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  1. TheWolf


    Welcome to the forum!
  2. TheWolf

    What’s a gingerbread house without Adams

    Awesome! The shop even has enough lighting for detailing!
  3. TheWolf

    Adams website

    I just got this warning using IE11 on a Windows 7 PC running Norton Security Premium. This warning does not show up for me using Chrome on the PC, or using Chrome on my Android phone running Norton Mobile. When you mentioned this last week, I checked with my work PC running a different anti-virus program, and did not get a warning using IE. I sent this issue to HQ to have someone look into it.
  4. TheWolf


    Welcome Rick! Very nice Camaro, black is my favorite kind of shiny!
  5. TheWolf

    Adams website

    Which website? This forum or the web store?
  6. TheWolf

    PRO TIP: Dilution Ratios

    I dilute to about 50% alcohol. IPA is available in different solutions, so if you have a 70% solution from the store, add about 25% water to 75% IPA to get an approximately 50% alcohol solution. If you have a 90% solution off the shelf, then go about 50/50 on your dilution.
  7. TheWolf

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    New stickers to trade: The red and white drips are still available to purchase, black are sold out. White die cuts are still available for purchase. Check out the first post for the all the stickers available to trade.
  8. TheWolf

    Delete please

    Dibs on the 100K if not already spoken for. I will check tomorrow to see what I can tempt you with for a trade.
  9. TheWolf

    Cyber Monday Sale!

    Only a few hours left to get Mysterious! CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  10. TheWolf

    Cyber Monday Sale!

    Tick tock...CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  11. TheWolf

    Cyber Monday Sale!

    Mystery Boxes are still available! https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1.html
  12. During busy sales like this one, the email confirmations and shipment notification emails often get delayed. Just check your Profile on the website to confirm the order and status.
  13. TheWolf

    Cyber Monday Sale!

    Cyber MYSTERY Monday!! $29.99 Random Mystery Box $99.99 Mystery Trunk Organizer (Limited) Red 15mm Swirl Killer Mystery Box (Limited) $199.99
  14. TheWolf

    Black Friday Sale!

    Sale ends tonight! CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  15. TheWolf

    Tire Armor

    Looks great!