work it tends to get quite dusty real quick.
  13. I usually use some All Purpose Cleaner and some paper towels.
  14. ok thank you..thats kinda what I was thinking would be the better way.
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