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  1. Come back to NJ and Detailers Domain!
  2. Andrew, great video! Nice truck, how do you like your free spin hubs?
  3. Michael, I've been here for awhile, and that has to be the shorts intro I've ever seen!! Welcome to the family, best group of people on any forum!!
  4. Chris keep an eye open for moisture collecting in the racetrack rear lights. Dodge did a poor job with the gaskets and water can get in blowing out the LEDs and Mopar depending on the dealer isn't being real nice about fixing/replacing that big flipping lens.
  5. Welcome to the family!
  6. Buy the cheapest MF towel you can get your hands on. I use one to dry wipe the inside of my windshields and for some unknown reason the glass comes out perfect.
  7. Make sure the tiny little hole on top of the brass bottle fitting is open, otherwise when you use it it'll suck the bottle in!! Lol
  8. I prefer to do cottections outside, I don't have enough light in my garage and I like being outside.
  9. Welcome to the family Sean!! That's my '68
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