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  1. TheWolf

    Essential Products For Spring & 15% Off

  2. TheWolf

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    I have these two: I would like these two:
  3. TheWolf

    Search menu stuck

    I don't see that search menu issue on mobile Chrome. It looks like you are in the Desktop Site on your phone? Try switching to the mobile version to see if it goes away. Not sure why this version update has been glitchy. I added the Sales and Promotions subforum last weekend. Previously when the sales were posted in the Member's Only subforum, guests could not see them.
  4. TheWolf


    A forum software update was done today, and you may see a popup for Tapatalk on mobile. The Adam's Forum is now showing up on the Tapatalk app, but it is not loading content. We are still working on it.
  5. TheWolf


    I was told that Flex Fit hats are being planned. They should be available in the next month or two.
  6. TheWolf


    Dude, its called inflation... Leather Conditioner was $24.99 for at least the last 4 years (per my invoice from March 2014). The price did not increase yearly like prices typically do. It was not until a new version was released that the price was increased on the improved version. So at about 2-3% inflation each year, a larger price jump would be expected if the price only changed after many years at the same price. For the Single Soft, I think the $1 increase is well worth it for the current version that has the satin edging, plus the inflation aspect is also true.
  7. TheWolf


    So...it seems like the sprayer was mispriced when it was originally added to the website, then the price was later corrected. These things happen, people sometimes make mistakes. That sprayer is sold at many different retailers and the prices seem to average about $30-33. On Amazon it is $32.95 and no discount, so getting it from Adam's with a 15% discount on $29.99 brings it down to $25.49. There is nothing nefarious about revising the price to what it should sell for when the original price of $19.99 was clearly a mistake.
  8. This sale ends tonight at midnight MST. Use code IRON15 to save 15%. CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  9. TheWolf

    Problems with foaming sprayer

    Check and make sure the nozzle collar is screwed on tight. If it is not completely tight, you could be loosing pressure too fast to maintain the foaming spray,
  10. Adam's Iron & Contamination Removal Kit All the tools you need to remove iron and other contamination from your paint and/or glass. Use the sale discount code IRON15 to get it for $42.49
  11. TheWolf

    How to fix scratched instrument panel plastci

    Hand polishing can help with the minor scratches, but is not too effective at removing major scratches. I would use Finishing Polish rather than Revive, since the abrasives in the Finishing Polish are better suited for removing scratches. You may even need to do a 2-step polish, starting with Correcting Polish. Here's a writeup: Trim Coating should not be used on clear plastic. If you are able to improve the appearance, then just use extra care when cleaning these areas, do not vacuum them with a standard brush attachment.
  12. TheWolf

    ph number

    Acidic products can also strip sealants and waxes, depending on the product and type of protection. I am not sure if the older version of APC referenced in that article was actually acidic, but my guess it was a typo (acidic vs basic). Also, pH is not the only factor in determining whether a product will degrade or strip a wax or sealant. Some products that are solvents will strip without having a pH that is too acidic or too basic. For example, we know Isopropyl Alcohol is effective at striping protection, but the pH can be anywhere from 6-8 depending on the strength and other factors. I just measured the 70% IPA on my shelf and the pH was 7.4.
  13. TheWolf

    ph number

    I just measured the pH at 13.4 with a little digital meter. This is the pH of the product out of the bottle, and the pH of the washing solution will change depending on how much product is mixed into the wash water, and the pH of your tap water. Products that will strip sealants or waxes (APC), or are used to clean towels are bases, which have high pH. (MFR&B pH=13.4). I recall you have access to real lab equipment, but I just measured the pH of Detail Spray at 6.2. And I had just calibrated the HM Digital meter to 7.0 at 25 degrees C. Note sure how/why the pH would be as low as mid-5. I found your old post when you measured the LIC, but could not find any post for the Detail Spray test.
  14. An iron decon with Wheel Cleaner will not affect the metal flake in the paint. The flake is in the paint, under the clear coat. Rail dust would be bonded to the surface of the clear coat, not really embeded into it.
  15. It won't completely negate it, but it will definately help prolong it. Like Beemer said above, the appearance of it will let you know when it is time to start fresh.