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  1. Hi, I'm trying to call from Canada and the telephone number says that it is not assigned can someone please help me

    1. Mustangmark


      TheWolf has sent me the telephone number and I have now left a message on the machine thank you 

  2. To celebrate the addtion of Adam's Premium Car Care products to the offerings at Mid America Motorworks they're hosting a detail clinic! Join the man behind the brand, Adam Pitale, and learn the secrets to keeping your ride looking its absolute best! There will be live demonstrations, one-on-one advice, and open question and answers to make sure everyone in attendance learns how to Discover their Shine Potential! This event is FREE to attend and open to all makes and models. WHAT: Detail Clinic at Mid America Motorworks WHEN: Saturday August 22nd from 10am - 2pm CST WHERE: Mid America Motorworks • 2900 North 3rd St. Effingham, IL 62401 To RSVP please visit our facebook page and add yourself to the attendance list! https://www.facebook.com/events/1459665604337002/
  3. Team Adam's

    New Car

    Very nice ride! Congratulations!
  4. If lowest vibration is the #1 item on your list the Cyclo is the tool to get. Thats not to say the 15 vibrates badly, but the Cyclo just vibrates less thanks to the fact that each head is contanstly offsetting the movement of the other. Its really a solution that can only be done easily with 2 equally sized heads.
  5. No... its an acrylic resin polymer... in other words: synthetic sealant.
  6. Glad to hear you enjoyed the GWDT's! Car looks nice!!
  7. ^^^ Correct. Expect to spend a little time testing to see what it needs. Even with years of experience no one can look at a car and know EXACTLY what its going to take to get results. Spend some time doing a few test patches, see whats the fastest route to the desired result, then move forward from there.
  8. First off, welcome to the forums! 1. Yes and Yes. H2O can be used on any exterior surface. Don't expect it to provide the same water shedding ability on glass as Glass Sealant will, but it can be used on them without issue. Same on the trim - won't do much to it, but won't stain or discolor it either. 2. If you need to. Glass Cleaner is one of those things you do when its needed - if the windows have streaks or other issues, use glass cleaner, if not then just leave them be. 3. Correct. If you plan to clay and/or polish there would be no point in using the H2O as its intended to protect surfaces that are already decontaminated and polished. Plan on using it on your next wash after a full detail has been completed.
  9. As far as the vibration without a pad on the tool and off the car, certainly yes it will vibrate more... it has nearly 3x the stroke. The pad is part of the equation of balance and the tool is never meant to be run unloaded. It would be like driving your car without the tires on and wondering why it felt so rough. The discoloration is odd. Was the bag still intact when you opened it? How about the tie around the cord? Was the box sealed with tape (they arrive from the factory sealed) if not let us know! orders@adamspolishes.com or (866)965-0400
  10. Not typically, but if you call the warehouse and speak with Ben he might have a spare laying around he can sell you. (866)965-0400
  11. Great results and thanks for sharing them! For the amount of effort required to apply it the results truly are outstanding.
  12. Dang! Big turn around, nice job! Agreed on your point - we all geek out waxes, sealants, polishers, etc. sometimes it's fun to focus on interior work and remember how gratifying those results can be!
  13. Glad to hear everyone is enjoying it. Funny how an incremental improvment on something like glass cleaner can make such a big difference.
  14. I'll echo the sentiment that mine tend to last a long time. Definitely make sure they're not stored in sealed bags. Just like with anything foam, a sealed bag and a trace amount of moisture will cause the foam to crumble and be eaten up by mildew. If yours are not lasting more than a few uses from us be sure to contact customer service for replacements under warranty - they should last you much longer than that (866)965-0400
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