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  1. Unfortunately, lots of old threads had photos hosted on Photobucket, and when they started charging people for an account, many photos were lost. Website links have also changed over the years, and since Adam's no longer sells masking tape, the link cannot be updated. Other than that, the info is still good!
  2. Our friend Chris Fell has been a big contributor to the forum for years, generously donating his time and expertise to help other forum members get the most out of detailing. Please join me in thanking Chris for all his effort, and congratulating him on becoming a Moderator!
  3. The Ceramic Coating that was applied before the surface was cleaned with Prep will not last very long at all. The coating needs to bond to the clear coat in order to last years, and the oils left from the polishing products will interfere with this bond. I would polish those areas again, then clean the surface with Prep, then apply the coating. You can still use Detail Spray as a drying aid after washing, but still apply the Ceramic Boost monthly to maintain the coating. For your question about wax, are you applying this to the vehicle that has the coating? If so, you would only want to use one of the ceramic waxes, not a regular carnauba wax like Americana or Patriot, as they will interfere with the hydrophobic properties of the coating. For apply wax to non-coated paint, the prep is basically just a thorough wash. If the paint feels rough, then clay it first, then apply the wax.
  4. Unfortunately, the acronym expansion that was supported by the previous forum software is not a feature of the current software. Instead of auto-expanding the abbreviation, this software underlines it, and the product name shows up when you mouse over it, which is not much help on mobile.
  5. Corkcicle Canteens are now available in red, black and white. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/new-just-in/products/adams-x-corkcicle-canteen-bottle
  6. Hi Rick- That's a good collection you have started! As stated in the first post of this thread, the intent is for trading, not selling. My advice is to buy extras of stickers when they are released, then use them to trade for ones you are missing. Thanks Dan
  7. Great feedback in these last few posts. I just sent them along to HQ to make sure that they have seen the latest input.
  8. You can buy the pads from Adam's: https://adamspolishes.com/collections/exterior-polishing-pads For buying the polisher, you would need to Google it, since members on this Adam's Polishes forum would not be the ones to promote another detailing products retailer.
  9. Last call for 20% off! CLICK HERE TO SAVE
  10. Last night I sent this thread to HQ for review, and then had a reply email and also a phone conversation about it and other developments this morning. Your feedback is appreciated, and the issues presented in this thread are being heard and discussed by the decision makers in this company. I expect that we will see some changes that will address many of these concerns, along with concerns and other issues from previous feedback threads. A quote from the email from HQ: "Feedback keeps us strong and is healthy." So if you have constructive feedback, then the company wants to hear it. If you are not comfortable posting it on the forum, then send me a PM and I will compile the comments and send them in for review and discussion.
  11. Adam's Lite Arsenal Builder 9 Piece Kit - Wash & Wax Car Shampoo Soap, Detail Spray, VRT, All Purpose Cleaner, Microfiber Towels, Tire Foam Block - Cleaning Supplies for Car, Boat, RV & Motorcycle https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07SRHQL9N/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_0FHlDbRHP4BB2 You have to be logged in to your Prime account to see this price.
  12. Adam's 17 Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit w/Foam Gun, Car Shampoo Soap, Microfiber Towels, Tire Applicator Sponge, Tire Shine, Glass Cleaner, Bucket - Cleaning Supplies for Car, Boat, RV & Motorcycle https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07NBWTSCJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_LDHlDbA1WEPHM You have to be logged in to your Prime account to see this price.
  13. @RayS Got it. I did just try logging into my acct from a PC browser and the Trunk was not saved, like it used to be. This needs to be fixed, along with adding a Wishlist feature.
  14. @RayS i have not seen this issue myself. In fact, my Trunk stays saved on my mobile browser whether I am logged in or not. I had 10 items in my Trunk from last week, and was not logged in. Closed the browser window and then reopened the web store and they were still there. Logged in, still saved, logged out, still there, then logged back in again, and the Trunk was still saved. I have not tested it from a PC browser though. However, I will still add my vote for the Wishlist feature.
