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  1. Sac

    New Member from Louisiana

    Welcome! I'm also from Louisiana.
  2. Sac

    Paint sealant

    We are fighting the same thing with a friends wife's car, the paint just seems to not take any protection. That being said I'm convinced it is the paint because the same products on our trucks work/last how they are suppose to. We still haven't figured out what is going on with it, it's a trial & error kinda thing now.
  3. I've washed a few old truck & can tell you water does seem to find its way in all the nooks & can be a pain to get totally dry if that's your concern. That being said, i would suggest an investment in some good air drying tools. Also, look into the Rinseless Wash method. I use it pretty often when it doesn't need a full wash but little too dirty for a Waterless spray.
  4. I apply it by hand after a good window cleaning with a red foam pad and its the very last thing I do. Its great for outside and inside of the windows.
  5. Another big fan of Brilliant Glaze!! I put it on everything except trim.. My favorite use for it is a glass cleaner!
  6. Sac

    polishing top of car or truck

    There is really no way to do it without leaning on the car/truck. This is why I always do the roof first & I find it the most aggravating so I like to get this part over with. 2-3 step ladders are great, also a nice fold-able platform can come in handy.
  7. Gotcha, will keep that in mind on the next attack plan as he has some blue polish. Its strange for sure, keep us scratching our heads.
  8. Hoping you was going to reply! lol Yes, big mystery for sure.. Never seen anything like it! The car is a daily and no garage so it sits outside all the time. It does not see any auto car washes, it gets washed properly. No different than our trucks and they don't react this way. We live in South Louisiana in a rural area. A dealer installed paint protection is what I keep saying, something is not playing well together. But I figured any dealer applied protection would be removed with the 1 step correction. We have a game plan of completely decontaminating it; Iron remover, clay, 1 step polish, alcohol wipe down & then reapply whichever product he wants and see where it goes from there. May have to branch out to the coating world..
  9. Anyone ran into a car that won't take any protection? Friend of mine, his wife's SS sedan doesn't take any protection. It has seen both sealant(Paint Sealant, G&G and CG Jet Seal) and waxes(Buttery & Colinite 845) and nothing seems to last. Car is properly decontaminated/striped each time, even one-stepped it with orange polish/pad before applying. It has to be the car, both our trucks stay beading like crazy. Any explanations on what's going on or tips to try?
  10. My PC is still the workhorse for my needs. I have it setup to run 5.5", 4" and now 2". Yes it takes a little more time to change backing plates but there is still nothing wrong with it. Although I do plan on buying the SK15 or SK21 to be the main workhorse.
  11. Sac

    Polishing an older Jeep

    Some Jeeps did come in single stage, but I'm pretty sure an 03 will be base/clear. A good way to check is look for the data tag and then letters "BC" followed by numbers, that will be your paint code. Most of the time they are in the glove box or maybe the door jam, I can't remember on TJ's.
  12. Sac

    Subaru BRZ Baby's First Wash

    I had a BRZ, awesome cars! Yours looks awesome in yellow.
  13. Sac

    Love for Adams

    I just haven't made another order yet. Trying to hold off till I get fully moved in my new garage before restocking supplies.
  14. Sac

    Love for Adams

    Heck ya, looks good! My local dealer had a deal I could pass up. Single cab 2wd, just about loaded as you can get single cab with the 5.3L. Truck is awesome!