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  1. Glad to hear that I am not the only one with the streaking with the boost. So you are using the CS3 like the boost, on top of the actual ceramic spray coating, correct. I watch the video and Adam almost made it sound like it was a semi ceramic coating. It also looks like it can be used as a waterless wash. I am correct on this?
  2. I cleared the streaking issue earlier today. I just used the Ceramic waterless wash and a double soft towel. Car was clean has not been ot of the garage since I applied the ceramic coating and then the boost. Use my compressor to blow off any loose dust and then did the hood. I am glad that cleared it up be cause I am heading to a car show first thing in the morning.
  3. So I have the UV Ceramic Spray Coating ( which from what I have been told it is the same as the normal ceramic spray) on both cars and if I have an issue with say a section I can remove the coating by simply buffing the area. If I have to do this, would I use the One Step polish and the One Step pad, or would I need the correction polish and orange pad or would the finishing polish and white pad do the job. Also should I use the prep first.
  4. Thanks to all the replies. As for temp., no it was in the low 80's here in Florida. I did it in the garage not in the sun and the surface was cool. I did use two single soft towels one to spread it and one to buff. The only thing I did not do is to dilute it. I am going to wash the wife's Equinox after breakfast with the Wash and Coat and see how that does. This will be the first wash since applying the ceramic a few weeks ago. I have use the Waterless Ceramic washup to now. I will then pull the Corvette out and see if the streaking is gone.
  5. That is how I did it on the original application today. I tried to spray a little on the bad streak when discovered it this afternoon and it actually spread the streaks more.
  6. I did the detail yesterday and applied the UV Ceramic Spray Coating. Today I applied the Ceramic Boost. When I backed it out into the sunlight I noticed some streaking on the hood. It was not there yesterday when it only had the actual ceramic applied. I tried to apply a little more boost to see if that would blend it in and it actually look worst now. Any Ideas? I may simply use the buffer and buffer the hood and reapply the ceramic the boost. Not what I want to do but if that is the only out I guess That is what I will have to do.
  7. The last two were pictures I took some time back just after a standard detail use the standard Adams products, not the new Ceramic.
  8. I finished today doing the complete detail and applied the UV Spray Ceramic Coating. This was the first time I used the new Swirl killer with the One Step pad and I must say I was really impressed. Everything went as planned. Strip wax wash and dry. Followed by claying with the Adams Mitt. Then the One Step Polish with the new Swirl Killer and One Step Pad. After I finished polishing and removing the polish I backed the car out of the garage to see it in the direct sun. If I missed any swirls or scratches this would show them. I noticed two areas right by the rear spoiler so I hit them with a little more polish and the buffer and they were gone. Next I wiped the car and glass areas down with the prep. waited about 10 minutes and started applying the ceramic. Did not take to long give it a minute or two for each panel to rainbow before removing it. That is one of the easiest steps in the whole process besides the ceramic prep. Tomorrow I will apply the boost although I did read somewhere that this product can be applied up to 3 coats. Not sure if that means on top of each other or over a certain amount of time. I just want everyone to know at least in my case the shine while it is great is no different then what I always had with the standard Adams products. I am think what I did accomplish is a longer lasting shine and better protection then that of the Adams Americana or Patriot wax. Here are a few pictures from today as well as the last detail with the polish, glaze and wax. The first four are todays and the last two are the old detail
  9. Not sure that was a good test. I have read where you can use that as well as even wax on top of the ceramic. I would not wax the car then use the ceramic. Also why not simply ust the Ceramic Waterless to touch up the areas needing it after the wash?
  10. Well I am in Florida and it was about 80 when I was doing using it. My latest purchase will be here today so I will have new WW towels and I will see how this does. Thanks for the replies
  11. Ok I am expecting a shipment tomorrow and in it is the 32OZ bottle of the Microfiber Revitalizer, along with a 6 pack of the waterless wash towels and a Mini Drying towel. I normal have never washed new towels but I read some members do recommend it. SO my question is, I read where the revitalizer can be used (a few ounces) was solution. Does that mean that I all that is needed or is that to be added to the normal wash solution of detergent?
  12. Thanks I will update if the new towels made a difference. Also I was wondering why is it that the buffing needs to be with another waterless waffle towel. Wouldn't a single or double soft towel work just as well?
  13. I am using the ceramic waterless wash on the wife's Equinox that I just recently coated with the ceramic spray. I just can't get it to stop streaking. I do it in the shade or garage and one panel at a time. I do it just like the product video shows wipe in one direction. But after the car is completely finished I see streaks. I am using the older blue waterless wash towels and was thinking they just are not soaking up the product. I don't overly soak the area just a mist that cover the area. The only way to get the streaks to buff out is to really apply pressure. Should I go back with the fresh towel after each panel? I do have an order on its way and in it is a 6 pack of the new towels. Also I ordered the large refill of the wash originally and thought I also order a 10oz bottle. I did not so I simply am using a larger non Adams spray bottle. Could it be dispensing more product then the standard Adams bottle?
  14. When I did the wife's car I sprayed it onto the blue microfiber pad and then applied it to the car. As you say by spraying directly to the car as you would do with the ceramic wash seems to one induce high and low spots plus it seem like you would waste a lot of the product.
  15. Ok, I finally found out that the Ceramic Spray UV is the exact same formula as the new Ceramic Spray. Only difference is on has the UV tracer and other does not. I also now believe that the original Ceramic Spray Coating kit that came with the Prep, Coating and Boost is most likely the same except that it did not have the longer last properties of the newer versions. So I happened to watch a video with Adam applying the Ceramic Spray Coating and he even applied it to the glass areas and the plastic trim. I did not see that when I order the kit originally so I assume I can use it (UV version) the same way as he did in the video.
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