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  1. TheWolf

    password resest

    And make sure you are signing in with your forum user name, not your email address.
  2. TheWolf

    password resest

    I just changed it to the one you sent me.
  3. TheWolf

    password resest

    I reset it, and will PM you the temp password.
  4. TheWolf

    Get. More. SPICE!

    Its time to get even more SPICY!!! Enjoy two great products with the scent of the season! H2O Guard & Gloss and Odor Neutralizer with a Pumpkin Spice scent. Also, check out the new T-Shirts in a selection of different colors. Use discount code SPICE to save 15% Free Shipping on orders over $100 (after discounts, CONUS only) CLICK HERE TO SHOP NEW PRODUCTS
  5. TheWolf

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    Yes, I would say the Black A.
  6. TheWolf

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    Would you like to trade the White Mystery, Black Mystery, and Camo for these three USA stickers?
  7. TheWolf

    Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

    Only 25 candles left! https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1/adam-s-8oz-mason-jar-pumpkin-scented-candle.html
  8. Its that time of year again! Pumpkin Spice makes its glorious return in some of your favorite products! A new twist on Detail Spray, Interior Detailer, a few Air Fresheners, and a Pumpkin Spice Candle! Also check out the new stickers, a nice hoodie just in time for fall, some Orange Plush Towels, and the return of Adam's Coffee! Use discount code PUMPKIN18 for 15% off with Free Shipping on orders over $100.* CLICK HERE TO GET SPICY! *Free shipping on orders over $100 after discount, to Continental USA only Sale ends September 19th at midnight MST
  9. TheWolf

    Gift cards

    You can call in an order to get an Gift Card for a different amount, but it would be an emailed version, not a physical card.
  10. TheWolf

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Too soon to tell.
  11. TheWolf

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Tested a few potential new products on the Raptor today. Sorry, no pics since it would provide too much information...
  12. TheWolf


    Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is having a safe and fun holiday weekend! CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE SALE
  13. TheWolf

    Foam cannon problem

    The bottle should not be completely empty after one pass. I can wash my truck, doing multiple passes, and only use a half bottle or so. Did it use the whole bottle that fast before you switched orifices?
  14. TheWolf


    I think what we ended up with were the "Dad Hats". I will ask again about getting a true flex-fit hat, rather than the adjustable ones.
  15. TheWolf


    Labor Day Sale 2018!! Save 15% off, $7 Flat Rate Shipping, Free Shipping on orders over $100 CLICK HERE TO SHOP $7 Flat Rate Shipping or Free shipping on orders over $100 (after all discounts) in the continental USA only. Sale ends Sept. 4, 2018 at midnight MDT.