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  1. I'd never do a coating in direct sun light, I've struggled with other coatings where I was in a garage with no sun light but an ambient temp of like 95. I'd love to offer Adam's coating to my customers but I'm going to have many days where the air temp will be extremely high. I'm wondering if this coating can handle that. I've tried others that would start to struggle at anything above 80.
  2. I've done coatings I was able to apply perfectly with a 95 degree ambient temp, and some that were hard to work with when it was 80 outside. I know cooler's always ideal. But I live in So Cal, and I'm a mobile detailer so I can't control the sun. Even out of direct sun light when the ambient temp is up there a lot of coatings can be really difficult if not impossible to work with.
  3. That purple is an upselling point to get customers of mine to pay to have their wheels done. They might have at best a vague idea what I'm talking about when I explain iron deposits. But I tell them it'll turn purple, and then they see it turn purple they throw cash at me. As I said the new wheel and tire cleaner would be awesome for most people. Heck a lot of people just use whatever cheap-o Walmart car soap they buy. So it would be a big step up for them. Actually now thinking about what you said about scenarios, this is cheaper than the Eco Wheel cleaner, and probably a perfect maintenance product for wheels. So I guess I gotta order the gallon with the free 16oz *sigh*
  4. I dunno, I see pics of detailers in other states where the front grill will be covered with bug guts. So Cal I can't explain it, but there isn't a bug problem. I detailed a big F350 work truck with a huge grill, hadn't been washed in months and I didn't see bug remains in the grill or around the bottom panels *SHRUG* As for your buy 1 product that does 2 things. Haven't read any reviews of it. But both Wheel Cleaner & Tire & Rubber Cleaner cost more. I can't imagine Adam's would cannibal their sales with a better product that's cheaper. I could be wrong, but to me this is a middle ground product for people who don't want to use 2 products, so long as it works good enough. I'm not knocking the new product, I'll probably even buy a bottle to try it. But I just don't see it being as good as what I have.
  5. To bump an old thread, YES! I understand Adam's pushes themselves as a weekend warrior, enthusiast brand. Which would have a much different need than someone who details for a living. But you can buy a 5 gallon size of many things. For a weekend warrior 5 gallons of interior detailer would last almost forever. And 5 gallons of glass cleaner? If I washed my car once a week, I would be dead before I could use it all lol. 5 gallons of Rinseless would mix up enough for me to wash about 500 cars. IMHO that's beyond enthusiast numbers for all but a really rare few. I'm not knocking Adams, but a lot of the 5 gallon offerings clearly aren't for the weekend warriors. I noticed they have a pro section on the store with 32oz of the polishes and compounds. And on the same page it says for pros to contact them to unlock custom pricing, which I'm guessing will be different than the price that's already there. I'm curious about this, as I like Adam's products and use a bunch of them. But almost $80 for 32oz of heavy correcting compound's absolutely crazy. I'm wondering about the unlocked pricing, I'm guessing you have to buy a large quantity of bottles. I don't totally follow how they decide on their pricing. Their wheel cleaner's awesome and the gallon's cheap compared to the other brands I use to use by about $30-40. Their Rinseless wash is damn good and 1/2 the price of the brand I used before it. And a lot of their other stuff's priced in line with the competition. But some of their stuff, especially their polishes and compounds are just too expensive. I would be all over the 32oz bottles if they were a good $25 cheaper. The brand I use is imported from Germany, and it's still way cheaper for the same amount. With a lot of the liquids being available in 5 gallons it would make sense for Adams, like you said to set up a team that caters to pro detailers. For a weekend warrior an 8oz bottle of compound's not bad, and the cost isn't crazy. But for someone like me who might do 3 corrections a week, as much as I'd like to. I just can't afford to use Adam's AIO. Obviously they're doing something right as they're a very successful company with a big loyal following. Anyone know about the "unlocked pro pricing" I don't have my business license yet (in the works) and I'm wondering if this would even apply to a single man mobile detailer.
  6. 25.7 miles from me according to Googles Map. I need to go here soon, The Detailing . com store not too far from here sells Adam's. But this store will have all the towels and goodies I'm sure. I'm broke but I want to go to check it out, I can buy one bottle of something. I just gotta see the store lol. Cool video but IMHO y'all should shoot a new one with it fully done. I know I'm going to be spending a lot of damn money here. I asked in another thread, but I'll ask here because I'm too lazy to call. Do they match on-line prices? promo codes too? And like for the towels where you get a big discount for 6 or 12, same in store? Maybe I will just call tomorrow and find out.
  7. Good suggestion TheWolf, except I don't have a free shelf. As much as I like Adam's products, there are other brands I use due to Adam's not making certain products I use. Mixing Adam's bottles is one thing, but mixing different brands? NOCD! Anywho I thought about it, I live in So Cal, bug remover's one product I don't think I'd ever need. And the tire and wheel? I already have wheel cleaner and tire and rubber. So I don't really think I need that one either.
  8. Saw the bug remover & wheel and tire cleaner, and it's damn sad something as simple as a new bottle can get me riled up. My OCD won't like seeing different bottles (heaven forbid) in my detailing cabinet. Are these bottles different because of the chemical that's in them, or will they be coming to the rest of the products? When you change your labels some years back, I had to re-order 6 almost full bottles to get the new labels because my OCD was in high gear. I'm wondering if I'll have to do the same thing here - not complaining, just curious.
  9. I could email CS, but that would require me trying to remember the new password I set, or I could call tomorrow - but I bet I'll forget by then lol. In the description there's no what's included section. I have no idea what the 2 bag looking thingies on top of the green glass towels are.
  10. Nice nice pic, but serious does anyone know what's the degrees on the coating? That seems to be a bullet point on a lot of others, but I'm not seeing it mentioned anywhere in the description on the store here.
  11. did Adam's reformulate rinseless wash? My bottle smells like the OP said, berry candy. The web site say it smells like Watermelon. I don't need more rinseless ATM, but if it smells like watermelon I might need that
  12. Someone help me understand something here. The black trim restore darkens, has ceramic, and is cheaper. The trim coating says "protection for months and months" the black trim restore "ceramic protection for years" Unless I'm missing something, why would I want to go with the trim coating? Even if I didn't care about restoring my trim, the description makes it sound like it protects a whole lot longer. There's obviously a reason Adam's offers both, but I'm just not seeing it.
  13. At the time I bought it, it was the only large bag you guys offered. It had the 16oz elastic bottle holders. I see the size of this one in it's description, I'm trying to figure out if it's the same bag as I already have. Without me having to clean my garage to find it lol.
  14. am I remember incorrectly, or isn't this a product that can be wiped off with a MF? I'm looking to minimize my water usage as I'm a mobile detailer who pushes eco-friend. I have no pressure washer and keep a 1.5 gallon sprayer for anything where I absolutely need to use water.
  15. *BUMP OLD THREAD* I see a 6 pack in the store, but you get what you get. You should make a build your own with 6, or 12 pack.
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