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  1. So really, it looks like it's on the inside, so I'm definitely on the same page!... but it wouldn't make much sense. Unless it went through the screen and somehow formulated on the other side. However, just to test it out, I tried cleaning the underside too. No luck. The mystery will live on.
  2. So, my conclusion is... it's just some weird stuff that I can't fix completely. I took the machine to it yesterday and I feel like it's not as messed up as it was, but it still looks weirdly stained. It's the weirdest. It just bothers me because I really have no idea what it is.
  3. Tried the goo gone, no luck. Hand scrubbed with orange pad and white pad and not so much luck. Going with the machine tonight! Hahaha!
  4. Annnnnd the goo gone didn't do much. Last ditch effort, here I come!
  5. I want to say residue.. but could be a combo of both. I'm honestly just confused on wtf happened. The feel of it says residue as it doesn't feel scratched, but the fact it isn't budging with any sort of cleaners/products makes me think its scratches. It just also shows like.. droplets that won't come off.. so it doesn't make sense to just be scratches. You can see that in the pic very fairly in the top right of the windscreen.
  6. Thanks dude! To be honest, the BMW has so many gadgets and safety features, it's probably the most user friendly bike I've ever rode on, especially for it's size. I'd think a GSXR 1000 would be way scarier, considering it's lack of ABS, traction control, etc etc.
  7. That's what I've been thinking, that maybe there's some sort of solvent.. But now it's not wiping or anything. I'm going to polish tonight! As for the double bubble screen, BMWs screen goes for over 250 bucks. Haha
  8. Definitely! I'm still kinda weirded out it happened at all.
  9. I did try revive and it didn't budge. Looks like I'll get out the polisher and go to town! Thanks everyone!
  10. So, it's weird. I used detail spray as a lube and the rest of the bike looks great. No marring or scratching. So, I don't think it was the bar. I was trying to google and figured out sometimes claying plexiglass can be weird? It's the craziest. Oh and yea. Just that general area, as when I looked at it as I was going I was like "wait wtf?"
  11. Hey all! So, I recently got a new motorcycle and the time had come to give it a good claybar and wax. Well, I messed something up. Right when I claybarred the windshield, something happened. It looks like I marred it, but when I rub my hand over it it doesn't feel scratched, as much as it does that the clay residue somehow has gotten stuck to it. However, when I scratch at the marring, it doesn't budge and/or feel like a scratch or anything. I've taken a bunch of different products to it and it looks like it's not coming off. Here' a pic, but even this just looks like a scuff and not what it actually is. How could a claybar do this? So weird. -Jim
  12. I'll add my 2 cents here, as I love beer... a lot. One of my favorite local breweries in Vegas right now would be downtown at "Banger Brewery." They are all over the map with a few Hefs, IPAs, stouts and American Pale Ales. If you get the chance in Vegas, skip the strip and head downtown to their place. I'm a huge fan of the Van Damme, a Belgian blond.
  13. I'm going with hand soap..... because I need hand soap.
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