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  1. Like I said I made a promised to my female I would't put anything on my credit card detail related. Using my Debit's fine with her cos she knows I can't afford nothing with almost no money in the bank lol. Sizzle was going to be my gateway to Adam's UV line and some gallons I really don't need but sure want. The no interest thing's good because I think my CC's like 20% or some stupid high amount, even 6 weeks the interest add's up. Last Sizzle update here, I tried an $18 order (that's with shipping) just for S&G and it declined me again. *SIIIGH* Looks like I gotta go back to figuring out how to "save money" and having to wait to buy stuff boooooo! Sizzle's more strict than a lot of credit card companies lol.
  2. Going to mention this again, the multi-pack of the air fresheners is great. But y'all should sell multi-packs where you get to pick. Getting random ones is fun, but for my business I'd like to order exactly what my customers want. Do it like the towels. 1, 2, 4, 6 & maybe 12 packs. When I see something 1 for $10 6 for 40 and a dozen for like $70, I'm probably going to order the dozen even if I don't need that much. I can resist deals.
  3. I PROMISED a certain female I wouldn't touch my credit card, apparently I have a problem with buying detailing supplies. I think of it more like I'm a collector. Since she knows my bank account's typically low in funds. She knew restricting my detailing purchases to cash or debit would prevent me from really adding anything to my collection. For a brief moment I thought Sizzle was going to be my loop hole *siiigh* Also Sizzle's no interest, I suppose on a $25 order it wouldn't matter. But on $100 the way I pay my bill (typical 'Merican lol) it would end up costing me probably like $150. I guess I gotta get a better job or win the lotto.
  4. I like the idea, especially right after the holidays as my money's low, but I still want some more detailing stuff Tried a $100 order, hay I get 6 weeks to pay it so that's no problem. Well, except for DENIED! They told me to try with less stuff, or try again in a few days who knows maybe it'll magically work? Not to be deterred, I waited a few days and tried with $75 in my cart. 2nd try... DENIED! My pride was a lil' hurt lol, I waited a few more days and tried $50, hummm, DENIED? lol. Now my credit's not great, but I have a Captial One credit card which they just raised my limit because I've been good with payments for a year. And I have 2 other charge cards. Both of which I pay over the payment amount every month and have never been late. And a few years ago I paid off a car loan with no late payments. And I have a bank account that's always been in good standings. Now I just need to try and save face so I'm almost ready to order something like 1 bottle of spray wax with it just so I'm not left with the bad taste of my last attempt being getting denied. But part of me is scared of getting denied for $20 lol. My credit score's probably closer to the poor end (when I was younger, ugh just yeah lol) But this is the 1st thing I've been denied for in a long time. If I get denied for $20, I'm done with detailing for awhile. It'll be time to find a cheaper hobby apparently. Anyone here use it? I understand people with not great credit are a risk, but I can get approved for credit cards and such, I'd think ordering a few items off here would be a breeze *siiigh* Now it looks like I gotta wait until I get paid so I can order what I wanted to order. #1stworldproblems!
  5. Nice nice, I could use some of of this, I don't know whether to order this or the Ceramic Trim Coating though. It sounds like maybe this is better for heavily faded trim?
  6. So if nobody showed up does that mean you won the raffle?
  7. I don't do Instagram (I think that's where it was from) so I didn't know this was a thing, someone on another forum sent me a message telling me about. The post sent me said 20% off, is this just for tomorrow or is that at every get together? I'm broke so going tomorrow would suck. But next month! I live like 25 minutes from the Anaheim store. Going there + getting 20% off + going down the street to get Leadbellys BBQ would be a hellova Saturday.
  8. Dude, if you put that on Ebay I bet you could get like 5 bills for it lol.
  9. seems like a pretty big thing to let pass into production, and the placement of the button only makes it worse IMHO. When this came out I wanted one of these, but the lack of a trigger and you mentioning the speed always on max when you start thing. I'll wait for a possible version 2 which will hopefully address your point, and maybe add a trigger. Never used a polisher without a trigger, I just don't think it would ever feel right to me.
  10. You can buy extra batteries, just not directly from Adams. I Googled and found them. They're $50 each which is pretty good. IMHO Adam's should sell batteries, just makes sense to me. #1 kind of really sucks, with no trigger that means every time you turn it on it's full blast, does it at least have a gradual start like most other polishers? And #2 made me laugh, I like this machine I don't like that it doesn't have a trigger. Only an on/off switch just seems wrong to me, and your example would be something I'd inevitably do multiple times, probably a few dozen before I would remember lol.
  11. A person new to machine polishing should absolutely understand there are steps. Adam's sells a 1 step polish. You could use the compound without the polish after wards, but it's meant to be a 2 part system. An experienced detailer could probably get a pretty nice finish with just the compound using the right pad and proper technique. A 1st timer wouldn't be able to do the same. I detail professionally and anyone who asks about paint correction I explain the difference between a 1,2 & 3 step. I'll never recommend a 1 step with just a compound over a AIO or one step polish. And any noob who just uses the Compound, yeah they might even be really happy with the results. But they'll really be missing out on what the finish could look like if they had did a 2 step. Learning proper technique is vital, so understanding the 3 potential steps is going to be where everyone should start. I have the exact opposite opinion on what I bolded, what we don't need is a person who's never polished just buying the compound and a few blue pads and thinking they're good to go. What you said is exactly the 1st thing anyone should learn about machine polishing. You need to understand the different liquids, different pads and different steps. I have 6 different types of pads Foam - coarse, medium, soft finishing wool MF-hybrid, and a MF-hybrid finishing pad. And I have a boat load of different compounds and polishes. While I wouldn't overwhelm some one looking to get into paint correction with everything I have. Definitely at least the 2 main steps and the difference between a cutting and a finishing pad.
  12. I don't follow the limited edition Adam's releases, so maybe this isn't the norm. But, I saw 2 unused bottles on Ebay that sold for like $150. I'm going to assume not every release would sale like that. But a $10-15 bottle selling for $150, wow lol. And maybe I'm wrong, maybe all the limited editions would sell for 10x the price on Ebay hummmmmm!
  13. I like mine a lot too, the 2.0 came out recently and they improved it in every aspect.
  14. any update OP? I'm pondering between the cordless polisher and the SK Pro. I know they're totally different beasts, but I like the idea of no cord. Don't like this thread's the only thing I can find as far as feedback on it though.
  15. I want to order the new SK Pro, some pads and a bottle of Eco APC. If anyone here cleans their pads with Eco APC I'm curious about a good dilution ration.
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