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  1. Rich hit the nail on the head! do you buy/order toilet paper after you've already run out? When I refill a 16oz and the gallon is empty or close to it, I've got an order going in that week. Just keep an eye on your inventory to keep from running out completely.
  2. I have used SVRT on my WT floor mats and they were pretty slick, but they looked great so I didn't mind them being slick.
  3. Shark skin I think will coat the bare aluminum. I was close, Sharkhide! http://www.sharkhide.com
  4. Thickness gauge the trunk/roof to get an idea on how think the paint is, the test the hood in multiple spots and compare good paint to the damaged paint to see how much clear is left.
  5. BrianT

    Happy Easter

    Rich, The kids are 11! So far they still are firm believers in the Bunny and Santa.
  6. BrianT

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to my Adam's family! The twins had us up at 5:00!
  7. Some of that splatter looks like paint coming off a paint brush in a squiggly pattern.
  8. The PC should get them out, granted it might take some time. Can you post any pics?
  9. My first detail of the year takes the longest, getting back into the grove. I wash the vehicle the day/night before to speed the process up the next day, then it's onto the clay and machine work.
  10. I have 11 yr old twins, and my daughter can't help wash or detail any of the cars. She has very bad allergies to anything that is scented, I do understand the you rarely get anything without a scent, but with the added smells, it's hard. When the family next door does laundry, my daughter can't be outside or have any if the house windows open. It sucks, but it is what it is.
  11. That's ny question as well, are we able to clean the towels or are they use and throw away?
  12. Joe, where do you live, I'd be happy to help if you're near NJ.
  13. Every vehicle brings new water and new soap. I foam the vehicles, so there isn't much soap in the bucket to begin with.
  14. That's a great question, I have some TR and some TC, I'll have to try this out when the weather gets warmer.
  15. Welcome! Best thread title I've read! Does your buddy do donuts in his garage?? The car looks great, and you're lucky you have a company vehicle!!
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