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  1. Wetsanding My Shelby-part 2

    That's a transformation!!
  2. Tire shine staining white car

    I always use an older MF towel to knock down the excess tire shine.
  3. Marcus, thanks for posting this question, I want to remove the weights before going to get new tires this spring. My luck they would put new weights over the residue of the old ones.
  4. Don't let the name fool you.....

    Welcome Erick! my wife drives a '14 Durango Citadel. once you detailer Durango, she's gonna understand real fast, mind did!!
  5. Should I have done this?

    Like Rich said, use your hands! The heat from your hands will allow the conditioner to penetrate deeper into the leather.
  6. Wetsanding My Shelby-part 2

    That is a serious amount of underhood painting! Question, how do you keep the underhood clean? For me the engine compartment seems to have more sand/ grit then dirt and looking at all that wonderful paint how do you not scratch it?
  7. Wetsanding My Shelby-part 2

    That GT is killer!!!
  8. VRT vs. Tire Shine

    You need both! They both have a different yet similar look and you need to see for yourself which one you like better.
  9. SRT8 Jeep Touch Up

    You're a better friend then I am! I would have brought it back dirty and when he asked why didn't I detail it, I would have responded detail it? I took it because I wanted to drive it!!
  10. New member from East Brunswick, NJ

    Welcome to the family!
  11. clean door jams

    I use my old G&G towels for the jams. And of course I spray G&G on the towels!
  12. What did you do today?

    Two oil changes and a tire rotation.
  13. I find driving around with my eyes crossed really helps to not see the chips! The chips are annoying, but like said above I'm not getting a new windshield because of just chips.
  14. New from NJ

    Welcome to the family!!
  15. Wetsanding my Shelby

    I give you a lot of credit for wet sanding such a beautiful car! Stupid question about orange peel...does orange peel have peaks and valleys, or is it mostly peaks that your trying to sand down to the flat areas?