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  1. Good point! Grip tape is a good thing when the stool would be wet and soapy.
  2. I can't wait to try this new cordless polisher. Nearly all my power tools are cordless, as I have been replacing all the corded ones. Now it seems awkward to have a cord on a tool. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1/adam-s-cordless-swirl-killer-15mm-polisher.html
  3. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. However, there have been past instances were some members have been overly negative in a majority of their posts, including critcising other members. This type of behavior is not allowed.
  4. I understand the frustration, as many of us are used to 2-day shipping from Amazon, which now has 1-day shipping on many items. Order backlog during most sale events can take a few days to process for standard or free shipping options, and the free shipping option usually means Smartpost, which adds another few days for the USPS to handle the final delivery. I have found that having a gallon refill in the order usually results in standard ground shipping and not Smartpost.
  5. I have similar work platforms, and use them for lots of tasks. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1/adam-s-new-standard-step-stool.html
  6. Yes, and it works great. On Saturday, the truck was covered in pollen, so I did a touchless wash by pressure washing with DI water, and then let it drip dry.
  7. Bummer! That would be frustrating. Hopefully Customer Service will ship the correct model right away, and not make you wait for the returned polisher.
  8. Happy Father's Day!
  9. Yes, you can use Ceramic Paint Coating on matte vinyl, but it will make the appearance slightly darker with the possibility of adding some small level of shine.
  10. FATHER'S DAY SALE!!! Enjoy 20% Off Chemicals & Microfiber Towels. Plus, Take 15% Off Everything Else. No Code Necessary At Checkout - Discount Will Automatically Apply! Note: 20% Off Does Not Apply To Any Kits Or Combos Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Over $85 CLICK HERE TO SHOP Free ground shipping on orders over $85 (after all discounts) in the continental USA only.
  11. I still think its just as likely to have contaminates knocked loose with the Clay Mitt, and then reside on the surface in the DS or RW residue. It may even be more likely, since the mitt is not sticky like clay, and particles would not stick to or get embedded in the mitt like they do in real clay.
  12. I must politely disagree with the above replies. When claying, contaminates get knocked loose and reside in the residue, which is why you should NEVER hand or machine polish right over the residue, or apply wax or sealant right over the residue. Machine polishing over the clay residue is the worst, since any contaminates in the residue get picked up in the pads and worked against the paint by the machine. Also, the clay residue clogs up the pads making them less effective and increasing the time required for polishing. And it does not matter that it has been done and people do it, it just does not make any sense. Even the time savings justification that it "skips a step not removing the residue" does not make sense, since the time lost to clogged-up pads far exceeds the minimal time it takes to remove the residue before polishing. My preferred method of removing claying residue is by washing. I just make the claying step part of the washing process. After wasing and rinsing, when the paint is clean, I move straight to claying instead of drying. After claying, make another rinse to remove the residue, then dry before moving to the polishing step.
  13. This issue with the brush handles is being addressed. For the Barrel Brushes that are currently in stock, the warehouse is gluing the handles on. For the next shipment of brushes, the handles will be plastic welded on by the manufacturer. Everyone at HQ is aware that this was a failure, and are working to correct it. Fortunately, this issue was limited to about the first 50 brushes that were shipped. If you received a brush that has a handle that spins off, please contact Customer Service at orders@adamspolishes.com to get a replacement.
  14. Agreed. The handles should have been glued on by the manufacturer. That being said, gluing the handles myself seemed like the simpler solution, rather than contacting Customer Service and getting a replacement, only for it to have the same problem. I will contact HQ to see if this issue has, or will be, addressed.
  15. The handles spinning off is certainly annoying. I tried gluing the handles on with Shoe Goo, but it did not work. I just cleaned out all the Shoe Goo and glued the handles on with a two-part plastics epoxy. Hopefully the epoxy works. I do like the bendable head for getting behind wheel spokes, but with the spinning handle it was about worthless.
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