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  1. Wash n waxed, of course I'm sure it will snow now.
  2. Looks nice, what a difference it made! I used it on my 2015 Tahoe, the trim wasn't faded so I didn't notice much change in the color. However, I have noticed since applying the Trim Coating the rain and water just beads up and rolls right off. Highly recommend giving it a shot.
  3. I think it smells fresh, a few sprays in my Tahoe goes a long way. I do agree, a gallon refill would be nice!
  4. Kicked back and enjoyed the pool, with a few beverages of course
  5. My sidewalls have a slotted design on them, I found using a foam brush makes it much easier to evenly apply the tire shine. The brushes usually come in bulk and I just toss them after a few applications.
  6. Agreed, the Bosch Icons are the way to go. They work well in snow and rain, highly recommend getting a set.
  7. While having my Tahoe serviced at Grabiak Chevy, Ray from the performance center gave me a few samples to try. I've been hooked ever since then.
  8. Look at it shine....

  9. Welcome to the forum. You'll find a lot of useful tips and info from the forum topics
  10. Nice, truck! I really like that silver color.
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