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  1. Great time as always, always nice to see and talk to Adam about detailing family and kids!! A big thanks to Phil at Detailers Domain and his crew, top notch!! Killer donuts for breakfast and some great pizza for lunch!!!
  2. Detail spray and clay! Once you use the clay for wheels, never let it touch the paint.
  3. I just got an email from Phil at Detailers Domain, Adam's Polishes will be there this Saturday May 19th from 9am-1pm!! 70 Oak St, Norwood NJ
  4. BrianT

    Post number 15,000

    Congrats, and thank you for the time you put in! Now you need to catch Chris!!
  5. BrianT

    Tire and Rubber cleaner

    Every time for me as well.
  6. BrianT

    Get some BOGO and a discount!

    Timing of this sale needs to be after Mothers Day!! I know I won't be able to buy anything until after she opens her gift!! Her guard will be down, so I'd be able to take full advantage of the situation!!!
  7. BrianT

    Can’t get H2O g&g off paint

    Applied and wiped/spread with damp MF towel and buffed with a dry towel and you still got streaking?
  8. BrianT

    Anyone near Englishtown?

    English Town is exit 123 on the Parkway, I'm up north of Paramus exit 160.
  9. BrianT

    Spraying Ceramic Wheel Coating

    Would you say that this technique could be done by an average Adam's customer? I figure all of us here are above average when it comes to detailing.
  10. Might be residue from the concrete garage, try vinegar.
  11. BrianT

    Happy Birthday Chris@Adams

    Happy Birthday Chris!!
  12. BrianT

    Upgrading from PC 7424XP

    I have a PC, and in the beginning I loved it! I went to an Adam's clinic at Detailers Domain and picked up a Rupes 15mm and I won't go back to the PC. I brought the Rupes before the swirl killer came out and I would have liked to try the SK before spending the money on the Rupes.
  13. BrianT

    What did you do today?

    I've had so many flats this winter, I didn't even bother putting the spare back under the back of the Jeep!! I just put the spare back today! Washed and Guard and Glossed the summer rims and tires for the wife's Durango!
  14. I've given up on trying to keep up with pollen! I will wash once, then wait till the pollen is finished. I do park in the garage, and I work inner city so no trees at night and 1 during the day! Lol
  15. You can't beat this offer!!!!!