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  1. New interior scrubbing mitt questions

    Yes, just hand wash it as needed during use. The fibers are short, so I don't think you would need to scrub it against the Grit Guard, but you could certainly try it to see how it works.
  2. Polished for the first time

    The oils in the polishes need to be removed prior to applying Paint Sealant. This is not needed for waxes and glazes, since they do not bond to the paint like synthetic sealants do. A synthetic sealant like Paint Sealant gets its long protection life by actually bonding to the paint. In order to get the best bond, the paint needs to be cleaned of all oils or other contaminates. I prefer strip washing after polishing and prior to applying sealant, since it does a better job at removing the oils. Depending on technique and how many clean towels are used, it is possible that a wipe down with Isopropyl Alcohol will not remove all the oils. For example, just using one towel for the wipe down will likely just be spreading the oils around, rather than actually removing them from the surface.
  3. The UV protection is discussed at about 8:08 in this video:
  4. Yes, the In & Out Spray offers UV protection (SPF about 35). Yes, it is kinda like an aerosol version of VRT.
  5. Brushes

    Absolutely. The newer version of the Tire Brush with its shorter, softer bristles works much better than the old stiff blue-bristle brush.
  6. New member from MO

    Welcome Trevor!
  7. Gallons

    Do this: 3/8" vinyl vacuum caps. You can get them at the Auto Parts store, or from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Spectre-Performance-4254-Vacuum-Assortment/dp/B000BPWSCC/ref=pd_sim_263_6?ie=UTF8&refRID=0MEFTYWQJA69T6KMSJK2
  8. Newbie in Georgia

    Welcome Darwin! That black paint looks great!
  9. Jeremy Checking In!

    Welcome Jeremy!
  10. New member in Longmont, CO

    Welcome Don! It looks like you're all set to make that car shine!
  11. New member

    Welcome Andy! Tell us about the cars that you detail.
  12. Yes, you can use Waterless Wash for very light cleaning between regular washes. Just use proper technique to keep your coating looking great.
  13. Plush Towels

    Here's your deal! http://adamspolishes.com/shop/accessories/microfiber-towels/adam-s-ultra-plush-drying-towel-2-pack.html
  14. Extension Cord question

    The Rupes 15 Mk II is rated at 4amps. Per the Manual, you can use a 16AWG 50ft cord, so 14AWG is fine.