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  1. Hello Adams Fans. I have a LHR 21 and LHR 75 rupes polishers. looking to upgrade to the mark 2. what do the mark ones go for and would anyone be interested in them?
  2. it's a great product, but as stated above I find my self using HGG more then ceramic boost
  3. the bucket dollies are great. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  4. You guys should make a moving video in the new location so we can see what is looks like! ??
  5. I am having so many problems with the glass towels that it actually makes me mad i bought them. Always won't glide smoothly on the glass, always leaves dozens and dozens of lint spots all over! Very distatisfied and I don't know why this is happening. Help!
  6. i had the same exact problem with waterless wash! just the color fading away.. i hope it still performs well.. I know dan mentioned about allowing a return swap for the blue. is that still an option??
  7. Did anyone see Adams Snapchat story?? If not, go check it out.
  8. Welcome! Where in Maryland are you from? I'm in the northern part.
  9. ^ Nice! I hear its very nice out that way
  10. Welcome! How about sharing a photo of your first haul? Also where in Maryland do you live? I'm from Baltimore
  11. This past weekend, I did this 2004 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor for a family member of mine. It has 216,000 miles on it and let me tell you, this paint has never been polished up until I did it. The paint was so oxidized, hazy and FULL of washing swirls. So I got to work. Of course I cleaned the wheels and tires, including backs and behind the spokes. I washed it, Clayed it, used a chemical to remove any previous waxes or silicones and did a paint decontamination. ( after 5 min of the spraying the wheel cleaner onto the car, this thing looked like a red car, it has so much rail dust on it. After the prep steps I did a correcting polish and finishing polish on it. Topped it off with paint sealant, brilliant glaze and some Americana paste wax a friend gave to me. Took a total of 3 days because the inside was trashed as well. Here is the finished product. My phone wouldn't allow me to rotate the images so I apologize for the position they are in.
  12. ccommodari

    Sad news...

    So sorry for your loss. May God Bless you and your dog. STAY STRONG
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