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  1. That should work fine. Not sure about the 'foam cannon' that comes with it, but you can always upgrade later. Use the 40 degree tip for car washing.
  2. TheWolf

    Ran into a quick issue.

    You can use diluted LIC for interior cleaning. I prefer it over APC since it has no dyes.
  3. TheWolf

    Should I RMA

    I would use the wax today, and then ask if they can just send you a new lid, rather than a new wax. When you are done waxing, use some Saran Wrap or similar on the container before putting on the cracked lid.
  4. TheWolf

    Shiny and New

    Welcome to the forum JD! We love seeing shiny Raptors! I see you are using the same screen name as you have on the Ford Raptor Forum.
  5. I"m not huge, its a small apron.
  6. Here is a pic of the apron from 2014. It is not microfiber material though, it is 65% polyester / 35% cotton, more like a canvas work apron.
  7. Only 11 left! https://adamspolishes.com/adam-s-valentines-detail-spray-16oz.html
  8. Price on the Spray Wax 16oz & Towel Combo was changed to $34.99.
  9. Forum member @steffie905 is looking for a 32oz bottle of Adam's Car Shampoo - can be filled or empty. If you have one to trade, please send Stefan a PM. (PS - I made this thread since he does not have enough posts to make his own in this sub-forum)
  10. Hmmm...no mints...better check the trash for any wrappers. 🤣
  11. TheWolf

    Seeking Adams Car Shampoo 32oz

    Just trying to help someone out. The 50 post rule is meant to keep spammers out of the Garage Sale forum, and to keep people from joining the forum just to sell something. This person has been a member since last May, and is just looking for a bottle, not trying to sell anything.
  12. And a bunch of other Specials on this page: https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-2.html Drip Hoodies marked down to $40, plus a lot of other mark-downs.
  13. This is something different, only $5 for a Mystery Chemical. Currently shows Out of Stock, so may be available soon.
  14. I would call it, as I have in the posts above, a pricing mistake. It was most likely a result of the previous Limited Edition Black Friday Detail Spray that was priced at $14.99, instead of the current V-Day Detail Spray that is priced lower at $12.99, hence the $2 difference. The product page for that combo was probably updated for this current sale, and the price difference was overlooked.
  15. I sent another email to HQ to look into the pricing on the other product/towel combos.
  16. TheWolf

    Help with Marks on Trim

    That sounds like a good plan. VRT does well at hiding minor imperfections in plastic trim. Take some before and after pics and let us know how it works on your trim.
  17. Not really the only point he made, since he was claiming that it was a "scam". In the future, if the OP or anyone else notices an error in a combo price, call or email Customer Service so they can fix it. This would be much more productive then posting a complaint on this forum and accusing Adam's of running scam.
  18. The combo price should always be less than buying the items separately. If it is not, let Customer Service know, so they can fix the error. Nobody is sitting back at HQ trying to figure out how to scam customers with pricing trickery. The Gray Double Soft towels were a discounted special, which is why they are priced less than the standard White Double Soft, which is the towel that comes in the Spray Wax Combo. Yes, it would have been cheaper to buy the Gray Double Softs along with a bottle of Spray Wax, but that is not how the combo is priced.
  19. I understand how combo prices are supposed to work. Whatever the "before" price is might be, the net difference to the purchaser is less then one cent, after the discount code. Pricing mistakes happen from time to time, both ways. You might recall in the Black Friday Sale, there was a Red Foam Gun Kit that was priced way below the correct price, and then the price was corrected.
  20. Of course it's an honest mistake! What kind of scam would it be to get an extra $0.01 from each combo? Even it they sold a thousand of the combos, the net profit of this "scam" would be $10. Really? Limited Edition runs in the past of 2000 bottles typically take about 3-4 days to sell out, with the majority of the bottles selling in the first few days. Past limited edition runs of 400-500 bottles have sold out in less than a day. More limited runs of 100 or 250 bottles (Like the 100K and 250K), sell out in a few hours. I know this, because I missed out of a few of them.
  21. ^Agreed. The worst spots are on the glass, which shows that the Ceramic Coating was somewhat effective in preventing the water spots from being as severe on the paint. I would guess that something is wrong with the water filtration system. Assuming it is not deionized water, since this would not be used for a whole-house filtration system, then something else is getting past the filter system. If the filter sustem is just a water softener, then the deposits would be sodium or potassium, but water spots from these minerals should be much easier to remove compared to the calcium and magnesium in hard water spots. If the water filter is using another resin for treatment other than hard water, such as nitrites or arsenic, then that resin may be the issue. Some resins have to be replaced, unlike the resins in water softeners that are recharge with salt. The OP should have the water tested by the company that installed the system to see what is going on with the filter system.
  22. Only 500 bottles of Valentine's Detail Spray left!
  23. Have some extra stickers? Want to trade for other stickers? Post what you have, and if you are looking for a specific sticker, what you want. No selling, just trading. Once your trading is done, make sure to edit your original post so that people don't keep trying to trade for something you no longer have available. UPDATED 01/29/19 I HAVE: Check out this post for the full collection so far: http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/28497-the-sticker-trading-thread/?p=458120
  24. TheWolf

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    I have a couple extra on the way, should be here in a few days. I will let you know when it arrives.