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  1. Since there is no protection on the undercarriage, there is no issue with using the Strip Wash as a cleaner. Just be careful not to get in on the exterior of the vehicle, since it will strip off your wax or sealant. If you want to add protection to the undercarriage, then an undercoating product (ie Amsoil HDMP or Fluid Film) would be used. In & Out Spray is not going to do much for protecting the underside.
  2. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    Here is a long thread on the f150forum: https://www.f150forum.com/f38/exploding-rear-window-145329/index79/
  3. Undercarriage Wash

    A pressure washer with an underbody lance (or similar attachment) works the best for blasting off the winter crud and deicers.
  4. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    Bummer dude! Ford should cover that under warranty, as it is a known issue on the F-150. I had read about it on a forum, and have never turned my rear defroster on for fear of this happening.
  5. Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. Hi

    Welcome to the best place to learn about detailing. Browse around the forum a bit, then ask any questions you might have.
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    Welcome to the forum!
  8. Newbie starting...

    Yep, get the Swirl Killer instead of the Porter-Cable. http://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/polishing/adam-s-swirl-killer-15mm-lt-polisher.html
  9. Nope, its a new one. Adam's Liquid Silver Snow Camo Hoodie can be pre-ordered on the site right now: http://adamspolishes.com/adam-s-liquid-silver-snow-camo-hoodie.html
  10. Tapatalk

    Yes, Chris is checking on it.
  11. Adam's HQ Relocation

    Renovations at the new location are underway. The current schedule is to have the move completed by the middle of next month.
  12. New member from Holland

    Welcome to the forum! If you have leather seats in your Mini, get some Leather Conditioner to keep them protected and smelling great.
  13. Going All Adams

    Yes, the Paint Sealant is much easier to apply. Ceramic Paint Coating is much more involved in the prep and application, and if the application does not turn out right, then it has to be machine polished off. The protection provide by the Paint Sealant will not be any different if applied by hand or machine. The advantage of machine application is that you get a really thin coat, which makes it really easy to wipe off the residue, and also uses less product.
  14. Anyone on here from Kentucky?

    Not me...
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