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  1. Black Bowtie

    New From ND

    Welcome Susan!!
  2. Black Bowtie

    Suggest a Show!

    Des Moines Concours D'Elagance, Sept. 8th-9th. Always a great show to see once in a lifetime vehicles. https://desmoinesconcours.com/
  3. Black Bowtie

    RIP "The Bandit"

    Went and seen Jamey Johnson a month or so ago, and the bands semi trailer was painted just like the one from the movie. Wish I would have taken a picture.
  4. Black Bowtie

    Expanded workspace

  5. Black Bowtie

    Newb on the block!

    Welcome to the addiction!!
  6. Yeti was supposedly for the outdoors person hunter/fisherman, I will be damned If I will give any money to a company that has a knee jerk reaction to the anti gun liberals. Dicks Sporting goods and REI are two others. I was a member of REI for over 40 years and will no longer step in their doors or buy for them online. Plus YETI was made here in Iowa and closed the plant. Now I think everything is made in China or the Philippines.
  7. Blow up the Yeti!! They went weak and stopped being a sponsor to the NRA. I have gotten rid of all my Yeti products. 😊😊
  8. Black Bowtie

    Rinseless Wash 16:1 Incredible!

    Yes, I have used the 16:1 on the plastic parts of my interior, dash/door panels, door scuff plates.
  9. Black Bowtie

    New here!

    Welcome! Where are you located?
  10. Black Bowtie

    Rinseless Wash 16:1 Incredible!

    Rinseless is probably my #1 most used product used weekly in my arsenal! Diluted is my bug/bird bomb remover, detail spray/drying aid and have used it on the plastic parts on the interior, dash/door panels. Also make my black paint pop!
  11. I wish they would add it for the average joe to order. I am about out of another brand and have been waiting for Adams to drop it on the site. Looks like I may have to just pick up the other brand locally then. I know there has to be a demand with how many people own Weather Tech and other mats. I have them in four vehicles I own.
  12. I use Rinseless. One product to do WW, RW and also use it as a drying aid/Detail Spray diluted also. Like the way it makes my black paint pop! I have also used diluted Rinseless on the interior also with great results.
  13. Black Bowtie

    Another brand of ceramic or LPS again?

    That sucks Rich! 1" of rain in less then 10 minutes did a lot of damage to homes and vehicles. I had never seen anything like that around here, let alone being caught In it trying to get home. I feel for you brother.
  14. Black Bowtie

    Another brand of ceramic or LPS again?

    Wow, we were lucky and didn't have any damage. Was caught in it driving home from Ankeny and was doing deep water forging on the way home through Johnston with no luck. Working on finishing the basement and had just finished the sheetrock, so it was a nervous ride home hoping for no water.
  15. Black Bowtie

    Another brand of ceramic or LPS again?

    Good luck Rich, report back on how this kit worked for you. At least next week the temps look like they will be in the 70's. 😁😁