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  1. Adding "AdamsForums.com" to stickers is a good idea. The labels have had it listed for many years. Old bottle of PFP. New bottle of Ultra Foam.
  2. That is going to be very nice! One suggestion. If you are going to install siding on the left wall, then I would enclose both ends with a large garage door on the front. This would not cost too much more because you would then not have to install lap siding on the dividing wall. The dividing wall is likely needed for supporting the roof, but you could just use OSB sheathing on it without the lap siding.
  3. Welcome Troy! What family of products are you currently using; waxes, sealants, coatings?
  4. Great ideas Ray! I agree, more people need to know about this forum. I will add @Dan@Adams to this thread, as I know increasing promotion of this forum is on his list for 2020.
  5. @HeavenOnWheels My theory is that your DI filters are leaking resin material, and when the resin gets into the pressure washer pump, it is ruining the pump seals. The ground up resin would also have the same color as rust, which is what you may be seeing. I have had my low-flow electric pressure washer running nothing but DI water for 5 years, with no problems and no rust. A gas pressure washer does need more water than could come through the DI filters, so it may have damaged the screen or mesh that keeps the resin in place. Test this theory by running water through the filters and into a bucket with just a short hose (no pressure washer), and at maximum flow, then check to see if there is resin in the bucket.
  6. I use vinegar to break down the soap residue. Remove the head from the bottle and take off the pickup tube, then soak the whole head in 50% vinegar water in a small container overnight. The next day, dump the vinegar water into the foam cannon bottle, and run it through the cannon. Just make sure to spray it out into the street, not on your lawn!
  7. Adam's Polishes New Year 2020 Sale is here! Save 20% off all chemicals and microfiber, and 15% off everything else. No code needed. CLICK HERE TO SHOP Plus, check out these Year End specials!
  8. TheWolf

    Merry X-Mas

    Merry Christmas!
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