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  1. Thank you. I have been have an on going issue with Outlook where it will receive but not send. It was corrected, and noe it is doing it again. I have a gmail account and I was thinking of switching over to it as my primary account. If I do I will do as you suggest. Again thank you. Oh by the way I just activate my account on the new site and pass it on it looks great.
  2. How do I add a second email address or change my current email
  3. Thanks you for the reply. I do have a bottle of strip wax that is why I will start with that. I guess I just need to sit down and place my order.
  4. I am thinking of changing up the procedure on my wife's car. I have not decided to do the same on mine. First her car is as mentioned in the title is a 2018 equinox. When we first bought it, I did the normal wash, clay, polish and a coat of Americana. Seeing it is time to do a fresh detail, I was thinking of going with a ceramic protection. Not sure I want to go with the full ceramic coating or not. Was thinking of the CPW and then maintain it with the boost. Can I use the spray coating instead of the wax or can they be used in conjunction with one another? Also I will get the ceramic waterless wash. The car is not what I would consider a daily driver as we are both retired and it is garage kept, but it is used a lot more then the Corvette which spends most of its time in the garage covered. So here is what I believe is the procedure. Strip wash, clay, correct any paint issue (if any), then either spray coating and used the boost every 4-6 weeks or apply the wax either paste or liquid and maintain with the ceramic waterless wash and/or the wash+coat. Am I on the right track and of the two which would you recommend?
  5. Seeing I have not used any of the ceramic products I was wondering how did it get and swirls. I was under the understanding that ceramic was to help stop this from happening. If all it does if give your finish a great shine, protects against the elements and helps the water run off better, I will stick to my normal procedure and the Patriot wax.
  6. While I am no expert on this and I am sure others will chime in, I have been researching and asking questions abut the different products in the ceramic family. I knew what the ceramic coating was and the process of applying it. As for the CPW, I learned that it is good for 6 month or so, and Ceramic boost can be used on top of the wax as you would with the Adams Detail spray. I was told ever 4 weeks or so add the boost to the surface after you wash the car.
  7. A few days back on the Corvette Forum in the C6 section a member posted that he was taking his Corvette for a detail. He was told about this detail shop so he contacted the owner to find out what it cost and what he would be doing. Well the total cost was $90 and that included wash, clay bar polish with a rotary buffer hand wax and the interior. Almost every response was it cannot not be done for that price, it will not be what you expect, how can he make money, most likely he will us a filler polish to hide the swirls and fins scratches, what out for buffer burns and so on. The OP is suppose to pick the car up around noon and he said no matter what he will do a follow-up. I just finished a detail on my C6 Corvette and it took almost 5 days. Now granted that also included the engine bay and I pulled the wheels to clean the wheel wells and aluminum suspension, but still I spent almost 3 full days on the body and interior. I have never had anyone touch my car, but I know it would cost a lot more then $90 at least in my area.
  8. OK, I will admit I am a little confused on the whole ceramic coating issue. I realize that if the paint is corrected completely and the coating is applied correctly, the only real maintenance will be washing and drying. What I am a little confused on is the different coatings. I have heard and read about the ceramic coating that is put on a freshly prepared painted surface and how it is applied, but I see that there is a spray ceramic coating and a ceramic paste wax which I believe is the SIO2. I believe I also read of an H9 ceramic coating by Adams. Now I just completed a full detail on my '07 Corvette and applied the Patriot Wax which I just purchased seeing my Americana was almost gone. While my Corvette is not a daily driver I am more interested in doing it to the 2018 Equinox that e (wife and I) use daily. I may do the Corvette but not sure. So again which product will fit my need for either or both vehicles. Here is a shot of the Corvette at the show just after the full detail
  9. The finished product at the show. I was very pleased with the outcome.
  10. Ok, I'll bite. Just what is tis thing you refer to as Ceramic Paste Wax. Also I saw another post with a reference to Ceramic Waterless Wash. Again I'll bite.
  11. The only difference is I am going to the Patriot Wax. I have always used the Americana, but I need more wax so I decided to if the Patriot a try.
  12. Please don't take this the wrong way, but ceramic coating takes all the fun out of detailing. It is now nothing more then a wash and dry. If I am not out in the garage twice a year washing, claying, polishing and waxing I am lost. The detailing is enjoyable to me.polishing, and it just seems that once the ceramic is on the car those steps are gone, at least for a while.
  13. Ok, I just finished with the prep work, Wash and dry, clay and then correction polish and followed by finishing polish. (that was over a two day process) Tomorrow I will be doing some hand polishing in the tight areas such as the recessed door handles around the mirrors, the splitter and side skirts and the door jambs. Once that is done I am ready to protect the paint. Now the car is not a daily driver and spends a lot of time in the garage covered, so my plan was to apply a coat of Brilliant Glaze followed by a coat of the Patriot Wax. Should I apply a coat of the Paint Sealant first then the glaze and then the wax, or skip the sealant. Thanks
  14. I received a new order the other day as I was getting my car ready for a big show this weekend in St Petersburg and part of the order was the Correction Polish and the Finishing Polish. My question is and I assume they are, but I also have the older large bottles of the same name that I have had for some time now. Just wondering.
  15. No I am in my garage, but I am in Florida so we have the humidity to consider
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