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  1. @Black Rogue I should have also said that you want to clean the polishing residue off with Coating Prep or and IPA wipe-down to make sure all the polishing oils are removed. You want the Paint Sealant to be able to bond to clean paint, and the oils from polishing will interfere with this bond and reduce the lifespan of that protection. Check out this post for an example on how much additional blue residue is removed from an IPA wipe-down, even after the polishing residue is removed with a dry towel.
  2. Congrats on the new Rogue! Yes, Finishing Polish with a White Foam Pad should be enough. Just test an area and check the results. If you do need to use Correcting Polish on any areas, I would follow that up with Finishing Polish to get the most shine. While some people will just use Correcting Polish and not follow up with Finishing Polish, it does take some technique to make sure the Correcting Polish is diminished to the point of leaving a finished surface. Just doing a quick polish in an area to remove a few light scratches will not work the Correcting Polish down enough to give it the finishing qualities that are needed for maximum shine.
  3. I will take the Canadian one. My available stickers are in the first post of this thread. I will also trade for more if I have additional ones you want.
  4. Yes, you are in second place! Sorry, I did not see the notification from your @mention because it was on Notification page 3 after all his Likes!
  5. I will dig around for all the stuff tomorrow and let you know what I have.
  6. Its a record! 32 new Likes, all from my new best friend! 🤣
  7. Those are Kwazar 32oz spray bottles. I don't recall where I bought them, and I have since switched to the Tolco sprayers. If you're interested in them, I will make you a good deal. I even have extra spray nozzles that I ordered directly from Kwazar in the UK.
  8. You can apply H2O Guard & Gloss on top of the wax during your wash routine every month or two.
  9. The opaque HDPE bottles are not new, as they were first used a few years ago when Strip Wash was released. As stated above, the clear PETE bottles are not robust enough for the stronger chemicals, as they would eventually leak or break. To address the OCD issue, just group all the HDPE bottles on the same shelf. 😁
  10. Applying a silicone-based tire dressing like Tire Shine over the top of a water-based dressing like VRT is not recommended, since it would result in the Tire Shine being easily washed off. The reason Tire Shine lasts longer than VRT is because the silicone soaks into and sticks to the tire rubber better than a water-based dressing.
  11. I agree with Roger, the Sidekick is a good option to start with. Even though I have the Master Blaster, I still use the Sidekick for touch-ups of smaller areas once the vehicle is pulled into the garage, like wheel lugs or a grill. Its faster and more convenient to just grab the Sidekick instead of unrolling the hose on the Master Blaster.
  12. The vast majority of people who have used both a leaf blower and a dedicated car dryer like the Master Blaster would say there is no comparison, that the Master Blaster is absolutely the better tool for the job. The only check in the "PRO" column for a leaf blower is cost. If you use a leaf blower for other yard tasks, I would guarantee that the inside of the blower is filthy. When using a leaf blower in the yard, you are kicking up lots of dirt and debris, and this gets sucked right into the blower. If in doubt, take the leaf blower nozzle or tube off and run a hose through it into a bucket. The other disadvantage of using a leaf blower is that it is awkward to get into tighter areas, to work the water out of the nooks and crannies. With a hose on the Master Blastern or adding a hose to the Sidekick, you can easily direct the air in any direction. Also, the rubber nozzle on these is much safer to use near your paint compared to the hard (and perhaps dirty) plastic nozzle on a leaf blower.
  13. Yes, it is very nice to have the new version of the Daily Special. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/deal-of-the-day
  14. Last year, the Pumpkin Spice H2O Guard & Gloss and Odor Neutralizer were released the first week of October. I am not sure if HGG will be part of the promotion this year, but I would think ON surely will be.
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