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  1. You can buy extra batteries, just not directly from Adams. I Googled and found them. They're $50 each which is pretty good. IMHO Adam's should sell batteries, just makes sense to me. #1 kind of really sucks, with no trigger that means every time you turn it on it's full blast, does it at least have a gradual start like most other polishers? And #2 made me laugh, I like this machine I don't like that it doesn't have a trigger. Only an on/off switch just seems wrong to me, and your example would be something I'd inevitably do multiple times, probably a few dozen before I would remember lol.
  2. A person new to machine polishing should absolutely understand there are steps. Adam's sells a 1 step polish. You could use the compound without the polish after wards, but it's meant to be a 2 part system. An experienced detailer could probably get a pretty nice finish with just the compound using the right pad and proper technique. A 1st timer wouldn't be able to do the same. I detail professionally and anyone who asks about paint correction I explain the difference between a 1,2 & 3 step. I'll never recommend a 1 step with just a compound over a AIO or one step polish. And any noob who just uses the Compound, yeah they might even be really happy with the results. But they'll really be missing out on what the finish could look like if they had did a 2 step. Learning proper technique is vital, so understanding the 3 potential steps is going to be where everyone should start. I have the exact opposite opinion on what I bolded, what we don't need is a person who's never polished just buying the compound and a few blue pads and thinking they're good to go. What you said is exactly the 1st thing anyone should learn about machine polishing. You need to understand the different liquids, different pads and different steps. I have 6 different types of pads Foam - coarse, medium, soft finishing wool MF-hybrid, and a MF-hybrid finishing pad. And I have a boat load of different compounds and polishes. While I wouldn't overwhelm some one looking to get into paint correction with everything I have. Definitely at least the 2 main steps and the difference between a cutting and a finishing pad.
  3. I don't follow the limited edition Adam's releases, so maybe this isn't the norm. But, I saw 2 unused bottles on Ebay that sold for like $150. I'm going to assume not every release would sale like that. But a $10-15 bottle selling for $150, wow lol. And maybe I'm wrong, maybe all the limited editions would sell for 10x the price on Ebay hummmmmm!
  4. I like mine a lot too, the 2.0 came out recently and they improved it in every aspect.
  5. any update OP? I'm pondering between the cordless polisher and the SK Pro. I know they're totally different beasts, but I like the idea of no cord. Don't like this thread's the only thing I can find as far as feedback on it though.
  6. I want to order the new SK Pro, some pads and a bottle of Eco APC. If anyone here cleans their pads with Eco APC I'm curious about a good dilution ration.
  7. Yeah, I won't be using their prep in it's current size. I'm an eco conscious detailer and with 4 or 8oz bottles, I'd be littering the earth with empties. I understands Adam's doesn't target pros, but they do offer things like Interior Detailer in a 5 gallon jug. Which would last even an extreme enthusiasts a decade lol.
  8. I know Adam's market is the enthusiasts, but I detail for a living and use a decent number of Adam's products. Your new UV Coating looks to be pretty fantastic. One thing IMHO that's missing for people like me though. Something like a tri-fold brochure that breaks down the product and what it does. The 2 other coatings I mostly used were prosumer and both companies sold 10 packs of pamphlets. They were great to give to potential customers, they looked professional and explained the product. Even making a PDF that we could print would be awesome. Being an enthusiasts based company there are a lot of Adams products that fit in perfectly with a pro detailer. Especially with the gallon and 5 gallon sizes of things. I would typically buy like a dozen 10 packs of brochures and leave them at stores in my area with my contact info on an attached label. This is probably a long shot, but I thought I might as well ask. If there's no interest, would there be any issue with me using some of the pictures off the UV coating section of the web site and making my own?
  9. I think for the price it's probably decent, I think some people here just expect too much lol. It's not going to suck like my Vac-N-Blo, but I would never expect it to. It probably won't even suck as well as the one I bought at Home Depot, but that was twice the price, so again I wouldn't expect it to. No wheels does suck, someone said it hangs off by about an inch around. Stupid idea probably, but since it's not that much bigger why couldn't you just Gorilla Glue a bucket caddy to it? I realize this would be a rig job, but it might work. *shrug*
  10. Damn I didn't even think of that, yeah that would be a perfect way to show a customer what I did. As it won't be cured until long after I'm gone I couldn't do a proper water beading test while I was still around.
  11. well I'm not certified with any manufacturer so all I can offer is what's available to anyone. I definitely explain the differences now, especially the price difference lol. Based on the specs of adam's new UV coating, I'd consider at least close to the level of a professional grade coating. They claim 5+ years, there are only 2 consumer (prosumer) offerings I've found that say they last 5 years. One of them's over 3x the price, and the other close to double, and it requires 2 products layered. So that's a lot more time invested too. This could end up being one of the best non pro coatings out there. I absolutely don't think I'd push it to potential customers as a 5+ year coating. Too many variables to factor in. But telling them even half that would make a solid offering still. Well, maybe with a quarterly maintenance package I could say 3-5 years. Which is stellar. The current coating I offer's 18-24 months probably but a lot closer to 18. That's good, but this should blow that out the water easy. This is new new, so I can't comment on any of it's properties until I see some reviews, and use it on my car so I can monitor it. I'm really curious about how it compares with beading and if it has good self cleaning abilities. I've tried a bunch of coatings, and I'm sure like all of them this will have things I like and things I'm meh about. I can't be mad at the price though. And the UV thing, which not something I'd need to use. Could probably be a tactic to wow my customers. People out here seem to love stuff they don't fully understand, but think must be something high tech lol. "watch when I turn this blacklight on, you can actually see the UV protection" <- me "woah" <- them
  12. Gonna be trying the new UV coating kit soon, I detail cars on the side and am curious if there might ever be a bigger bottle of surface prep available. If the durability claims hold up this would be a phenomenal coating for detailers to offer their customers.
  13. that's nice nice nice, definitely on my Xmas list. A bottle holder attachment would be perfect. I think the old Adam's cart had one that held like 8-12 bottles no? For anyone who doesn't get what I'm asking, it was a rectangle plastic piece with 2 or 3 rows of circles cut out for holding bottles in place. It would be something a person with a 3d printer could make pretty easy.
  14. I'd never do a coating in direct sun light, I've struggled with other coatings where I was in a garage with no sun light but an ambient temp of like 95. I'd love to offer Adam's coating to my customers but I'm going to have many days where the air temp will be extremely high. I'm wondering if this coating can handle that. I've tried others that would start to struggle at anything above 80.
  15. I've done coatings I was able to apply perfectly with a 95 degree ambient temp, and some that were hard to work with when it was 80 outside. I know cooler's always ideal. But I live in So Cal, and I'm a mobile detailer so I can't control the sun. Even out of direct sun light when the ambient temp is up there a lot of coatings can be really difficult if not impossible to work with.
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