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  1. TheWolf

    Ceramic Boost 2.0 and Storewide Sale!

    If you missed getting one of the Mystery Shirts on the last sale, they are still available: https://adamspolishes.com/adam-s-black-t-shirt.html
  2. TheWolf

    Ceramic Boost 2.0 releasing soon.

    Here's the official thread:
  3. The official launch of the NEW CERAMIC BOOST 2.0 is underway, with a storewide sale! Save 15% off and free shipping on orders over $75 with discount code BOOST. CLICK HERE TO SHOP Sale ends August 14. (free shipping to CONUS only)
  4. TheWolf


    Hopefully this does not become an issue. While I would say that a trade does not need to be even to the penny, scalping or the ridiculousness seen on some ebay posts is not in the spirit of what would be expected in this section of the forum.
  5. That foamer is for use with a garden hose, not a pressure washer. You need a Foam Cannon to use with a pressure washer. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/foam/adam-s-foam-cannon-car-washer.html
  6. Best practice is to use distilled water. At less than a buck for a gallon, its not much additional cost to make sure your dilutions work the best, and keep on the shelf without going bad.
  7. Due to recent issues with a few members abusing the privalege of this section of the forum, it is now on probation. It takes too much time from Admin and Mods to police this section concerning issues with people not following the rules by selling chemicals, even via PM, and with trades not being honored. If these issues continue, then the Garage Sale section will be removed.
  8. TheWolf

    Raptor owner checking in

    Welcome to the forum! It looks like you're well on your way to getting that Raptor looking great!
  9. TheWolf

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    Chris was faster! Pick another one if you like.
  10. TheWolf

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    I will trade the new 4th of July for the orange script Adam's.
  11. TheWolf

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    First post updated with these stickers available: This post updated with my current collection:
  12. TheWolf

    20% off Select Items

  13. TheWolf

    20% off Select Items

    Looks like a sale is about to start! Check out this page for the items that are 20% off, plus save 15% of everything else, no code needed. Lots of towels, some chemicals, and a few branded items. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/clearance.html
  14. TheWolf

    This one goes out to the forum

    Very nice!