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  1. TheWolf

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping and FLASH SALE

    Unfortunately, the Colad Sprayers are sold out. While there's always the potential for marring with a Clay Mitt and with traditional clay, I have used the mitt a couple times on the Explorer and have not seen any marring. I also used it on my coated truck, and no marring. I think there is less chance for damage with the mitt since it can be regularly rinsed out during use, which prevents rubbing contaminents into the paint.
  2. TheWolf

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping and FLASH SALE

    If you have not tried the Clay Mitt yet, here's your chance to get one at a discount, only $16.99 after using code FLASH. I prefer the mitt over traditional clay, since it can be rinsed out between panels, and it is also faster and simpler than regular clay. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/clearance/adam-s-clay-mitt.html
  3. TheWolf

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping and FLASH SALE

    I can't believe the mats have not sold out yet. Only $12.74 after discount! https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/clearance/adam-s-anti-fatigue-mat.html
  4. TheWolf

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping and FLASH SALE

    If you may not have ordered an Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat yet, I would get one at this deep discount. They are very nice mats. I have another brand of mat that was waaaaay more expensive, and this Adam's mat is much cushier. Only downside is the logo wore off pretty quick. I have the mat in front of my garage sink, so it gets lots of traffic. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/clearance/adam-s-anti-fatigue-mat.html
  5. TheWolf

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping and FLASH SALE

    Huge discount on this one. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/clearance/adam-s-pump-sprayer-bottle.html
  6. TheWolf

    IK sprayer to much

    Here's a sweet deal on the Colad. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/clearance/adam-s-pump-sprayer-bottle.html
  7. $5 Flat Rate Shipping and 15% off using code FLASH, with some deals on select products. CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  8. TheWolf

    deionized water

    I use the CR Spotless for the entire wash. Yes, it uses more resin than just using for the rinse, but my truck is big and black, and I am kinda slow, so not having to worry about spots is worth the cost to me. Check out this post for more info: That filter does not produce deionized water. It only filters out sediment (not really important unless you are on a well that has sediment in the water), and softens the water (just like a water softener in a house). Softened water won't spot as bad as hard water, but will still leave spots.
  9. TheWolf

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    Ditto. Thanks for the trade!
  10. Only 14 pink hats left: https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1/adam-s-pink-dad-hat.html And 20 white ones: https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1/adam-s-white-dad-hat.html
  11. Last day on this sale! The Mini Buckets are nice, the logo is printed on both sides of the bucket (ie not a sticker). SHOP NEW PRODUCTS
  12. TheWolf

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    I have an extra Detail Girl that will be here tomorrow. I will trade it for the Black Bucket.
  13. Wow! Those stickers went fast! The hats are going quick, too! Only a 8 left in black, and less than 20 left in pink. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1/adam-s-black-dad-hat.html https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1/adam-s-pink-dad-hat.html