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  1. BrianT

    Returning New Guy

    Welcome back!!
  2. BrianT

    Hi From New Jersey!

    Yes, I go every year to both Adam's and Rupes's detailing clinics.
  3. BrianT

    Hi From New Jersey!

    I'm up in Bergen County, near Mahwah.
  4. BrianT

    Hi From New Jersey!

    Welcome to the group!! Where in NJ do you live?
  5. The more GPM you can afford, the better you are!
  6. BrianT

    Wiper Arms

    I would do a matte finish to keep the glare down.
  7. BrianT

    So you think you have scratches

    Wow, that looked horrific! Very nice job turning that around!
  8. BrianT

    Hello and lil advise?

    The PC will vibrate like a mofo compared to the SK! I have a PC and did multiple vehicles and once I switch to a Rupes 15 mm very very similar to the SK I couldn't believe how much better my body felt after a full detail.
  9. BrianT

    2006 "GTO" gets dusted

    Very nice GTO, sorry to hear she has to go!
  10. BrianT

    VRT Run

    Ryan, what I generally do after I use VRT is drive the wife's vehicle. Wiping it down does help, try using less and wiping more to not waste any product.
  11. whatever type of paint that is, it needs to be addressed tonight. The longer its on there the likely hood it isn't coming off. If it's to the point of you sanding it, take it in to get painted, you'd be wasting your time. He's also gonna need fender liners and I'm not sure how to get it off the plastic trim. MF pad for sure and a compound should (fingers crossed) get you where it needs to be.
  12. BrianT

    Raptor owner checking in

    Goes right at it, pulls the tail lights!! Love it!! Welcome!
  13. Thanks Dave! I broke out the pressure washer and gave the trim a fast once over and called it good. I went over everything with the prep spray and didn't get anything coming off and onto the towel. I coated them, and I'll post up some pics tomorrow when it's sunny.
  14. Had a long chat with Emery today! He answered a ton of questions I had! Good guy!!!
  15. This last piece has been cleaned, but as you can see I can still remove oxidation with my finger nail. Tire and Rubber cleaner isn't cutting it. I scrubbed that section for 3-4 minutes!! Not having fun, but I will go the distance if need be! And hints on something stronger to try???