  15. Adam has also posted the "vote with your dollar" advice on this forum, but it was specifically in regards to the expansion into some of the branded merchandise, like shirts, hats, socks, etc. His comment meant that if these other products do not interest you, then vote with your dollar and not buy them. This comment was not meant to be applied to the company as a whole, only specific products. Again, all these other products, including the swag products and the expansion into different equipment lines, have not in any way come at the cost of the constant development and refinement of the core chemical products. Other than the "Made in USA" issue on some of the equipment, I just don't understand why offering any of these other products means that the company is no longer meeting its goal of providing the best quality detailing products, with unmatched support in this industry, to make it easier for customers to get the results they want, and to ENJOY the process! Another general discussion topic not specifically directed to @ramflava: The entire "re-branded" argument, when it comes to equipment, does not make any sense. Adam's Polishes, just like the vast majority of detailing product companies, do not manufacture equipment. Equipment is manufactured by...EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS. These manufacturers design and build equipment, either as a standard item, or in many cases, to the specifications of the buyer or client. For example, Adam's tells the manufacturing company what they want for specifications in a particular product, and then prototypes are built and tested, and then the final product is tested, then released. In other cases, the main component of the product is already part of that manufactures product line, so Adam's might just make a few minor changes. And since I know it will be brought up, there is also one major and well known EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER that also sells some detailing chemicals. Simply put, Adam's Polishes manufactures detailing chemicals, and uses equipment manufacturers to build the equipment. Just like they have textile manufacturers make the towels to their specifications, the brush manufacturers make the brushes, etc. Yes, some products are off-the-shelf (buckets, some brushes, spray bottles), and some have only maybe color or other cosmetic changes, but they do not manufacture any of it, so why would people expect them to be manufacturing something as complicated as a piece of power equipment. Contrary to what the uninformed masses (that spend too much time trolling FB and IG) might think, just because a specific piece of equipment might appear similar to another, it does not mean that company made it, and Adam's just slapped a sticker on it. What is more accurate is that the same equipment manufacturer made variations of the different products, so some appearances are the same. A good example is when the pressure washer was released. People on IG and this forum were so quick to proclaim that it is just a re-branded Sun Joe, and some said Arksen, and yet more said Realm, and so on. And none of those were the correct manufacturer. Kyle stated that Apex makes the Adam's version. So that likely means that Apex also makes some or all of those other "re-branded" pressure washers that look similar.
  16. Please also realize that Amazon gets to take a cut of each sale, so it is not really in the company's best interest to undercut its own website pricing.
  17. Perhaps I am not reading your comments correctly, but it does seem that the two comments above are contradictory. You state that the product lineup is saturated, yet are asking for additional products? Yes, there was a time more than a few years ago where the product line-up was much simpler, which made it easier for beginners to figure out what products to use, but the majority of customers were repeatedly asking for additional products, so that was the direction the company took. It does take some investigation into the various products now offered, but for the most part, each has its place and function, without much overlap.
  18. Dozens of products are Prime Day Deals, too many to list. Just search Prime Day for Adam's Polishes.
  19. I disagree that the company is pretending to be what it used to be. The change to include a wider variety of products that are not made in the USA was clearly announced and explained in the video posted above, and the country of origin for each product is listed on the website. In addition, the expansion into additional branded products was based on customer requests. People wanted more of it, and these products do sell, proving the demand is there. The main point is that selling shirts or other branded equipment has not changed the quality or continuous improvements of the main chemical line. The past few years have seen a huge evolution in the expansion of types of chemical products offered, which in my opinion, far exceeds the rate at which new and improved products were released during the time period before the staff changes you mentioned. And no, this thread will not get deleted or blocked as long as the forum rules are followed. As a few forum members posted in another thread, too much of the other feedback on other media channels (FB and IG) is just a drone of company bashing, which is not constructive at all. Constructive feedback is appreciated, but the main purpose of this forum is education, so customers can learn and contribute with advice, and not be exposed to all the negativity that is so prevelent on the internet. I do think your feedback is constructive, but any posts or threads that are disrespectful to other members or are simply bashing or overly negative will be deleted, simply because most people do not like that kind of negativity, as it detracts from the educational focus of this forum. As the moderators, we have to be careful to strike a balance, but I can tell you from my own experiences on other forums and social media, there is really nothing worse than an unmoderated environment that ends up being overly negative, as it drives away the types of members who simply want to learn and contribute to the knowledge by helping other members.
  20. Thread moved to "Product Polls, Feedback, and Company Input". Feedback is appreciated, but everyone keep in mind the forum rules to be respectful in any responses. @ramflava my only suggestion is to consider editing the thread title to something a little less derogatory. While the company has changed over the last few years, I would not agree that they are "pretending" to be anything different than what they currently are.
  21. Don't wait to order, you will miss the big discount! Just place an order and enter all your info, rather than logging in. Just in case anyone else has been searching around for the discount code field, it is a bit hard to find when on mobile. After clicking on the checkout button on mobile, the discount code field is hidden until you click on "Show order summary." To use a discount code with Paypal, I had to click on Checkout, and then enter the code per above, and then choose Paypal on the Payment screen.
  22. @TR6speed You can only have one email address on your account. The email address cannot be changed by the member, so you would have to send me a PM with the new email address and I will change it.
  23. Lunch Box! https://adamspolishes.com/collections/adams-accessories/products/adams-cooler
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