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  1. Hand Sanitizer is half off, stock up now! https://adamspolishes.com/collections/home-care-hand-sanitizer/products/adams-hand-sanitizer?variant=31997206003809
  2. TheWolf

    Bicycle Fab

    Nice work!
  3. Happy Independence Day everyone! Be safe and enjoy yourselves!
  4. The coating is not thick enough to block the seat perforations. I use Leather conditioner on my perforated seats, and it's a thicker product and does not block the holes.
  5. The two internal layers of polypropylene fabric are the filtering material, similar to what your wife is calling interfacing. And for the record, I do not have a baby face.
  6. Ceramic Spray Sealant is not designed to be used on top of Paint Sealant. You can top the Paint Sealant with either Buttery Wax or Americana. Another option for topping Paint Sealant is H2O Guard & Gloss.
  7. My mother has been making masks for family and friends, and I just could not handle the scratchy cotton against my precious face. Solution? A mask custom crafted with love from an Adam's MicroSilk Glass Towel. This mask has a nose piece wire for tight fit, and two layers of polypropylene between the inside and outside fabric to catch all those nasty viruses flying around. And sorry, my mother is not interested in mass-producing these, but if you know someone who can sew, it only takes one towel per mask.
  8. 16 oz Hand Sanitizer is back in stock. Limit is now 12. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/new-just-in/products/adams-hand-sanitizer?variant=31997206003809
  9. I just noticed that it says the sprayer top may vary.
  10. Hand Sanitizer is now available in a 16oz bottle. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/new-just-in/products/adams-hand-sanitizer?variant=31997206003809 I have also seen photos in Instagram with the 4oz having a different pump with a cap that would be better for carrying around in your pocket. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/new-just-in/products/adams-hand-sanitizer?variant=31959431512161
  11. That photo on the bridge is outstanding! I love the driver's face, not many photos have drivers in them, and that one looks ominous.
  12. Sorry for the delayed reply. I was not involved in the development of this product, so I needed to reach out to the staff that was. Following is the response that I received: We can’t claim that Home Surface Cleaner kills the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 coronavirus. Benzalkonium chloride is effective against all sorts of germs that would end up on your countertops or in your home. The Home Surface Cleaner is a stable sanitary cleaner that we’ve had access to for years and it’s just a relevant time for it to be introduced alongside the Hand Sanitizer. Hopefully this helps explain better why we offered this chemical solution. Frequent use of sanitary products are important no matter what time of year or what type of current events.
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